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Sullivan County Reserves, CSA

Sullivan County Reserves (Local Defense Troops), CSA

Organized in June, 1863, by the Commandant for Conscripts for Kentucky and East Tennessee, in Sullivan County. The intention was apparently to organize the companies listed below into a battalion, to be staffed by unassigned officers or officers from the Invalid Corps, but these plans apparently were not carried to completion.

Officers were:

Major – C. Johnston, commanding
Owen M. White, “The Jackson Home Guards”, 1st Company
G.R. McClelland, 2nd Company
J.M. Crumley, 3rd Company
James Witcher, “The Zollicoffer Mounted Rifles”, 4th Company. This was originally mustered as a mounted company, but later served as infantry. Its members came from south of the river in Sullivan County and from the lower edge of Washington County.
M. H. Morrell, 5th Company
J. F. Trevitt, 6th Company, “The Harris Guards”, organized June 6, 1863, at Double Springs, Sullivan County.
pg. 312, “Tennesseans in the Civil War, Part I & II,” Civil War Centennial Commission, Nashville, TN, 1964.

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