Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is Washington County, NC the same as Washington County, TN?

Answer: Washington County was first organized as Washington County, NC before Tennessee became a state in 1796. Washington County, NC of the 1700’s should not be confused with Washington County, NC of today which is located in eastern North Carolina near Greenville, NC.

Question: Jonesboro or Jonesborough?

Answer: When the town was established in 1779, the spelling was “Jonesborough”. In the 1870’s the spelling “Jonesboro” was adopted and used for more than 100 years. In 1983 citizens of the town voted to put the -UGH spelling back into “Jonesborough”.

Question: Is there more than one Asbury Community in Washington County?

Answer: Two Asbury Communities are in Washington County. One is inside the city limits and the other is in the lower end of Washington County near the Nolichuckey River.

Question: Who in Washington County designed the Tennessee state flag?

Answer: LeRoy Reeves, Third Regiment of the Tennessee Infantry, designed the Tennessee state flag. The three white stars represent the three grand divisions of Tennesse. They are bound together by the endless circle of the blue field, the symbol being three bound together in one — an indissouble trinity. The flag was adopted in 1905. LeRoy Reeves in buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Johnson City, TN.

Question: Where are the papers for the Lost State of Franklin?

Answer: THE JOURNAL OF EAST TENNESSEE HISTORY, No. 69, 1967, p.84 has an article by Ned Irwin, Archivist for Washington County Archives, entitled, “The Lost Papers of the ‘Lost State of Franklin'” that gives useful information about the papers.