Map of Trousdale County, Tennessee

This map and number key is contributed by
Walter Buckingham
in tribute to one of his mentors


A new professionally rendered map is on the way.

     The map and the key to it are the labors of Mrs. Laura Gaston Garrett.  She gave it to Walter Buckingham many years ago.  She was a researcher and historian.  We are proud to present it here in her name.
     Much of her work was lost when her home burned down some years ago before she passed away. 



  • 1.  House of John Shelton, Revolution War veteran, built "in North Carolina" prior to 1796.  Tavern.
  • 2.  Settlement and grave of Captain William Alexander (Rowan Bill), Revolution War veteran.
  • 3.  Home and grave of Colonel William Martin, Revolution War veteran.  Built 1798.  Here are buried also William Cleveland, Daniel Hammock and Jacob Burrus, all Revolution War veterans.
  • 4.  Grave and settlement of Reverend John McGee, first Methodist minister.
  • 5.  Dixon's Creek Church, first Baptist church between Station Camp Creek in Sumner County and settlements in east Tennessee.  Established 1799 at home of Captain Grant Allen.
  • 6.  First Methodist church on John McGee's land.
  • 7.  Supposed grave of William Young, died 1799, Revolution War veteran.
  • 8.  Settlement and grave of Captain James Hart, Revolution War veteran.  Also site later of a girls' school.
  • 9.  Settlement and grave of Green B. Lowe.
  • 10.  Grave of Hallory Malone, Revolution War veteran.
  • 11.  Settlement and grave of James Hibbetts, Revolution War veteran.
  • 12.  Settlement and grave of William Carter, Revolution War veteran (?).
  • 13.  Settlement and grave of Charles Donaho, Revolution War veteran.
  • 14.  Settlement and grave of Andrew Greer, son of Andrew of Watauga.
  • 15.  Supposed settlement (at Mongle's Gap) of Daniel Mongle, Revolution War veteran.
  • 16.  Settlement and grave of Bartholomew Stovall, Revolution War veteran.
  • 17.  Willow Grove graveyard.  Marcus Rickman and John Hill are buried here, Revolution War veterans.
  • 18.  Settlement and grave of Skelton Smith, Revolution War veteran.
  • 19.  Settlement and (present house built 1810) grave of Captain Grant Allen, Revolution War veteran.  Here also was the musterground of the Smith County Revolutionary Volunteers for the War of 1812 Home Guard.
  • 20.  Settlement and grave of Samuel Carothers, father of Judge Abram and Robert L. Caruthers, later of Wilson County.
  • 21.  Settlement and grave of William Stalcup, Revolution War veteran (?) and guard to Commissioners.
  • 22.  Settlement (and grave?) of Champ Madden, Revolution War veteran.
  • 23.  Grave of William Roper (?), Revolution War veteran.
  • 24  Settlement of Charles McMurry, Revolution War veteran, also grave.
  • 25.  Supposed grave of William Goodall, Revolution War veteran.
  • 26.  Skirmish during the War Between the States.
  • 27.  Morgan's Troops stationed on Mill's place during the War Between the States.
  • 28.  Federal Encampment during the war and site of Battle of Hartsville.
  • 29.  Enon College, early educational institution.
  • 30.  Approximate route of Ft. Blount Road from Clinch River to Cumberland.
  • 31.  Settlement, house of Solomon DeBow, Revolution War veteran (?).
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