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BELL Family Descendants
Descendants of Thomas GREGORY, Sr.*
Purvis M. Hall, Hartsville, Tenn., daughter of T.M.P. and Margaret (Pursley) Hall.
Descendants and ancestors of James Travis Jackson 
Bailey Jenkins, born 1867, and decendants.
LEATH, RICKMAN, SHRUM, STOREY with over 100 other surnames from Tennessee, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, and Scotland.
OLDHAM Family Database*
Descendants of George OLDHAM of Tennessee *
Descendants of Henry Sadley SADLER
SHOULDERS Decendants
Record of the Family of  Stephen STONE  and wife Mary Ann Denney with some comments on Stones of Sumner County, Denneys and Wards of Smith and Wilson County.
James Carey TILLMAN (Tilghman)
TROUSDALE Family Genealogy*
Descendants of David VANCE, Sr.
Descendants of James WOODMORE  [10 July 2003,  this site is inoperative temporarily.]
     The WOODMORE family starts with James Woodmore who moved to Hartsville, TN in 1820. In the future this page will point to the surnames of OGLESBY, BRYAN, PURSLEY, HENRY, DEAN, CAGE, DOUGLASS and BEASLEY. These are my primary interest and the families are among the first settlers of TN. They settled in the counties of Smith, Trousdale, Macon and Sumner. I would like to expand these pages to reflect all the descendants of James WOODMORE and any other links to James Woodmore. 
*The starred items were on the original Trousdale TNGenWeb pages which were the work of the capable and talented Karen Steinkerchner Oldham who originated this site in January 1998.

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