Seamans/Seamons/Simmons/Simons Extractions
Compiled by Berna Seamans Sprinkles < > 2001, Van Buren County, Tennessee



page 18           12-22-1841     Jonathan Simmons[sp], Hezekiah Mooneyham and Ruben Lett become securities for Thomas Guthery who is indebted to Wm. Bright for the sum of $125.00 due 12-25-1841. Thomas Guthery signs over  100 acres of land, and other considerations to these three men   

page 40           12-5-1842       John McMath has died leaving no will, Soloman Sparkman, administrator.  

page 40-41     1-2-1843         James Simons, dec, list of accounts due the estate.

page 41                 1843          Report of sale of personal items of John McMath, dec. 

page 96          2-14-1842    Jonathan Simons [sp] and James Simons  300 acres on Cumberland mountain and beach cove, this being part of Land Grant #7112 of 600 acres Witt; Micajah Simons [written by clerk, not signed by Micajah] and Zachariah Simons [His X]

page 135,136,137            12-23-1850   Accounts due John Hill of John McMath heirs, Nancy McMath, Mary McMath and Rebecca McMath,  Soloman Sparkman, guardian, in the years 1849-1850. Balance of $ 194.26 

page189-190     4-22-1844     Hezekiah Mooneyham to Jonathan Seamons[sp] two parcels of land being 100 acres and 78 acres in Dist 7 on Cumberland Mountain     
Witt; John Gillentine and John Stuart

page 263            9-7-1839       540 acres on Caney Fork   # 2602 Land Grant State of TN to Jonathan Simmons[sp] assignee of Micajah Simmons [sp]    
James K. Polk

page 275            9-1-1846     300 acres on Cumberland Mountain and Laurel Creek Land Grant # 9334 to Jonathan Seamons[sp]          
Aaron V Brown, Govenor of TN

page 316            9-3-1839        100 acres  in White County # 7077 Land Grand to William Grisson, assignee of  John D. Cam and Willy Johnson, on the waters of Rocky River and Caney Fork.
James K Polk by Lake Lea, Secretary

page 317           3-24-1848      Wm. Grisson to Jonathan Seaman two tracts of land in Van Buren  Co.,Dist. 7, 200 or more, part of a Land Grant to John Ally 7107 and part a Land Grant to Wm. Grissom # 7077, The two tracts lie on the waters of Dry Fork where Seamons now lives.
Witt: W.B Cummings and John Stuart


page 90            3-15-1850       Micajah Walker [X] to Thomas Shockley Dist. # 3  50 acres 

page 98            4-23-1850      Micajah Simons to H.E Haston   Dist # 7 est. 25 acres

page 120-121 10-19-1850     Micajah Simons to Thomas Shockley   Dist # 3 194 acres 

page 126           4-7-1827     Jacob Drake to Wm. Worthington  county of Warren, formerlyWhite,2 acres  on Rocky Creek  
Witt: Uriah York & Elijah Drake

page 231-232   3-25-1852     Jonathan Simmons to Elisha Bouldin the following tracts of land in Dist 7,    778 acres   Witt: B Cummings & F., Wood 
[This deed is signed "Jonathan Simmons" but is written by the clerk, as "I, Jonathan Simmons..." in the first line.]

page 234-235    4-25-1853    Jonathan Simmons and Thomas Guthry to Thomas Grissom est 300 acres in Dist # 7
Witt: W.B. Cummings & James Hunter

page 235-236    4-25-1853         Jonathan Simmons to Thomas Grissom 200 acres in Dist. # 7, for $400.00
Witt: W.B. Cummings & S. F. Wood

page 287-288    1-1-1853     Joseph Simmons to Benjamin Simmons  two tracts on Cane Creek  200 acres   $100.00                   
Witt: Edmond Seals & C. Simmons

page 296          10-2-1854     Micajah Simmons & Jonathan Seamons  to John Yates, more than one tract of land;  one tract containing 10 acres, house, and some improvements [I have misplaced the balance of this on page 297.]

page 511           8-5-1857        [the law suit land, bs] Jonathan Simmons to Es Wood, 20 acres  for $444.40   Dist. # 1           
[signed], Jonathan Seamans

page 517-518     12-11-1858      Micagah Simons  to Thomas Shockley  tract of land joining William Hamrick, 150 acres  for $200.00     
Witt: Andrew Johnson & William Shockley

page 546           4-9-1859     Jonathan Seamans to R.J. Head  Dist # 1, known as Smith land, 148 acres for $3200.00  
Witt: Wm. Mooneyham

page 577-578     6-7-1859         Micagah Simmons  & the State of TN to James Smith a tract of land contained in a Land Grant  # 11410 State of TN to Micajah on Rocky River  for $200.00
[Signed] Micagah Seamans   
Witt:  Sherman York & Thomas Martin [his mark X] 

page 611          7-18-1859.    Jonathan and Micajah Seamans. J.M Seamans, tract of land in Dist. # 1, bordering James Hunter, John Sparkman, etc..that John M Seamans now lives on and to pay $200.00 for 30 acres and all over he is to pay to.
[signed] Johathan Seamans  Micagah Seamans    
Witt:  W. T Seamans  & F. T. -----[did not sign his last name]

page 612          7-18-1859      Jonathan Seamans to F.L. Rasco one Negro boy named Henry about eleven years old, this boy is healthy and sound in body and mind and a slave for life.  I warrant the title of said boy to F.L. Rasco July 18,1859  
Jonathan Seamans         
Witt:  W.T Seamans  & J.M Seamans


page 70-17      10-5-1867        Jonathan Simmons and Maglen Simmons to H.L.Moffitt  tract of land in Van Buren Co Dist 5, for $ 3500.00, tract est. at 384 acres on Rocky River, bordering  James Emory, Martins, W.B ?Drakes, to "just before Soloman Priest's door", Samuel Johnson, James Hunter, to between J.M Simmons {sp] and myself, to Rogers line
[signed]          Jonathan Seamans and Maglin H. Seamans        
Witt: G. B. Johnson & James Hunter

page 302 -303  7-19-1870     Jonathan Seamans to Wiley Steakly 42 acres   Dist. # 1 VB Co. bordering  Hunter, John  and Soloman Sparkman, A.C. Rogers
Witt; Charley Thomason & C.S. Rasco

page 339          7-19-1865   C.S. Rasco to Jonathan Seamans Dist # 1 abt 65 acres for $1200.00


page 76-77     10-4-1867    Jonathan Seamans to C. S. Rasco Van Buren County near waters of Caney Creek  for $600.00  [no acreage given, other than description of borders.]
[signed] Jonathan Seamans     
Witt: John A. Head & E.M. Head

page 87-88     10-24-1867   Jonathan Seamans to C.S Rasco three lots [ #68,74,&75] in the town of Spencer for $150.00 
page 88-89     10-24-1867   Jonathan Seamans to C.S. Rasco two tracts of land, $200.00, one for ten acres  or more on Rocky River to the mouth of Laurel Creek; another tract of five acres on Rocky River to the dry bank bordering J.W. Simpson and Robert Durham