Located at the end of Goodman Cemetery Road, Piney Flats, Sullivan County, Tennessee. This cemetery is fenced and well maintained. Some of the TVA markers are now illegible. TVA information in brackets taken from previous survey.

GPS Location: 36º27.65N 082º23.61W; Elevation: 1381 ft.

Byas, J. Cletus 9 Oct 191023 Jul 1979[Shares stone with and husband of S. Mattie Byas]
Byas, James Lester 30 Nov 19403 Apr 1946
Byas, S. Mattie 28 Aug 19149 Apr 1977[Shares stone with and wife of J. Cletus Byas]
Cross, Bonnie Pauline 18 Jul 192304 Mar 1941Sister
Cross, Mary Elizabeth ------[TVA moved Grave #51}
Cross, Sarah "Sally" Jones 05 Jul 18191885[TVA moved Grave #31]
[Married 05 Aug 1841 to Zachariah Cross]
Cross, Sara Elizabeth 18951935
Cross, W. Earl 18901949
Cross, Zachariah ------[TVA moved Grave #29]
[Son of Zachariah and Sarah Jones Cross]
Ferguson, Joshua 20022002[Funeral home marker]
Goodman Arthur28 May 18956 Aug 1921
Goodman, Abraham 30 May 185323 April 1929[Husband of Elizabeth Whitaker Goodman]
Goodman, Andrew Jr. 18241889[Shared stone with Elizabeth Hysinger Goodman]
Goodman, Archie H. 9 Dec 192421 Dec 1926[Son of Jacob R. & Pearl Goodman]
Goodman, Argie Lynn 15 Mar 19307 Mar 1999"Daddy"
Goodman, Arthur 28 May 189506 Aug 1921[TVA moved Grave #38]
Goodman, Arthur Conrad 16 Apr 191930 Nov 1998Amazing Grace The song is ended but the melody lingers on.
[Goodman, Bowar] ------[TVA moved Grave # __; marker not found]
Goodman, Catherine Cross 18511926[Shares stone with Jacob Goodman; TVA move Grave #32]
Goodman, Edward [No date][No date][TVA moved Grave #18]
Goodman, Elizabeth Grave #4
Goodman, Elizabeth Hysinger 1832[No date inscribed; 1930][Shares stone with Andrew Goodman Jr.; TVA moved Grave #4, 10 Jun 1952]
Goodman, Elizabeth Whitaker 7 Mar 185515 Dec 1924[Wife of Abraham Goodman]
Goodman, Elmer L. 07 Apr 191917 Jan 1975Husband [Shares stone with Virginia F. Goodman]
Goodman, Isaac N. 24 Sep186510 May 1933Husband of Malissa Goodman.
[Goodman, Jacob] [1904]---[Grave #6, 6 mo old son of Isaac & Melissa Anderson Goodman. Marker not found]
Goodman, Jacob 18551903[Shares stone with Catherine Cross Goodman; TVA moved Grave #6]
Goodman, Jacob R. 18841957[Shares stone with Pearl B. Goodman]
Goodman, Lee [No date][No date][TVA moved Grave # 26]
Goodman, Malissa 11 Oct 18673 Oct 1940[Shares stone with Isaac N. Goodman]
[Goodman, Mary] ------[TVA moved grave #50, marker not found]
Goodman, Michael "Mike" L. 11 Mar 19584 Dec1970[Same stone as Ruby C. Goodman]
Goodman, Pearl B. 18951969[Shares stone with Jacob R. Goodman]
Goodman, Phoebe [No date][No date][TVA moved Grave #17, infant]
Goodman, Preston H. 22 Aug 191624 Aug 1992"Brother" Preston H. Goodman, PFC US Army,World War II, Aug. 22, 1916-Aug. 24, 1992
Goodman, Ruby C. 20 Mar 192327 Dec1968[Shares stone with Michael "Mike" L. Goodman]
Goodman, Rufus R. 18831955[Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home marker]
Goodman, Sarah [1870][1879][TVA moved Grave #19]
Goodman, Sarah [1870][1879][TVA moved Grave #5, 10 Jun 1952; Dau of Isaac & Malissa Anderson Goodman]
Goodman, Virginia F. 13 Aug 191718 Jun 1991Wife [Shares stone with Elmer L. Goodman]
Goodman, Wardie [1907][1912]Grave #7
Hampton, Martha Marie 26 Jan 19434 May 1999"Mother"
Hicks, Charity 12 Apr 191115 Jan 1977"Mother" Married Dec. 12, 1933; [shares stone with Silvanus Hicks]
Hicks, Dorothy V. [Only one date]1938
Hicks, Silvanus 3 Jul 19152002"Father" Married Dec. 12, 1933; [Shares stone with Charity Hicks; Funeral home markers bears the name "Vanes Hicks" and 2002 death date]
Hyatt, Edith W. 19211990[Shares stone with Richard Hyatt]
Hyatt, Richard 19181977PFC US Army, World War II, Jul 8, 1918-Aug 16, 1977 [Shares stone with Edith W. Hyatt]
[Jeter, Afton] ------[No marker found]
Jeter, Anna Mae [No date][No date][TVA moved Grave #59, 20 Jun 1952]
Jeter, Samuel Monroe [No date][No date][TVA moved Grave #60, 20 Jun 1952]
Jetter, Jenny [No date][No date][TVA moved Grave #56, 20 Jun 1952]
Roberts, Bonnie V. 19091911
Roberts, Etta G. 13 Jun 189115 Sep1972[Shares stone with Hugh L. Roberts]
Roberts, Hugh L. 31 Oct188223 May 1929[Shares stone with Etta G. Roberts]
Shipley, Andy T. 22 Dec 18681 Feb 1941
Shipley, Edna B. 20 Feb18869 Jul 1966
Shipley, Effie V. 29 Jul 188613 Nov 1965
Shipley, John C. 22 Oct 184313 Feb1919Co. K 13th Tenn. Cav. [Husband of Mary C. Goodman Shipley]
Shipley, Johnnie 27 Oct 189224 Jun 1944
Shipley, Lula C. 27 Aug 189606 Jul 1898Daughter of John & Mary C. Shipley
Shipley, Mary C. Goodman 24 Apr 185013 Jun 1931Wife of John C. Shipley.
Shipley, Nannie [No date][No date][Wife of Andy P. Shipley; TVA moved Grave #40, 16 Jun 1952]
Whitaker, Infant daughter [Only one date]14 Aug 1907Infant daughter of D.W. & M.C. Whitaker
Whitaker, Infant daughter [Only one date]23 May 1911Infant daughter of D.W. & M.C. Whitaker

Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web Mar 2007 by Betty Jane Hylton, Donna Briggs and Bob Shell members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

Copyrighted 2014 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part of this work may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

Additional information courtesy of Judy Richards:

Unmarked graves to the left of the small gate include:

Della Goodman b. 9 Feb 1885, d. 1971

Stella Goodman b. 9 Jan 1923, d. 1960

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