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Elizabeth Francis Isabel Gilley Smoot
Detail from Tennessee Certificate of Death

The Unfinished Grave Monument
The Unfinished Grave Monument
Original Photograph Matt Killian, by 16 Dec 2005.

How the Monument Should Read
How the Grave Monument Should Read
Photograph with Death Date added in Photoshop.

Elizabeth Francis (Frances) Isabel Gilley, born 3 September 1852 in Warren County Tennessee, she was the daughter of Acton Young Gilley and his wife, Rebecca Wilson Gilley. About 1869, Frances married William Henley Smoot, son of William Smoot and his wife, Matilda Anderson Smoot. Together, Frances and Wm. H. Smoot had thirteen children.
When William H. died 3 October 1903, his body was interred at Grange Hall Cemetery in southwestern Warren County. Soon after, a family grave monument was erected for Willam H. and Frances. Of course, Frances’ death information was not inscribed.
On 17 July 1927, Frances died at Morrison Tennessee. She was buried the following day next to her husband. Again, her death date was not inscribed.
At this late date, some of Frances’ descendants and kinfolk propose to remedy the situation and have the monument inscribed. It is a Tennessee Certificate of Death (16779) that gives the proof of the death and burial dates and place of burial. Stay tuned ...

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    Wm. H. Smoot death information.
    Matt Killian Photo, 2005

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