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Biography: BLACK, Thomas (Dr.)

Thomas Black, M. D., was born in McMinnville, June 13, 1837, the son of Alexander and Mary A. (Smith) Black. The father was of Scotch origin, was born in Kentucky in 1804, and died in 1859 in Orange County, Virginia., while on a tour to Virginia. The mother, probably of English ancestry and born in Kingston, Tenn., about 1810, died in Nashville in 1873. Soon after their marriage in Kingston they moved to McMinnville, where the father was in mercantile business during his life.

One of nine children, our subject received a good education in his youth; in 1868 he entered the medical department of the University of Nashville, Tenn., attending one course of lectures. In 1861 he enlisted in Company F, Sixteenth Tennessee Regiment Infantry, colonel, John H. Savage, and served in the medical department during the war, having charge of various hospitals. He returned home in 1865, located near McMinnville, practiced his profession, and after attending, lectures as before in 1867-68 he graduated. He then practiced in Nashville up to the fall of 1874, when he came to McMinnville where he has since controlled probably the largest practice in the county, with the experience gained also in the cholera epidemic of 1873 in Nashville.

February 13, 1867, he married Emma J., daughter of Dr. .J. S. Young, secretary of State of Tennessee, and born in the old Campbell house on the site of the capitol building at Nashville. Of their three sons and seven daughters, two are dead. Mr. Black is a Democrat and is a prominent member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, of which his wife is a member also.

Source: Goodspeed, History of Tennessee, Warren County, 1886-1887.

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Biography: BILES, J.C.

J. C. Biles, clerk and master of the chancery court of Warren County, Tenn., and resident of McMinnville, was born in this county June 27, 1843, the third of nine children born to Robert B. and Nancy (Ramsey) Biles, both natives of Warren County, where they were married in 1838. The father was born in April, 1810, was a farmer and stock raiser. He was A heavy loser by the war, was an old line Whig in politics and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. He died in his native county in April, 1873. The mother was born in September, 1816, is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and is now living at McMinnville, Tenn. The paternal grandfather of J. C. emigrated from North Carolina and settled in Warren County in 1806. J. C. received a practical education and in the spring of 1861, when but seventeen years old, he enlisted in Company C, Sixteenth Tennessee Regiment Infantry, with D. M. Donnell as captain of the company and John H. Savage, colonel of the regiment. The regiment at first united with the forces of General Zollicoffer, but in July, 1861, was transferred to Lee’s army and remained with him until the following December, when it was sent to the coast of South Carolina. After the battle of Shiloh the regiment joined the Army of the Tennessee, where it remained throughout the war.  Mr. Biles participated in the battles of Perryville, Ky., Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and all the battles of Johnson’s retreat from Dalton to Atlanta. He was captured after being wounded at Perryville, Ky., and sent as prisoner of war to Chicago, Ill., where he was kept until April, 1863, when he was exchanged and rejoined the army at Tullahoma, Tenn. July 22, 1864, at Atlanta he received a severe wound, and after his recovery, when on Hood’s raid into Tennessee, he was again captured and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio, where he was held a prisoner until the close of the war. In the spring of 1865 he returned home and in August of the same year was appointed deputy clerk and master of the chancery court of Warren County, which position he held until 1871. In 1867 he in partnership with Charles R. Morford established a grocery and hardware store, in which he still owns an interest. January, 1877, he was appointed clerk and master of the chancery courts of his county and in 1883 was re-appointed and still holds that office. In 1884 Mr. Biles was made a member of the State Democratic executive committee and was re-appointed in 1886 and is now an honored member of that body. June 27, 1867, he married Miss Jane Morford, born in Warren County in July, 1848. Mr. and Mrs. Biles are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Source: Goodspeed, History of Tennessee, Warren County, 1886-1887. 

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Ben Lomond School, Warren County, Tennessee 1923


 Fourth row standing:

Wm. Thomas Haley, Harney Martin, Willie Powell, Henry Martin, Cecil Nelson, Frank Keel, Louie Dodson.

Third row standing:
Edna Martin, Irene Boyd, Amy Byars, Pauline Cooley, Blanche Dodson, Louise McAGee, Marsha Cagle, Gladys Phelps, Georgia Lee Farless, Daisy Cutts, Betty Dixon, Georgia Mae O’Neal, Wilma Dodson, Hazel Boyd, Ersie Boyd, Elizabeth Martin, Lorene Judkins, Blanche Cope, Agnes Dodson.

Second row:
Paul Phelps, Tallman Boyd,Clifton Peden, Albert Byars, Joe Hubert Haley, Dock Haley, Hugh Cagle, Cecil Smith, Gracie, O’Neal, Annie Mae McGregor, Annie Lorena Byrd, Mary Lizzie Haley, Mary Frances Byars, Louise Powell, Beatrice Boyd, Lorene Farless, Maude McGregor, Mary Frances Byrd, Louise Bost.

First row:
H.T. Dodson, Millard Dixon, Edward Cooley, Jess Dixon, Austin Boyd, Edwin Cooley, Little Martin twins, Joe Hubert Haley, Dock Haley, Albert Byars, Marvin Powell, Howard Cooley, Butler Cutts, Smith Byars.

Teachers for 1923:
Maude Johnson and Sutton Boles, standing upper right.

This photograph and the identifications are from the late J. Austin Boyd and contributed by his son, Larry Boyd, December 2006.

Topography of Warren County

Warren County occupies a position nearly midway between the northern and southern boundaries of the State, and lies for the most part at the western base of the Cumberland table-land. Portions of the county have a high elevation, but most of it is from 900 to 1,000 feet above sea level. Ben Lomond, within about two miles of McMinnville, is the end of one of the spurs included within the county. Most of the county is based on the lithostrotion bed of the Lower Carboniferous. The lands situated on the lithostrotion bed have the characteristic chocolate color, and are naturally very fertile.

Three-fourths of the county are red or chocolate lands, and the remainder are mountainous. If you see a name like Red Banks in an old land record, it refers to the red banks of Collins River is the main stream of the county. This stream rises in Grundy County, passes near McMinnville, just below the town receives the waters of Barren Fork, and empties into Caney Fork. Hickory Creek is a branch of Barren Fork, and Charles Creek empties into Collins River, they with the two named and Mountain Creek composing the principal streams of the county

Warren County Poor Farm, Poor House, Almshouse Census Records

“All too often researchers are not aware of their varied ancestry; among their forebears may have been those who led such unfortunate lives that they lived a portion of their lives dependent upon others, as individuals and as institutions, to help them survive.” Jonathan K. T. Smith

Warren County Poor House residents from U.S Federal Censuses

Variations of the above transcriptions

Poor House Cemetery - (There are no readable stones in this cemetery.)

Surname List from 1840 Census Of Warren County

Contributed by Wanda Muncey Gant

From original microfilm pages.
For identification purposes correct names are used when known.
Please compare to other census, tax lists & land records.

Ables, Ramsom363
Adams, James366
Adams, Nancy341
Adcock, Leonard341
Adkins, Alexander348
Adkinson, Jacob355
Alexander, Houston340
Allen, Benjamin348
Allen, George359
Allen, James Jr.339
Allen, James Sr.351
Allen, William348
Allison, John Jr.327
Allison, John Sr.327
Allison, Richard [widow GC1850cd5-106]331
Allison, Thomas331
Allison, Thomas G.331
Anderson, Isaac358
Anderson, James362
Anderson, Nancy362
Andrew Mitchel366
Argo, David371
Argo, John370
Argo, Joseph349
Argo, R. M.357
Armstrong,William [GC1850cd5-115]337
Bailey, Thomas349
Baley, Jesse R.360
Banks, Stephen337
Barnes, Benjamin352
Barnes, Charles364
Barnes, Elijah370
Barnes, John342
Barnes, Thomas342
Barnes, William P. [1850GCcd3-68]342
Barret, Isaac362
Basket, William341
Bates, Amy326
Bates, Benjamin352
Bawyer, James334
Belcher, Moses 356
Bell, Thomas358
Bennet, Arthur339
Beshears, Mary357
Bess, Bazzle357
Bess, Catherine 348
Bess, John355
Bess, Sarah348
Bethel, Sampson352
Biles, Joseph367
Biles, Robert345
Bird, Benjamin C.342
Bird, John369
Bishop, John362
Bishop, John E.337
Black, A.369
Black, James339
Black, William329
Black, William350
Blackburn, Jhn359
Blackwell, Pleasant339
Blanks, John360
Blanks, William360
Blue, Reuben344
Boldwin, R. H.334
Bolen, John341
Bond, William 345
Bonner, John [Banner]355
Bonner, Miles355
Bonner, Redding360
Bonner, Thomas360
Bonner, William327
Boren, is Brown?339
Boren, Samuel348
Bost, Noah [1850GCcd3-37]353
Bottom, Armstead354
Bouldin, Gideon 355
Bouldin, Levi355
Bouldin, Temperance345
Bowman, William332
Boyd, Isabella336
Boyd, John336
Boyd, Robert356
Bragg, Joseph M.337
Bratcher, Allen368
Brewer, Russel362
Brewster, John332
Bright, Thomas336
Bright, William328
Britt, George334
Britton, W [ashington].370
Brooks, Isaac364
Brooks, Isaac Jr.357
Brown, Ab355
Brown, George [Boren?] 339
Brown, Green355
Brown, Isaac343
Brown, J. G. [Boren?]350
Brown, John331
Brown, John L.342
Brown, Leonard338
Brown, Lewis362
Brown, Nathaniel358
Brown, Red358
Brown, Robert337
Brown, Robert343
Brown, Russel355
Brown, Samuel354
Brown, Thomas337
Brown, Thomas345
Brown, Thomas355
Brown, Thomas362
Brown, Thomas368
Brown, Thomas Sr.339
Brown, William337
Brown, William362
Brown, William362
Bryant, William327
Bryon, Hanol348
Bullen, George365
Burger, J. W.348
Burger, Jacob348
Burke, John352
Burket, George343
Burket, William342
Burks, Richard352
Burlison, Aaron330
Byars, John L.350
Byars, Joseph356
Byars, Nathan343
Byles, Johnathan345
Byles, Joseph C.327
Bynum, George338
Bynum, James334
Cable, Johnathan332
Cagle, David357
Cagle, Henry368
Cagle, Ignatius368
Cagle, Jacob [1850GCcd3-67]357
Cagle, John342
Cagle, John357
Cagle, John [1850GCcd3-77]342
Cain, B. P.370
Cain, R. B.370
Calhoon, William367
Campaign, Joseph [Campen]339
Campbell, David353
Campbell, Duncan331
Campbell, John 331
Campbell, John L.331
Campbell, Martha354
Campbell, Mary M.371
Campbell, William 331
Campbell, William L.328
Cantrel, Nancy341
Cantrell, Aquilla344
Cantrell, Ephraim347
Cantrell, Leonard347
Cantrell, Smith339
Capshaw, Johnathan347
Capshaw, William341
Cardwell, Frances351
Cardwell, Sarah354
Carmack, Lewis357
Carmon?, Henry 354
Carracker, Charles333
Carson, Robert366
Carson, Samuel [GC1850cd2]349
Carter, Adam331
Carter, Ester366
Carter, Isaac359
Carter, Jacob359
Carter, Peter338
Cartright, John 356
Cartright, Reuben 356
Cartrite, William W.329
Cartwright, Joshua364
Cartwright, Richard342
Cartwright, Wade327
Cartwright, William342
Caster, John M.335
Caster, Peter335
Castine, James364
Cathcart, Allen333
Cathcart, Thomas338
Caton, Jesse329
Chastain, Hiram339
Chastain, John354
Chastain, Miles354
Chastain, Patton343
Chastain, William354
Chesser, James328
Christian, Sarah369
Christian, W. T.342
Christian,Patten [GC1850cd3-72]342
Clark, Ab339
Clark, Archabald349
Clark, Isham361
Clark, John359
Clark, Joseph356
Clark, Martha328
Claunch, Francis333
Clay, Henry353
Clay, James345
Claybrook, Judith351
Clemans, William335
Clendenon, James342
Clendenon, James364
Coats, James339
Coats, Joseph329
Cobb, John343
Coffee, J. M.369
Coffee, S. W.356
Cole, George334
Collier, Henry359
Collier, James366
Collier, Robert366
Colville, Lusk332
Colville, S. L.371
Combs, Martha335
Comer, Reuben P.358
Compton, Alexander347
Compton, Matthew347
Compton, William 332
Cooksey, Enoch343
Cooksey, Washington347
Coons, John350
Cope, H. B.327
Cope, James349
Cope, Nathan350
Copeland, John358
Coppinger, Jesse345
Cotton, John348
Cotton, William348
Coulston, Olly338
Countis, Asa371
Countis, Sarah364
Cowell, Natty371
Craig, Marry328
Crain, Jesse335
Crim, Hasten L.326
Crisp, Chesley358
Crisp, Francis362
Cross?, John362
Crouch, Jesse [GC1850cd3-54]369
Crouch, Richard327
Crouch, Thomas327
Crouch, William331
Cruse, Walter328
Culender, Margaret340
Cumings, Malechi341
Cummings, Joseph345
Cunningham, Ambrose362
Cunningham, Bostic331
Cunningham, E. D.353
Cunningham, John329
Cunningham, John341
Cunningham, John364
Cunningham, Thomas354
Cunningham, William329
Curtis, Chesley364
Curtis, David [Countess? GC1850cd3-33]353
Curtis, Rachel362
Daniel, Elisha343
Daniel, Henry333
Daniel, Stephen343
Daniel, William343
Darnell, David363
Davenport, Edmond352
Davenport, Reuben340
Davis, Elisha348
Davis, James339
Davis, John335
Davis, John336
Davis, Roswell335
Davis, Samuel333
Davis, Simon339
Davis, Thomas C.326
Dean, Esther356
Dean, M. B.334
Dearing, W. L. S.371
Dennis, Joseph330
Dennis, Neel M.330
Denton, Zachariah338
Derrybery, Jane369
Derrybury, Jacob329
Derrybury, Jerry329
Derrybury, Michael329
Derybery, Henry326
Dickerson, Archabald [1850GCcd5-283]331
Dickerson, Leonard345
Dickson, David329
Dietz, Fred370
Dobbins, Jesse334
Dobbs, William337
Dodson, E.360
Dodson, Elijah354
Dodson, Ella354
Dodson, Nimrod359
Dodson, R.359
Dodson, Richard365
Dodson, Robert353
Dodson, S. W.360
Douglas, Joel333
Douglas, John330
Douglas, Matthew Jr.330
Douglas, Matthew Sr.330
Drake, Abram338
Drake, Elijah336
Drake, John338
Driskell, Samuel326
Dugan, William [GC1850cd3-52]355
Dukes, Stephen338
Dulany, Preston 335
Duncan, John356
Duncan, Zedick361
Dunnigan, Thompson333
Durham, Berry347
Durham, James343
Durham, Nathan343
Durham, Robert328
Durley, George W.361
Duty, Jonah371
Dyer, Elizabeth336
Dyer, Jackson328
Dyer, John345
Dyer, Sarah355
Dykes, Isham [1850GCcd3-50]345
Earls, Martin365
Eastes, Samuel327
Eddington, Nicholas343
Eddy, William330
Edens, John347
Edge, Levi350
Edgy, James333
Edmondson, Samuel354
Edwards, Jesse R.345
Elam, James352
Elam, Lemuel352
Elam, William352
Elkins, James368
Ellace, Benjamin347
Ellace, Ed334
Ellace, John368
Ellis, William339
England, Alexander365
England, John365
England, Richard330
Etta, Luvina367
Etter, Geroge365
Etter, Henry R.366
Evans, Abram351
Evans, Abram Sr.327
Evans, James340
Evans, John354
Evans, John359
Evans, William328
Falls, John C.344
Farmer, C. M.370
Faulkner, Arch 360
Faulkner, Asa361
Faulkner, William345
Fearl, William359
Fearm, Timothy342
Fenel, Caleb329
Fenel, John329
Fenell, John344
Fenell, William B.344
Ferguson, Hubbard L.343
Finger, John358
Fisher, John334
Fitch, Elizabeth 349
Fitzpatrick, Moses349
Flemming, John337
Flemming, William337
Fletcher, John H.327
Flines, Barney356
Ford, Abram341
Ford, John W.370
Forrest, Charles367
Forrest, Richard354
Foster, is Forest?365
Foster, Sarah365
Foster, William 355
Fowler, Perry359
Fox, Hugh351
Fox, John N.333
Francis, John332
Frasier, Hannah366
Frazier, George359
Freeman, William332
Freeman, William348
Freize, James353
French, Mary370
French, W. M.370
Frisby, Robert366
Fulks, Samuel326
Fults, Adam [GC1850cd2-26]353
Fults, Alfred [GC1850cd2]331
Fults, Andrew353
Fults, Daniel [1850GCcd5-87]349
Fults, Jesse349
Fults, John [GC1850cd5-286]331
Fults, Josiah [widow Sarah? 1850GCcd5-291]331
Fults, Nathan [GC1850cd5-292]331
Fults, Ruth358
Fults, William358
Fuston, Andrew343
Fuston, Levi T.348
Fuston, Samuel339
Garner, Benjamin358
Garner, Elizabeth359
Garner, James345
Garner, William327
Garritson, Isaac C.359
Gauger, Peter354
Gibbs, James351
Gibbs, James [GC1850cd5-118]349
Gibbs, John327
Gibbs, John332
Gibbs, Michael327
Gilbert, Joseph343
Gilbert, Robert362
Gilly, Charles343
Glasscock, George332
Goodran, Jacob329
Goodson, John329
Goodson, Richard 354
Goodwin, Isaac330
Goodwin, Levi353
Goodwin, William354
Gorden, Robert340
Gray, Jeremiah330
Green, Absolem343
Green, David D.347
Green, Elias H.347
Green, James339
Green, John356
Green, Joshua368
Green, Lydia349
Green, S. V.347
Green, Samuel 343
Green, Samuel [GC1850cd2]355
Green, Shadrack339
Green, Shadrack350
Green, William349
Gribble, A. J.351
Gribble, John351
Gribble, Samuel356
Gribble, Thomas356
Gribble, Thomas Sr.351
Grisham, Alexander328
Grisham, Prior326
Grisham, William335
Grissham, John L.335
Gross, John Jr.345
Gross, John Sr. [GC1805cd3-55]345
Gross, Martin363
Gross, William368
Grove, John333
Grove, John367
Grove, William330
Grove, William354
Groves, Hyram328
Guest, William363
Guthrie, is Guttrey?335
Guthrie, Thomas335
Gwine, Caroline 363
Gwynn, Ransom359
Hadley, John345
Hail, Ammon363
Hale, Alfred329
Hale, Catherine336
Hale, J. R.364
Hale, Jesse341
Hale, Thomas349
Haley, George337
Hall, L. J.362
Haly, Ryston326
Hamby, Eli345
Hamer, Enoch352
Hamer, Malenda352
Hammer, Vilot340
Hammonds, James355
Hammons, Gabriel327
Hammons, Houston345
Hammons, Leroy360
Hammons, Mary327
Hammons, Reuben361
Hand, Achany328
Hand, James 350
Hannon, Adam344
Hardin, Hannah327
Hardin, Hillery367
Hardin, William337
Hardy Albert & James R.331
Harlin, J. F. [Hardin?]340
Harp, William Jr.364
Harper, Douglas336
Harper, E. D.328
Harper, Miles336
Harper, R. G.368
Harper, Thomas341
Harris, James335
Harrison, Audley354
Harrison, Audley367
Harrison, George367
Harrison, Joseph367
Hash, Thomas334
Hash, William334
Hawkins, Joseph344
Hawkins, W.333
Hays, Hugh355
Hays, James H.366
Hays, William366
Hearn, John B.332
Helms, Jacob359
Henderosn, J. S.370
Hennegar, George W.350
Hennegar, Heraw337
Hennessee, Alexander365
Hennessee, Arch351
Hennessee, Hessy?364
Hennessee, James365
Hennessee, P. S.353
Hennessee, Thomas326
Henshaw, William345
Hensley, Henry345
Henson, Rachel349
Herndon, Jacob340
Hibdon, John344
Hibdon, William S. 362
Hickerson, Joshua360
Hicks, Thomas F.370
Higginbotham, Aaron354
Higginbotham, J. M.368
Higginbotham, Saml.330
Hill Asa365
Hill, A. J.357
Hill, Berry342
Hill, Eleanor357
Hill, H. L. W.342
Hill, James368
Hill, William334
Hillis, Dickson336
Hillis, Dickson N.336
Hillis, Isaac336
Hillis, Isaac Jr.336
Hillis, James336
Hillis, John350
Hillis, P. S.336
Hillis, Simpson336
Hitchcock, James367
Hitchcock, Milly367
Hobbs, Ab353
Hobbs, Adrain [gc1850cd3-49]349
Hobbs, Christopher [GC1850cd2]349
Hobbs, Ezekiel349
Hobbs, Jacob [Hibs?]358
Hobbs, Richard [GC1805cd2]349
Hobbs, Vincent358
Hodge, Susanah371
Holbert, Harper337
Holcomb, Jeptha R.341
Holder, Fielding338
Hollan, Sarah344
Hoodenpyle, William370
Hoover, John357
Hoover, John M.360
Hoover, Michael Jr. [GC1850cd1]345
Hopkins, Hugh T.358
Hopkins, William344
Hopper, Elizabeth332
Hopper, Moses350
Hornbeck, James F.333
Horton, John327
Howan, Alexander361
Howan, John361
Howard, Isaac338
Howard, John363
Howard, Robert338
Howard, William338
Hubbard, William352
Huddleston, W. B.335
Huddleston, William336
Hufman, Mary338
Hughes, Hardin [Hews]341
Hughes, Wade H.360
Hughs, Hardin 362
Hughs, Philip365
Humphry, Lewis357
Hunter, Alexander337
Hunter, Henry357
Hunter, James338
Hunter, Peter340
Hunter, Samuel340
Hunter, Squire365
Hunter, Thomas J.347
Hutcheson, Charles365
Hutson, Britton351
Ivie, Elizabeth370
Jackson, James J.355
Jaco, Cornelius333
Jaco, Jerry351
Jaco, Philip348
Jaco, Thomas366
Jaco, Wily351
James, Alsa [Jones?]343
Jamison, Allen326
Jennings, Elizabeth326
Jennings, Jesse D.326
Johnson, Isabella358
Johnson, James355
Johnson, Samuel361
Johnson, Sarah357
Johnson, William328
Johnson, William329
Johnson, Wily369
Jones, A.344
Jones, Ab371
Jones, Abram [GC1850cd3-39]353
Jones, Ebbin344
Jones, Hanson 344
Jones, Hugh345
Jones, Isaac344
Jones, Isaac347
Jones, J. T.328
Jones, James347
Jones, James352
Jones, Jane339
Jones, Jane343
Jones, Mary344
Jones, Matthew352
Jones, Miles328
Jones, Miles Jr.356
Jones, Thomas347
Jones, W. G.368
Jones, William328
Jones, William339
Jones, William C.344
Jourdan, Anderson355
Jourdan, John 355
Jourdin, Samuel342
Justice, William S.326
Keaton, Ritter A.341
Keef, John348
Keef, Thomas352
Keef, Thomas Sr.347
Keener, David328
Keener, Sarah335
Kees, Philip [Kesey]342
Kell, John357
Kell, Nimrod345
Kell, Thomas359
Kelly, Burton329
Kelly, George347
Kelly, Johnathan347
Kelton, James331
Kelton, William331
Kersey, John371
Kidd, James345
Kidd, James P.371
Killgore, Nancy 369
Killian, Ambrose [1850GCcd3-35]353
Killian, Samuel357
Kincannon, L. A.371
King, Margaret326
King, Stokes [1850GCcd3-78]332
King, Thomas J.361
King, W. C. N.360
King, William360
King, William368
Kinnard, William345
Kirby, Francis343
Kirby, is Carbey352
Kirby, John [Carbey]350
Kirby, William 352
Knuckles, is Nichols327
Knuckles, Peter329
Lackey, M. R.370
Lamur, Susan [Lenear-Lemon?]332
Lance, Henry326
Lance, James352
Lance, John352
Landrum, Thomas L.351
Lane, David C.335
Lane, Joseph338
Lane, Joseph368
Laughlin, S. H.369
Lawrence, David333
Lawrence, Martin333
Lay, Catharine343
Lay, Jane366
Layne, Benjamin351
Layne, Daniel [GC1850cd3-52]369
Layne, George331
Lea, John347
Lea, Samuel361
Ledbetter, George338
Leimun, Charles337
Lett, Rheuben328
Levan, Henry [1850GCcd5-208]349
Levan, James [GC1850cd3-60]345
Levan, Thomas [1850CD3-34]353
Lewis, Davidson370
Lewis, Russel344
Lewis?, Miller351
Little, Elizabeth [Lytle]368
Little, Henry339
Lockhart, A. H.369
Lockhart, Andrew345
Lockhart, James369
Lockhart, John369
Long, George335
Long, William335
Lovlace, Benjamin344
Low, Nancy337
Lowe, Ezekiel345
Lowe, Hugh368
Lowe, Isiah361
Lowery, William342
Lumpkins, Samuel367
Lusk, J. D.371
Lusk, W.369
Luster, Samuel326
Lutrell, Sarah363
Lynn, Andrew367
Lynn, Jacob367
Lynn, James367
Lytle, Elizabeth 360
Lytle, John 361
Mabry, Joel 370
Macon, H. H.360
Mage, John357
Majers, E.327
Man, Thomas328
Mangrum, Solomon359
Manning, Samuel344
Marbery, Philip H.371
Marbury, Thomas 356
Marchbanks, A. J.371
Marshall, John334
Marshall, Thomas W.340
Martin, Alexander330
Martin, Ambrose345
Martin, Andrew342
Martin, Ann331
Martin, Asa332
Martin, Evan345
Martin, George330
Martin, George W.338
Martin, Henry327
Martin, Henry345
Martin, Jacob356
Martin, Jacob364
Martin, James329
Martin, James330
Martin, Jesse364
Martin, Margaret327
Martin, Nancy335
Martin, Robert348
Martin, Sampson348
Martin, Sarah Cunningham364
Martin, Solomon327
Martin, Thomas [GC1850CD1]368
Martin, William330
Martin, William332
Mason, Allen348
Mason, Lewis334
Mason, Reuben334
Mason, Thomas B.344
Mason, William348
Massey, Thomas334
Mathews, Abner352
Mathews, Benjamin352
Mathews, John335
Matthews, Lemuel340
May, Reuben357
Mayfield, Elisha335
Mayfield, Holbert330
Mayfield, Nancy337
Mayfield, Robert354
Mayfield, Solomon330
Mayo, Benjamin332
Maze, Alexander354
Mazey, Randolph365
Mazey, Solomon365
Mazey, Stephen365
Mazy, Micajer364
McAdoo, J. B.332
McAdoo, William332
McAdoo, William S.332
McAfee, J. B.363
McAfee, John363
McBride, Jhn360
McCaig, James359
McCollom, John342
McCorkle, Robert366
McCormack, R. B.359
McDaniel, Abram367
McDaniel, Charles333
McDaniel, George366
McDaniel, Thomas365
McDaniel, William337
McDaniel, William362
McFarlan, Anjer P. 358
McFarland, Crissa361
McGee, Clendenon330
McGee, Ester330
McGee, John350
McGehe, William345
McGehe, William J.331
McGibboney, David340
McGibboney, John327
McGowen, Campbell336
McGowen, Joshua336
McGregor, Alfred353
McGregor, Ezekiel364
McGregor, Ezekiel366
McGregor, Jay364
McGregor, Richmond364
McGregor, William364
McGregor, William J.354
McGregor, Willis332
McGuffy, William337
McKinney, William326
McLaughlin, Martin336
McMahan, George W.340
McMahan, William340
McMahon, Johnathan326
McNicols, William370
McSpadden, William361
McWhirter, Thomas341
McWhorter, William341
Meadley, Samuel337
Meadly, Manning335
Meadly, Mel359
Meadows, Thomas359
Medley, Jo356
Melton, Thomas358
Melton, Thomas362
Melton, William364
Mercer, Howard369
Mercer, Lorenzo Dow371
Michael, James334
Michael, Robert349
Miller, A. O.339
Miller, Ab356
Miller, Ab. W.356
Miller, Allen351
Miller, Carol330
Miller, David366
Miller, John366
Miller, Sarah334
Miller, Sarah350
Miller, William334
Miller, William361
Miller, William B.333
Miller, William J.330
Milstead, Elizabeth361
Milstead, Garret360
Mitchel, Allen 365
Mitchel, James [Michael?]366
Mitchel, John338
Mitchel, William 354
Mitchel, William 357
Mitchel, William 365
Mitchel, William Jr. 364
Mitchell, Allen 356
Mitchell, Andrew 366
Mitchell, Jane337
Moffit, Aaron357
Moffit, Adam357
Moffit, Henry [GC1850cd5-99]366
Moffit, William328
Monroe, John340
Moon, Isabella366
Moon, James G.368
Moon, Jerry350
Mooneyham, Jesse336
Moony, Jacob368
Moony, Jacob 368
Moore, Andrew338
Moore, Madison L.333
Moore, Richard335
Morell, John366
Morford, J. F.371
Morgan, William343
Morrison, Samuel363
Morrison, William354
Morrow, Hugh359
Mortin, W. [Martin?]369
Mortin?, William 356
Morton, Benjamin345
Morton, Harman 355
Mosely, East327
Moss, Green H.371
Moulder, Henry328
Moulder, Henry338
Moulder, Samuel330
Moyers, Casper [1850GCd5-287331
Moyers, Elijah Christopher331
Moyers, John [1850GCcd5-285]331
Mullican, James329
Mullican, John329
Mullican, John341
Mullican, William341
Mullican, William J.343
Mullican, William Jr.341
Muncy, Abram361
Muncy, Mary361
Munsy, John358
Murfey, Stephen370
Myers, Thomas Jefferson345
Napier, John333
Neal, Hamilton339
Neal, John330
Neal, Pleasant351
Neal, William330
Nelson, Alexander340
Newby, Allis353
Newby, Jerry332
Newby, Marry343
Newby, Nathan348
Newby, W. B. R.348
Newby, Whaley344
Newby, William343
Nichol, Pierce 327
Norris, Thomas333
Norris, William336
North, William371
Northcut, James361
Northcutt, A.[Adrain]GC1850cd2]350
Northcutt, John353
Nunley, Caroline332
Nunley, Jeremiah [1850GCcd5-119]349
Nunley, Manuel353
Nunley, William B.[GC1850cd2]353
Nunly, Davidson353
Nunly, Greenbery345
Nunly, Jeremiah Sr.353
Nunly, William368
Nunly, William [1850GCcd2-11]353
Nunly, William R.353
Nunn, William339
Oliphant, Phil W.345
Oliver, H. R. [GC1850cd3-66]345
Oliver, Miles349
O'Neal, Ester334
O'Neal, Nathan334
Orick, Allen340
Orrick, Lewis362
Orrick, Martin337
Overton, Levina361
Overton, William332
Overturf, Henry366
Owens, Barnet335
Owens, Dick367
Owens, George366
Owens, William D.345
Pace, John358
Page, William363
Paris, Thomas340
Paris, Thomas P.344
Parker, Richard360
Parker, Silas326
Parker, William360
Parks, Carol366
Parks, James [GC1850cd1]360
Parris, Johnathan340
Parris, R. M.362
Parsons, Major335
Parsons, Rachel345
Patrick, Ed342
Patterson, James356
Payne, A.370
Payne, John338
Payne, William338
Pennington, Henry371
Pepper, Elisha351
Perry, John [GC1850cd3-73]342
Perry, John L.370
Perry, Joseph356
Perry, Nathan326
Perry, William332
Perry, William368
Pettis, Robert371
Pigg, Hardin350
Pigg, John347
Pigg, Nathan339
Pigg, Paul344
Pigg, William343
Pippin, Charles A.364
Poss, Alex. [Poff?]363
Poss, Alexander362
Poss, Jacob [Poff?]363
Poss, James [Poff?]345
Potter, Thomas341
Powel, Henry361
Powel, Samuel361
Prator, Achilis352
Price, Anjer361
Priest, David338
Prince, Green B.345
Prince, John345
Prince, John368
Pris, Nathan334
Pucket, Bazilla355
Purcer, James Jr.329
Purcer, James Sr.329
Purdom, Neely363
Purvis, George T.370
Quick, William326
Rains, Asa363
Rains, Elijah362
Rains, George363
Rains, Isaac362
Rains, James363
Rains, Larkin362
Ramiers, Jacob338
Ramiers, Lemuel336
Ramsey, David361
Ramsey, Samuel363
Ramsey, William361
Randolph, James347
Randolph, John347
Randolph, John Sr.356
Randolph, Sarah347
Randolph, Sarah359
Ransom,Catherine [Sansom?] [GC1850cd3-65]368
Raulings, James E.334
Read, S. S.370
Reader, Edwin347
Reader, Reason339
Reed, John B.333
Reed, Thomas363
Reynolds, Elisha345
Reynolds, Elisha Jr.360
Reynolds, Silas H.363
Rhea, Isaac355
Rhea, Lury355
Rhodes, William330
Rice, Daniel365
Rice, Sarah345
Rickits, Brazella369
Riddle, Brittain326
Ridley, B. L.370
Rieves, Charles333
Riggs, Hardy340
Riggs, Watson340
Riggs, Wiley352
Riley, Jemima365
Riol, John340
Ritchey, David [GC1850cd5-98]366
Roach, E. D.360
Roberts, Bennet336
Roberts, Henry360
Roberts, Isaac355
Roberts, James341
Roberts, James351
Roberts, John351
Roberts, John355
Roberts, Matthews C.329
Roberts, Reuben Jr.351
Roberts, Reuben Sr. 351
Roberts, Thomas350
Roberts, William334
Robertson, Nancy330
Robinson, Newman331
Rogers, A. C.334
Rogers, Elijah367
Rogers, James371
Rogers, John367
Rogers, John B.334
Rogers, Josiah367
Rogers, Levi367
Rogers, T. U. [GC1850cd3-72]345
Roller, Martha369
Rolls, Martha328
Ross, Martin337
Ross, Thomas330
Rowan, S. B.370
Rowland, Benjamin332
Rowland, David 369
Rowland, James356
Rowland, Jud356
Rowland, Lod351
Rowland, Samuel340
Runnell, Ring D. C.337
Russel, Abner357
Russel, Henry365
Russel, Thomas336
Russell, John337
Rust, Benedict354
Rust, John C.330
Rutledge, Mary361
Safley, Anderson354
Saftley, David364
Saftley, Sary364
Saine, B. G.360
Saine, Casper357
Saine, George M.357
Saine, Samuel357
Sammmel, Sampson344
Samples, Martin [1850GCcd3-47]368
Sanell, John M.328
Sanford, Vincent365
Sapp, G. B.329
Savage, Aquilla342
Savage, George358
Savage, Jesse351
Savage, Sterlin [GC1850cd3-66]369
Savage, Warren369
Scott, Audly [GC1850cd2]345
Scott, Cooper342
Scott, Daniel342
Scott, Jarrett331
Scott, John333
Scott, Johnathan353
Scott, Judethan R. 345
Scott, Samuel331
Seitz, Aron356
Seitz, Margaret356
Seitz?, George333
Sellars, Flin337
Sellers, Jourdan344
Setlif, William363
Shannon, Robert361
Shears, William334
Shepard, Benjamin341
Shields, A.370
Shipley, Edward364
Shipley, John356
Shipley, John365
Shipley, Robb365
Shipley, Thomas367
Sides, is Seitz355
Sides, William B. [GC1850cd3-47]355
Sigler, George H.326
Simons, Arch367
Simons, John367
Simons, Johnathan335
Simpkins, John334
Simpson, John327
Simpson, William350
Sims, Darcus342
Sims, Isaac364
Sims, William365
Sissom, Daniel352
Skelton, John350
Slaughter, Hugh J.351
Smallman, J. M.356
Smart, George R.369
Smart, John [GC1850cd2]349
Smart, Joseph 353
Smart, Reuben364
Smart, Thomas C.371
Smartt, B. W.337
Smartt, Frank358
Smartt, George W.363
Smartt, John354
Smith, Amos368
Smith, Ericus360
Smith, Ericus 361
Smith, George332
Smith, Isaac357
Smith, James357
Smith, James B. [GC1850cd3-80]355
Smith, John329
Smith, John356
Smith, John [widow Nancy 1850GCcd3-67]345
Smith, Joseph [1850GCcd5-207]364
Smith, Miller351
Smith, Nancy329
Smith, Noah [son Washington 1850 GCcd5-110]331
Smith, Sarah344
Smith, Thomas333
Smith, Thomas [gC1850cd5-107 Joseph Smith?]366
Smith, William326
Smith, William367
Smith, William O.349
Smoot, Sarah337
Snell, George W.363
Snelling, Thomas361
Snider, Lucy326
Snipes, Brittain362
Snipes, Britton358
Snodgrass, Henderson369
Solomon, Bennet345
Solomon, Bennet369
Solomon, Henry354
Solomon, Willis365
Southerland, John368
Spain, Moses331
Spangler, George326
Sparkman, John333
Spradlin, Charles331
Spradlin, William367
Spring, K. T.355
Springs, Thomas B.360
Spurlock, Bird344
Spurlock, James332
Spurlock, Jane344
Spurlock, John332
Spurlock, Josiah359
Spurlock, Jospeh340
Spurlock, Rachel334
Spurlock, Russel370
St. John, George364
St. John, Thomas343
Stanley, R. H.370
Stanly, Aaron R.335
Stanly, Elizabeth345
Stanly, John338
Stanly, John352
Stanly, Reuben363
Starkey, Josiah358
Starkey, Josiah 362
Stembridge, Sarah341
Step, Frederick345
Step, R. M.353
Stewart, Arch363
Stewart, James341
Stewart, Lemuel344
Stewart, Moses351
Stewart, Robert327
Stewart, Sarah351
Stewart, W. R.371
Stewart, William329
Stiles, John359
Stockstill, Elisha350
Stone, P. F.362
Stoner, Henry [GC1850cd2]349
Stoner, Wilson349
Stotts, Samuel345
Street, Ben363
Street, Benjamin363
Street, William358
Stroud, George361
Stroud, Thomas358
Stroud, Thomas B.363
Stroud, William363
Stubblefield, George353
Stubblefield, William345
Stubblefield, William359
Stubblefield, William360
Styles, Allen350
Sullivan, C. J.371
Sullivan, Clemma343
Sure, Sarah338
Swit, George354
Tally, Cobb351
Tally, John351
Tally, Larkin338
Tanner, Daniel370
Tate, James337
Tate, James368
Tate, John368
Tate, John G.355
Tate, Robert [1850GCcd3-46]368
Tate, Robert [GC1850cd5-92]369
Taylor, C. J.360
Taylor, Willis357
Teague, Elisha362
Temple, Jerry358
Templeton, J. G.336
Templeton, John330
Templeton, Thomas330
Thaxton, John327
Thaxton, William334
Thomas, Benjamin340
Thomas, Isiah336
Thomas, James336
Thomas, Lewis326
Thomason, James333
Thomason, Robert333
Thomason, William333
Thompson, Charles359
Thompson, James P.370
Thompson, James S.371
Thompson, Richard [was widow Rachel GC1850cd2-15?]350
Thompson, William333
Thompson, William359
Tidwell, John337
Tidwell, Robert340
Tilford, John M.357
Tipton, Johnathan [GC1850cd8-142]353
Tipton, Stephen367
Tiry, Jesse339
Tittle, Lydia341
Todd, Archibald352
Todd, George354
Tosh, Tasco336
Towles, Sarah369
Tribble, Shadrack345
Trogden, Nathan328
Trusty, Allen347
Tubb, Samuel326
Tubb, William326
Tucker, Clinton340
Tucker, Matthew355
Tucker, Neely328
Turner, John358
Turner, Nathaniel [1850GCcd2-32]369
Turner, Sam365
Turner, Thomas357
Underwood, Price343
Upchurch, A. T.348
Vanhooser, Isaac350
Vanhooser, Jacob344
Vanhooser, James352
Vanhooser, John339
Vanhooser, Richardson350
Vanhooser, Sampson347
Varner, John R.340
Vaughn, Peter350
Vickers, Jacob [GC1850CD3-63 widow Hannah?]342
Vickers, Margaret366
Vickers, Thomas342
Vilust, Mary349
Waggoner, Joseph327
Walker, Elijah345
Walker, Henry345
Walker, J. B.365
Walker, James369
Walker, James [GC1850cd3-56]345
Walker, James C. [GC1850cd3-57]345
Walker, Jeremiah [GC1850cd3-38]353
Walker, John [GC1850cd3-59]345
Walker, William341
Wannamaker, Jacob [1850cd2-29]353
Ware, Isham [Weir]364
Ware, Richard332
Ware, Rolin342
Ware, Wiley364
Warren, Jackson335
Watkins, Henry339
Watkins, James347
Watkins, Thomas S.340
Watley, John326
Watson, Alexander360
Watson, Esther352
Watson, Henry367
Webb, Byars332
Webb, Chesley347
Webb, D. W.341
Webb, J. B.368
Webb, James341
Webb, Jesse348
Webb, Jesse350
Webb, Joel B.347
Webb, John341
Webb, Levi339
Webb, Levi348
Webb, Robert344
Weller, David 366
West, Adam358
West, John358
West, Michael363
West, William362
Wheeler, Nathan350
White, Elijah332
White, William371
Whitely, Sarah328
Whitlock, James340
Whitlock, Jhn362
Whitlock, William352
Whitman, Uriah349
Wiggins, Allen334
Wiggins, Joseph333
Wiggins, Richard350
Wilkinson, Joshua350
Wilkinson, Samuel359
Williams, Richard336
Williams, Thomas347
Williker, Thomas359
Willis, Armsted365
Wilson, Ballard G. [1850GCcd3-70]369
Wilson, John G.348
Wilson, William327
Wilson, William352
Winn, Margaret [Gwyn?]360
Winnet, Jacob331
Winnit, John367
Winnit, Norman367
Winnit, Thomas367
Wolf, Jacob361
Womack, A. B.348
Womack, Ab. C.350
Womack, Asa329
Womack, Burgess348
Womack, R. P.329
Womack, Robert348
Womack, S.339
Womack, Thomas341
Womack, W. C.329
Womack, William341
Womack, William Jr.348
Womack, William Sr.348
Wood, David335
Wood, Hamlet R.328
Wood, James328
Wood, Washington349
Woodlee, Abram349
Woodlee, Jacob342
Woodlee, James349
Woodward, Isaac C.371
Wooten, Johnathan345
Wooton, William A.345
Worthington, Lunsford338
Worthington, William338
Wright, Elijah 366
Wright, Martha338
Wright, Samuel H. 366
Yates, Peter365
York, Enoch335
York, G. W.336
York, Harmon328
York, James M.335
York, Uriah366
York, William B.357
Young, Nat370
Youngblood, Allen352
Youngblood, Johnathan326


Warren County TN Petition ca. 1830

Contributed by Wanda Muncey Gant

To the Honorable General Assembly of the State of Tennessee Now in Session: We your Humble petitioners living at some distance from a Justice of the peace and there being only one in the Captain’s Company in which we your petitioners reside, we therefore humbly pray that you will appoint Mr. John Foreman to the office of a Justice of the Peace for the County of Warren in Capt. Samuel Dial’s Company, for which we your humble petitoners will forever pray. [Located at the TN State Archives and brought to attention by Coffee Countian Betty Bridgewater].

  • Dial, Shadrack
  • Watkins, Benjamin
  • Sale, Joseph
  • Quarles, William
  • Miller, J. O.
  • Winton, James J.
  • Braly, Samuel
  • Braly, Leroy
  • Winton, James Sr.
  • Horton, Joshua
  • Horton, Isaac
  • Berry, Wm. T.
  • Hubbert, Anderson
  • Mitchel, Thomas Sr.
  • Clay, James E.
  • Mitchell, John
  • Frazier, James
  • Guest, Moses Jr.
  • H_______, Adam
  • Wootton, Jesse
  • McSpadden, Humphrey E.
  • Forcum, Peter Sr.
  • Stultz, George
  • Cavness, Robert
  • Martin, Thomas Jr.
  • Coulson, Alex.
  • Sale, John
  • Ogle, Dennis
  • Dunkan, Thomas
  • Massey, J. W.
  • Howard, John
  • Cain, Bartlett
  • Guest, John M.
  • Seals, Thomas
  • Watkins, William W.
  • Ungar, William R.
  • Wilson, James
  • Overton, David
  • Miller, William
  • Jarvis, Rezia Jr.
  • Jarvis, Rezia Sr.
  • Jarvis, Jabez
  • Jarvis, L.
  • Stroud, Thos. Sr.
  • Stroud, Anderson
  • Stroud, Anderson
  • Ramsey, William
  • Dox, Dennis
  • Guest, Moses Sr.
  • Mitchel, Thomas Jr.
  • Hogue, Soloman
  • Huffines, Frederick [Hassine?]
  • Huffines, Thomas [Hassines?]
  • Brookshire, Samuel R.
  • Dial, Samuel
  • Hopkins, William
  • Powell, Alexander
  • Bryan, David
  • Bryan, Mathew
  • Jones, Thomas
  • Stroud, George
  • Stroud, William Jr.
  • Hammer, Raleigh
  • Starns, Clabourn
  • Hampton, Silas
  • Howard, James
  • Miller, John
  • Stroud, Thomas Jr.
  • Cunningham, Benjamin W. Capt.
  • Cain, James
  • Martin, Wm.
  • Tittle, David
  • Lane, George
  • Bryant, William
  • McMurray, Jos. J.P.
  • McGregor, R.
  • Colville, Lusk
  • Thompson, Jas. S.
  • Black, Robert
  • Wood, James
  • Fuller, Oliver
  • Dean, Francis
  • Brooks, John D.
  • Rhea, Lewis
  • Stubblefield, Thomas
  • Stubblefield, William
  • Mitchel, William
  • Page 2
  • Cargile, James
  • Cavness, Edmond
  • Caveness, William
  • Cunningham, J. N.
  • Crisman, Bescherer
  • Nicholas, David
  • Cunningham, Langston
  • Martin, Langston
  • Jarvis, William
  • Stroud, William
  • Ramsey, Samuel
  • Fletcher, Elijah
  • Matthews, Archibald
  • Bradshaw, William
  • Murphy, Joseph
  • Farrar, Stephen
  • Richards, Oliver
  • Richards, William
  • Wells, John K.
  • Bryan, John
  • Bryan, Abner
  • Spradlin, Wm.
  • Purdom, Thomas
  • Lowrey, John
  • Wilson, John
  • Martin, Thomas Sr.
  • Martin, Ambrose
  • Banks, David
  • Jones, Pleasant
  • Hicks, George
  • Julian, Lewis
  • Matthews, Wiley
  • Williams, David
  • Hopkins, Liles
  • Forcum, Peter Jr.
  • Dial, Philip
  • Brown, John
  • Hawkins, Benjamin
  • Mitchell, Daniel
  • Dunlap, Adam P.
  • Dunlap, James D.
  • Clark, Silas
  • Tipton, Jonathan
  • York, Uriah
  • Hogan, A. C. Capt.
  • Humphries, W. W.
  • Wilson, James Sr.
  • Wilson, William
  • Banks, David
  • Price, Richd. J.
  • Gray, Joel
  • Cunningham, John Sr.
  • Hunter, Jesse
  • Williams, R. R.
  • Eoff, Isaac
  • Eoff, Alexander
  • Hensly, Enoch Sr.
  • Richards, Felix
  • Purdom, Wm. D.
  • Edwards, Jesse R.
  • Steave, Wade
  • Rea, Moses
  • Mitchell, William
  • Armstrong, Will
  • Dunlap, Jesse
  • Martin, Evan
  • Coulson, James
  • Howard, Benjamin
  • Cunningham, John Jr.
  • Bowyer, James
  • Locke, J.
  • Wootton, Benjamin
  • Hamby, Benj. B.
  • Coulson, Charles
  • Falkner, Asa

Surname List from 1820 Census Of Warren County

Contributed by Wanda Muncey Gant

There are more than 1400 names in this list.  Be sure to go to the bottom to navigate to subsequent pages.

McEwen, James 1
Black, James 1
Randolph, John 1
Randolph, Nathan 1
Puckett, Robert 1
Foster, Richard 1
Hancock, Benjamin 1
West, Peter1
Anderson, Isaac1
Watson, John 1
Hawkins, Benjamin1
Sheilds, William1
Laurence, William P.1
Towles, Joseph1
Colville, Lusk1
Tally, John1
French, Robert1
Denby, Samuel1
Dodson, Martin1
Withrow, James1
Withrow, Richard1
Obar, Constant1
Jones, Larkin1
Hand, Samuel1
Steel, Moses 1
Kersey, Edmund1
Wilsher, Archibald1
Webb, Jesse1
Webb, John1
Stinett, John1
Hoge, Edward1
Frazier, George1
Ashley, James1
Wilson, John A.1
Bragg, Richard1
Jewel, George W.1
Charles, John1
Lowry, David1
Jones, Aquilla1
Hoover, Michael1
Thompson, James S.1
Harris, Jesse1
Rice, Jacob1
Duncan, John1
Merryman, William1
Hogan, Marcus1
Bright, Thomas1
McMurray, James 1
Jones, Nathaniel1
Johnson, Hardy1
Sykes, Benjamin P.1
Buchanan, Andrew 2
Coffee, Jesse2
Smartt, William C.2
Cain, John2
Lusk, Samuel2
Wilson, Aaron2
Stroud, Marshal2
Hunter, Benjamin2
Stephenson, Edward2
Cain, James2
Riggs, Watson2
Mires, Duguid?2
Dugan, Thomas2
Smartt, Reuben2
Betterton, John2
Nunley, John2
Dugan, William2
Lollar, John2
Tate, Aaron2
Tate, James2
Rodgers, John2
Rodgers, George2
Stewart, Walter?2
Callaway, William2
Crossland, James2
Rink, Jacob2
Allen, John2
Stepp, Frederick2
Gee, John H.2
Fitch, Benjamin 2
Mitchell, William2
Newton, John2
Safley, Jesse2
Forester, William2
Dunnaway, James2
Cartwright, Joshua2
Mitchell, Allen2
Taylor, Willis2
Lovell, Thomas 2
Hill, Asa2
Smith, Isaac2
Lewis, Robert2
Slaughter, Hugh J.2
Roberts, Isaac2
Stokes, Thomas2
Hill, Benjamin2
Callaway, William2
Hill, Henry J. A.2
Killian, William2
Kagle, Jacob [Cagle]2
Boss, David [Bost]2
Killian, David2
Hill, Ervin2
Ford, Thomas [Ward?]2
Kagle,Charles 2
Wright, Samuel2
Savage, Sterlin2
Brewer, Silas [Breward, Cyrus]2
Taylor, Arthur2
Killian, John2
Seitz, Andrew2
Scott, Thomas2
Newton, Benjamin2
Mitchell, Andrew2
Miller, John2
Willis, William2
Armstrong, William2
Gross, Solomon2
Hughes, John2
Crawford, Thomas2
Taylor, Nancy2
Perryman, Vincent2
Vickers, William3
Derryberry, John 3
McGregor, Richmond3
Jones, Arick3
Mordand, Vincent3
Rodgers, Josiah3
Rodgers, Isaac3
Hickerson, Joshua3
Eaton, James 3
Munsey, Elizabeth3
Dean, Francis 3
Rodgers, James3
Freeman, James3
Harris, Howell G.3
Blanks, John3
Woods, Green3
Wilsher, Thomas3
Wilson, Jonathan3
Jones, Enoch3
Huston, James3
Marbry, Leonard3
Heald, H. O. T.3
Gross, Martin3
Tipton, Joseph3
Randolph, Henry3
Edge, Henry3
Gunter, John3
Stockstill, Zebedee3
Neal, Jesse3
Deitz, Frederick 3
Austin, Elisha3
Hughs, Nicholas3
Woodlie, Jacob3
Estess, Jesse 3
Engle, John3
Lay, James3
Parris, Thomas3
Pallet, William3
Rodgers, Jesse3
Collier, Robert3
Kersey, John3
Smartt, George R.3
Johnson, Green3
Greer, Joshua 3
Dodson, Nimrod3
Sellars, Flin3
Grove, John3
Lusk, William3
Thaxton, John3
Vaughan, Thomas3
McGee, Clendenon3
Loke, Jesse [Lock]3
Jones, Thomas3
Jones, Beverly3
Smithson, John3
Hester, Garland3
Cunningham, John3
Jones, Charles3
Kelly, Martin?3
Martin, James3
Davis, Solomon3
North, William3
Jones, Phillip3
Morrison, James3
Bonner, John3
Cox, Josiah3
Chrevis?, Annis3
Johnson, Sherod3
Freeman, Henry3
Hackett, John3
Dodson, Elisha3
Hanks, Jeremiah3
England, Jesse4
Newton, Edward4
Smith, Jacob4
Read, Gardiner4
Morrow, David4
Faris, Thomas 4
Tittle, David4
Weir, Roland [Ware]4
Weir, Isham [Ware]4
Williams, Isaac4
Rains, Asahl4
Rains, James4
Vanhooser, Isaac4
Rains, John4
Clark, Benjamin4
Mackey, William4
Bratcher, Alex4
Potts, Nathan4
Whitton, George4
Wooten, Benjamin4
Mulcian, John 4
Shockley, Isaac4
Hawkins, Larkin 4
Prater, Bazil4
Kenedy, Frances 4
Colville, Joseph4
Miller, John4
Miller, Abraham4
Lay, William4
McGregor, Ezekiel4
Keef, John4
Sullivan, Charles4
Davis, John4
Martin, Thomas4
Freeman, William4
Holbert, Enos4
Stubblefield, George4
Clark, Isham4
Parks, John4
Martin, James4
Kelton, Mathew4
Fletcher, Elijah4
Windham, William4
Neighbors, Thomas4
Braswell, William 4
Cooksie, Enoch 4
Lay, William4
Powell, Nathan4
McMahan, William4
Campbell, William4
Grizzle, George4
Owens, James4
Caine, Benjamin 4
Willes, William4
Rodgers, Levi4
Kelly, Henry4
Campbell, Isaac4
Morrow, William4
Ferrell, Leighton4
Culberson, William4
Smith, Thomas4
Newby, Jeremiah4
Smith, George4
Gross, John [Grove?]4
Lemmon, John4
Stiles, William 4
Kern, William4
Morrow, Hugh4
Martin, John5
Shaw, Hugh5
McCall, James 5
Cope, James5
McReynolds, Samuel 5
Waits, Allen5
Brooks, John D.5
Mosley, Tait5
Dodson, Jehu5
Jaco, Jeremiah5
Argo, William5
See, John5
Thrower, Thomas5
Neal, William5
Stockstill, David5
Pigg, William5
Pigg, Nathan5
Hash, Thomas5
Martin, William5
Brown, Jane5
Morrow, Robert5
Frazier, John5
Barnes, Elijah5
Shinneys, Patrick5
Tate, Alexander5
Jones, Joshua T.5
Gordon, Robert5
Davis, Andrew P.5
Webb, John5
Davis, Andrew5
Walker, Gabriel L.5
Tanner, John5
Patterson, Sarah5
Clabo, Charles 5
Beashers?, William5
Rowland, William5
Riley, Samuel5
Kidmon, Henry5
Randolph, John5
McMahan, Jonathan5
Blanks, John5
Dial, John5
Burks, Roland5
Simpson, Isaac5
Tipton, Joseph5
Stoker, Lewis5
Dodson, Elijah5
Martin, William5
Reed, Reuben5
Reed, Edward5
Burlison, Moses5
Hookins, John5
Parker, Robert5
Smith, Nathan5
Waits, John5
Rust, George5
Smith, George5
Fleher, David5
Gain, John5
Kerby, Robert5
Hicks, John5
Porter, James5
Randolph, Elisha5
Herriman, William5
Mayfield, Solomon5
Herriman, Elisha5
Carter, Johnson5
Stoner, Henry5
Hammer?, Aaron 6
Shepard, Andrew6
Harden, John6
Hamton, Jourdon6
Green, William D. 6
Countess, Peter 6
Stockstill, Warner6
Smith, Larkin6
Thornhill, Thomas6
Cotton, John 6
Lawler, Levi 6
Brooks, William6
Durham, Asahel6
Hash, James6
Price, Anjer6
Bonner, John6
Forest, James6
Drake, Jacob6
Cope, William6
Smith, Eracus6
Douglas, William6
Mayfield, William6
Sherill, William6
Rodgers, Josiah6
McMurray, James 6
Tinsley, Archibald6
Davidson, Blair6
Shipley, Raleigh6
Williams, David6
Fowler, William6
Lawler, John L.6
Jennings, Obediah6
Hunter, Benjamin6
Sullivan, Clemma6
Hand, James C.6
McGragor, Willis 6
Milstead, Peter6
Session, Richard6
Jones, Abraham6
Fultz, John6
Capshaw, James6
Shell, Christian6
McGuire, Vincent6
Allen, John6
Rust, Benedict6
Rhea, Thomas6
Wood, John6
Laughlin, Alex. D.6
Graham, John6
Harbour, Elijah6
Dunham, James6
Eddy, William [Edda]6
Neal, Charles6
McReynolds, John6
McReynolds, James6
Brown, Thomas6
McCagg, John 6
Paine, Daniel6
Mitchell, Stephen6
McKae,Wm. - Mackey?6
Barkley, James6
Philpot, Warren6
Evans, Abraham6
Evans, Jacob6
Higginbotham, Aaron6
Clendenon, James6
Foster, John7
Clark, Absalom7
Matthews, Ralph7
Cunningham, H. 7
Reynolds, Elisha7
Woodall, William7
Brown, John7
Hammond, Leroy7
Pendleton, John7
Shrader, Daniel7
Smith, Aricus7
Adcock, Leonard7
Williams, John7
Smithson, Baz C.7
Merryman, Jeremiah7
Lusk, James7
Naylor, Dixon7
Morrison, Samuel7
Gibbs, William 7
Hill, Alexander7
McMurray, Alexander7
McGregor, William7
Bratcher, Kennedy7
Brown, Nathan7
Mabry, Benjamin7
Bratcher, Benjamin7
Taylor, Edmund7
Kenedy, James 7
Dunham, William7
Armstrong, Thomas7
Henderson, Robert7
Smith, William7
Clark, Stewart7
Stroud, William7
Gess,William [Guest]7
Payne, Daniel 7
Rhea, Moses7
Stokes, Robert7
May, Dred7
Jacobs, William7
Field, Duncan7
Dannals, William7
York, Uriah7
Tittle, Adam7
Mathews, Kinchen7
Brown, Absalom7
Gibbs, Samuel7
Elkins, Ralph7
Levan, Benjamin7
Boon, Mordecia7
Tipton, Stephen7
Thomas, James7
Harnset, Thomas7
Merryman, William7
Roberts, Reuben7
Lawler, Abner7
Shell, Solomon7
Weir, Allen [Ware]7
Mitchell, Allen7
Hays, William7
Houston, John7
Mitchell, Mark7
Gess, Joseph [Guest] 7
Bane, Peter [Bain]7
Garner, Elisha7
Adkins, William7
Martin, Jacob7
Stoner, Henry7
Griffith, Benjamin7
Copp, Shadrack8
Harrison, Edly 8
White, John8
Essary, James8
Dodson, Jesse8
Bragg, John8
Woodley, John8
Gilmore, Uriah8
Miller, Ezekiel8
Redding, Hardy8
Redding, Francis8
Mitchell, John8
Savage, Jessse8
Lyles, George N.8
Purdom, John8
Overton, David8
Fisher, John8
Graham, Joseph8
Burges, Thomas8
Hogan, Edward8
Scott, James8
Brown, William8
Cantrell, Richard 8
Farmer, Nathan [Tanner?]8
Cock, John [Cox]8
Brown, William8
Woodward, John8
Burke, Willis8
Frier, Henry [Fryer]8
Elkins, John B.8
Kersey, John8
Gibbs, Jesse8
Jones, Isaac8
Hash, Mary8
Bond, William8
McKagg, James8
Dunlap, Jesse8
Pepper, Elisha8
Cox, Asa8
Vickers, Joseph8
Lane, George8
January, Isaac8
Lane, William8
Marbry, John 8
Simpson, Alexander8
Barnes, Ninevah8
Reed, James8
Henderson, Pleasant8
Horton, Robert8
Jay, David8
Bratcher, William8
Winton, James8
Henise, James8
Gibbs, William8
Scott, Adams8
Matthews, William8
Kersey, Thomas8
Alexander, James8
Gossage, Daniel8
Payne, William8
Payne, Ransom T.8
Colson, David 8
Cunningham, John8
Clark, William8
Ross, Randolph8
Blair, Andrew9
Jarvis, Levi9
Savage, George9
Matthews, Lemuel9
Sherrell, Alexander9
Shell, Frederick9
Lawler, James 9
Lutrel?, John9
Stotts, Joseph9
McFarland, Joseph9
Stroud, William9
Jarvis, Rezi9
Foster, Alexander9
Harris, Toliver9
Harris, William9
Hennessee, Patrick9
Chastain, John9
Hay, James9
Matthews, Chester9
Johnson, William9
Shaw, John9
Howard, Philip9
Ensey, William9
Stone, Jonathan9
Wilson, James9
Green, Samuel9
Allen, Jesse9
Fox, John9
Brashears, Phillip 9
Armstrong, Hugh9
Winnett, Norman9
Tinsley, Daniel9
Bedwell, Jesse9
Cherry, Joel9
Watkins, James9
Pack, Garret9
Womack, Abner9
Stewart, Alexander9
Ford, Henry9
Gess, Moses [Guest]9
Lay, Edmond [Day?]9
Pendleton, Benjamin9
Ward, William9
Wilson, James9
Hunt, Andrew9
Wood, Archibald9
Elkins, Gabriel9
Owens, Francis9
Duncan, William9
Land, Endimon9
Clark, John9
Horton, William9
Travis, William9
Clark, Isaac9
Womack, Jonah9
Lloyd, George9
Wood, James9
Spradlin, David9
Davis, William9
Cooksie, Cornelius 9
Philips, Sterlin9
Nunley, James9
Hammond, Woodson9
Meadows, Thomas9
Webb, Joshua10
Tittle, John10
Phillips, Joseph10
Bird, David10
Newby, Thomas10
Starnes, John10
Durham, Thomas10
Fisher, John10
Fisher, John10
Dean, Michael10
McChud, William10
Hillis, James10
Martin, Isaac10
Weaver, Jacob10
Tippet, John10
Masey, Stephen10
Moffett, Henry10
Tate, Robert10
McCraken, Eli10
Abernathy, Aaron10
Elledge, Joseph10
Giles, John10
Perry, Benjamin10
McCraken, Samuel10
Brown, Thomas10
Perryman, John10
Frazier, Thomas10
Malican, William Jr.10
Mulican, William Sr.10
Carter, Jesse10
Taylor, Samuel10
Manicle, Peter10
Brown, Thomas10
Laurance, Martin10
Berger, Michael10
Womack, James10
Belingsen, Andrew10
Pallett, Stewart10
Keys, Elijah [Keese]10
McDaniel, John10
McBroom, Henry D.10
Vicry, Michael10
Kelly, Hartman10
Forrester, Mark10
Christian, Drury10
McGehee, Green10
Essary, Thomas10
Hilly, Pippin10
Belcher, William10
Capshaw, Josiah10
Foster, Samuel10
Gealy, James [Goley]10
Rhea, Jacob10
Cantrell, Abraham10
Golden, Joseph10
Raimo, John10
Plunkett, Reuben10
Harrison, Samuel10
Martin, Amos10
Davis, Thomas10
Bowles, John M.10
Gunter, Joel10
Forrest, Richard10
Barnes, Charity10
Morrison, John10
Boyles, Jonathan 10
Routon, James10
Banks, Samuel10
McFarland, Robert10
Brown, Daniel10
Cruchfield, Sebern 10
Rains, John A.10
Helms, Jacob11
Douglas, William M.11
Bonner, Joseph11
Miller, William B.11
Sweat, Virtue11
Price, William V.11
Horton, Littleton11
Hopper, Gilland 11
Hamton, William11
Jarvis, Abner11
Smith, William11
Smith, John11
Dykes, Isham11
Lockhart, James11
Watson, Henry11
Kelly, George W.11
Herndon, Jacob11
Morrow, Robert11
Roberts, William11
Crouch, Richard11
Custer, Adam11
Joiner, Joseph11
Fulgum, John11
Fulgum, Anthony11
Adams, John11
Fox, Jacob11
McCraken, George11
Tankersly, Charles11
Skeen, Moses11
Whitten, John11
Ross, John11
Smith, George11
Fulgum, Edmund11
Martin, Job11
Gribble, Thomas11
Holiday, Hiram11
Sturman, Thomas11
Isbell, William11
Chesser, John11
Logan, William11
Miller, Abraham11
Martin, James11
Chesser, James11
Lane, Resson 11
Lane, Joseph11
Lane, Jacob11
Roberts, William11
Rodgers, Edward11
Derryberry, Michael 11
Meadows, Daniel11
Black, James11
McCollum, John11
Shaw, James11
Northcut, Thomas11
Bedwell, John11
Roberts, James11
Davis, George11
Griffith, Joseph11
Rook, Aaron11
Griffith, John11
Hillis, Isaac11
Brown, Alexander11
Henry, John11
Parsley, Anthony11
Bickle, Michael11
Garner, Benjamin11
Thompson, William11
Durham, John11
Smith, William11
Hash, William12
Offenshine, John12
Saltan, John12
Quigley, John12
Smith, William12
Douglass, Sally12
Johnson, William12
Shell, Samuel12
Witts, Silas12
Thompson, William12
Gealy, Thomas 12
Mitchell, Thomas12
Scott, Jarett12
Miller, Ruthy12
Stone, Nimrod12
Whitlock, Bowen12
Leach, John H. 12
McCall, Robert12
Southern, David12
Pigg, Paul12
Clark, Silas12
Greer, Jesse12
Brown, John12
Stearman, William12
Davidson, Holliday12
Derryberry, Michael 12
Lynn, James12
Hawkins, Joseph12
Goodson, John12
Ireland, Kelly12
Miller, John12
Rains, William12
Driver, Frederick12
Hicks, Archibald12
Cooksie, John 12
Heriman, Joseph12
Cooksie, Thomas 12
Pace, John12
Durham, James12
Caldwell, James 12
Cantrell, James12
Kirby, Henry12
Cooksie, Jesse12
Green, Jese12
Boothe, Isaac12
Hash, James12
Brown, Sylvia12
Caldwell, Wm. 12
Hibdon, John12
Holland, John12
Wood, Thomas12
Phillips, Martin12
House, Joseph12
Kirby, John12
Evans, Charles C.12
Gready, John12
Harriman, Richard12
Rodgers, Rodgers12
Cooksie, John12
Williams, William12
Sulivan, Alexander12
Thomas, John12
Tassy, John12
Elkins, Thomas12
Stone, John B.12
Harpole, Squire12
Hammon, Ezekiel12
Gann, London C.13
Melton, John13
Middleton, James13
Patrick, Levi13
Higgins, Alexander13
Melton, James 13
Parkhurst, David13
Allen, William H.13
Youngblood, Henry13
Rhea, Thomas13
Neighbors, John13
Bratcher, Allen13
Holbrook, Stephen R.13
Gilley, George13
Hasson, David 13
Markham, Michael?13
Cummins, Moses13
Webb, Ellis13
Cantrell, Isaac13
Cantrell, Elijah13
Mooney, James13
Green, Joseph 13
Mooney, Jacob13
Mooney, David13
Blanton, Vincent13
Gunter, Walter13
Webb, Julius13
Baker, Briant13
Webb, James13
Coats, Mary13
Fleming, John13
Ensey, Dennis13
Seitz, Thomas13
Hooper, samuel13
Drake, Isaac13
Howell, Lewis13
Cook, Abraham13
Grant, Alexander13
Nunly, Archibald13
Randolph, Robert13
Douglas, Mathew13
Dosey, Catherine13
Pitman, Whinney13
Pate, Jesse13
Boulden, Nathan13
Kelly, Nathan13
Edge, Levi13
Rains, John13
McFarland, William13
Tate, Henry13
Blanton, Clabourn13
Brown, Thomas13
Biars, Harel13
Crossland, Joseph13
Crossland, Benjamin13
Adcock, Isaac13
Mears, William13
Vincent, Richard13
Barkley, John13
Loring, samuel13
Melton, Ansel13
Chely, Cutburth.13
Morothy?, Francis13
Jones, Joseph13
Barret, Haywood13
Barkly, John13
Jones, Noah 13
Middleton, Thomas13
Tidwell, Reuben13
Cantrell, Watson13
Martin, John13
Dial, Shadrack14
Webb, William14
Murray, John M.14
Lane, Richard14
Drake, Elijah14
Gowen,Ransom [Gwyn?]14
Thomas, William14
Whorton, Jesse14
Tribble, Shadrack14
Braley, Walter 14
Ramsey, William14
Ramsey, James14
Webb, John B.14
Witherspoon, Henry14
Mullins, Ezekial14
Isbell, Zachariah14
Hicks, Meshack14
Banks, Simon14
Davis, Samuel14
McGuire, Vincent14
Wommack, Lewis14
Speen, Joseph14
Barkley, William14
Turner, John14
Adcock, David14
Potter, Tilman14
Handley, Joel14
Phillips, Shadrack14
Estess, Moses 14
Deal, Absolom Dial?14
Witworth, William?14
Estess, Barlett 14
Brownfield, John14
James, Daniel14
Johnson, Martin14
Johnson, William14
Johnson, William14
Johnson, James 14
Cooper, James14
Parker, Richard14
Connelly, John14
Casin, Larkin14
Smith, James14
Walker, James14
Hill, James14
Wright, Bartlet14
Crouch, Moses14
Moses, Davis14
West, John14
Jaco, Brooks14
Halley, Harter, 14
Abner, Isaac14
Shipley, Talbert14
Shell, Samuel14
Hitchcock, George14
Biddle, Nancy14
Templeton, Thomas14
Paine, Charles14
Boden, Jesse14
Woods, Stephen14
Christian, John14
Turner, William14
Christian, Burrel14
Turner, Matthew14
Olliver, Abijah14
Paine, Charles14
Julian, Willie14
Taylor, Micajah14
Roberts, Isaac14
Boid, John15
Wannamaker, Polly 15
Perry, Benjamin15
Lewis, Robert15
Bouldin, Nathan15
Hill, Isaac15
Vinis, Benjamin15
Right, David15
Scott, Sally15
Nunley, William15
Newby, Jeremiah15
Lay, James15
Smartt, Reuben15
Fitzpatrick, Rachel15
Nunley, Manuel15
Coppinger, Walter15
Fultz, Daniel15
Hobbs, Ezekiel15
Fultz, Adam15
Williams, Lewis15
Thompson, David15
Belvins, Kitturah15
Nunley, Rebeccah15
Northcut, Abraham15
Smith, Isaac15
Henshaw, Jesse15
Northcut, Linsley15
Franklin, Isham15
Lynn, Thomas15
Lynn, James15
Lynn, Jacob15
Dunkin, Jonathan15
Herndon, Joel15
Spray, Lewis15
Fultz, Elias15
Myers, Abagail15
Fultz, Ephraim15
Myers, Thomas15
Fultz, John15
Fultz, George15
Reynolds, P.15
Martin, Thomas15
Martin, Henry15
Martin, Ambrose15
Sales, John [Sailes]15
Cargile, James15
Clark, Daniel15
Woods, Archibald15
Caldwell, John 15
McSpadden, Samuel15
Wilton, Stephen?15
Sparks, George15
Stotts, George15
Hubbard, James15
Hubbard, Robert15
Hubbard, Robert Sr.15
Whitlock, Thomas15
Frazier, James15
Gess, John [Guest]15
Connally, John15
Odell, R.15
Waggoner, Joseph15
Gilpan, Richard15
Martin, William15
McLean, Betsy15
Qualles, William15
Sharp, William15
Brawley, Leroy15
Brawley, Samuel15
Brawley, Alfred15
Ivey, Joel16
Gibbs, George16
Dillingham, Wiliam16
Powell, John16
Powell, Samuel16
Powell, Isaac16
Cason, John?16
McElroy, Andrew16
Russell, William16
Hash, John16
Rentfro, William16
Hash, William16
Paint, Larkin16
Owens, Joshua16
Hammons, Richard16
Arnold, Richard16
Williams, Lewis16
Jadwin, Joseph16
Jones, Thomas16
Henderson, Thomas 16
Young, Isaac16
Matthews, Willie16
Wood, Bartholemew16
Roberts, William16
Lowe, Isaiah16
Williams, Betsy16
Knox, Joseph16
Fields, Stephen16
Davison, William16
Dial, Joseph16
Cox, Gosley16
Brown, Jesse16
Golf, Henry [Goff]16
Shepard, Austin16
Cunningham, Benjamin16
Edwards, Jesse R.16
Cunningham, A. Long16
Cunningham, John16
Moore, Joseph16
Custer, Adam16
Chissum, Nancy16
Haben, Joshua16
Shockley, Wilson16
Sane, Daniel16
Harp, Clayborn16
Wadkins, John16
Ogle, Dennis16
Seratt, James16
Dial, James16
Dial, Samuel16
Yarborough, John16
Perry, Benjamin16
Patton, John16
Price, William16
Price, John16
Lamb, Henry16
Powell, Samuel16
Frees, Solomon 16
Frees, John [Freeze]16
Matthews, Archibald16
Sims, John16
Mathews, Willie16
Hawk, Christopher16
McLean, James16
Hawk, George16
Willie, David16
Sell, Andrew16
Shell, Frederick
Bickle, Michael17
Houston, John L.17
Curtis, James17
Brown, Thomas17
Brown, Alexander17
Ford, George17
Ford, Richard17
Brown, Thomas17
Blackwell, Pleasant17
Wommack, William17
Wommack, Thomas17
Odell, Josiah17
Green, David17
Belcher, Arthur17
Belcher, William17
Rowlin, Benjamin 17
Couts, Mary17
Hooter, William17
Tramel, Daniel17
Farr, James17
Thornbill, James17
Reaves, John H.17
Adcock, John17
Williams, John17
Delong, James17
Forrester, James17
Adcock, William17
Jones, James17
Rankhorn, Joseph17
Hooter, Elijah17
Tarket, James17
Cantrell, Thomas17
Thompson, Daniel17
Ray, David17
Williams, Hardin17
Hill, Jesse17
Holcom, Jeptha17
Ray, Thomas17
Walker, Alexander17
Adams, George17
Alexander, William17
Alexander, John17
Alexander, Allen17
Jackson, Samuel17
Rainer, Henry17
Grizzle, Daniel17
Scott, William17
Burges, Jacob17
Collins, John17
Johnson, John17
Wade, Wilson17
Jackson, John17
Martin, Alexander17
Withrow, Mary17
Grizzle, George17
Brents, Solomon17
Webb, Chesley17
Hopkins, Thomas17
Cullinder, Charles17
Brents, Solomon17
Lusk, John17
Cagle, John17
Derryberry, Daniel17
Derryberry, Andrew17
Pellam, William17
Nokes, Britain17
Evans, William 17
Garlin?, Joseph17
O'Neal, Charles18
Prater, Archilus18
Prater, John18
Smith, John18
Baker, Abner18
Thomas, John18
Thomas, Charley18
Thomas, William18
Hughs, Rhody18
Walker, Archibald18
Smithson, Allen18
Harpole, Solomon18
Youngblood, Allen18
Youngblood, John18
Barley, Robert18
Lewis, Lucinda18
Wood, Nathan18
Nevins, Joseph18
Sullens, Zachariah18
Kirk, John 18
Brashears, Merry18
Whitaire, David18
Lett, John H. 18
Brashears, Betsy18
Brashears, H. A.18
Sullens, Jesse18
Hammon, John18
Lutrile, Delila18
Cummins, Benjamin18
Allman, Nathan 18
Clark, Joseph18
Close, Thomas18
Blew, Daniel18
Stephens, Robert18
Warren, Henry18
Poland, Moses 18
Stone, William18
Daniel, John18
Mullins, Daniel C.18
Elledge, Felding18
Fletcher, James18
Hensley, Allen18
Seawell, Richard18
Gunter, Claybourn18
Gunter, Claybourn18
Ferrell, Enoch18
Ferrell, John18
Markham, Betsy18
Mathews, Samuel18
Foster, William18
Hawkins, John18
Gilley, Peter18
Gilley, Edward18
Collins, Daniel18
Boucher, Richard 18
Ferrell, John18
Baker, Briant18
Vanhoozer, Jacob18
Jones, James18
Williams, Polly18
McMurry, Betsy18
Barrett, Miles18
Lawrence, Benjamin18
Barrett, Ward18
Patrick, Levi18
Patrick, Wilis18
Bailey, Eli18
Dunn, Jane18
Morell, John19
Burres, William 19
Carter, Bartlet19
Rodgers, Tavenor19
Arnold, James N.19
Arnold, James19
Simpson, Thomas19
Jones, Edward19
Cunningham, Joseph19
Hunter, Samuel19
Hunter, Joseph19
Price, James19
McKinney, Thomas19
Dozier, Richard P. 19
Finley, John19
Wells, J. K. 19
Shockley, Wilson19
Showfield, William19
Barbee, James19
Smith, Benjamin19
Young, Berry19
Usry, Zachariah19
Thompson, Armfield19
Lucas, John19
Tipett, Lovel19
Elkins, Ralph19
Kagle, Charles 19
Richardson, Joseph19
Brown, Polly19
Snelgrove, Samuel19
Bowman, William19
Guinn,William [Gwyn]19
Banks, David19
Loyd, James19
Walker, Samuel19
Hoover, Philip19
Graham, William19
Yarboro, Mathew19
Howard, Philip19
Howard, John19
Simpson, Valentine19
Simpson, Peter19
Dodson, Jesse19
Adcock, John19
Adcock, Isaac19
Scott, Bazil19
Green, Bethel19
Smith, John19
Cantrell, Isaac19
Burgess, William19
Berry, Elizabeth19
Young, Jeptha19
Moore, William19
Hancock, Rachel19
Dyer, Mathew19
Brown, John19
Crittenden, Charles19
Tate, John19
Miller, John19
Young, William19
Keef, Thomas19
Gowers, Abel19
Hughs, Hardin19
Jones, Thomas19
Jones, Jonathan19
Robertson, James19
Jones, William19
Spear, Hardy20
Middleton, William20
Carder, David20
Thurston, George W.20
Collins, Frederick20
Gannon, Mark20
Dozier, Daniel 20
Melton, John20
Morey, Joseph20
Charles, John20
Walls, Edmund20
Tinker, John20
Brown, John N.20
Middleton, William20
Tenpenny, Richard20
Tenpenny, Daniel20
Smith, Nimrod20
Teague, Abraham20
Stout, Benjamin20
Lanfield?, Samuel20
Taylor, James20
Daniel, William20
Braswell, Joseph 20
Cathcart, Allen20
McWhorter, Moses20
Middleton, Thomas20
Leakey, Nancy20
Morgan, William20
Tinley, Daniel20
Lumly, William?20
Bates, James20
Tinley, Archibald20
Hathcock, Howell20
Hathcock, Miles20
Miles, William20
Morgan, Abraham20
Leah?, Betsy20
Roach, Charles20
Leonard, Rebecca20
Derryberry, Daniel20
Close, Betsy20
Carmack, Lewis20
St. John, Abner20
Plowman, Jacob20
Wilkinson, Joseph B.20
McWhorter, Alexander20
Braswell, Sampson20
Vanhooser, Isaac20
Joy, Labon [Loven?]20
Hawkins, John20
Alfred, Richard20
Clark, Thomas20
Gray, Jeremiah20
Bishop, David20
Brown, Redding20
Young, Henry20
Raines, John20
Mace, Jacob20
Lay, John [Jay?]20
Thompson, Osburn20
Tidwell, Mark20
Middleton, Wm. Sr.20
Middleton, Wm. Jr.20
Raines, William20
Middleton, Jackson20
Graham, George20
Jones, Thomas21
Ferrington, Abraham21
Spradley, Yaring21
Ethridge, John 21
Rissinghoover, Jacob21
Rissinghoover, Benj.21
Payne, William21
Sloan, Samuel21
Murphy, Stephen21
Redman, Harman21
Redman, Soloman21
Moore,Thomas 21
Bailey, Everit21
Woodall, Joseph21
Passon, James21
Kenedy, John 21
Phillips, Hiram21
Suggs, William21
Passon, Thomas21
Frazier, Levi21
Wood, William21
Frazier, John21
Nixon, Thomas21
Parks, Barthimas21
Parks, William21
Dale, Absalom21
Martin, Tavenor21
League, Edmund21
Weaks,Joseph 21
Weaks, Thomas 21
Harpole, Marose?21
Frazier, John21
Frazier, Joseph21
Palmer, William21
Frazier, Aaron21
Evans, Mark21
Price, Benjamin21
Coffee, Thomas S.21
Driver, Redick21
Marion, Thomas21
Nichols, Elias21
Allen, Hugh21
Walker, James21
Whiteley, Sally21
Crumb, Peter21
Grizzle, Herod21
Gray, Jeremiah 21
Hibdon, Peter21
Wilson, William21
West, Isaac 21
Stanford, Thomas21
Stanford, William21
Turner, John 21
Bailey, William21
Estess, Moses21
Estess, Bartlet21
Patton, Wm. C.21
Ferrell, Charles21
Cullock, Wm.21
Moore, Wm. 21
Young, Jeptha21
Brown, P.21
Brown, Alex21
Kersey, John 21
Cooper, Reuben21
Derryberry, Andrew21
Renshaw, Hannah21
Lawrence, Barkley 21
Barkley, Jacob 21
Mart, Mark21
James, Jesse21
Petty, Micajah21
Stroud, Oren21
Petty, James 21
Thrift, Isham21
George, William21
Rodgers, William21
Edding, Jesse21
Boren, Joshua21
Mitchell, Stephen21
Bowie, John21
Copeland, James21
Petty, Andrew21
Petty, Alexander21
Peyton, Craven21
Morgan, Soloman 21
Cherry, Joel21
Young, William21
Williams, William21
Smith, Polly21
Curtis, John21
Curtis, John Jr.21
Graham, William21
Street, Bird21
Ussry, William21
Davis, Thomas21
Lance, William21
Leubo,Polly [Leebough\Lebow]21

Warren County TN Jail Petition ca. 1820

Contributed by Wanda Muncey Gant

This jail petition was dated around 1820 and can be found in the Tennessee State Library and Archives, TSLA.  This list has been alphabetized.

  • Alexander, Wm.
  • Armstrong, Will
  • Armstrong, Thomas
  • B______, Thomas
  • Black, John
  • Black, James
  • Blair, Andrew
  • Boles, John M.
  • Brasher, Kennedy
  • Brooks, J. D.
  • Brown, William
  • Buchanan, Andrew
  • Burlison, Moses
  • Cain, John
  • Cambell, W. L.
  • Christian, John
  • Co_os, John
  • Cock, John
  • Coffee, Jesse
  • Colville, Lusk
  • Colville, J. L.
  • Colville, Y.
  • Coulson, David
  • Crawford, Jacob
  • Cunningham, John
  • Cunningham, John
  • Curtes, James
  • Davis, John
  • Dean, M.
  • Derrberry, Andrew
  • Derryberry, John
  • Derryberry, Michael
  • Doty, A. H.
  • Edmondson, William
  • Fisher, John
  • Foster, Thomas
  • Foster, Thomas
  • Foster, George
  • Foster, John
  • Fraser, George
  • French, Robert
  • Fulton, James
  • Gillian, Leml.
  • Gordan, James
  • Graham, Charles
  • Green, Samuel
  • Greer, John
  • Guest, Joseph
  • Halbert, Amos
  • Halbert, Cyrus
  • Hammons, Leroy
  • Hancock, Robt.
  • Hancock, B.
  • Hand, Samuel
  • Hand, James C.
  • Hany?, George
  • Harris, Jesse
  • Hash, G. M.
  • Hawk, George
  • Heald, H. O. T.
  • Hennessee, James
  • Hennessee, Patrick
  • Hickerson, Joshua
  • Hicks, Meshack
  • Higginbotham, A.
  • Hill, Joseph
  • Hitchcock, George
  • Hoover, Michael
  • Hubbard, L. B.
  • Hunter, B. J.
  • Jackson, Alexander
  • Jackson, Martin
  • Jennings, Obediah
  • Johnston, Gan
  • Keel, E.
  • Keirsey, E.
  • Kirby, Henry
  • Lancing, Edward
  • Loyd, George
  • Lusk, James
  • Lusk, Samuel
  • Lusk, William
  • Lyles, G. N.
  • Mabry, Joel
  • Mackey, William
  • Marbury, Benj.
  • Martin, Tav.
  • Martin, Wm.
  • Matthews, K.
  • Mayfield, Reuben
  • McFarlane, Joseph
  • McReynolds, Sam.
  • Mercer, Forrester
  • Miler, Abrm.
  • Miller, Abraham
  • Miller, James M.
  • Miller, Thomas
  • Moody, Thos.
  • Norman, J. R.
  • North, Anderson
  • North, William
  • Owen, L. D.
  • Pace, Edward
  • Patterson, Joel
  • Pukett, Robert
  • Ramsey, William
  • Randolph, Lewis
  • Randolph, Henry
  • Randolph, Isham
  • Reed, Gardner
  • Reed, Reuben
  • Reynolds, Elisha
  • Rhea, Lewis
  • Rhea, Moses
  • Rodgers, Jn. B.
  • Roman, L. D.
  • Rucks, J.
  • Scott, Adams
  • Sellars, Flinn
  • Sheppard, B.
  • Simpson, Alexander
  • Simpson, Isaac
  • Smartt, R.
  • Smartt, G. R.
  • Smith, George
  • Smith, William
  • Smith, George
  • Smith, George
  • Smith, William
  • Smith, Ericus *
  • Spradling, David
  • Steel, Moses
  • Stephenson, William
  • Stephenson, Edward
  • Stockstill, David
  • Stroud, Thomas
  • Sullivan, Clema
  • Sykes, B.
  • Teasdal, A. M.
  • Templeton, William
  • Thompson, James G.
  • Tidwell, Edward
  • Tittle, David ___
  • Towles, Joseph
  • Turney, Samuel
  • Vicars?, William L.
  • Vickery, Michael
  • West, Peter
  • White, Wm.
  • Wilcher, Thomas
  • Williams, David
  • Wilsher, R. P.
  • Wilson, J. A.
  • Wilson, John G.
  • Wilson, Jas.
  • Windham, William
  • Withrow, James
  • Wommack, Josiah
  • Woodall, William
  • Woods, Green

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