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In this day and age of Social Media, we here at the TNGenWeb Project want to be as accessible to you as we can possibly be! Therefore, not only can you contact us via more traditional routes, such as by sending an email – we also have accounts at Facebook, Twitter & Google+  so that we can engage even more.

Our Facebook Group community is over currently over 450 members strong. We share resource suggestions, post old photos, offer lookups and search for our elusive ancestors all in the course of a day.  Send a request to join and have some fun with us.




Twitter, if you haven’t jumped in yet, is a constant stream of all kind of goodies.  There are many geneabloggers active on Twitter so you will definitely find someone to share your interests.  Watch this short video: Twitter in Plain English to understand how it works if it’s new to you.   Then, sign up, and follow us @tngenweb



And finally, we have a presence on GooglePlus.  Google+ is certainly an interesting approach to social interaction; you can group your contacts in clusters, referred to as “circles” and selectively share content.   There are other cool features that we may take advantage of in the future such as video “hangouts” and more.  Come hang with us.



 Just as many of us are now accustomed to email, there was a time when it too was new.  Social media sites are increasingly becoming standard use and having a presence on Facebook, Twitter & GooglePlus (and who knows what else in the future?) helps us to make sure we are there when you need us.  Additionally, as we learn of interesting resources that may aid you as you search we can share them more broadly.

So follow us & join us in our newest locations!  We look forward to seeing you there. 🙂

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