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Marriage Records

These Records where compiled by Kathy McKown. Notes look like this.
Other submitters records followed by bold link

Adam, Lula
Blevins, William A.
Bolen, C. S
Bolling, Almeda
Bolling, Burcha
Bowlin, Frank
Bowlin, Frank
Brown, Lula P
Brown, Mark
Collins, Chalmer E
Collins, Charles E
Duncan, Hamilton C.
Duncan, James D.
Guy, Belle
Haden, Alice
Lester, Ollie A
Leutz, Laura
Moore, T. M
Morley, Mary
Peters, Daniel W.
Peters, Dora A.
Sampson, T. E.
Scott, Eulatie
Smith, Maude
Smith, Mentie
Walsh, Frances Bell
Wampler, David
Wyatt, John M.

Adam, Lula to G. E. Buckles 5-4-1899
Addams, B. E. to M. T. Shipley 12-24-1896
Akard, Jennie D. to A. T. Smalling 3-1-1895
Akers, Nellie C. to Tyler Bowling 6-14-1925
Anderson, Charles R. to Mary E. Peters 12-26-1895
Anderson, F. B. to Anna K. Vance 12-9-1897
Alderson, R. D. to Lela Combs 11-30-1899
Alfred, Nancy E. to John Boling 12-3-1880
Alison, Helen B. to I. D. O’Dell 9-18-1898
Allman, Robert to Mollie V. Hatcher 12-29-1901
Anderson, F. B. to Anna K. Vance 12-9-1897
Archer, Chloe to T. Campbell Bowling 1-15-1915
Arnold, Ella to Aaron Blevins 5-19-1906
Arrants, L. E. J. (female) to J. H. Boling 6-17-1894
Ashburn, D. D. to Amanda Carrier 3-2-1895 No Return

Babbit, George W. to Mary S. E. Poore 1-13-1900
Baiucy, E. T. to Annie Orfill 12-30-1897
Baker, Cora M. to J. W. Bowlin 1-15-1910
Baker, Henry to Naomi Bolling 1-27-1925
Baker, James to Sallie T. Boling 7-8-1893
Baker, Narreau L. to Barsha M. Booher 12-29-1897
Ballou [ollin], R. L. to Flora L. Folden 12-25-1892 MBB *
Barker, Sallie to Martin Rosenbaum 4-3-1906
Barger, J. L. to L. L. Smalling 3-17-1896
Barger, W. W. D. to Dora E. Fleenor 5-3-1896
Barrett, Maggie to Robert Clark 10-29-1898
Beavers, C. P. to Bettie M. Brown 7-21-1897
Beeler, David L. to Rosa E. Gott 9-27-1903
Beeler, J. D. to Sallie L. King 7-12-1897
Beeler, James to Otie Brown 4-30-1899
Beeler, Sallie C. to John N. Whiteall 8-14-1894 No Return
Berry, Daniel/David F. to Filana B. Mahaffey 2-26-1902
Blackwell, Belle to William J. Cooper 7-13-1897
Blackwell, Ben F. to Alice Farris 6-9-1900
Blackwell, Hattie to Duke Campbell 11-23-1899
Blackwell, John A. to Bettie E. Stout 4-29-1894
Blevins, Aaron to Ella Arnold 5-19-1906
Blevins, Arthur to Katie White 7-5-1907
Blevins, Carrie P. to John M. Wyatt 11-30-1898
Blevins, Celia F. to John F. Shaver 6-11-1897
Blevins, Clemma to George B. Hendrickson 12-25-1894
Blevins, Ellen to R. B. Cross 1-26-1903
Blevins, J. M. to Gertrude Buckles 11-17-1901
Blevins, James C. to Addie E. Johnson 3-15-1897
Blevins, John H. to Dollie E. Phipps 2-11-1896
Blevins, Josie (female) to Tate White 4-4-1898
Blevins, L. E. to A. H. Phipps 5-16-1897
Blevins, Laura to Robert Shaver 12-25-1900
Blevins, Lee to Eliza Boling 5-29-1911
Blevins, Martha J. to Lafayette Fisher 4-19-1906
Blevins, Parilee to Thomas McGee 11-30-1898
Blevins, W. H. to Lor Tessie Cox 9-21-1896
Blevins, W. R. to H. M. Taylor 10-6-1897
Blevins, William A. to Mattie A. Phillips 3-2-1906

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Bolen, C. S. to Elizabeth M. Cole 11-29-1928
Bolen, G. D. to Ollie A. Lester 4-19-1912
Bolen, Howard to Daphna Hedrick 12-21-1927
Bolen, Mary C. to Wm. R. Weaver Apr. 3, 1879
Bolin, A. J. (male) to S. E. McCullock 5-19-1885
Bolin, D. M. to Cordis Nickels 5-4-1904
Bolin, David to Florence Brown 4-25-1907
Bolin, Ferd to Odell Pennington 1-30-1924
Bolin, Ralph to Elizabeth R. Hudson 10-12-1918
Boling, Alfred to Margaret Whitlock 1-7-1882
Boling, Andrew to Madeline Tate 12-24-1944
Boling, Andy to Elizabeth Woodby 11-11-1933
Boling, Ann to William M. Buckles 2-13-1936
Boling, Anna to Joshua Large 1-7-1886
Boling, Asa R. to Edith Hicks 9-11-1920
Boling, Butler C. to Susie Duncan 4-10-1914
Boling, David C. to Mrs. Mary B. Willis Mar. 8, 1933
Boling, David Calvin to Lucille Lillian Glass 5-24-1947
Boling, Eliza to Lee Blevins 5-29-1911
Boling, Ernest to Maude Smith 7-3-1926
Boling, Ernest to Nora Pickle 1-23-1928
Boling, F.F. to Sarah K. Booher 5-16-1926
Boling, Geo. to Mammie Gunton 4-9-1919
Boling, George W. to Eddie Nobleton 12-9-1869
Boling, George W. to Mary Patton 10-26-1871
Boling, Gordon, to Almeda Bolling 12-31-1922
Boling, Hugh to Josie Shipley 5-26-1917
Boling, J. D. to Bessie Cox 5-24-1900
Boling, J. H. to L. E. J. Arrants 6-17-1894
Boling, James to Nellie O'Dell 12-30-1918
Boling, James to Lillian Clarke 9-4-1933
Boling, Joe to Nellie Holden 6-27-1931
Boling, John to Nancy E. Alfred 12-3-1880
Boling, John F. to Nannie Peters 12-17-1903
Boling, John W. to Nellie Jones 8-28-1887
Boling, Mariah to Abraham Miller 1-15-1866
Boling, Martha to Isaac Shoecraft 11-16-1880
Boling, Mary Elizabeth to H. J. Buckles 4-27-1929
Boling, Maude to David Booher 7-4-1908
Boling, Mollie to E. D. Stewart 6-27-1925
Boling, Noah to Florence Peters 9-28-1903
Boling, Robert to Virginia S. Wolfe 12-25-1892
Boling, Sallie T. to James Baker 7-8-1893
Boling, Susie to Reuben Lindsey 12-26-1917
Boling, Wiley to Irene Dunn 6-11-1929
Boling, Will to Laura Short 3-17-1907
Boling, Will to Alice Lyon 4-12-1930
Boling, William G. to Nannie C. Hylton 6-18-1917
Boling, Wm. to Melia White 11-11-1893
Boling, Wm. G. to Elizabeth A. Mottern 11-7-1872
Boling, William C. to Nannie C. Hylton 6-18-1917
Bollen, Elizabeth to John L. Cili 2-16-1868
Bollin, Noah to Mary E. Pils 4-14-1881
Bolling, Abe to Mildred Mabe 10-31-1918
Bolling, Almeda to Gordon Boling 12-31-1922

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Bolling, Burcha to Ernest R. Rice 6-29-1929
Bolling, Chas. M. to Gaynelle A. Fitzgerald 4-10-1924
Bolling, Clarence to Lora Colley 4-11-1923
Bolling, E. P. to Helen Jones 4-17-1926
Bolling, Eliza Jude to W. W. Ellenburg 7-7-1924
Bolling, Daniel to Mary Turner 4-8-1878
Bolling, J. M. to Maude Lynch 1-2-1925
Bolling, Jess to Nellie Holden 6-27-1931
Bolling, John E. to Frances Bell Walsh 5-30-1931
Bolling, Margaret to E. M. Warren 6-11-1867
Bolling, Almeda to Gordon Boling 12-31-1922
Bolling, Nannie to G. T. Crowell 1-14-1878
Bolling, Naomi to Henry Baker 1-27-1925
Booher, Andrew J. to Sallie Carrier 3-31-1898
Booher, Barsha M. to Narreau L. Baker 12-29-1897
Booher, Benjamin to Nannie Worley 5-7-1903
Booher, C. J. (female) to J. C. Rodhfer 5-13-1900
Booher, Cazzie to William Wassin 1-27-1898
Booher, David to Dorcas Mills 1-12-1898
Booher, David to Maude Boling 7-4-1908
Booher, David D. to Juno P. Thomas 6-22-1899
Booher, Eliza J. to William Dodson 12-23-1895
Booher, Guniess B. to Lula Fleenor 10-22-1895
Booher, H. M. to Ruth Lovett 9-4-1902
Booher, Hattie Belle to Lewis Crucenberry 4-12-1901
Booher, Henry Nathan to Eva O’Dell 12-24-1912
Booher, Isaac M. to Lydia A. Taylor 1-11-1903
Booher, J. A. to N. C. Epperson 12-14-1894
Booher, J. B. to Sallie P. Phipps 5-17-1911
Booher, J. M. to Myrtle Morrell 4-22-1906
Booher, J. M. to Mary A. Cole 12-16-1897 (I know this is John M. Booher)
Booher, J. W. to Nannie Rutts 5-11-1906
Booher, J. W. to Lucy F. Carico 6-24-1903
Booher, James to Lorina Isadom Shankle 1-26-1899
Booher, Jennie to William J. Booher 5-2-1898
Booher, Jessie to Beckie Smith 7-4-1906
Booher, Joseph to Mattie L. Snapp 12-21-1902
Booher, Josiah to Tiny M. Marks 9-9-1879
Booher, Maggie to Lewis Gadson 5-24-1900
Booher, Minnie to Toy Hite Approx May 1906 no date listed.
Booher, R. B. to Dora E. Stanfield 10-8-1892
Booher, Rachel to Hamilton C. Duncan 11-11-1894
Booher, Sarah K. to F. F. Boling 5-16-1926
Booher, Sarah H. to Walter Lee Carmack 7-8-1903
Booher, T. M. to C. E. Brown 4-4-1895
Booher, W. J. to Amelia Peters 10-3-1895
Booher, Walker R. to Eliza Worley 4-4-1898
Booher, William to Mary Worley 11-10-1900
Booher, William A. to Louiza R. Morrell 3-17-1899
Booher, William C. to Mary C. Erwin 10-14-1879
Booher, William J. to Jennie Booher 5-2-1898
Booth, Julia to M. C. Bowling 12-26-1923
Bostic, Martha to Mack Bowlin 2-6-1926
Bowers, H. A. to Katie Morrell 5-15-1906
Bowers, Mary L. to Samuel M. Vance 9-22-1896
Bowlin, Frank to Ellen Sherfey 12-6-1900

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Bowlin, Frank to Ellen Sherfey 12-9-1900
Bowlin, J. W. to Cora M. Baker 1-15-1910
Bowlin, L. G. Jr., to Lillian McGuire 4-16-1927
Bowlin, Mack to Martha Bostic 2-6-1926
Bowling, A. H. to Mable Mays 1-12-1929
Bowling, C.P. to Claressa O. Marow 7-4-1926
Bowling, Chas. M. to Margie E. Martin 3-16-1911
Bowling, Chas. W. to Minnie Stevenson 4-17-1908
Bowling, Charles to Hattie Chambers 2-20-1927
Bowling, Connaet to Mary A. J. Shipley 11-15-1867
Bowling, Cordie to Maynard Lyon 8-13-1919
Bowling, Elbert to Mary Commerford 8-19-1896
Bowling, Elcana to Rebecca Phipps 2-8-1867
Bowling, Estar K. to Nettie H. Lankford 1-25-1908
Bowling, G. C. to Eulatie Scott 2-21-1914
Bowling, G. P. To Maggie Turner 5-29-1898
Bowling, George E. to Ethel Lilley 10-15-1923
Bowling, George R. to Mammie Gunton 4-9-1919
Bowling, Guy to Elsie Mareiny 12-26-1925
Bowling, H. H. to Annie Ellis 4-9-1915
Bowling, Harvey to Lessie Crabtree 5-3-1919
Bowling, J. D. to Susie E. Jennell 5-28-1890
Bowling, J. I. to Suda Mae Lilly 8-27-1909
Bowling, John W. to Nellie Jones 8-28-1887
Bowling, L. L. to Dora M. Griffith 7-12-1909
Bowling, Landon to Ida Mahaffey 9-13-1910
Bowling, M. C. to Julia Booth 12-26-1923
Bowling, Maggie A. to James D. Duncan 11-14-1889
Bowling, N. C. to Clara Cruise 6-17-1913
Bowling, Ople to Pauline Greer 10-22-1940
Bowling, R. E. M. to Allie M. Winfrey 9-13-1930
Bowling, R. F. to Louise Lowery 3-14-1925
Bowling, S. F. to Vivian Wise 8-1-1916
Bowling, Sidney C. to Lola K. Whitt 1-17-1923
Bowling, T. Campbell to Chloe Archer 1-15-1915
Bowling, Tazwell L. to Clara E. Stacy 3-18-1924
Bowling, Tyler to Nellie C. Akers 6-14-1925
Bowling, Charles W. to Minnie Stevenson 4-17-1908
Bowling, G. P. to Maggie Turner 5-29-1898
Bowling, L. G. to Leota M. O’Dell 3-15-1906
Bowling, Landon to Ida Mahaffey 9-13-1911
Boy, C. Q. to J. E. O’Dell 12-19-1895
Boy, Minnie to Samuel V. Morrell 1-29-1902
Boyd, Bob to Mattie Carrier 11-23-1894
Broce, Hattie to N. S. Peters 3-15-1901
Brown, A. A. to Sadie Wilson 9-4-1902
Brown, Ada to Charlie Hughes 7-22-1900
Brown, Alice M. to George T. Lamiones 6-6-1900
Brown, Bettie M. to C. P. Beavers 7-21-1897
Brown, C. E. to T. M. Booher 4-4-1895
Brown, Eliza J. to L. H. Whaley 2-8-1899
Brown, Ellen to Hugh Harper 12-24-1901
Brown, F. L. to Kate L. Denton 5-19-1901
Brown, Florence to David Bolin 4-25-1907
Brown, H. A. to Lula P. Brown 1-16-1902
Brown, Lula P. to H. A. Brown 1-16-1902

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Brown, Mark to Florence Turner 12-12-1902
Brown, Orville to Clara H. Fox 11-23-1896
Brown, Otie (female) to James Beeler 4-30-1899
Brown, Owen to Kathleen Huntingan 1-12-1895
Brown, Scottie (female) to J. H. Reynolds 2-23-1897
Brown, Tilden to Nannie Nelson 7-19-1900
Brown, Zora to James Whitaker 10-28-1903
Buckles, G. E. to Lula Adam 5-4-1899
Buckles, Gertrude to J. M. Blevins 11-17-1901
Buckles, H. J. to Mary Elizabeth Boling 4-27-1929
Buckles, Houston to Pearlie Vance 9-16-1906
Buckles, J. C. to Minnie B. Moon 6-24-1896
Buckles, J. S. to Lizzie J. King 5-22-1895
Buckles, Mary to RorBubr Morrell 2-2-1899
Buckles, S. L. to Susie A. Moody 3-6-1894
Buckles, William M. to Ann Boling 2-13-1936
Bullen, Lloyd R. To Nancy E. Godsey 3-21-1869
Bullock, Martha to Charles Smalling 3-29-1898
Bullock, Will M. to Ida Millhorn 4-6-1901
Bunn, Allice to Monroe Poore 10-8-1898

Campbell, Duke to Hattie Blackwell 11-23-1899
Campbell, Lou El to Charles B. Smith 10-10-1895
Carico, Lucy F. to J. W. Booher 6-24-1903
Carmack, Walter lee to Sarah H. Booher 7-8-1903
Carner, J. L. to Maggie J. Stewart 2-7-1894
Carrier, A. C. to Ella Glover 11-11-1895
Carrier, Amanda to D. D. Ashburn 3-2-1895 No return
Carrier, Dora M. to Thomas C. Vance 2-23-1899
Carrier, Emmert to T. M. Moore 5-25-1899
Carrier, Elizabeth to John A. Richardson 12-31-1894
Carrier, George A. to Pearl E. Vance 1-5-1901
Carrier, M. P. to Anna W. Echols 5-28-1895
Carrier, Maggie to J. M. Hodges 6-19-1898
Carrier, Malissa to Samuel J. Smithson 7-23-1899
Carrier, Mattie to Bob Boyd 11-23-1894
Carrier, Sallie to Andrew J. Booher 3-31-1898
Carrier, Walter F. to Dora B. Wassum 6-17-1894
Carrier, William to Mary Emmert 12-26-1897
Carmack, W. J. to Julia P. Dickey 4-26-1900
Carrol, Lafayette to Belle Shipley 9-20-1896
Cawood, Alice E. to James A. Hatcher 3-18-1897
Chambers, Hattie to Charles Bowling 2-20-1927
Childress, Ora E. to George T. Morton 5-16-1906
C/Gilburt, Jennie to Charles W. Morrell 7-12-1898
Cili, John L. to Elizabeth Bollen 2-16-1868
Clark, Lillian to James Boling 9-4-1933
Clark, Robert to Maggie Barrett 10-29-1898
Clayman, Hester D. to I. H. Shoun 7-30-1903
Clayman, W. D. to Martha E. Huffman 9-23-1900
Cole, Elizabeth M. to C. S. Bolen 11-29-1928
Cole, Mary A. to J. M. Booher 12-16-1897
Colley, Lora to Clarence Bolling 4-11-1923
Collin, B. F. to Annie M. Peters 10-10-1900
Collins, Chalmer E. to Fannie A. Peters 6-17-1903

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Collins, Charles E. to Malvie Peters 2-28-1901
Combs, A. E. to Emma J. Millhorn 1-29-1898
Combs, Callie to L. F. Garrett (male) 1-3-1894
Combs, Delia to C F. Heaton 6-14-1899
Combs, Dora to Isaac Walden 8-23-1899
Combs, Elbert H. to Nannie B. Richards 10-26-1899
Combs, Gaines to Emma McGrary 6-23-1899
Combs, J. C. to Maggie Minnick 8-12-1893
Combs, John A. to Emma Moore 6-6-1897
Combs, Lela to R. D. Alderson 11-30-1899
Combs, Millard to Rutha McGuire 11-19-1899
Combs, Robert to Maggie Johnson 4-19-1899
Comerford, Charlie C. to Sally Mock 12-9-1919
Comerford, David Worth to Hariett C. Smalling 9-12-1903
Comerford, France Fleenor to Anna Mae Mahaffey 10-9-1922
Comerford, Sarah Elizabeth to George L. Hyler 12-26-1900
Commerford, Mary to Elbert Bowling 8-19-1896
Cooper, William J. to Belle Blackwell 7-13-1897
Cox, Bessie to J. D. Boling 5-24-1900
Cox, Lor Tessie to W. H. Blevins 9-21-1896
Cox, M. Laura to J. B. Shipley 3-7-1898
Cox, Martha to John Shipley 5-15-1900
Crabtree, Lessie to Harvey Bowling 5-3-1919
Crawford, John H. to Galloway, Matilda 12 Mar 1851 Note: It is so stated in Matilda's application for a pension based on John's Union service. The record is at the National Archives. KLH
Crawford Josiah and Sarah Hulse to marry 1 July 1817. - Josiah Crawford and William Drury bound (This record is part of Sara's declaration to obtain a widow's pension for Josiah's revolutionary service. It is found in the court house and is dated 7/9/1856. Her appplication was rejected. (Info shared by Sally Byers)) KLH
Crockett, Lincy Ples to Stanley J. Peters 4-19-1903
Cross, Henry to Mary Sherfy 9-12-1897
Cross, John to Florence Hall 1-1-1895
Cross, Liddid D. to Saul Davis 3-8-1896 (Lydia)
Cross, M. J. to R. E. Millhorn 12-18-1898
Cross, Mattie to Joseph Hauser 3-22-1896
Cross, R. B. to Ellen Blevins 1-26-1903
Cross, Sallie to Manuel B. Jones 6-27-1894
Cross, Susan N. to James Feathers 9-9-1894
Crowell, G. T. to Nannie Bolling 1-14-1878
Crosswhite, Agustus to Columbia Thomas 1-22-1897
Cruise, Clara to N. C. Bowling 6-17-1913
Crusser, Alice to Bert Morrell 6-2-1906
Cumeford, Rastes B. to Evamoore, Naomi 2-3-1877 (Should Be) Comerford, Erastes B. to Naomi Evaline Moore 2-3-1877

Davis, Saul to Liddid D. Cross 3-8-1896
Delaney, James A. to Sallie E. King 5-4-1898
Delaney, Jennie L. to W. S. Morton 4-19-1894
Denton, Kate L. to F. L. Brown 5-19-1901
Denton, Susie A. to Baxter S. Shaffer 5-30-1897
Dickey, Julia P. to W. J. Carmack 4-26-1900
Dillard, E. L. to Ruth A. Poore 10-28-1897
Dills, Zinger to Wiley Poore 6-10-1898
Dodson, William to Eliza J. Booher 12-23-1895
Dolin, Isaac to Martha Duncan 7-11-1897
Dulaney, Hannibal to Lizzie Bradley 5-15-1894
Dulaney, William H. to Blanch E. March 12-23-1896
Duncan, Agnes A. to James L. Duncan 3-3-1897
Duncan, Berd to Kittie Swecker 6-23-1902
Duncan, E. M. to Omey Peters 8-17-1902
Duncan, Elbert to Lucy Smith 8-29-1900
Duncan, Hamilton C. to Rachel Booher 11-11-1894

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Duncan, James D. to Maggie A. Bowling 11-14-1889
Duncan, James L. to Agnes A. Duncan 3-3-1897
Duncan, Martha to Isaac Dolin 7-11-1897
Duncan, Susie to Butler C. Boling 4-10-1914
Dunn, Irene to Wiley Boling 6-11-1929
Dykes, A. H. to M. J. Payne 12-9-1901

Eads, D. C. to Myrtle Vance 10-18-1899
Eads, David N. to Hassie Webb 8-26-1900
Eaton, Frank L. to M. Lillian Peters 6-17-1900
Echols, Anna W. to M. P. Carrier 5-28-1895
Ellenburg, W. W. to Eliza Jude Bolling 7-7-1924
Elliott, Andrew J. to Mary C. Peters 3-9-1898
Ellis, Annie to H. H. Bowling 4-9-1915
Ellison, Addie to William H. White 3-20-1899
Elswick, L. V. to Linda Hatcher 9-23-1894
Elswick, J. C. to Dora Fleenor 5-10-1906
Emmert, Mary to William Carrier 12-26-1897
Epperson, N. C. to J. A. Booher 12-14-1894
Erwin, Mary C. to William C. Booher 10-14-1879
Everett, J. H. to Margaret E. Morrell 4-28-1897

Farris, Alice to Ben. F. Blackwell 6-9-1900
Feathers, J. M. to S. E. Vance 12-27-1894
Feathers, James to Susan N. Cross 9-9-1894
Felty, G. E. to Nora B. Smalling 1-12-1901
Fisher, Lafayette to Martha J. Blevins 4-19-1906
Fitzgerald, Gaynelle A. to Chas. M. Bolling 4-10-1924
Fleenor, Cordie B. to W. or N. T. Shipley 5-22-1895
Fleenor, Dora E. to W. W. D. Barger 5-3-1896
Fleenor, Dora to J. C. Elswick 5-10-1906
Fleenor, John to Sallie Booher 12-6-1895 No Return
Fleenor, Lula to Guniss B. Booher 10-22-1895
Flick, J. A. to Mary J. Garland 5-11-1902
Flick, James E. to Sallie Rouse 4-17-1897
Folden, Flora L. to R. L. Bollin 12-25-1892
Fowler, Mollie E. to J. M. Peters 10-3-1900
Fox, Clara H. to Orville Brown 11-23-1896
Frost, Josephine to Calvin Pickel 1-23-1894

Gadson, Lewis to Maggie Booher 5-24-1900
Galloway, Matilda to Crawford, John H. 12 Mar 1851 Note: It is so stated in Matilda's application for a pension based on John's Union service. The record is at the National Archives. KLH
Garland, Mary J. to J. A. Flick 5-11-1902
Garrett, L. F. to Callie Combs 1-3-1894
Geisler, Elizabeth to Jacob Shipley 3-25-1894
Glass, Lucille Lillian to David Calvin Boling 5-24-1947
Glover, Ella to A. C. Carrier 11-11-1895
Godsey, Nancy E. to Lloyd R. Bullen 3-21-1869
Gott, Rosa E. to David L. Beeler 9-27-1903
Gray, Nunnie to A. T. Shipley 10-16-1898
Green, Samuel to Bettie Offield 5-4-1902
Greer, Pauline to Ople Bowling 10-22-1940
Griffith, Dora M. to L. L. Bowling 7-12-1909
Grimes, John to Katie Tilison 3-17-1901
Gunton, Mammie to George Boling 4-19-1919
Guy, Belle to Calvin Pickle 8-11-1913

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Haden, Alice to Calmon Mostella 7-4-1900
Hale, Lula to Robert White 1-25-1902
Hall, Dora B. to John S. Smalling 1-16-1895
Hall, Florence to John Cross 1-1-1895
Harkleroad, J. I to Sarah A. Smithson 10-24-1901
Harper, Hugh to Ellen Brown 12-24-1901
Hatcher, E. L. to Flora F. Vance 6-18-1902
Hatcher, Ida Belle to Robert Lindamood 3-25-1900
Hatcher, Linda to L. V. Elswick 9-23-1894
Hatcher, Mammie to John S. Vance 12-22-1897
Hatcher, Marshall to Hattie Millard 3-3-1896
Hatcher, Mollie V. to Robert Allmon 12-29-1901
Hatcher, Samuel to Elna A. Midciff 8-18-1894
Hatcher, Selma to J. C. Clark 8-10-1900
Hatcher, James A. to Alice E. Cawood 3-18-1897
Hays, F. Marion to Matilda GALLOWAY Crawford, 3 May 1872 by James H. Moore, Minister of the Evan??? (Information taken from Matilda's pension application records, dated December 20, 1872 at the National Archives, Washington, DC) KLH
Hauser, Joseph to Mattie Cross 3-22-1896
Heaton, C F. to Delia Combs 6-14-1899
Hedrick, Charles L. to Rebecca Vance 10-14-1897
Hedrick, Daphna to Howard Bolen 12-21-1927
Hendrickson, George B. to Clemma Blevins 12-25-1894
Hensley, Easter to James Lunsford 6-20-1908
Hicks, John F. to Sallie E. Smalling 12-12-1897
Hicks, Edith to Asa R. Boling 9-11-1920
Hiler, G. L. to Sarah Comerford 12-26-1900
Hite, Roy to Minnie Booher Approx. May 1906 Exact date not listed
Hodges, J. M. to Maggie Carrier 6-19-1898
Holden, Nellie to Joe Boling 6-27-1931
Hudson, Elizabeth R. to Ralph Bolin 10-12-1918
Huffman, Martha E. to W. D, Clayman 9-23-1900
Hughes, Charlie to Ada Brown 7-22-1900
Huntingan, Kathleen to Owen Brown 1-12-1895
Hyler, George L. to Sarah Elizabeth Comerford 12-26-1900
Hylton, Nannie C. to William C. Boling 6-18-1917

James, Henretta to W. B. O’Dell 7-11-1895
Jennell, Susie E. to J. D. Bowling 5-28-1890
Johnson, Addie E. to James C. Blevins 3-15-1897
Johnson, Maggie to Robert Combs 4-19-1899
Jones, Helen to E. P. Bolling 4-17-1926
Jones, Manuel B. to Sallie Cross 6-27-1894
Jones, Nellie to John W. Boling 8-28-1887
Jones, O. L. to Melissa O’Dell 4-9-1899

King, John T. to Minnie H. Morrell 2-1-1900 No return
King, Lizzie J. to J. S. Buckles 5-22-1895
King, Sallie E. to James A. Delaney 5-4-1898
King, Sallie L. to J. D. Beeler 7-12-1897
Kinsler, Otelia to Daniel W. Peters 5-17-1900

Lady, W. E. to Nannie Poore 7-10-1906
Lankford, Nettie H. to Estar K. Bowling 1-25-1908
Large, Joshua to Anna Boling 1-7-1886
Lamiones, George T. to Alice M. Brown 6-6-1900
Leedy, Maxie to William Peters 4-4-1897
Leonard, Laura to John Poore 5-12-1903
Lester, Ollie A. to G. D. Bolen 4-19-1912

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Leutz, Laura to Thomas Pickle 6-10-1897
Lilley, Rhoda A. to Robert A. Smalling 9-17-1896
Lilley, Ethel to George E. Bowling 10-15-1923
Lilly, Suda Mae to J. I. Bowling 8-27-1909
Lindamood, Henry L. to Media Cross /Gross 5-18-1898
Lindamood, Robert to Ida Belle Hatcher 3-25-1900
Lindsey, Reuben to Susie Boling 12-26-1917
Lovett, Ruth to H. M. Booher 9-4-1902
Lowery, Louise to R. F. Bowling 3-14-1925
Lunman, James W. to Lydia S. Peters 7-19-1906
Lunsford, J. P. to Pernia Brown 7-6-1901 (record looked as if date was changed)
Lunsford, James to Easter Hensley 6-20-1908
Lunsford, R. B to Noah Stout 12-21-1902
Lunsford, Sallie to Sampson Pickel 5-11-1894
Lynch, Maude to J. M. Bolling 1-2-1925
Lyon, Alice to Will Boling 4-12-1930
Lyon, Maynard to Cordie Bowling 8-13-1919

Mabe, Mildred to Abe Bolling 10-31-1918
Mahaffey, Anna Mae to Frances Fleenor Comerford 10-9-1922
Mahaffey, Filana B. to Daniel/David Berry 2-26-1902
Mahaffey, Ida to Landon Bowling 9-13-1911
March, Blanch E. to William H. Dulaney 12-23-1896
Mareiny, Elsie to Guy Bowling 12-26-1925
Marion, Alice to Robert L. Millhorn 5-27-1894
Marow, Claressa O. to C. P. Bowling 7-4-1926
Martin, Margie E. to Chas. M. Bowling 3-16-1911
Marks, Tiny M. to Josiah Booher 9-9-1879
Mays, Mabel to A. H. Bowling 1-12-1929
McCullock, S. E. to A. J. Bolin 5-19-1885
McGarry, Willie S. to John M. O’Dell 9-2-1900
McGee, Thomas to Parilee Blevins 11-30-1898
McGhee, Minnie E. to F. G. Poore 4-28-1902
McGrary, Emma to Gaines Combs 6-23-1899
McGuire, Lillian to L. G. Bowlin Jr. 4-16-1927
McGurie, Rutha to Millard Combs 11-19-1899
Midciff, Elna A. to Samuel Hatcher 8-18-1894
Millard, Hattie to Marshall Hatcher 3-3-1896
Miller, Abraham to Mariah Boling 1-15-1866
Miller, Sue T. to C. F. Sharrett 5-29-1897
Millhorn, Emma J. to A. E. Combs 1-29-1898
Millhorn, Ida to Will M. Bullock 4-6-1901
Millhorn, Mary E. to William B. 12-28-1897
Millhorn R. E. to M. J. Cross 12-18-1898
Millhorn, Robert L. to Alice Marion 5-27-1894
Millhorn, Walter to Eunice Sells 10-12-1897
Millhorn, William to Nora Williams 12-2-1894
Mills, Dorcas S. to David Booher 1-12-1898 (David/Daniel Booher)
Minnick, Maggie to J. C. Combs 8-12-1893
Mock, Sally to Charlie C. Comerford 12-9-1919
Moody, Enoch W. to Sallie E. Shipley 9-15-1900
Moon, Minnie B. to J. C. Buckles 6-24-1896
Moor, Maggie to N. C. Smalling 4-16-1898
Moore, Emma to John A. Combs 6-6-1897
Moore, James L. to Sallie K. Smalling 9-23-1894
Moore, T. M. to Emmert Carrier 5-25-1899

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Morley, Mary to William Booher 11-10-1900
Morrell, Belle to J. E. Simerly 3-26-1901
Morrell, Bert to Alice Crussen 6-2-1906
Morrell, Charles W. to Jennie G/Cilburt 7-12-1898
Morrell, John E. to Jennie A. O’Dell 10-28-1900
Morrell, Katie to H. A. Bowers 5-15-1906
Morrell, Margaret E. to J. H. Everett 4-28-1897
Morrell, Minnie H. to John T. King 2-1-1900 No return
Morrell, Myrtle to J. M. Booher 4-22-1906
Morrell, N. A. (female) to J. D. Welsh 2-15-1899
Morrell, Louiza R. to William A. Booher 3-17-1899
Morrell, RorBubr to Mary Buckles 2-2-1899
Morrell, Samuel V. to Minnie Boy 1-29-1902
Morton, George T. to Ora E. Childress 5-16-1906
Morton, Sallie A. to A. O. O’Dell 12-25-1900
Morton, W. S. to Jennie L. Delaney 4-19-1894
Mostella, Calmon to Alice Haden 7-4-1900
Mottern, Elizabeth A. to Wm. G. Boling 11-7-1872
Mumpower, J. L. to Nettie Sharett 11-11-1894
Murry, Sallie E. to J. H. Peters 11-28-1894

Nelson, Mary J. to William Rosenbaum 5-23-1900
Nelson, Nannie to Tilden Brown 7-19-1900
Newland, Isaac A. to Nannie Vance 8-27-1895
Nickels, Cordis to D. M. Bolin 5-4-1904
Nobelton, Eddie to George W. Boling 12-9-1869
Null, Effie L. to A/S l. Grimes 5-27-1903

O’Dell, A. O. to Sallie A. Morton 12-25-1900
O’Dell, Eva to Henry Nathan Booher 12-24-1912
O’Dell, George D. to Lucretia G. Warren 10-24-1901
O’Dell, J. E. to C. Q. Boy 12-19-1895
O’Dell, Jennie A. to John E. Morrell 10-28-1900
O’Dell, John M. to Willie S. McGarry 9-2-1900
O’Dell, John M. Jr. to Nora C. Webb 11-26-1899
O’Dell, I. D. to Nellie B. Alison 9-18-1898
O’Dell, Katie to M. W. Webb 5-6-1894
O’Dell, Leota M. to L. G. Bowling 3-15-1906
O’Dell, Melissa to O. L. Jones 4-9-1899
O’Dell, Nellie to James Boling 12-30-1918
O’Dell, Robert L. to Lula Warden 12-14-1898
O’Dell, S. L. to Laura W. White 9-9-1894
O’Dell, W. B. to Henretta James 7-11-1895
Offield, Bettie to Samuel Green 5-4-1902
Oliver, David A. to Delia A. Smalling 3-24-1901
Olivers, M. A. to M. D. Smalling 1-4-1895
Orfill, Annie to E. T. Baiucy 12-30-1897

Patton, Mary to George W. Boling 10-26-1871
Payne, Jessie J. to Ada L. Stuart 2-2-1895
Payne, M. J. to A. H. Dykes 12-9-1901
Pennington, Odell to Ferd Bolin 1-30-1924
Peters, Annie M. to B. F. Collin 10-10-1900
Peters, Amelia to W. J. Booher 10-3-1895
Peters, Blanch to Robert Smith 3-23-1902 (Her maiden name was Poore)
Peters, Daniel W. to Otelia Kinsler 5-17-1900

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Peters, Dora A. to J. C. Pickle 11-14-1897
Peters, Dryden to Blanche Poore 7-4-1898
Peters, Fannie A. to Chalmer E. Collins 6-17-1903
Peters, Florence to Noah Boling 9-28-1903
Peters, J. H. to Sallie E. Murry 11-28-1894
Peters, J. M. to Mollie E. Fowler 10-3-1900
Peters, Lenie C. to Arthur Smith 10-11-1899
Peters, Lydia S. to James W. Lunman 7-19-1906
Peters, M. Lillian to Frank L. Eaton 6-17-1900
Peters, Malvie to Charles E. Collins 2-28-1901
Peters, Mary C. to Andrew J. Elliot 3-9-1898
Peters, Mary E. to Charles R. Anderson 12-26-1895
Peters, Mary L. to John H. Richardson 7-25-1903
Peters, N. S. to Hattie Broce 3-15-1901
Peters, Nannie to John F. Boling 12-17-1903
Peters, Omey to E. M. Duncan 8-17-1902
Peters, S. E. to M. C. Sweeney 8-26-1900
Peters, Stanley J. to Lincy Ples Crockett 4-19-1903
Peters, William to Mazie Leedy 4-4-1897
Phillips, Mattie A. to William A. Blevins 3-2-1906
Phipps, A. H. to L. E. Blevins 5-16-1897
Phipps, Dollie E. to John H. Blevins 2-11-1896
Phipps, Mattie E. to S. J. Vance 12-25-1901
Phipps, Rebecca to Elcana Bowling 2-8-1867
Phipps, Sallie P. to J. B. Booher 5-17-1911
Pickel, Calvin to Josephine Frost 1-23-1894
Pickel, Sampson to Sallie Lunsford 5-11-1894
Pickle, Calvin to Belle Guy 8-11-1913
Pickle, J. H. to Dora A. Peters 11-14-1897
Pickle, Nora to Ernest Boling 11-23-1928
Pickle, Thomas to Laura Leutz 6-10-1897
Pils, Mary E. to Noah Bollin 4-14-1881
Poore, Blanch E. to Dryden Peters 7-4-1898
Poore, F. G. to Minnie E. McGhee 4-28-1902
Poore, John to Laura Leonard 5-12-1903
Poore, Mary S. E. to George W. Babbitt 1-13-1900
Poore, Monroe to Allice Bunn 10-8-1898
Poore, Nannie to W. E. Lady 7-10-1906
Poore, Ruth A. to E. L. Dillard 10-28-1897
Poore, Wiley to Zinger Dills 6-10-1898
Por, Eliza to Peter Slagle 10-11-1894

PRATER, Darcus m. Sept.19 1877 Sullivan Co, Daniel D Morton…vol.2 page 211 [d/o John Franklin Prater and Elizabeth Phipps. I think Darcus should be Dorcus.] MB
PRATER, Mary m. June 12 1870 Sullivan Co, James Royston…vol.3 page 416 [d/o John Franklin Prater and Elizabeth Phipps.] MB
PRATER, Eliza C m. Nov.26 1867 Sullivan Co, Jacob Ball…vol.1 page 85 MB
PRATER, Elizabeth m. Sept.23 1868 Sullivan Co, Samuel Musgrave…vol.1 page 105 MB
PRATER, Henry L m. (forgot to note date…but vol. no. and page might help someone looking for this couple), Sarah L Landrum…vol.3 page 30 MB
PRATER, J.R. m. June 21 1890 Sullivan Co, Cynthia K Larkins…vol.3 page 416 MB
PRATER, Joseph W m. Dec.30 1874 Sullivan Co, Julia F Devault…vol.2 page 108 [Joseph's middle name is Wesley and he is s/o Thomas Franklin Prater. Julia is d/o Isaac Devault and Mary E.] MB

Reynolds, J. H.(male) to Scottie Brown 2-23-1897
Rice, Ernest R. to Burcha Bolling 6-29-1929
Richardson, John H. to Mary L. Peters 7-25-1903
Richards, Nannie B. to Elbert H. Combs 10-26-1899
Richardson, John A. to Elizabeth Carrier 12-31-1894
Rodefer, Keziah M. to George W. Taylor 5-6-1896
Rosenbaum, Andy to Sarah Self 6-3-1899
Rosenbaum, Martin to Sallie Barker 4-3-1906
Rosenbaum, William to Mary J. Nelson 5-23-1900
Royston, James to Mary Prater 12 Jun 1870 see full extract below
Rutts, Nannie to J. W. Booher 5-11-1906

Salley, Niva to James Taylor 11-22-1897
Sampson, Stephen S. to Barsha Shaffer 3-18-1897
Sampson, T. E. to Mamie Stewart 9-18-1902

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Scott, Eulatie to G. C. Bowling 2-21-1914
Self, Sarah to Andy Rosenbaum 6-3-1899
Sells, Eunice to Walter Millhorn 10-12-1897
Shankle, Mary to Robert Stoffle 5-13-1897
Sharett, Nettie to J. L. Mumpower 11-11-1894
Sharrett, C. F. to Sue T. Miller 5-29-1897
Sharrett, Jane to H. C. Warren 11-15-1896
Shaffer, Baxter S. to Susie A. Denton 5-30-1897
Shaver, John F. to Celia F. Blevins 6-11-1897
Shaver, Noah to Peaulie I. P. Wilcox 8-15-1897
Shaver, Robert to Laura Blevins 12-25-1900
Sherfey, Ellen to Frank Bowlin 12-9-1900
Sherfey, Ellen to Frank Bowlin 12-6-1900
Sherfy, Mary to Henry Cross 9-12-1897
Shipley, A. T. to Nunnie Gray 10-16-1898
Shipley, Bell to Lafayette Carrol 9-20-1896
Shipley, J. B. to M. Laura Cox 3-7-1898
Shipley, Jacob to Ellizabeth Geisler 3-25-1894
Shipley, John to Martha Cox 5-15-1900
Shipley, Josie to Hugh Boling 5-26-1917
Shipley, M. T. to B. E. Addams 12-24-1896
Shipley, Mary to Samuel Stidman 2-13-1895
Shipley, Mary A. J. to Connaet Bowling 11-15-1867
Shipley, Nat W. to Mary E. Wexler 3-28-1897
Shipley, Sallie E. to Enoch W. Moody 9-15-1895
Shipley, W. or N. T. to Cordie B. Fleenor 5-22-1895
Shoecraft, Isaac to Martha Boling 11-16-1880
Short, Laura to Will Boling 3-17-1907
Shoun, I. H. to Hester D. Clayman 7-30-1903
Simerly, J. E. to Belle Morrell 3-26-1901
Simerly, William B. to Mary E. Millhorn 12-28-1897
Simpson, E. W. to Jennie D. Turner 11-25-1903
Sims, Henry to Sallie Taylor 5-17-1898
Slagle, Ella to Frank Slagle 10-24-1896
Slagle, Frank to Ella Slagle 10-24-1896
Slagle, Peter to Eliza Por 10-11-1894
Slagle, S. C. to Laura Wintt 8-13-1896
Smalling, A. J. to Jennie D. Akard 3-1-1895
Smalling, Charles to Martha Bullock 3-29-1898
Smalling, Delia A. to David A. Oliver 3-24-1901
Smalling, Hariett C. to David Worth Comerford 9-12-1903
Smalling, J. S. to Mentie Smith 3-13-1898
Smalling, John S. to Dora B. Hall 1-16-1895
Smalling, L. L. to J. L. Barger (male) 3-17-1896
Smalling, M. D. to M. A. Olivers 1-4-1895
Smalling, N. C. to Maggie Moor 4-16-1898
Smalling, Nora B. to G. E. Felty 1-12-1901
Smalling, Sallie E. to John F. Hicks 12-12-1897
Smalling, Sallie K. to James L. Moore 9-23-1894
Smalling, W. C. to Maggie Moore 4-16-1898
Smith, Arthur, to Lenie C. Peters 10-11-1899
Smith, Beckie to Jessie Booher 7-4-1906
Smith, Charles B. to Lou El Campbell 10-10-1895
Smith, Lucy to Elbert Duncan 8-29-1900
Smith, Mary A. to David Wampler 9-14-1895
Smith, Maude to Ernest Boling 7-3-1926

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Smith, Mentie to J. S. Smalling 3-13-1898 should be Montie thanks to PLSH)
Smith, Robert to Blanch Peters 3-23-1902
Smithson, Eliza J. to A. C. Stophel 12-16-1897
Smithson, Samuel J. to Malissa Carrier 7-23-1899
Smithson, Sarah A. to J. I. Harkleroad 10-24-1901
Snapp, Mattie L. to Joseph Booher 12-21-1902
Stacy, Clara E. to Tazwell L. Bowling 3-18-1924
Stanfield, Dora E. to R. B. Booher 10-8-1892
Stevenson, Minnie to Charles W. Bowling 4-17-1908
Stewart, E. D. to Mollie Boling 6-27-1925
Stewart, Maggie J. to J. L. Carner 2-7-1894
Stewart, Mamie to T. E. Sampson 9-18-1902
Stewart, Mollie to E. D. Stewart 6-27-1925
Stidman, Samuel to Mary Shipley 2-13-1895
Stoffle, Robert to Mary Shankle 5-13-1897
Stophel, A. C. to Eliza J. Smithson 12-16-1897
Stout, Bettie E. to John A. Blackwell 4-29-1894
Stout, Noah to R. B. Lunsford 12-21-1902
Stuart, Ada L. to Jessie J. Payne 2-2-1895
Swecker, Kittie to Bird Duncan 6-23-1902
Sweeney, M. C. to S. E. Peters 8-26-1900

Tate, Madeline to Andrew Boling 12-24-1944
Taylor, Ellen to Thomas D. Brandy 11-19-1897 No return
Taylor, Ellen R. to W. D. White 10-31-1901
Taylor, George W. to Keziah M. Rodefer 5-6-1896
Taylor, H. M. to B. M. Blevins 10-6-1897
Taylor, Howard to Nellie D. Williams 8-4-1895
Taylor, James to Niva Salley 11-22-1897
Taylor, James A. to Alice Vaughn 10-19-1897
Taylor, Sallie to Henry Sims 5-17-1898
Thomas, Columbia to Agustus Crosswhite 1-22-1897
Thomas, Juno P. to David D. Booher 6-22-1899
Tilison, Katie to John Grimes 3-17-1901
Turner, Florence to Mark Brown 12-21-1902
Turner, Jennie D. to E. W. Simpson 11-25-1903
Turner, Maggie to G. P. Bowling 5-29-1898
Turner, Mary to Daniel Bolling 4-8-1878

Vance, Anna K. to F. B. Anderson 12-9-1897
Vance, Flora F. to E. L. Hatcher 6-18-1902
Vance, J. Baifuren to Cora C. Wood 10-10-1894
Vance, John S. to Mammie Hatcher 12-22-1897
Vance, Myrtle to D. C. Eads 10-18-1899
Vance, Nannie V. to Isaac A. Newland 8-27-1895
Vance, Pearl E. to George A. Carrier 1-5-1902
Vance, Pearlie to Houston Buckles 9-16-1906
Vance, Rebecca to Charles L. Hedrick 10-14-1897
Vance, S. E. to J. M. Feathers 12-27-1894
Vance, S. J. to Mattie E. Phipps 12-25-1901
Vance, Samuel M. to Mary L. Bowers 9-22-1896
Vance, Thomas C. to Dora M. Carrier 2-23-1899
Vaughn, Alice to James A. Taylor 10-19-1897

Walden, Isaac to Dora Combs 8-23-1899
Walsh, Frances Bell to John E. Bolling 5-30-1931

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Wampler, David to Mary A. Smith 9-14-1895
Wampler, Mary to Frank L. White 6-17-1895
Warden, Lula to Robert L. O’Dell 12-14-1898
Warren, E. M. to Margaret Bolling 6-11-1867
Warren, H. C. to Jane Sharrett 11-15-1896
Warren, Lucretia G. to George D. O’Dell 10-24-1901
Wassin, William to Cazzie Booher 1-27-1895
Wassum, Dora B. to Walter F. Carrier 6-17-1894
Weaver, Wm. R. to Mary C. Bolen 4-3-1879
Webb, Hassie to David N. Eads 8-26-1900
Webb, M. E. to Katie O’Dell 5-6-1894
Webb, Nora C. to John M. O’Dell Jr. 11-26-1899
Welsh, J. D.(male) to N. A. Morrell 2-15-1899
Wexler, Mary E. to Nat. W. Shipley 3-28-1897
Whaley, L. H. to Elilza J. Brown 2-8-1899
Whitaker, James to Zora Brown 10-28-1903
White, Frank L. to Mary Wampler 6-17-1895
White, Joseph to Mary Wisdom 10-9-1879
White, Katie to Arthur Blevins 7-5-1907 This is Arthur William Blevins.
White, Laura to S. L. O’Dell 9-9-1894
White, Melia to Wm. Boling 11-11-1893
White, Tate to Josie Blevins 4-4-1898
White, Robert to Lula Hale 1-25-1902
White, W. D. to Ellen R. Taylor 10-31-1901
White, William H. to Addie Ellison 3-20-1899
Whitlock, Margaret to Alfred Boling 1-7-1882
Whitt, Lola K. to Sidney C. Bowling 1-17-1923
Wilcox, Peaulie I. P. to Noah Shaver 8-15-1897
Williams, Nellie D. to Howard Taylor 8-4-1895
Williams, Nora to William Millhorn 12-2-1894
Willis, Mary B. to David C. Boling 3-8-1933
Winfrey, Allie M. to R. E. M. Bowling 9-13-1930
Wintt, Laura to S. C. Slagle 8-13-1896
Wisdom, Mary to Joseph White 10-9-1879
Wilson, Sadie to A. A. Brown 9-4-1902
Wise, Vivian to S. F. Bowling 8-1-1916
Wolfe, Virginia S. to Robert Boling 12-25-1892
Woodby, Elizabeth to Andy Boling 11-11-1933
Worley, Eliza to Walker R. Booher 4-4-1898
Worley, Nannie to Benjamin Booher 5-7-1903
Wyatt, John M. to Carrie P. Blevins 11-30-1898

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KLH Kay Land Hunt

PLSH Patsy Lee Sanders Hawkins

MBB Michelle Ballou Burget
“R. L. Bollin should be listed as R.L. Ballou. I checked with the Sullivan County Clerk of Courts office in order to ensure that the family did not change it's name. I was faxed the marriage record, and while the script on the marriage record is challenging, it looks far more like 'Ballou' than Bollin.”

submitted by Mary Brown
Sullivan Co Marriage bond:
James Royston and Jas A Peters bound to state of TN; 1250.00
June 8 1870
Mary Prater
signed by: James Royston, Benj. James A Peters and James A Peters.

Sullivan Co marriage license:
NO: 881
Marriage license issued…June 8 1870
James Royston and Mary Prater
married June 12 1870
by C.E. Warren..J of Peace…forsaid

This marriage is also listed in the TN State Library and Archives, microfilmed county records, Sullivan Co TN, Roll 11, Vol.1:177 Royston, James to Mary Prater 12 Jun 1870

Last updated on 13 August 2015

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