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Soldiers During the Cherokee Removal (1837 Trail of Tears)

Sullivan County, Tennessee Soldiers During the Cherokee Removal, 1837
The Trail of Tears

Source: Officers of the Cherokee War, 1836-1846, Muster Rolls and Index to Tennesseans, Cherokee Removal, 1836. 2 reels. TSLA Mf. #866. Index cards show name, enlistment, rank, company, regiment, and brigade. See also: card file in Archives Reading Room. Also, Taylor, Oliver, Historic Sullivan, The Johnson County, TN: Overmountain Press, 1909, p. 207.

A Muster Roll of Captain Abraham McClellan’s Company of the 2nd Regiment, 2nd Brigade of Mounted Volunteer Militia, Commanded by Major John R. Delaney, ordered into service of the United States by the Requisition of the Secretary of War of 25th of May 1836, from the last day of March to the 30th day of April, 1837.

Contributed by Russ Bralley (21 Jun 2008)

Abraham McClellan, Captain
Abraham Gregg, First Lieutenant
James B. Riley, Second Lieutenant
Henry Bullock, Ensign
Saml. Evans, First Sergeant
Saml. E. Edwards, Second Sergeant
Maxwell Smith, Third Sergeant
Christian C. Elkins, First Corporal
James J. Angell, Second Corporal
William P. Lacy, Third Corporal
William H. Snodgrass, Bugler
Uriah Acre, Private
Royston Boy, Private
Jno. G. Burnett, Private
John L. Burkhard, Private
Jacob Bushong, Private
Eli Cain, Private
Thomas Cawood, Private
Jesse Craft, Private
Saml. L. Cross, Private
Jonathan J. Dryden, Private
David A. Dryden, Private
Hazel B. Davis, Private
Larkin Elkins, Private
Danl. Elkins, Private
Abel Edwards, Private
John Flemming, Private
Allen Farmer, Private
John M. Gifford, Private
George W. Goodman, Private
John Godsey, Private
Abraham J. Hicks, Private
Hiram B. Hughes, Private
William Hobbs, Private
Obed Hull, Private
Henry Kingery, Private
Thomas McLane, Private
Timothy Millard, Private
Elihu Messick, Private
James Morton, Private
Joseph McPhatridge, Private
Andrew J. Millhorn, Private
Thomas J. Newton, Private
Timothy Nickols, Private
David Pile, Private
Henry H. Pemberton, Private
John Page, Private
John Peters, Private
Edward C. Rutledge, Private
Thomas T. Rockhold, Private
John Sanders, Private.
John C. Sawyers, Private
Walter J. Snodgrass, Private
David D. Spivy, Private
Geo. L. Smith, Private
Benjamin Smith, Private
John G. Scott, Private
John I. Smith
Nathaniel N. Smith, Private
Alexander H. Smith, Private
David Steel, Private
John Steel, Private
Isaac Stoffle, Private
Henry Smith, Private
Clifford Tyler, Private
William R. Tipton, Private
John Torbitt, Private
Jonathan E. Vance, Private
John Webb, Private
Uriah Woods, Private
Owen M. White, Private
Jesse B. White, Private
James Hancher, Private
William 0. King, Private
Elcanah Millard, Private

4 Responses to “Soldiers During the Cherokee Removal (1837 Trail of Tears)”

  1. J. Kreider says:

    Samuel L. Cross 2nd regiment 2n brigade of mounted volunteer miltial. Is he related to David Cross of Sullivan co. May be a relative?

  2. G says:

    This unit was convened in 1836 and apparently disbanded at the end of 1837 (according to the record above). The removal of the Cherokee began in May of 1838 from everything I’ve read and ended in 1839. Can someone help me with the inconsistency of dates here?

  3. Dave Townsend says:

    I believe the William H. Snodgrass above is my 3rd great grandfather. Anyone having more information on this man, please connect.

  4. Rebecca says:

    David & John Steel as well as Isaac Stoffle are relatives, Anyone with info, please contact me at


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