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~ 1840 ~
St. Lawrence County New York
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Stampless folded letter sheet.
Red Circular postmark:
Manuscript rate:
       William H. Harrison Esqr
       New York

Ogdenburgh postmark.

Wm. H. Harrison Esq.
Morley 12 January 1840
My dear Sir
  I would not trouble you at this time with business were it not important both for the interest of your brother as the accommodation of the settlers here once more to lay the subject of the finishing the new grist mill before him. Mr. Jackson has given up the old mill and it is with difficulty that I can get any person to go into it as their life would be actually in danger. The old mill is certainly in a very bad condition, hardly capable of making flour fit to eat. We can not get good flour without sending to Columbia or elsewhere for it which makes it inconvenient for us, besides I am now making preparations for building the new saw mill and am anxious to have it put in so soon as can be in spring, which cannot be done until the old grist mill is taken away. It is now a favourable time for doing such business as labour and provisions are cheap and easy to be obtained. Your brother could now give the job of finishing at a less price than at any other time, say at 4000 Dols. My object in writing now is to be in season for finishing the mill so as to do business in the fall which can not be done without making some preparation this winter. If your brother hesitates about finishing the mill fearing it will not be a good investment, will he sell on as favourable terms as you offered last year? If so, I would be glad to close a bargain for it. I have a prospect of some assistance that would enable me to go on with it without embarrassment. At all events, I could finish the grist mill and put in the new saw mill this year which would all together cost about 7000 Dols. which would of course make the contract a good one for your brother. For the whole privilege including mills &c being all your brother’s interest in the property in the village of Morley, I propose to give $12,000 Dols and be bound to finish the two above mentioned mills this year. I think however your brother ought not require interest until the grist mill can be completed, say in October of the present year.
  Will you be so kind as to lay this business before him as soon as convenient and inform me of the result as I have before said it is now time to be making preparations for the work.
  Remember us to those dear little children and believe me Sincerely yours &c
Roswell Green

P.S. You will undoubtedly recollect your offer last year was $10,000. The above property stands in to your brother at about 9000 Dols.

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