SMITH, William E. – (b. 1844)

William E. Smith, farmer and stock dealer, was born in Grainger (now Union) County, January 27, 1844, the son of John A. and Emily A. (Buckner) Smith, the former, born in Grainger County, now a resident of Knox County, aged sixty-five years, and the latter, born in Knox County, now aged sixty-three. Both are Baptists, and the father a successful farmer. Our subject, the eldest of a large family, received a common-school education, and remained with his father until November 16,1865, engaged at that time as a clerk. He then married May J., a daughter of John Miller, of this county. Of eight sons and one daughter, two sons are deceased. Our subject bought his present home after his marriage, and now is store-keeper and guager, for the Government, and has been since March, 1886. He is a Democrat, and his wife a Methodist.

Source: History of Tennessee Containing Historical and Biographical Sketches of Thirty East Tennessee Counties. Illustrated, pp. 1146-1152. Published: Chicago and Nashville: The Goodspeed Publishing Co. 1887.

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