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     The first section of photographs is from an old and tattered photograph album held by the Chastain family of McMinnville Tennessee. Many of the photographs have deteriorated beyond repair while others simply are unidentifiable.
     Myra Elizabeth “Lib” Chastain contributed the photographs in the late 1990s. It appears that Lib Chastain was the keeper of the album. There we see some photos identified with white ink while a few were appearently identified later in ball point pen. There are questions regarding a few photos. The Miles Thomas Chastain, Sr. photo is identified by a living granddaughter as being “Mr. Vogle” but the subject of the photo does not appear to be this Vogel. Also, the “Uncle Burley” photos appear to be of two diferent men.
     Lib and her brother Ed were living on the old Chastain (aka Chasteen) farm on Shellsford Road east of McMinnville. Lib died in 2003. Ed is still there with his neice and her husband. The Chastain home is one of Warren County older homes, started about 1828; it has had considerable additions since then. Lib believed that the farm was obtained from the Burleson family ca1828, however, no deed records have been found to substantiate this.
     The second section of photographs contains a few newer Chastain photographs.

From the Old Album

  •   Columbia School (12th Dist.) 1909, 78k. Detail of teacher, 17k
  •   Dark Hollow - 1911, 86k. Detail of teacher, 17k
  •   Dibrell Graduates 1914, 95k
  •   Dibrell, 88k (from a poor quality original)
  •   Vernon School 90k
  •   Center, 65k (from a very poor quality original) Large 345k version.

    Family and Friends
  •   Miles Thomas Chastain, Sr. 40k
  •   Miles Thomas Chastain, Sr. 67k
  •   Mariah B. Chastain (Mariah Burleson Chastain, wife of Miles Chastain, Sr.)
  •   Burleson Chastain 43k
  •   Chastain Family, Nancy, Thomas, Maria, Robert, and Mary Belle.
  •   Miles Thomas Chastain, Jr. Baby picture. 30k
  •   Edna Parlee Chastain (from a very deteriorated tintype)
  •   Mary Rice Chastain (detail from a very faded print)
  •   Uncle Burley
  •   Uncle Burley and Aunt Maggie
  •   Logan Watley and Jenny Smoot Watley
  •   Logan Watley, Marshall Curtis
  •   Walter Rice
  •   Ellen Rice
  •   Ellen Rice Lucas
  •   Aunt Artie Lucas, Jim
  •   Vogel
  •   Carrie Potts
  •   Rev. John Butler. From an engraving?
  •   Joe Evans
  •   Bill Evans, child photograph.
  •   The Venus Dodson Family
  •   Everett, Edna, and Gentry [Dodson], (children).
  •   Maria Chastain Dodson
  •   Everett Dodson, baby photograph.
  •   Everett Dodson
  •   Edna [Dodson]
  •   Allie Dodson Johnson
  •   Christia Dodson, Dee Christian
  •   Virgil Farless, Oscar Martin, Charlie Cunningham, Christia Dodson
  •   Haskell Cunningham, Waymon McGee
  •   Richard Madewell 28k
  •   Cora Phillips
  •   Dora Phillips
  •   Dora & Sam Bocook
  •   Aunt Liz Saulisbury & Relatives
  •   Ray Saulisbury
  •   Hillis Boys
  •   Milus Goodson 20k
  •   Frank Williams [+ 1]
  •   Sophia Williams, Mary Clark
  •   Mary Clark and Mary Clark
  •   Oscar Harris, Henry Adams
  •   Albert & “Bige” Crain
  •   Davis DeBard and his Dog
  •   Unidentified 1
  •   Unidentified 2
  •   Unidentified 3
  •   Unidentified 4
  •   Unidentified 5, child photograph.
  •   Unidentified 6

    On the Collins River
  •   Shellsford Sawmill (from a very poor quality original)

    A Few Newer Chastain Family Photographs
  •   Chastain Home, 1992
  •   Sunday at the Chastain’s, 1992
  •   Logan Darnell Watley, 1992. (Son of Logan Watley)
  •   Lib Chastain and Fred Smoot, 1996
  •   James E. “Jim” Cantrell, killed in Iraq, 2005

  •   Webpage Compiled by Fred Smoot, 2005

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