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Glenwood Cemetery

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Location: On Bluff City Hwy. in Bristol, TN.

Description: GLENWOOD CEMETERY Located on Bluff City Hwy. in Bristol, TN. These are just a few of the records for the cemetery. If you have information on people buried in Glenwood Cemetery, please send it to us and we will add your information. Thank you.

Burial records: 926

Recorder: Notes by S. Kathryn Bowling McKown unless otherwise indicated - various contributors on this one.

USGS Map: Bristol

GPS Location: 36.56094, -82.199577

Elevation: 1624 ft.

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Additional Information

These are just a few of the records for this cemetery. If you have information on people buried at Glenwood, please email us and we will add your information. Thank you for helping preserve our history!

Notes by S. Kathryn Bowling McKown unless otherwise indicated.

ALLISON, Elizabeth Grace (Flick)   21 Apr 1918 – 4 May 2012 (F=Hugh Taylor Flick; M=Mollie Ann Gentry; H=Paul W. Allison)  PF

ALLISON, Paul William    16 Jan 1915 –  3 Oct 1974 (F=Israel Dunne Allison; M= Susie Elitha Weddle; W= Elizabeth Grace Flick) SC/PF

ARNOLD, Bill Norman age 61 27 Mar 2001 Winter Haven, Fl. Parents Norman & Turla Arnold. W= Priscilla Fuller. Sons= Gregory & Terry Arnold. Bros= Morris D., Glen S., & Richard E. Arnold. Sis= Sharon Hagy, Barbara McCauley, & Mary Carlson.

ARNOLD, Wilma Nadine 17 March 1929 – 28 May 2001. RLV

ARRANTS, Robbie Thomas – 14 Nov 2001 Clarksville, TN. F= Reed H. Thomas, Sr. M= Ressie Darr BRYSON. H= Henderson B. Arrants. Dau= Toni Spears Bryan. MB

ARROWOOD, Nancy Frazier age 62 Sullivan Co., TN 19 Mar 2002 Johnson City, TN. F= B. H. Frazier M= Frankie Wilson. H= James Arrowood. Sis= Peggy Smith, Betty Owens, & Carol J. Emerson.

ATWELL, Ruby Basham age 82 – 4 Jun 2000 (Parents Rev & Mrs. J. Lacy Basham. H= Carl H. Atwell. Sis= Anne B. Thompson & Beulah B. McCray. Bro= Chalmer Lacy Basham and John Calvin Basham)

AVERITT, Eva Dabbs Murfreesboro, TN age 82 10 Feb 2002. Bristol, TN F= Henry Dabbs. M= Elizabeth Lemon. H= Claude Averitt. Dau= Juanita Delzingo. Bro= John H. Dabbs. Halfsis= Lois & Edith Kelton. Preceded in death by a brother James Dabbs, and sisters Arvella Carney & Beulah Robert, & half sister Helen Windrow.

BAIRD, James Carmack age 82 – 14 Jun 2001 Mountain Home, TN. (F= Hubert Baird M= Elma Carmack. Dau= Suzanne Canter. Nieces Shirley Woods & Mary Ann Way. Bros= Hubert & Donald Baird. Sis= Mary Baird)

BAKER, Henry Landon 10 Mar 1880 d.9-3-1957 (W= Naomi Jane Boling)

BARKER, James A. “Jim” age 51 14 Apr 2001. F= Albert C. Barker M= Mary Wright Henderson. W= Linda Nelson. Sis= Deborah A. Leonard. Bros= Tim, Randy, & Robert Barker. Stepson= Bobby Gene White.

BAKER, Leslie M. age 88 – 15 Aug 2001.

BAKER, Mary Leona Grayson Co., VA. age 76 – 9 Nov 2000. Parents John & Sally Holbrook. H= Benny E. Baker. Dau= Linda Echols.

BAKER, Naomi Jane 22 Dec 1900 – 15 Oct 1995.(F= Elbert Lee Boling M= Mary Catherine Comerford H= Henry Landon Baker)

BAILEY, Douglas E. 6 Jan 1963 – 21 Aug 1997 (Interred: 24 Aug 1997; Outdoor Mausoleum) F=Albert Edward Bailey; M=Janice Elaine Campbell Bailey; Bro=Gary William Bailey, Timothy Allen Bailey and Jeffery Lynn Bailey RJL

BAILEY, Lorraine Hudson age 80 28 May 2000 (H= Harry Lee Bailey. Daus= Charlotte Allison & Connie B. Hearl. Son= Ronnie Bailey. Bros= Dobbie & Milton Hudson)

BAILEY, Roydell C. age 71 Paris TN. 29 Mar 2002 Bristol, TN. F= Roy Caldwell M= Winnie Bounds. H= James R. Bailey. Son= Cliff Bailey. Daus= Ruth Browning & Jane Maddox

BALL, James, William 1920 9 Feb 2000 (W= Dorothy H. Ball)

BALL, Ray Junior age 80 Abingdon, VA. 15 Mar 2002. F= William Morgan Ball. M= Sarah Cordilia Nash. W= Connie Bennett. Sons= Emmitt R., Richard H., Ronnie, & Larry Ball. Uncle= Rev. Ritchie Ball.

BARGER, Gladys Smith age 88 – 17 Dec 1996 (She was preceded in death by 1st H= James E. Smith 2nd H= Orville I. Barger. Dau= Daisey A. Hayes. Half brother= Charlie Strong. Surviving Dau= Louise J. Klapper. Sons= Robert L. Smith & James E. Smith. Half-sister Elizabeth Simmons. Half-brothers Earnest and Harold Strong.)

BARHAM, John Randall age 37 5 Feb 2002 Blountville, TN. Parents= John & Margaret Barham. Dau= Sarah Grace Barham.

BARKER, Catherine McKinney (1928) age 72 – 25 Jan 2000 (F= Henry Nevils Barker M= Catherine McKinney Barker)

BARR, Hazel Crowe 26 Sep 1920 Elizabethton, TN – 16 Nov 1980 Bristol, VA parents= Frank and Levonia Crowe SCr

BASHAM, Chalmer L. Beckley, WV age 79 – 10 Dec 2001 Johnson City, TN. Parents Rev. J. & Zetta M. Lacy Basham. W= Nadine M. Cage. Sons= Chalmer L. Jr. & John S. Basham. Dau= Rita B. Payne. Sis= Ann Thompson & Beulah McCray. Bro= John Basham.

BAUMGARDNER, Hazel Poole Kitzmiller age 80 29 Mar 2001 (Parents George O. & Addie Belle Poole. H=1st King C. Kitzmiller (d. 1974) 2nd Joahn R. Baumgardner. Daus= Jean Kitzmiller Sparger & Beverly Kitzmiller Cox. Son= Stanley P. Kitzmiller. Sis= Edna Whitford & Mary Stover. Bros= Bill, Lemuel, & Beryl Poole)

BAUMGARDNER, Juanita Clay “Nita” 12 Feb 2001 F= John B. Baumgardner M= Jeannie English

BEARD, Anna Shipley 1 Apr 1888 – 3 Jun 1973 (F= Randall Shipley M= ? H= James F. Beard, Sr. Sons =James F. Beard, Jr. and Samuel H. Beard)

BEARD, James Franklin Jr. Memphis, TN. – 14 Dec 1989 Worcester, Mass. (F= James Franklin Beard, Sr. M= Anna Shipley W= Eleanor Beard. Dau= Anne S. Greene, and Mary W. Beard. Newspaper obit.)

BEARD, Samuel H. (1923) age 50 – 13 Aug 1973 Raleigh, NC (F= James F. Beard, Sr. M= Anna Shipley W= Elizabeth B. Beard. Sons = Samuel H. Beard, Jr. & Lowell Bass Beard. Bro. = James F. Beard)

BEAVER, Ida Mays age 58 – 3 Jul 1937 (M= Mrs. David Mays H= Charles Beaver Dau= Mrs. Ed. Roberts. Sisters= Mrsl Mattie Parsons and Mrs. Tess Handy. Bro= Arthur and Louis Mays. Newspaper Obit)

BEIDLEMAN, Marion Elizabeth Booher age 90 12 May 2002 F= Cornelus Booher M= Marion Warren. H= Clair Beidleman. Dau= Betty Stergios. Son= James C., & Wynn Beidleman. Preceded in death by her husband and a son Joseph Beidleman & a sister Lucy Wood.

BENT, Calvin Edward Holister, MO age 66 – 2 Sep 2001 F= Wilmer Bent. M= Hattie Donaghe. W= Beulah M. Bent. Son= Keiko Bent Bros= Clarence, Elmer, & Wray Bent & Jimmy & Lee Donaghe. Sis= Lavine Cotton & Debra Downton.

BERRY, Betty L. Harrison 24 Mar 1937 – 13 Oct 1995

BERRY, Cecil age 62 25 Mar 2001 (Parents Eugene & Frances Fannie Berry. W= Deborah Berry. Sons= Thomas & Cecil Berry II. Daus= Carolyn & Audriana Berry. Stepdaus= Christie Turner & Tina Leonard. Bro= Tom Berry Sis= Helen Russell, Willie Mae Dingus, Nell Knox & Jane Cole.)

BERRY, Frances Davis 7 Jul 1918 – 17 Dec 1975

BERRY, James A. 7 Jul 1916 – 7 Jun 1992

BELL, Alberta Hickman age 95 23 Apr 2001. H= Denver Bell. Dau= Betty Starks Hodge.

BELLAMY, Brandi Nicole age 26 – 25 Sep 2000 Boca Raton, Fl. ( F= Charles Allen Bellamy M= Connie Sanders. Stepfather Lonnie Sanders, Sr. Bros= Lonnie Sanders, Jr. , Douglas & Richard Sanders. Maternal grandparents Lawrence & Jane Leonard. Paternal grandparents Charles M. & Martha L. Bellamy.)

BELLANY, Louise A. age 65 – 8 Jan 2001 (F= William D. Bowers. M= Betty Ann Stykes. H= Bradley “Bo” Bellamy. Dau= Deborah A. Bellamy. Sons= Michael B., & Stephen Bellamy. Sis= Shirley Dishner, & Billie Jean Osborne. Bros= J. D., Clyde, & Wayne Bowers. Preceded in death by her sister Bertha Rasnick.)

BELLAMY, Nettie Trent age 93 – 11 Aug 1989 (H= Robert Bellamy. Daus= Cleo Moser, Betty Anderson, Dorothy Short, Thelma Whiteman, & Ruth Salyer. Sons= Howard, & Bradley Bellamy.)

BENT, Beulah Mae 11 Mar 2000 (H= Calvin Bent. Bro.= Donald J. Moore Sis.= Virginia L. Trammel, Bessie L. Thompson, Doris M. Hutton, Nora L. Worly & Brenda D. Lingerfelt.)

BERRY, Fannie age 63 – 29 Jan 1953 (Son= Andrew Berry. Daus= Lucille Berry , Hazel Richard & Mrs. Ernest Humphrey. Bro= Bud Frye. Sis= Pearl Ford. Newspaper obit.)

BEVERLY, Eva V. age 69 – 2 Jun 2000 (Parents Charles O. & Georgia Carrier. H= David I. Beverly. Dau= Cynthia Huff Sis= Minnie Lee Odum. Bros= Glen & Bob Carrier)

BEWLWY, Nannie Kate Delaney Pyle 30 Jun 1897 30 May 1978 (F= John R. Delaney M= Doak Moore H= Edgar Bewley. Sis.= Sue Ellen & Margaret Delaney.)

BIBEE, Anna Dage age 100 1 May 2000 (Parents Fred Albert & Elizabeth Dage. H= C. L. Bibee. Dau. Patricia B. Felty.)

BLACKWELL, J. A. 3 May 1867 24 Apr 1930 (F= William Blackwell (VA) M= Jane Patrick (NC))

BLAIR, Ediley “Ed” 1922 Hilton Scott Co., VA – 20 Dec 1999 (F= John W. Blair M= Beulah McMurray W= Elizabeth Maggie Bott)

BLAIR, Elizabeth M. age 80 29 May 2000 (Parents Tom & Maggie Bott. H= Ediley Robert “Ed” Blair. Sons= Randy & William “Bill” Blair. Dau= Louise Dye. Sisters Myrtle Lyons & Agnes Hicks. Preceded in death by son Earl Eugene “Butch” Blair, and three sisters Ida Simpson, Mae Williams & Ruth Carlton)

BLANTON, Ted Carson age 51 27 Apr 1999 (F= Lowell A. Blanton M= Eva Jane King. W= Coni Jones. Sons= Teddy C., & Jon Curtis Blanton. Stepdaughter Tobi Hughes. Sis= LaVaugh Hendricks, & Laoma Duff. Bro= Max Blanton.)

BLEDSOE, Jimmy age 45 25 Aug 1956 Lee Co., VA 29 Mar 2002 Bristol. Parents James & Reba Bledsoe. Bro= Mark Bledsoe Maternal grandmother Mildred Mize.

BLEVINS, Blanche Simerly79 17 Feb 2000 (F= John F. Simerly M= Lillie M. Beeler Simerly. H= Leonard L. Blevins.)

BLEVINS, David G. 1890 – 1973

BLEVINS, Dennis E. age 34 – 30 Jan 2001 Laurel Bloomery, TN. (Parents Tommey & Ruby Roark. W= Helen J. Howard. Son= Dennis E. Blevins, Jr. Stepdau= Kathy Harley, Haley Jones, & Deadra Jones. Paternal grandmother Elsie Geiger. Sis= Vicki Terrell, Michelle Stedham, Debbie Hill, Wanda Cerroni & Sharon Elwood. Bro= Rodney Blevins)

BLEVINS, Elihu 21 Aug 1873 Carter Co., TN 9 Feb 1955 (F= John Blevins. M= Adeline Nidifer W= Hettie Maxwell.)

BLEVINS, Fannie Belle 10 Jan 1921 BR TN 5 Apr 1984 Columbia, SC. (F= Mack Bray. M= Susan Kate Trinkle)

BLEVINS, Georgia C. 25 Jun 1908 (VA) – 27 Dec 1985 (F= George William East M= Mary Allie Walden H= Roy Blevins) PED

BLEVINS, Hettie 31 Mar 1874 Ashe Co., NC – 18 Jun 1950 (F= Larkin Maxwell H= Elihue Blevins.)

BLEVINS, Howard A. 1909 – 1993

BLEVINS, Ida M. 1893 – 1954

BLEVINS, James R. 27 Jan 1907 – 5 Jan 1971 died in VA.(F= Robert L. Blevins M= Maude Baird and this one states she was born in Lynchburg VA.)

BLEVINS, Leonard L. 1920 – 1999(W= Blanche Simerly)

BLEVINS, Maude Hunter 21 Mar 1869 7 Apr 1948 (F= James P. Baird in VA M= Margaret Anderson born in VA. H= Robert L. Blevins)

BLEVINS, Mayme L. 1921 —–

BLEVINS, Raymond Anderson 27 Jun 1898 9 Apr 1954 (F= Robert L. Blevins M= Maude H. Baird)

BLEVINS, Robert L. 23 Jan 1863 – 17 Jul 1938 (F= George Washington Blevins M= Susanna Arnold W= Maude Hunter Baird)

BLEVINS, Robert Leslie 29 Jun 1894 17 May 1964 (F= Robert Lucky Blevins M= Maude Baird W= Ruth McIver)

BLEVINS, Roy 11 Oct 1904 – 29 Nov 1990 (W= Georgia C. East) PED

BLEVINS, Susanna 17 Nov 1900 7 Feb 1962 (F= Robert L. Blevins M= Maude H. Baird born in VA)

BLUEMKE, Amanda J. age 90 22 Feb 2002 Parents Jacob & Elizabeth Oliver. H= Hugh Bluemke. Son= William G. “Mack” McMillian.

BOLING, Almeda 19 Mar 1896 – 1984 (F= John William Boling M= Nellie Jones. H= Gordon Emmett Boling.)

BOLING, Barbara Hartley   26 Jun 1929 – 17 Apr 2013. Husband: Lee F. Boling Sr.( deceased) Son:Lee F. “Frank” Boling Jr.(deceased)  Parents: David H. Hartley and Amanda Hartley (deceased. )Survived by daughter, Deborah Collins, sons Garry Boling and Michael Boling; 6 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildrenm 4 brothers and 2 sisters. GB

BOLING, Charles C. (1895) age 36 11 Jan 1931 F= J. L or H. Boling

BOLING, Dewey 23 Sep 1898 – 6 Dec 1900 (F= John William Boling M= Nellie Jones)

BOLING, Frances Bell 18 Jul 1905 – 18 Sep 1950 (F= Elbert Walsh. M= Laura H. Snyder H= John Emory Boling)

BOLING, Frances L. 27 Sep 1893 – 20 Sep 1977

BOLING, Gordon Emmett 11 Nov 1895 – 16 Jan 1970 (F= Samuel Robert Boling M= Virginia S. Flick. W= Almeda Bolling.)

BOLING, Gordon Kenneth b.10-4-1923 d.8-25-1973 (F= Gordon Emmett Boling M= Almeda Bolling W= Nell Louise Snead.)

BOLING, Hazel Fannie 4 Nov 1921 – 12 Dec 1983 (F= John William Newman M= Lula Pendergrass 1st husband William F. Gaultney 2nd John Emory Boling, 3rd Willis Mike Shaffer. She is buried beside John Emory Boling)

BOLING, Herbert 9 Oct 1899 – 11 Aug 1905 (F= Samuel Robert Boling, M= Virginia S. Flick.)

BOLING, Howard Othel 23 Jun 1925 24 Apr 1992 (F= Gordon Emmett Boling M= Almeda Bolling)

BOLING, James Larkin 1 Nov 1893 – 15 Dec 1974 (F= Samuel Robert Boling M= Virginia Flick W= Nellie Catherine O’Dell)

BOLLING, Jeanette T. age 78 – 8 Aug 2000. (F= Warren G. Trivett M= Elizabeth Stophel. H= Abe Bolling, Jr. Dau= Darlene E. Flick & Joann Boyd. Sis= Ida Phillps, Gladys Howser & Geneve Borders. Bro= Raymond Trivett.)

BOLING, Jennings William “J.W.” 22 Dec 1907 – 18 Jan 1977 (F= Samuel Robert Boling M= Virginia S. Flick. 1st wife Lillian Lucille Holland. 2nd wife Kathryn Louise Martin).

BOLING, John Emory b.3-16-1902 5 Mar 1970 (F= John William Boling M= Nellie Jones &. 1st wife Frances Bell Walsh 2nd wife Hazel Fannie Newman.)

BOLING, John H. 1854 – 1930

BOLING, John William 24 Oct 1861 27 Apr 1914 (F= Larkin Boling M= Jane G. Stewart. W= Nellie Jones)

BOLING, John William 22 Sep 1916 (alive) (M= Mary Ellen “Mollie Boling W= Wilsa Juanita Crowe)

BOLING, Lee Franklin “Frank” Jr. age 39 30 Jun 1962 – 16 Dec 2001 Johnson City, TN F= Lee Franklin Boling M= Barbara E. Hartley. W= Laura Fields. Stepson Matthew Letterman. Stepdau= Taura Fields Sis= Deborah Collins, married to Talmadge Collins. Bros= Mike & Garry Boling.

BOLING, Lee Franklin, Sr. 6 Jul 1929 – 24 Sep 2008 (Bristol Tennessee) Wife=Barbara E. Hartley F=Earnest S. Boling M=Nora Virginia Pickel Sons=Garry Boling & Micheal Boling Dau=-Debbie Collins Predeceased by son- Lee F. “Frank” Boling Jr. Sis=Wilma Bunn Bro=Ed M. Boling & Jerry Wayne Boling GB

BOLING, Lillian Lucille 26 Aug 1904 2 Apr 1958 (F= Adison R. Holland M= Nancy Akins H= Jennings William Boling)

BOLING, Maggie T. 19 Mar 1881 22 May 1957 (F= George Turner M= Jane Godsey)

BOLING, Maranda J. 1872 – 1937

BOLING, Nellie 23 Aug 1866 – 14 Aug 1904 (F= George W. Jones M= Eliza Jane Morrell. H= John William Boling.)

BOLING, Nellie Catherine O’Dell 25 Mar 1897 – 29 Dec 1966 (F= Thomas O’Dell M= Elizabeth (Abigail) Hatcher H= James Larkin Boling)

BOLING, Ople Lee 13 Jan 1909 2 Apr 1970 (F= Samuel Robert Boling M= Virginia S. Flick W= Ruth Pauline Greer)

BOLING, Ottice 6 Jul 1894 – 3 Jan 1898 (F= John William Boling M= Nellie Jones)

BOLING, Ruby Lee 13 Mar 1921 3 Feb 1976 (F= James L. Boling M= Nellie Catherine O’Dell.)

BOLING, Ruth Pauline 27 Jul 1915 – 25 Nov 1979 (F= James F. Greer M= Biddie Wilson H= Ople L. Boling )

BOLING, Samuel Robert 15 Oct 1870 28 Mar 1952 (F= Larkin Boling M= Jane G. Stewart W= Virginia S. Flick)

BOLING, Virginia S. 20 Mar 1868 2 Feb 1942 (F= James A. Flick M= Amanda Hale H= 1st William Wolfe 2nd Samuel Robert Boling)

BOLING, Wayne 23 Aug 1941 (Died at Birth) F = Ople Lee Boling M = Ruth Pauline Greer Boling (Small gravestone near that of Ople Boling and Ruth Pauline Greer Boling, his parents. The gravestone is flat against the ground and about 10-14 inches in diameter) HLB

BOLING, Wilsa Juanita 28 Jul 1913 d.2-15-1982 (F= John Pierce Crowe M= Laura Ketron H= John William Boling.)

BOLLING, Abe Jr. 10 Jul 1922 – 10 Jun 1981 BR VA (F= Abe Bolling. M= Mildred Mabe. W= Jeanette Trivett).

BOLLING, Cecil Edward 13 Jul 1915 BR VA – 25 Jun 1981 BR VA (F= William Isaac Bolling. M= Laura Short. W= Ruth Juanita Felty.)

BOLLING, Lois Jane Campbell age 69 8 Feb 2002. F= Charles Gentry Campbell. M= Mary Ellen Davis. H= David C. Bolling Jr. Daus= Connie Tuell, Deborah Johnson, Karen Duckett, Lori Herrington, & Amy Hardin. Sis= Helen Brickles & Patsy Adams. Bro= William “P-nut” Campbell.

BOLLING, Nora Lou Kathleen Fox     9 Apr 1909, Washington County VA – 26 May 1977, Bristol TN. F=Charles Alexander Fox, M=Amanda Elizabeth Sorah; H=John Clyde Bolling, m. 21 Oct 1931, Bristol, VA.  DGB

BOLLING, Ruth Juanita   11 Mar 1918 Carter Co., TN   23 Feb 1985 BR. VA. (F= Walter Patton Felty M= Willie Lee Henley. H= Cecil Edward Bolling)

BOLLING, William Isaac 16 Feb 1886 – 14 Jun 1969 (F= John Bolling M= Nancy Hayes W= Laura Ann Short.)

BOOHER, Alba Lloyd 31 Mar 1895 – 5 Jul 1952 (F= George W. Booher. M= Nannie Vance.)

BOOHER, Cornelius Peter 19 Jun 1868 – 20 Jan 1961 (F= Jessie B. Booher M= Elizabeth Carmack VA. W= Marion Warren)

BOOHER, Cornelius William 26 Feb 1903 – 6 Jan 1966 (F= William R. Booher M= Elizabeth Foster W= Evelyn Hicks.)

BOOHER, Dora C. 7 Oct 1877 – 27 Dec 1948

BOOHER, Dorothy Nell 6 Dec 1926 – 6 Dec 1994 F= Thomas James Crabtree M= Willie Maudine Phelps. H= William Claud Booher. Sons= Timothy B. & F. Mark Booher.TBB

BOOHER, E. Charlene 1943 – 16 Dec 2000 Maryville, TN. H= Homer Booher. Dau= Angie Parker. Son= Charlie Shaver. Halfbros= Jeff, Jimmy & John Duke. Stepfather Felix Duke. Stepdau= Sherry Booher.TBB

BOOHER, Evelyn Hicks – 7 Oct 1987 H= Cornelius W. Booher. Son= C. William Booher, Jr. Sis= Louise H. Cook. Bro= Paul E. Hicks. Newspaper obit.

BOOHER, Hazel Marie Berry 23 Dec 1927 – 21 Nov 2001 Parents Lusk & Fannie Berry. H= Reb. Richard J. Booher. Sons= Richard Jr., & Michael David Booher. Sis= Lucille Gentry.

BOOHER, Helen M. age 62 17 May 1997 Johnson City, TN. (H= Lawrence E. “Pete” Booher. Sons= Steve A. & Larry D. Booher. Bros= Harold, Aaron, Glynn, & Arvil Cross. Sis= Sylvia Sage, Jean Reed, Sue Regan & Mary Lou Amodeo)

BOOHER, Herbert Wiley (d. 1976 or 77 F= Daniel V. Booher M= Mills W= Ora Greer. Children = Wayne, James, Louilla, Doris, Glena, & Linda Booher.)

BOOHER, Holland 5 Dec 1891 9 May 1961 (F= Charlie Booher. M= Amanda Booher.)

BOOHER, Infant (unnamed male) b. & d. 17 Jan 1951 (F= Stanley Edward Booher. M= Beatrice Irene Brewer)

BOOHER, Jennings Bryan 11 Jul 1896 1 Mar 1978 (F= George W. Booher M= Nannie Vance W= Betty Hickman.. Children = Roy E., Charlie E., Lewis Marvin, Clarence, & Mrs. Ralph Stophel. Brother = W. A. , Perry, Fred, & Lewis Booher.)

BOOHER, Jessie Eleanor 31 Aug 1876 – 9 Aug 1980 (F= Jessie Booher M= Elizabeth Carmack )

BOOHER, John B. M. 2 Oct 1873 27 Apr 1949

BOOHER, Marion Warren 14 Oct 1876 d-9-27-1961 (F= Eli Warren M= Lucy Thomas H= Cornelius Peter Booher)

BOOHER, Marshall Homer 1913 – 1966 F= William Luther Booher M= Carrie Wilson W= Sylvia Jones Son= Homer Booher. Dau= Shirley Tate. TBB

BOOHER, Norman Allen b. & d. 2 Aug 1970 F= Homer Booher M= Sandra Fritts. TBB

BOOHER, Sandra Fritts. B. 9 Jan 1944 15 Apr 1989 F= Lacy Fritts. H= Homer Booher. Son= Norman A. Booher. Dau= Sherry Booher. TBB

BOOHER, Tessie Katherine 6 Dec 1901 – 12 Jul 1960 (F= Samuel L. Rosenbalm. M= Cynthia —.)

BOOHER, Vickie Lynn age 34 12 Apr 2001. F= Rev. Robert Coffey. M= Mavis Vaughn. H= Brad Hooher. Daus= Kristen Nichole & Megan Elizabeth Booher. Sis= Debbie Widener. Bro= Robert A. Coffey.

BOOHER, William Claud “Woody”. 30 Jan 1912 – 19 Dec 1973 F= William Luther Booher M= Carrie Wilson. W= 1st Jonsie Greer 2nd Dorothy Nell Crabtree. Sons= Timothy B. & F. Mark Booher TBB

BOSWELL, Frances Lynch 20 Mar 1915 – 13 Aug 1992 (H= Joseph Nelson Boswell)

BOSWELL, Joseph Eugene 4 Feb 1940 d.3-4-1978 (F= Joseph Nelson Boswell M= Frances Lynch W= Patsy Lynn Morton.)

BOSWELL, Joseph Nelson 31 Mar 1910 – 7 Jan 1988 (W= Frances Lynch.)

BOSWELL, Patsy Lynn 15 Mar 1940 d.2-10-1982 (F= George Thomas Morton M= Ina Blair Bolling 1st husband Joseph Eugene Boswell, 2nd husband Clarence Elex Jacobs, Jr.)

BOWERS, Homer age 82 – 15 Sep 1996 (W= Edna A. Bowers. Daus= Paulette Campbell, Susan Ann Keith, Ollie Bowers. Sons= George, Bobby, & Miles Bowers. Sis= Betty lee Oliver. Bros= Hugh, Marion, & Johnny Bowers.)

BOY, Isabella age 90 11 Feb 2002. F= W. C. Boy. M= Maude Kincaid

BOY, Paul Allen 2 Mar 2002 Vinton, VA. W= Lorene Fuller. Daus- Sandra Smith & Brenda Dorton.

BOYD, Anthony Keith “Tony” age 45 30 Apr 1957 Bristol, TN. 17 Feb 2002 Dunedin, FL. F= Lee R. Boyd. M= Velma P. Leonard. Bros= Gary Lee, & Danny Wayne Boyd. Uncles= Vaughn Ralph Boyd, Jack & Wayne Leonard & Roscoe Bowman. Aunts= Elizabeth L. O’Dell, & Kay Seabolt.

BOYD, Lawrence L. age 83 – 17 Jun 1996 (Daus= Shirlene Coffey & Linda Aldridge. Sis= Lorena O’Dell. Preceded in death by his wife Mae Bray Boyd.)

BOYETTE, Evelyn Jones – 26 Jul 2001 Fort Walton Beach, FL (Parents Mr. & Mrs. Roy Jones. H= J. C. Boyette. Stepson= Legrand Boyette. Bros= Bill, Bernard, & James Jones. Sis= Mary Jones McClellan.)

BOUTON, Celia Kate Feb. 1, 1913 – Dec. 10, 1996 IN LOVING MEMORY Marker PLSH

BOUTON, Duard Belmont 1917 1995 F=Albert Lee Bouton, M= Cornelia Hagy, W = Reba Bryant Bouton) PLSH

BOUTON, Reba Bryant 1915 1998 H = Duard Bouton PLSH

BOWERY, John E. Jr. 01 Jan 34 – 10 Nov 81 age 47; (Parents= Rev John and Ora Bowery; W= Peggy Mitchell Bowery; Dau= Anita Musselwhite; Sons=John M. Bowery and David Bowery) PB

BOZELL, Elizabeth Thelma Quillen Dickson (1937) age 63 – 7 Jan 2000 (F= Reece Quillen M= Katherine Fultz H= James Robert Bozell. Dau=Billie Whittaker and Kathy Limburg, Sons=Charles S. Dickson, Thomas Reece Dickson)

BRACKEN, Helen C. age 97 – 25 Oct 2001 New Jersey. Dau= Betty A. Moore

BRANSON, Bessie E. O’Neal 1923 11 Feb 2000 (H= John H. Branson)

BRAY, Bessie Lee Wise Co., VA age 92 3 Mar 2001 F= George W. Smith. M= Ida Ellen Fitzgerald. H= John Henley Bray. Daus= Frances Johnson, Wanda Soubeer, Phyllis Lewis, Jane Kite, & Jean Mauk. Sons= David, Jim, & Ronda Bray. Sis= Georgia Johnson, Barbara Newton. Preceded in death by a brother Harold Smith and a sister Mary Livingston.

BRAY, Kate age 96 – 4 Oct 1984. Nee: Harkleroad Bro= Robert Harkleroad.

BREEDING, Eula Eunice Barnett Catoosa, TN age 76 23 Apr 2001 Jackson, OH F= Jakc Hale. M= Hester Barron. H= 1st Zeb Barnett 2nd Arnold Breeding. Son= Dennis Jack Barnett Bros= Louis Scott & Paul Hale. Preceded in death by her first husband and a son David Barnett (Vietnam) and several brother & sisters.

BREWER, Ardella Mae Frye  29 Aug 1925 – 10 Jan 2013.  Daughter of William Edward Frye and Ella Elizabeth Cross; wife of Landon C. Brewer. SS

BREWER, John Hencle 9 Jan 1922 Boone, NC – 29 Aug 2001. F= John Parker Brewer. M= Myrtle Love. W= Peggy Blaylock. Dau= Patty Hyland. Sis= Alice Fleenor. Preceded in death by his parents and his wife and two brothers Ronel W. & Clint Young Brewer.

BRIDGEMAN, Josie M. age 91 – 29 Dec 2000/ (F= Rufus McNamara M= Mattie McNamara. H= William A. Bridgeman. Dau= Ruth Jones, Dorothy Booher, Peggy Campbell. Sons= James E., Robert L., Gary, Donald, Jack, Harold, & William Arthur Bridgeman, Jr. Sis= Evelyn Holmes. Preceded in death by her husband and a son Billy Bridgeman.)

BRIDGES, Michael Andrew age 33 – 23 Jan 2001. (F= Berlie Bridges. M= Mabel Havens. Sis= Rita Miller, Linda Povolo, Roberta Tirado, Susan Rosenbaum, Barbara Cross, Betty Boling, Ruth Posten, & Nancy Escheverria. Bro= Wayne, & Dennis Bridges. Preceded in death by a sistes Charlie Gail Bridges.)

BRINKLEY, Eileen V. age 81 – 20 Sep 1982 H= John Brinkley

BROCE, Bess Eula 2 Dec 1889 – 24 Jun 1976 (F= John W. Broce M= Nannie E. Poore)

BROCE, Beulah C. age 90 15 Apr 1985 (NEE: Cole H= J. Arthur Broce Sr. Daus= Kathryn Broce & Elizabeth Ivey. Son James A. Broce Jr. Sis= Kathe C. Armfield & Margie l. Cole.)

BROCE, John William Christiansburg, VA. age 82 7 May 1936 (W= Nannie E. Poore Son= Gale Broce. Daus= Bess Broce & Mrs. T. J. Henderson. Bros= J. E., D. H., & J. F. Broce. Sis= Mrs. (Hattie Mae) N. S. Peters & Mrs. Callie Gibson. Newspaper obit)

BROOME, James D. Jacksonville, AL age 83 – 10 Jun 2001. (F= Matthew Emory Broome. M= Rebecca McReynolds. W= Roberta Johnston. Dau= Nadine Thompson. Sons= James Franklin, & Keith Herbert Broome. Stepdau= Elizabeth Johns. Sis= Mary Holden & Estelle Ingram. Bros= Clifford, Monroe, & Emory Broome.)

BROWN, Charles Mayo 1 May 1875 – 28 Dec 1961 (F= George E. Brown. M= Sara Adcock. W= Janice M. Brown)

BROWN, Early Ethel & infant. 22 Aug 1916 – 12 Jan 1940 (F= Doc. Blevins. M= Martha Hatcher. H= Walter R. Brown. Grave Marker reads Mrs. Walter Brown, & an infant is buried with her.)

BROWN, Emmett D. age 88 – 29 Jun 2001. F= Roy Brown M= Mary Ellen Perry. W= Thelma Helton. Son= Jerry A. Brown. Sis=Edith B. Campbell, Mary L. Brown, & Vola M. Brown.

BROWN, Hiram Clayton 10 Feb 1883 17 Mar 48 (F= William Brown M= Elizabeth Hicks. W= Lucy Irene Brown)

BROWN, Ora Osborne Bowery age 94 25 Apr 2001 F= Charles Osborne. M= Lilly Hicks. H= E. R. Brown & Rev. John E Bowery Daus= Martha Watson, Elinor Gray. Sis= Rosene Salyer Myrtle Eaton and Lydia McQueen. Bro= C. J. Jr., Wallace, Leonard, George, T.F., Carter, Hobert & I. G. Osborne. Preceded in death by her husbands E. R. Brown & Rev. John E Bowery and sons John E. & Charles Bowery. PB

BROWN, Virginia E. ( 1908) age 89 – 7 Nov 2000. (F= Samuel Peters M= Martha Swiney. H= L. S. “Pet” Brown. Daus= Maggie Gross, Marrie Morrell, & Christine Fleenor. Preceded in death by two sons J. C. & Ernest Brown.)

BROWN, Vola Mae age 91 28 Mar 2002. F= Roy Brown. M= Mary Ellen Perry. Sis= Edith B. Campbell & Mary L. Brown. Preceded in death by her brother Emmett D. Brown

BRUHIN, Edna M. 30 Jan 1922 age 79 – 19 Jan 2002 F= M. N. Monroe M= Mary Wattenbarger. H= Robert Bruhin. Dau= Patricia Horne. Bro= Ulysses Monroe. Sis= Ida Rose Jones & Anna Ray Brown. Preceded in death by brothers Mark, Richard & George Monroe.

BRYANT, Margaret L. age 99 Bristol, TN. 12 Feb 2002 Brook Park, OH. H= Dessa Bryant. Son= Thomas M. Bryant. Sis= Helen Rachel Johnson, Herbert Shankle & Mary Alice Farris.

BRYANT, Roy E. Middlesboro, KY. Age 91 27 Feb 2001. (W= Louise Moore. Daus= Marie Hicks, Barbara Roark, Janie Pieper, & Gail Self. Son= Joe Bryant. Sis= Minnie Lee Beeler & Juanita Johnson. Bros= Raymond, Earl, & Mel Bryant.)

BUCKLES, Clarence Oscar 18 Aug 1897 22 Mar 1957 Elizabeth City, NC (F= Eli Buckles M= Elizabeth Vance)

BUCKLES, Claude James 10 Aug 1904 – 17 Aug 1968 (F= Samuel Buckles M= Elizabeth J. King W= Eua Rhea Buckles)

BUCKLES, Eva Preston Rhea age 90 – 15 Jul 2000. F= Fr. John Preston Rhea M= Ada Carmack. H= Claude Buckles. Dau= Jane B. Hersch.

BUCHANAN, Eloise Jacqueline Daniels age 76 – 25 Dec 2000. Parents Roc & Edith Daniels. Sis= Jeraldine Frame.

BULLOCK, James B. age 67 30 Oct 1934 – 21 Nov 2001 Johnson City, TN. F= James B. Bullock Sr. M= Mattie Potts. W= Marie Leonard. Daus= Cyndi McCall, Beverly Tasker, Cindy Leonard, Pam Cox. & Donna Cox. Sis= Dixie Clark, Harriet VanLew, Paula McClellan.

BUNN, Betty age 61 – 26 Jun 2000. (F= Glenn Shanks Bunn. M= Eva Ray Steadman Bros= Lewis, John, Dan, Allen, Bob and Jim Bunn.)

BUNN, Eva Ray 24 Mar 1901 – 7 Jul 1963 (F= Nathan Steadman M= Mollie Crump. H= Glenn C. Bunn. Children = Ruth, Betty, Raymond W., Lewis E., Dan G., Robert E., and John R. Bunn.)

BUNN, Glenn Shanks 8 Oct 1898 18 Feb 1980 (F= Steve Bunn M= Minnie Shanks W= Eva Ray Steadman)

BUNN, James H. age 60 – 10 Nov 1999 Blountville, TN. ( F= Glen Shanks Bunn. M= Eva Ray Steadman. W= Beulah Mutter. Dau= Tonya Dunn. Sons= Joseph Horsey and Steve Bunn. Bros= Allen & Bob Bunn.)

BUNN, Raymond Wilmer age 69 3 May 1990 (F= Glen Shanks Bunn M= Eva Ray Steadman W= Effie Leonard. Daus= Shirley Beichel, and Glenna Murphy. Sons= Ray, & David Lee Bunn. Sister= Betty Bunn. Bros= Jim, Bob, Lewis, John R., Dan G. and Allen Bunn.)

BURNETTE, Clifford Charles 28 Jan 1964 – 28 Jan 1964 LJB

BURNETTE, James Henry age 72 – 15 Aug 2000. (W= Bessie Pippin. Sons= James Wayne, & Freddie Lee Burnette. Bros= Jack, & Herb Burnette. Sis= Edna Shuttle & Nancy Burnette)

BURNETTE, Mattie Jane 2 Feb 1879 18 Mar 1957 (F= George Slagle M= Sallie Dishner)

BURNETTE, Mayme Pippin 7 Jun 1902 Washington, Co., VA. age 99 – 30 Nov 2001 Bristol, VA. Parents George W. & Mary M. Pippin. H= Samuel N. Burnette. Daus= Ruby Bailey, Hazel Smith, Jean Cawood. Preceded in death by her sisters Susan E. Scalf, Frances B. Smith & Ethel M. Holt, and her brothers Claude & E. T. Pippin.

BURTON, Mollie Virginia daughter of Edward Burton and Margaret Sproles. born 1910 in Sullivan County, TN. Died October 27, 2000 in Bristol, Sullivan County, TN. FMM

BUTT, Oscar Lee age 81 – 15 Aug 2001 W= Frankie S. Butt. Son= Joseph L. Butt. Sis= Dorothy Gress & Daisy Allen.

CAMPBELL, Lucy Natalee Galloway age 91 12 Oct 1910 – 23 Nov 2001 F= Nathaniel Galloway. M= Buena Vista Fleenor. H= William Denver Campbell. Daus= Betty M. Morton & JoAnn Campbell. Son= William D. (Denny) Campbell Jr.

CAMPER, Jaylynn Elise infant – 26 Sep 2001

CARR, Mack Haynes age 73 – 1 Oct 2000 (F= Charles Edward Carr M= Ina Gay Wolfe. W= Mary Alice Stone. Dau= Debra Carr Mahoney & Mary Anne Lawson. Sons= Mack Haynes Carr, Jr. & Joe Willis. Sis= Margaret Hardin. Bros= C. C. “Dick”, Wilson, & Vestal Carrl. Preceded ind eathy by sister Anna Belle Houser, and his brothers Emory, William (Bill), and Aulden Carr)

CARR, William age 76 – 9 Dec 2000. (F= Noah Carr. M= Lena Lilly Carr. W= Marie Carr. Sons= Gary, & Keith Carr. Daus= Delores McGill, & Barbara Kowlczac. Sis= Mae Blalock, Ethel Turner, Mollie Morgan & Ruth Hagmsn. Bro= Claude A. Carr. Preceded in death by two brothers.)

CARRICO, Floyd Bolling 4 Mar 1898 Smythe Co., VA – 19 Sep 1979 BR TN (F= William Carrico W= Irene Thomas)

CARRIER, Barbara Lou Fleenor age 48 26 Apr 1954 26 Apr 2002. F= William Isaac Fleenor M= Arlie Faye Holt. Daus= Amy M. McNew, & Tracie L. Barr. Son= Michael Ml Carrier. Bro= William Isaac Fleenor Jr.

CARRIER, Hobert W. 1922 – 1994

CARRIER, Ruby E. 1922 ——

CARVER, Emma W. 9 Jun 1879 9 Apr 1968 (H= Harry R. Carver). (this grave on Peters Lot)

CARVER, Harry R. 2 Nov 1878 – 30 Oct 1960 (W= Emma W). (this graves on Peters Lot)

CARVER, William “Bill” Jr. age 71 – 7 Jul 2001 Detroit Mich. (F= William F. Carver Sr., M= Mary Virginia Minnick. W= Agnes Carver. Stepdau= Judy Synette. Sis= Betty Crusenberry & Imogene Facey. Bro= L. D., Jack, Bob, Sam, & James Carver.)

CASSELL, Margaret S. B= Princeton, WV. age 91 – 2 Dec 2000 (F= Justin Sackett. M= Sarah Heatherington. H= Charles Cassell. Dau= Betty Bingham. Son= Charles H. Cassell, Jr. Sis= Maureen Bodell. Preceded in death by four sisters, Bertie Lee Farr, Henrietta Johnson, Gertrude Needham, & Lucille Cornett, and two brothers, Fred & Justin Sackett.)

CASSIDY, Franklin Delano (Jack) 27 Jun 33 – 19 Feb 89 Wife- Mary Ellen Alexander Cassidy (Living) Daus- Susan Cassidy Thompson, Heather Cassidy Sheffield, and Tiffany Cassidy Shaffer. Parents: Verl Alexander Cassidy (father) and Kate Talley (mother) SCT

CATES, James Herschel, Sr. 16 Feb 1918 – 22 Jul 1981 (F=Bishop Cates M=Ola Mae Himes W= Thelma Smith) Marker Marker PLSH

CATES, Lynda Jean 7 Jun 1944 – 21 Apr 1962 (Dau of J.H. & Thelma Cates) Marker PLSH

CATES, Thelma Lynn Smith 7 Feb 1917 – 19 Jun 2003 (F=Errette Murphy Smith, son of Granville T. & Sarah Kate Barr Smith M= Nannie Ethel Bouton, dau of Steven A. Bouton & Harriette Sams H= J. Herschel Cates C= Carol, Betty, Jimmy & Jean) Marker PLSH

CHAMBERS, Anna Mae McLain 1 May 1911 Benhams, VA. – 11 Dec 2001 John City, TN. F= John Calvin Chambers. M= Sarah Elizabeth Blair. H= Carl E. Chambers. Daus= Hazel King, Ruby Suggs, & Jean Osborne. Sons= Bill, Darryl, & Charles Chambers.

CLARDY, Ruth Goodman Suffolk, VA age 73 4 Feb 2001 F= Raymond Goodman M= Eva Gibson. H= Henry Clardy.

CLARK, Beulah M. age 82 23 May 2001. F= Robert F. Epperson. M= Anna Keller. H= Elbert L. Clark. Son= Harold Clark. Dau= Martha Jean Crain. Bros= Dave, & Paul Epperson. Sis= Thelma Johnson & Margaret Duke.

CLARK, Dan H. age 70 2 May 2002. F= Roda Clark M= Mary Leonard. W= Wilma Jean Clark. Dau= Lisa Banks. Sis= Frances Kings.

CLARK, Dorothy Gilmer Oliver Russell Co., VA. age 72 – 10 Nov 2000. (F= Harold Gilmer. M= Clara Ellen McFadden. H= 1st H. Henry Oliver 2nd James L. Clark. Daus= Christine Oliver Barton & Linda Oliver. Sons= Richard D. “Dickie”, Sammy L., & David M. Oliver. Stepsons= Jimmy D. & Richard L. Clark. Stepdau= Connie Joyce. Sis= Vestie Murray, Grace Garrett, & Kitty Pelfrey. Bros= Harry, Robert, Billy, & Luther Gilmer.)

CLARK, Pauline Mays age 72 – 14 Jan 2002. F= Thomas Mays. M= Gladys Moore. H= Howard Clifton. Daus= Deborah Blazick & Kristina Mack. Son= Howard C. Clark, Jr. Sis= Louise Witt.

CLARK, William H. Henderson Co., TN age 79 d, 8 Jan 2001 W= Frances W. “Frosty” Clark. Son= Ned Clark.

CLEAR, Forrest Gene age 84 1 Aug 1916 – 5 Jan 2002 F= Charles Clear M= Mary Pyle. W= Anna Bess Mullins.

COLE, Katherine Carnahan age 91 19 Apr 2000 (Dau.= Patsy Cole. Preceded in death by dau. Peggy Cole and son Robert H. Cole)

COLLIN, Carl Edward April 25, 1947 – June 4, 1977 (Father – Carl Hampton Collin – Mother – Margaret Ashley Collin) PS

COLLIN, William Robert Nov. 12, 1872 – June 14, 1957 (Father – Christopher Columbus Collin – Mother – Melissa Sweet Collin) PS

COLLINS, Charles R. Jr. 27 Jun 1917 – 24 Jan 1977 F= Charles R. Collins. M= Lula Caldwell W= Dorothy Blevins. Daus= Charlene C. Damron & Carolyn C. Slagle. Bro.= Robert Ross Collins Sis= Lois Fleenor & Mabel Roller. CS

COLLINS, Earl R. age 86 – 18 Jan 2002 Taylorsville, NC. W= 1st Marjorie Collie 2nd Ruby Jolly Frye. Dau= Treva Carrier. Stepson= Randy Frye

CORNETT, Judy Gail age 53 19 Mar 2000 (F= Jack Cole M= Lou Ella Smeltzer H= Blaine F. Cornett. Sons = Shane & Brad Cornett. Sis. = Pat Whitaker.)

CORVIN, Frank O’Dell age 86 Crockett, Va. – 24 Dec 2001 Johnson City, TN. F= Thomas F. Corvin. M= Laura Bell Umbarger. Sis= Cecil Akers.

COULTER Manie K 6 Nov 192 – 9 Jan 2008 TC

COUNTISS, James Emmett age 94 25 Apr 2002 F= Robert E. Countiss. M= Maggie Cowan. W= Laura Hutton. Dau= Christine Saddler. Son= James H. Countiss. Sis= Fern Nelson & Edna Arnold. Bro= William Countiss.

COWAN, Clara Elizabeth age 96 – 27 Nov 2001

COWAN, Louise Stinnette Knoxville, TN. age 85 – 2 Jan 2001 (F= John Godfrey Stinnette. M= Anna Tipton. H= Taylor O. Cowan, Jr. Son= Taylor O. Cowan III)

COWAN, Ruth Prince age 77 – 9 Nov 2000. (H= James H. Cowan, Jr. Son= James Vincent, John, & David Eugene Cowan. Bros= John, Lester, & Howard Prince.)

COWAN, Taylor O. III age 57 25 Feb 2001 Knoxville, TN. (F= Taylor O. Cowan, Jr. M= Louise Stinette. W= Caroline Ketron. Dau= C. Kristin Cowan. Son= T. Chad Cowan.)

COWAN, Vivian Taylor Liberty IN. age 87 – 18 Dec 2000 Murfreesboro, TN. H= Louis G. Cowan. Bro= Herbert Taylor.

CRABTREE, Frank Macon 1 May 1916 – 4 Jul 1958 F= Thomas J. Crabtree. M= Willie M. Pehlps. W= Ruth Miller. Dau= Phyllis.   TBB

CRABTREE, Thomas Elmon 22 Sep 1924 – 8 Dec 1965 F= Thomas J. Crabtree M= Willie M. Phelps. TBB

CRINER, Peggy Ruth age 81 27 May 2002 Clarksville, TN. F= George Lipps M= Mary Dean. H= Dallas A. Criner. Son= Larry Criner Dau= Pamela Jones. Sis= Jane Clayton, Virginia Hayes, & Jeanette Gamble.

CROSS, Augusta S. age 81 16 Mar 2001. H= Rev. Willard Cross. Sis= Beatrice Tallman. Bro= R. C. Saul.

CROSS, Florence Loraine Washington Co., VA age 70 – 13 Jun 2001 (F= Wiley Sullins M= Georgia Dean Ritter. H= Howard Cross. Sis= Ruth Beecher & Vonda Woodby. Bros= Floyd, Bobby & David Sullins. Preceded in death by a sister Mollie Louise Sullins and a brother Johnny Sullins.)

CROSS, Sallie Belle 9 Sep 1907 Harr, TN 1 May 1984 Carter Co., TN. (F= George Rutherford. M= Lena Williams)

CROWDER, Shirley A. White age 63 – 20 Nov 2000. (F= Bill White. M= Bertie King. Son= Randy Crowder. Bros= Ralph, Glen, Arthur, & Donald White. Sis= Jannie Widner.)

CROWE Dorothy Lynn Roe 06 June 1919 Sullivan County – 02 Dec, 2003 Blountville, TN. w/o Roy Frank Crowe. Parents= Freeman and Cora Pippin Roe Daughters (Joyce Eaton, Louise Weaver, & Brenda Hurley) PW

CROWE, Frank David 23 Jan 1887 Elizabethton, TN 30 Mar 1963 Bristol, VA SCr

CROWE, Levonia Elizabeth [HEATH] 08 Sep 1891 Glade Spring, VA 23 Oct 1982 Bristol, VA w/o Frank David Crowe SCr

CROWE, Roy Joseph Frank 05 Dec 1913 Saltville, VA 05 July 1986 Bristol, TN parents= Frank and Levonia Crowe SCr

CRYMBLE, Lucy May Boswell Petersburg, VA. age 93 – 18 Jan 2002 H= Carter Crymble. Dau= Lucy Morse Selter. Son= Alfred C. Crymble Jr.

CULLOP, Nina Anne age 66 5 Mar 2001 Florida H= Mack Cullop. Daus= Kim Presnell & Glenna Godsey. Sis= Elizabeth O’Dell. Bros= Lee R.. & Ralph Boyd.

CUNNINGHAM, Bob V. age 58 13 Apr 2000 (F= Howard Cunningham. M= Louise Thomas W= Sue B. Cunningham. Dau. Kim Cunningham. Son= Scott Cunningham. Sis. = Judy Diltz. Bro. Carl Cunningham)

CUNNINGHAM, Glenn A. age 84 – 16 Sep 2000 (W= Charlotte Anits Cunningham. Bro= Frank Cunningham. Preceded in death by a son Jimmy Darrell Cunningham.)

CULBERSON, James P. age 58 – 10 Jun 2000 (F= James Pearl Culberson M= Helen Yow. W= Jane L. Culberson. Sons= James Lee, & James Robert Culberson. Stepdaughters= Teresa Hopkins, Shannon Mowery. Bro= Charles Culberson. Sis= Joann Rayell. Foster Father= Hugh Knight)

CULBERTSON, Robert T. Jr. “Buddy” age 75 – 14 Sep 2001 F= Robert T. Culbertson, Sr. M= Bessie Adkins. W= Hazel V. Newton. Dau= Carolyn Jane Culbertson. Sons= Robert W. & Tyre Culbertson. Sis= Lola B. McQue & Beulah Sproles. Halfbro= Robert T. Culbertson III.

CURRINGTON, Joe D. Sr. Russell Co., VA. age 81 – 7 Jun 2001. (F= Joseph D. Currington. M= Emma McPherson. W= 1st Sara E. Guinn 2nd Dorothy Eldreth. Daus= Sarah Ann Boyd & Nancy Newton. Sons= Joe “Pete” Jr., Gary Ray, Ronnie C. & Michael “BoZo” Currington. Stepchildren Alice Eldreth Wilson & Bruce Eldreth)

DAUGHERTY, Lewis A. “lew” age 75 – 2 Aug 2000 Son= Stephen F. Daugherty. Bro= James Ballard Daugherty.

DAVENPORT, Annie Lee b.1896 – 1904

DAVENPORT, Cornelias 1894 – 1919

DAVENPORT, Jerry M. 1858 – 1939

DAVENPORT, Sarah F. 1858 – 1936

DAVIS, Carol E. Rhymer age 50 – 13 Nov 2000. (Parents James & Anna Lee Rhymer. Dau= Candi Blair. Bros= Jack, & Carl Rhymer, Jr. Sis= Linda Smith & Sue Carrier)

DAVIS, Walton Linley age 85 10 Mar 2002 F= Peter Davis. M= Ida Beverly. W= 1st Sarah Manilla Davis. 2nd Bernice Davis. Sons= Linley D., Michael N., & David A. Davis. Dau= Elaine D. Wright. Stepson= James C. Adkins. Stepdau= Nancy Hale. Bro= Chester L. Davis. Preceded in death by first wife and a brother Ralph Davis.

DeARMOND, Margaret J. n. Roanoke, VA. age 83 – 24 Jan 2001 Chilhowie, VA. (H= Paul F. DeArm0ond. Daus= Sharon Slaughter & Gayle Owens. Son= Paul DeArmond, Jr. Bros= Pat & Donald Johnston.)

DELANEY, Doak Moore. 28 Jul 1872 12 Apr 1963 (H= John P./ R. Delaney)

DELANEY, Fannie M. 23 Mar 1917 – 8 Nov 2000. (Parents Eugene & Fannie Mae Brown. H= Fred D. Delaney, Jr. Sis= Florenda L. Mayo. Stepson= Fred D. Delaney, Jr. Grandsons= Roger D. Delaney & Trevor A. Delaney. Preceded in death by her husband, a brother Fred W. Brown, a son Fred L. Richardson.)

DELANEY, Sue Ellen 30 Jun 1894 10 Feb 1980 (F= John R. Delaney M= Doak Moore)

DELANEY, William King 24 Feb 1899 3 Mar 1975 (F= James A. Delaney. M= Sarah C. King. W= Mary L.)

DELP, Nancy Torbett 23 Mar 1936 age 65 – 14 Aug 2001 F= W. Clyde Torbett. M= Jennie G. Mingea. H= Lester Delp. Son= Mark Delp. Bro= Phil Torbett. Sis= Joyce Long.

DELZINGO, HELEN . (1922) Poland age 78 5 Mar 2000 (H= Mike Delzingo Son. Mike Delzingo, Jr. sis = Christina Grey)

DEMOREST, Kenneth R. age 94 9 Apr 2000 (F= William Albert Demorest M= Lula Belle MacCormick W= Clara M. Dau. = Patricia Mason Coffey, Penny Karen Jamor & Pamela Ann Berkemeier)

DENNIS, Mary Etta 23 Feb 1892 6 Mar 1969 (F= William D. Peters M= Alice Payne H= Thomas Dennis)

DENNIS, Thomas William 14 Sep 1893 10 Feb 1977 (F= Chris Dennis M= Maggie Delaney W= Marry Etta Peters)

DEREY, Edythe Pratt age 86 3 May 2000 (Parents= Walter and Sallie Pratt. H= Vernon F. Derey. Son= Clifford Walter “Bud” Derey. Daus= Sally D. Cross & Jill D. Brinser. Bro = Walter “Jack” Pratt Prededed in death by two brothers Mahlon and Winford Pratt.)

DENTON, Zelma Marie Montgomery age 75 – 12 Jul 2001. (F= Walter Montgomery M= Minnie Smith. H= J. B. Denton. Dau= Robin Sutherland. Sons= Kenneth, Todd, & Mickey Denton. Sis= Bertha Rogers, Bess Musick & Alma Roberts. Bros= Bobby, Frank, & Don Montgomery.)

DEVOR, Annie Neal age 104 – 10 Oct 2000 Apopka, FL.

DLEANEY, John P. 21 Aug 1867 – 10 Sep 1959 (W= Doak Moore)

DOAN, William W. “Woody” age 85 NC. 20 Feb 2002 F= Charles Doan. M- Minnie Hollifield. W= Cora Mae Johnson. Dau= Louise Harlan. Son= William W. Doan Jr. Sis- Helen Rogers & Daisy Banner. Bro= Clyde Doan.

DOBBINS, Frankie D. age 56 18 Apr 2002 F= Harvey B. Dobbins Sr. M= Ruby Ruth Humphreys. Bros= Harvey Jr., Fred, Carl & Don Dobbins. Preceded in death by sisters Helen M. Kirkman & Mabel L. Holt.

DOWELL, Emory J. age 68 16 Feb 2001 (Parents Frank & Ada Dowell. W= Charlcie Marie Doss. Daus= Loretta Marie Booher, & Ada Mae Slaughter. Sons = Emory F. “Hank”, Paul Allen, Donald Wayne, Ronald Raymond Dowell. Sis= Winnie Peters, Ora Bell Nunn, Shirley Hyatt, Rita Jean White, Ruth Eicholez, & Ida Mae Whitt. Bro= Paul H. Dowell.)

DOYLE, Lewis Jackson, “Jack” age 64 1 Mar 2001. Parents Albert Jack & Ruby Lee Doyle. W= Etter Doyle. Son= Lewis Jackson Doyle II. Sis= Shirley Doyle. Bro= Earl W. “Hump” Doyle

DRAFFEN, Debra Roop age. 42 24 Dec 1960 – 08 Jan 2003 Parents: Vernon and Min Roop Husband: Stephen Draffen Brother: Timmy Roop PB

DROKE, Dorothy Elizabeth Hendrickson. May 1914 Sullivan County, TN. – 1968, Bristol, TN, age 54. (F= James Albert Hendrickson. M=Sally Elizabeth Glover. H=Deward William Droke. Son= Jimmie D. Droke. Sis= Pauline Watkins. Bro= John Allen Hendrickson. Preceded in death by bro= Mark Hendrickson) JT

DROKE, Nancy Bell Sluder, 23 Aug 1939 Sullivan County, TN, – 15 Jun 1985, Bristol, TN, age 45. (preceded in F=William Lee Sluder. Survivors: M=Kathleen Elizabeth Neal. H=Jimmie D. Droke. Daughter=Janet Denise Taylor. Son=Don Droke. Sis= Mary Evelyn Johnson. Bros= Hugh Edward, Billy Jay, Charles Austin, Bobby Lewis, Fleming Dwight Sluder) JT

DUNCAN, Beulah “Bea” Kesner age 86 – 16 Nov 2001 Johnson City, TN. F= David H. Kesner M= Maude Cross. H= H. C. Duncan. Daus= Ann Brake & Elizabeth Nobles. Son= David Duncan. Sis= Ruth Moore & Faye Hill.

DUNCAN, John Preston 4 Aug 1887 7 Mar 1967 (F= John Duncan M= Rebecca Woods W= Sallie Kate Herron)

DUNCAN, Sallie Kate 15 Mar 1879 – 13 Jul 1963 (F= William Herron M= Elizabeth Jane Hicks H= John Preston Duncan. Children = Harry P. & Ernest V. Duncan.)

DUNLAP, Margaret Elizabeth Steppe – 16 Aug 2001. Parents William & Maude Steppe. H= Walter E. “Buck” Dunlap. Sons= Thomas G., James E., & John W. Dunlap. Preceded in death by her husband and a sister Ethel, and brothers Francis & Bill Steepe.

DUTY, George Thomas Buckingham Co., VA age 74 – 9 Jan 2002 Parents David L. & Nora Amos Duty. W= Helen Duty. Sis= Alice Bade, Martha Woodlief, & Nora Bess Davis. Bros= David L., & Amos Patrick Duty. Preceded in death by a daughter Deborah Sue Duty, a sister Mary St. Clair, & a brother Homer Hopkins Duty.

DYKES, Dewolf “Dee” Hawkins Co., TN. – 16 Jul 2001 (W= Nancy Jones. Son= David Dewolf Dykes. Sis= Mary Louise Price & Grace Dobbs. Bros= Raymond & Paul Dykes.)

EADES, James D. – 8 Nov 1997 W= Viola Ruth Eades. Daus= Janie Moore, Penny Holden, Sandy “Sissy” Sproles. Sons= Timothy Edd & Michael David Eades. Sis= Mary Artburn, Lola Hopkins, & Wanda Troxel. Bro= Jerry & George Eades

EADS, Betty Mae 29 Mar 1916 – 31 Dec 1989 (F= Oscar Charles Wolfe M= Lula Ann Stewart. H= Fred Shumacher Eads)

EADS, David King 15 Jan 1946 – 15 Jan 1946 (F= Fred Shumacher Eads M= Betty Mae Wolfe)

EADS, Fred Shumaker 16 Nov 1912 Washington Co. VA – 1 Dec 1982 BR TN (F= Samuel Eads M= Louise Widner W= Betty Mae Wolfe)

EADES, Mary L. age 89 24 Mar 2001. (Parents Austin & Gladys Anderson. H= Edward Eades. Daus= Betty Jones, Gladys White, Peggy Dugger, Sue Clark, & Martha Leonard. Sons= Edward, Douglas, & Tommy Eades. Preceded in death by her parents & husband and a son Jimmy Eades, and a sister Margaret Anderson Shapland)

EADS, Mary Nell 29 Mar 1877 – 25 Oct 1965 (F= Archibold Mason (NC) M= Angeline Carson (TN) H= Will Eads)

EADS, Sarah Littleford age 86 17 Mar 2001 F= Charles Littleford. M= Norah Friend. H= Garnet Eads. Daus= Betty L. Spicer, Jean Sechrest, & Cartha Smith. Preceded in death by a son Karl Page Eller.

EASLEY, Frances Hatcher 1912 – 1989

EASLEY, George Harrison Jr. 1909 – 1974

EAST, Clarence Lee 17 Oct 1913 26 Mar 1961 (F= Lewis A. East M= Mary Elizabeth Smith W= Geneva Captola Sampson) (Served USMC WW II & Korea) PED

EAST, Geneva Captola Sampson 13 Jul 1916 Pike Co., KY – 05 Oct 2002 (F= Sylvester Sansom & Ona Dale Gooslin) PED

EAST, George William 14 Nov 1865 – 8 Sep 1950 (VA) (F= Samuel Alexander East M= Frances Custer. W= Mary Allie Walden) PED

EAST, Kate 29 Dec 1861 27 Mar 1948 (F= Samuel Alexander East M= Frances Custer) PED

EAST, Mary Allie Walden 6 Sep 1877 (VA) – 19 Aug 1939 (F= Lewis Walden M= Ann Price H= George William East.) PED

EASTERLY, Mae Carter Maces Springs, VA. age 96 13 Mar 2001. H= French H. Easterly.

EATON, Jackson Coose [Cuse] April 2, 1927, son of GEORGE EATON and CHRISTINA LEONARD. born July 8, 1905, in TN. Died January 30, 1988, in Bristol, W= Nannie Hawkins FMM

EDEN, George H. Dungannon, VA age 82 8 Feb 2002 Mountain Home, TN. F= John Eden M= Mary Meade. W= Clara B. Williams. Son= George “Tony” Eden. Sis= Cosby Carter.

EDWARDS, Adele Buchanan 17 Feb 1912 Green Cove, VA. age 89 – 29 Dec 2001 Sacramento, CA. Parents William & Mary Buchanan. H= Karl W. Edwards. Dau= Linda Annette Goode.

ELLENBURG, Eliza Jane “Jude” 28 Feb 1890 – 7 Jul 1980.(F= John William Boling M= Nellie Jones 1st husband Hubert Lee Blevins 2nd husband William Walter Ellenburg)

ELDRETH, Bessie age 94 19 May 2001 H= 1st Alex Hurley 2nd Barta Eldreth. Dau= Frances H. Musick. Son= Jack Hurley. Sis= Maude Hayton. Setpdau= Kit Eldreth. Stepsons= David & Reggie Eldreth.

ELMORE, Virginia Sue “Ginger” 18 Oct 1954 – 18 Nov 1973 (F= James W. Reynolds M= Bobbie Sue Boling H= Charles Edward Elmore, Jr)

EMBREE, James Ernest Bristol, TN age 89 – 25 Nov 2000 Elizabethton, TN. (F= Wesley Embree M= Ida Ashburn. W= Theo Boling. Sons= James A., Ernest Lee, Jeffrey Scott, & Ronnie Embree. Preceded in death by a son Donald Embree.)

EMMERT, Alma Louise (1927) age 72 23 Feb 2000 (H= Dayton R. Emmert Son = Ron Emmert Dau. = Mary Ellen Rutherford Hosey Bro. = Dan and Henry Pendergrass. Sis. = Ada Lynn Faulkner, Jesse Mae Shaffer, and Wilma Gatton)

EPPERSON, McKenzie Faith 31 Mar 2001 – 4 Jun 2001 Johnson City, TN. (F= Kris Epperson. M= Claudia Shannon Pilkin. . Sis= Alyssa Shannon Epperson & Lauren Hope Epperson. Paternal grandparents Wayne Epperson & Anita Gail Rost. Maternal grandparents Randy Allen Grant & Shelia Darlene Pilkin.)

ESTEP, Josephine Elizabeth age 81 Washington Co., VA 1 Feb 2002 Bristol, TN. F= Egger Mayfield Estep. M= Susie Bolling. Sis= Kathleen Smith & Janie Booher. Preceded in death by two brother Herbert & Jack Estep.

ESTES, Angela Michelle Adams. Age 27 – 17 Jan 2002 Omaha, NB. F= Tony Adams M= Becky Harr. H= Gary Estes Jr. Sis= Laura Beth Story. Paternal grandmother Patsy Adams. Maternal grandfather Price Harr.

FAIDLEY, Bess Rebecca 14 Aug 1895 – 14 Oct 1981 (F= Samuel O’Dell M= Laura White )

FANKHOUSER, Mary Betty age 77 15 Apr 2001. F= James R. Dent. M= Lula DeBusk. H= Dr. Russell Lewis Fankhouser. Dau= Holly Herring. Son= Russell J. Fankhouser. Sis= Patricia D. Baines.

FAUST, Robert Gregory 9 Apr 1968 Columbia, SC – 20 Jan 2002 Bristol, TN Parents Bob & Peggy Faust. W= Joy Dawn Cooper. Daus= Chasity St. Claire, & Daelyn Jade Faust. Bro= Baron Faust. Paternal grandfather= Charles Jake Faust.

FEATHERS, David Eli 18 Nov 1905 – 10 Jan 1976 (F= John Feathers. M= Sarah Elizabeth Vance. W= Ruth Strouth.)

FEATHERS, Louise S. Knoxville, TN. – 26 Oct 2001 F= James Woods M= Mabel Phillips H= 1st A. Kyle Smith (d.1958) 2nd James M. Feathers (d. 1989) Dau= Irma “Sammie” Childers. Son= Robert K. Smith. Stepsons= Steve & Larry Feathers.

FEATHERS, Lucille E. age 70 21 Jan 1923 23 Mar 2002 Parents Obie & Fannie Collins. H= Clarence L. Feathers. Son= Ronnie Lee, & Tom Feathers. Bro= Robert Collins. Preceded in death by her husband and sister Martha Mullins & Donnie Collins and brothers John B. & James O “Sam” Collins.

FEATHERS, Tom G. 1948 – 1998 (W=Janet L. Feathers children-Lisa Feathers Brewer, Jon (Jr.) Feathers Jeffery Feathers Grandchildren Andy,Thomas, Jesse and Amber Brewer-Nicholas Feathers- Tory, Billie and A.J. Feathers TC

FELTNER, Robin Dwayne Jr. F= Robin Fletner M= Charlotte Hodge. Maternal grandmother Myra Hodge. Paternal grandmother Loretta Boone.

FELTY, Alma Lucille Bristol TN age 89 – 9 Sep 2000 Miami, FL. (Parents Robert & Mattie Arnold. H= Charles H. Felty. Dau= Peggy J. Curry. Sis= Ruth Miller, Yolanda McCrosky, & Marcie Hill. Preceded in death by three brother Francis, Spencer, & Tommy Arnold and two sisters Beulah Lovelace & Jewel Forrester.)

FIENE, Theta Kaylor age 93 – 1 Aug 2001. Dau= Susan Fiene.

FINE, Lila June Loggans age 67 18 May 2000 (F= Lonas W. Loggans, Sr. M= Gladys Loggans. H= Victor Fine. Sis= G. Lee Mullins & Jo Ann Pelarski. Bros= Lonas W. Loggans, Jr.)

FLEENOR, Bettye Wella Big Stone Gap, VA. age 67 18 Apr 2001. H= Jimmy K. Fleenor. Son= Doug Fleenor. Sis= Nina Taylor, Ann Collier, Janice Burnett & Dot Tiwdell. Bros= Hubert, Jackie, & Art Wells. Preceded in death by a brother Billy Wells.

FLEMING, Gwen Phillips 1911 Castle Haven, Cambridge, MD. age 90 – 5 Jan 2002 Fripp Island, SC. H= John Fleming. Daus= Ann McLendon & Gwendolyn Scaff.

FLICK, Abram 1878 – 1890 (F= James A. Flick. M= Amanda Hale)

FLICK, Amanda 16 Jul 1847 – 17 Dec 1890 (H= James A. Flick)

FLICK, James A. 26 Nov 1847 – 27 Jan 1927 (W= Amanda Hale)

FORD, Connie Lasley age 42 16 May 2001. Parents William Burns & Elizabeth Lasley. Sis= Barbara Keeling, Wanda Golladay, & Pamela Lansley. Bro= Douglas Lasley. Son= Shane Alexander Ford. Preceded in death by her father and a brother William Ralph Lasley.

FORD, Emma Malasia – born May 19, 1885 Ashe Co., NC – 1957 buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Bristol, TN; Father – Thomas Floyd “T. F.” Ford; Mother – Amelia Etta McDaniel Ford; Brothers – John Calvin, Trealie Columbus & William Horton; Sister: Julia Verlie Ford Winebarger Marker SWR

FORD, Ollie Pat – April 18, 1930-Feb. 15, 2007 (F: Robert Lee Bowman; M: Susie Jones Bowman; H: Walter Lee Ford) SWR

FORD, Walter Lee – April 18, 1927 – Sept. 12, 1994 (F: John Calvin Ford; M: Inex Elsie Trivette; W: Pat Bowman Ford) SWR

FORD, William “Will” Horton – born June 29, 1893 Ashe Co., NC –January 20, 1966 buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Bristol, TN; Father – Thomas Floyd “T. F.” Ford; Mother – Amelia Etta McDaniel Ford; Brothers – John Calvin & Trealie Columbus; Sisters: Julia Verlie Ford Winebarger & Emma Malasia Ford Marker SWR

FOULK, Carl E. age 78 Bristol, VA 21 Mar 2002 Bristol, TN F= Hicks Foulk M= Mary Hicks. W= Colleen Frazier. Daus= Gloria Oster, Janet Shannon, & Leigh Scheuer. Bro= Don R. Foulk. Sis= Katherine Sheffey, Dorothy Hills, & Linda Sparks. Preceded in death by a brother Fred W. Foulk.

FRANCE, Verda Josephine Oct 13, 1912 – Jan 26, 1976 (Father – Dave Stout – Mother- Lona Louise Fletcher Stout) PS

FRANCIS, Robert E. Lee age 81 Green Cove, VA 27 Mar 2002 Knoxville, TN. F= Quincy Francis M= Mary Ann Powers. W= Etta Francis. Dau= Annette Harkleroad. Son= Donnie Lee Francis. Sis= Edna Bowers, Edith Frye, & Gladys Snow. Bros= Howard & Paul Francis. Preceded in death by brothers Thomas Everett & Frank Allen Francis & a sister Ella Clark.

FRITTS, Lacy Wayne age 84 24 Mar 2002. Parents William & Flossie Fritts. W= Virginia Susan Christian. Sons= Billy W., Jim, & Jerry Fritts. Sis= Helen Morris. Preceded in death by his wife and a daughter Sandra Booher.

FRANKLIN, David age 44 – 10 Oct 2001. F= Lawrence Franklin. M= Helen Farmer. Dau= Risha Brooke Franklin. Sis= Joyce Farris. Bro= Larry Franklin. Former wife Cheryl Franklin.

FRAZIER, Clyde Lee 22 May 1927 age 73 4 Apr 2001 (F= John Albert Frazier M= Maggie White. W= Betty Jo Frazier. Daus= Shirley F. Phipps, & Donna Renee Tomblin. Son= David Frazier. Sis= Kathleen Lundy & Margaret “Peepsi” Triplet. Bro= John Lee Frazier. Preceded in death by his parents & wife and daughter Janet Kay Frazier.)

FREELS, Lincoln C. “Inky” Jr. Maryville, TN. age 64 – 26 Jun 2001 (F= Lincoln C. Freels. M= Pauline Bond. W= Joan Buchanan. Sons= David Freels. Bro= Robert Edward Freels. He was preceded in death by two sisters Marjorie F. DeFriece and Betty Rose Pollard)

FRITZGERALD, Dell Carter Raleigh, NC age 71 8 May 2001. F= Robert G. Carter. M= Elizabeth McConnell. H= D. Brution Fitzgerald. Daus= Barbara Kelly & Becky Strouth. Son= Bill Fitzgerald. Sis= Betsy Mills & Louise Brooks.

FRYE, Mary Hazel Hughes Johnson City, TN.age 84 15 Mar 2001 Johnson City, TN F= James Hughes M= Mary Miller. H= 1st Emmit Sullins Vaught 2nd Burley L. Frye. Dau= Mary Frances McClelland Stepsons= Bob, Earl, & Larry Frye. Sis= Julia Hatcher & Margaret Booher Barber

FULTON, Dorothy Frances Shepherd age 66 Inman, VA. 3 May 2002. F= Walter Shepherd. M= Verdie Brewer. H= Jesse Fulton. Daus= Yvonne Arnold Baldwin & Sandra Arnold Rutledge. Son= Tony Arnold. Sis= Edna Rasnick, Mary Mahan, Nadine Suttle & Flo Johnson. Bro= Paul & Roy Shepherd.

FULWIDER, Caressa Gale 24 Feb 1882 – 17 Nov 1965

FULWIDER, James Emmett 5 Feb 1887 – 6 Jan 1977 (F= William M. Fulwider M= Virginia Seagle/Slagle W= Nora Mahaffey)

FULWIDER, Mary Nettie 30 Oct 1882 – 6 Jan 1974

FULWIDER, Nora Alma Mahaffey 27 Mar 1890 – 27 Oct 1977 (F= David L. Mahaffey M= Mary E. Peters H= James E. Fulwider)

FULWIDER, Robert Everett 25 Jul 1878 – 17 Dec 1950

FULWIDER, Sarah V. 31 Dec 1858 – 19 Nov 1927 (H= William M. Fulwider)

FULWIDER, William Moses 24 Jul 1857 – 16 Nov 1940

FULWIDER, William R. Sr. 1893- 1987

GARDNER, Margaret J. Ashe Co., NC age 96 19 Mar 2001 F= Thomas L. Sluder. M= Delphia S. Osborne. H= Carlton B. Gardner. Sis= Frances Tolbert, Fay Feather, Cleo Beach. Bros= Claude, & Thomas “Ed” Sluder. Preceded in death by her husband and her son Denver Taylor.

GATES, Stephen M. age 41 – 31 Oct 2000. Parents Dr. & Mrs. Silas B. Gates. H= Tammy Cochran. Dau= Kelli & Katie Gates.

GEDRAYTIS, Edward Francis age 91 – 24 Jan 2001 Jonesboro, GA. (Dau= Diana Thames. Son= Edward D. Gedraytis. Bro= Anthony Gedraytis.)

GEMMELL, Ruby Jones (1914) age 86 4 Mar 2000 Bristol VA (F= James E. Jones M= Ida Rogers H= William Law Gemmell, Jr. Dau. = Billie Gemmell, & Donna Shaffer Sons.= James M., David E., Daniel J., John P., and Charles R. Gemmell. Sis.= Pearl Hamilton . Son = William Law Gemmell III)

GENTRY, Rushie B. – 19 Oct 2001. F= Freeman Carrier M= Lillie Newton. H= Gus D. Gentry. Sons= Danny James, & Douglas Freeman Allen Gentry. Bros= Edward, & J. W. Carrier.

GENTRY, Walter R. Green Springs, VA. – 25 Sep 2001 F= Elijah Gentry. M= Sarah Rebecca Harris. W= Lillie Rosetta Gentry. Dau= Margaret Johnson.

GIBSON, Louise Helms age 102 Pulaski, VA 6 Mar 2002 Bluff City, TN. F= G. Frank Helms. M= Corinne Pendleton. H= Claude L. Gibson. Dau= Daphne G. McCord. Sis= Dorothy Helms Stone. Preceded in death by a brother Richard B. Helms.

GILLEY, Virginia Nidiffer age 92 – 1 Nov 2000. H= B. G. Gilley. Son= Robert H. “Doc” Gilley. Dau= Brenda G. Scott. Sis= Mae Nidiffer. Bro= Earl, & Ray Nidiffer.

GILLY, Bruce Edward age 78 – 16 Nov 2000 Richmond, VA. (F= Peter Marvin Gilly. M= Margaret VanBebber. W= Ritzie “Rita” Grubbs . Son= Larry M. Gilly. Sis= Dot Nicar, Ann Williams, Betty Gilly, & Peggy McClung. Preceded in death by two sons= Johnnie & Bruce Edward Gilly, Jr. one bro= James Marvin Gilly.)

GILMER, James P. age 84 7 Nov 1916 Hansonville, VA. – 12 Oct 2001 Elkton, MD F= Joseph Axley Gilmer. M= Lou Browning. W= Lucy W. Gilmer. Son= James P. Gilmer. Dau= Joanne G. Barrett. Bro= Hugh M. Gilmer.

GILPIN, Dorothy Bolling Bray age 88 23 May 2001. F= W. I. Bolling. M= Laura Short. Daus= Betty B. Sheets, Judy Arnold, & Jane Dotson. Son= Jack M. Bray. Preceded in death by a son James M. Bray.

GILREATH, Louise 11 Feb 1919 – 25 Jun 1982 F= Calvin H. Pickel M= Ruby Elminie Lunsford H= Raymond Archie Gilreath CH

GILREATH, Raymond Archie 4 Jan 1916 10 Mar 1991 W= Louise Pickel CH

GODSEY, Livingston T. “Lib” born 6 Jun 1903 in TN and died 30 Nov 1961. Son of Thomas Preston (Sr.) and Margaret Mary “Maggie” Godsey. LM

GODSEY, Meredith Maxine JOHNS LONG born 15 Oct 1922 in Etowah, McMinn CO, TN, died 14 Feb 1970. Parents: Thomas H. and Flora Velva MATHIS JOHNS. Married: 1) J. D. LONG 2) Stanley Fields GODSEY abt 1943 in Bristol, Sullivan CO, TN (would love a copy of this marriage license). Funeral home was Paul Cook. Buried in Glenwood Section 4, Lot # 296, in Plot 1 or 2 (husband in the other plot). LM

GODSEY, Stanley Fields born 14 Sep 1910, died 6 Feb 1993. Parents: Thomas P. and Margaret “Maggie” GODSEY. Wife was Meredith Maxine JOHNS GODSEY. He is buried in Glenwood Section 4, Lot # 296, in Plot 1 or 2 (wife in the other plot). Funeral Home was Oakley-Cook. LM

GRAHAM, Harry L. age 85 – 29 Sep 2000 Wichita, KS W= Mary Graham. Son= James R. Graham. Dau= Jennie May Ermie.

GRAY, John Clark Panama City, Fl age 79 24 Feb 2001 (F= Joseph S. Gray. M= Julia Philips. W= Ruth Mayo. Sons= Michael C., & Thomas C. Gray. Sis= Lois Gray Henschen. Bro= Philip Gray.

GRAYBEAL, Burl O. age 68 – 7 Dec 2002 F= Rev. Burl O’Dell Graybeal Sr. M= Rose Lee Hyler. W= Kathy Bray. Stepsons= John Cartmell & Eric Cartmell. Sis= Ottolene Ingle & Ruby Mercer. Preceded in death by a sister Bonnie Gorham and brothers Ernest, Stanley, Charles O., & Harry H. Graybeal.

GRAYBEAL, Charles O. age 79 – 14 Jun 2000 (W= Ada Lynn Hawkins Daus= Daine Smith, Terry Graybeal. Son Nicholas Graybeal. Sis= Ruby Mercer, Ottolene Ingle, Bonnie Gorham. Bro= Burl Graybeal Jr.)

GREER, Earl H. 4 Jul 1913-17 Oct 1973 AG

GREER, Frances Lee – 20 Dec 2001 F= Roy Greer M= Virgie Watson. Sis= Phyllis Snead & Barbara Jean Greer. Bros= Robert Earl, & Johnny Dallas Greer. Preceded in death by a sister Linda Greer & brothers Roy & Allen Greer.

GREER, Gertrde E. 22 Mar 1921-10 Jul 2007 AG

GREER, Roy Herman age 84 22 Apr 1917 10 Mar 2002 F= John L. Greer. M= Ethel Taylor. W= 1st Virgie Watson 2md Diane Price. Dau= Phyllis Snead & Barbara Greer. Sons= Robert Earl & Johnny Dallas Greer.

GREGORY, Virginia Patton Spencer, NC age 88 – 27 Jul 2000 Johnson City, TN. (H= Ray Gregory. Dau= Joyce Ottingerl. Preceded in death by a dau.= Carolyn Gienty)

GRIFFIN, Martha A. age 93 6 Mar 2002 Knoxville, TN. F= James A. Riley. M= Minnie Stone. H= Rev. Arthur B. Griffin. Son= Sam Griffin. Sis= Kathleen Lipford. Bro= Paul P. Riley.

GRIFFIN, Vivian Winiford 20 Jun 1918 – 17 Aug 1998 F= Thomas J. Crabtree M= Willie M. Phelps. H= 1st Raymond Haward Watkins 2nd Jessie “Junior” Griffin. TBB

GRIMES, Edward Cecil, Jr. 4 Jul 1935 d-11-10-1987 (F= Edward Cecil Grimes, Sr. M= Maude Martin)

GRIMES, Edward Cecil, Sr. 11 Nov 1892 – 14 Aug 1987 (F= John Grimes M= Lucinda Holt. W= Maude Martin)

GRIZZLE, Bertha Dickenson Co., VA. age 95 – 2 Jul 2001 (F= Brice Owens. M= Sally Jane Stanley. H= Fonsby Grizzle. Dau= Shirley Booher. Sons= Chad & Billy Grizzle. Sis= Mary Bradley & Nannie Kennedy. Preceded in death by her husband and a son Sammy Grizzle and a daughter Jean Davis.)

GROSS, Hester Ann Flick 1 Jan 1881 1 Apr 1966 (F= James Flick M= Amanda Hale H= Robert L. Gross)

GROSS, Howard Gordan age 80 – 7 Feb 2002 Parents Robert L. & Hester Ann Gross. W= Maggie Gross. Sons= Jerry, Allen, & Timmy Gross. Dau= Phyllis Wix.

GROSS, Rosa Harmon Bristol, VA. age 78 – 9 Nov 2001 DeLand, FL. Parents Marion & Nellie Harmon. H= James M. Gross. Son= Douglas A. Gross. Bro= Marion Junior Harmon.

GRUBB, Larry F. B. (1949) age 51 26 Feb 2000 (F= James Grubb, Sr. M= Bell Grubb W= Martha Grubb. Sis. = Elizabeth Hodge & Janice Carrier. Bros.= James Grubb, Jr. Jerry, & Glen Grubb)

GUINN, Henry V. “Red” age 83 – 26 Aug 2000 (F= Wiley Guinn M= Elizabeth Pierce. W= Lorraine Jones. Betsy G. Brown. Son= Henry Alan Guinn )

GUINN, Isaac Junior age 76 – 6 Jul 2000 (W= Ethel Myrel Guinn. Sons= Jimmy Lee andJohn F. Guinn. Sis = Lydia Burgess.)

HAGA, Nancy L. Meadowview, VA age 63 – 15 Oct 2000 (F= Charles Spencer Bowers M= Mary Edith Jackson.(Desc) H= Gene Walter Haga. Dau= Gina Haga Lowrance. Bro= Freddie Bowers)

HAGAN, Georgia Mae South Johnson City, TN – 21 Sep 2001. Bristol, TN Parents Mr. & Mrs Charles E. South. H= Hugh Hagan. Sis= Welen Weaver & Gladys Howard.

HAGE, Lois Lula Simpson Algoma, WV. age 84 – 1 Dec 2001. Sis= Catherine Mercer & Mary Brackens. Bros= Walter Jr., Frank, Charles, & William McKinley Adkins. Preceded in death by one brother Raymond Adkins & a sister Lilly Mae Adkins.

HAGEY, K. Albert age 90 – 27 Sep 2001. F= King Albert Hagey. M= Mabel Dulaney W= Rozelle Hagan. Son= King A. Hagey. Daus= Patricia Connelly & Dianne Proffit. Sis= Doris McGlashan. Bros= Marvin & David Hagey.

HAGY, Dudley C. Elk Park, NC – 10 Jul 2001. (W= 1st Mildred Speer 2nd Mary Alice McCracken Hagy. Son= Dudley Gene Hagy. Sis= Evelyn Poore. Stepchildren= Wesley McCracken, Deloris Kelly & Carlos McCracken)

HALE, Verlin age 73 – 24 Sep 2000 Parents Bill & Virgie Hale. (W= Ruth Hale. Dau= Pam Denton. Sons= Terry & Greg hale. Sis= Geraldine Babcock and Esther “Sissy” Hale. Bros= Neatom, Curtis, and Chester Hale.)

HALE, William R. age 79 1 May 2001 F= Andrew F. Hale. M= Rosa Lois Stout. H= Viola Lois Hale. Sons= Earl, R. L., Ronnie, Gene, & Bobby Hale.

HALL, Harold James age 43 – 5 Jun 2000 (Parents Ralph & Mary Hall. W= Lynda White Dau= Valerie Starr Hall Son= Ben J. Hall. Sis= Osythe Whicker. Bros= Ralph “Junior” and Phil Hall.)

HALL, William Emmett 1906 18 Feb 2000 (W= Virginia Clark)

HALL, William Jr. age 73 19 Apr 1999. F= Emmett Hall. Sis= Mary Elizabeth Holden.

HALLUM, Carolyn Wingfield (umarked grave 5-08-1940 in Martinsville, VA – 08 Apr 1991 in Johnson City, TN Father-William Webster Wingifield, Mother-Pearl Rakes Wingfield, husband, William H. Hallum, daughters-Sara Catherine Hallum, Mary Elizabeth Hallum, Nicole Carol Hallum.) NHC

HAMLIN, Michael “Mike” Ngozi age 46 2 Mar 6-2001.

HAMPTON, Eva Renah 21 Feb 1904 – 13 May 1999. (Dau of Elijah and Lillie Frazier Caldwell – preceded in death by h= James Oliver Arnold survived by Son= Eugene Howard Arnold Daus.= Wilma Nadine Arnold, Barbara June Arnold Reynolds, Ruby Lois Arnold Vick) RLV

HARKLEROAD, Robert Cureton “Bobby” 10 Aug 1926 – 24 Nov 2006 F= Frank W. Harkleroad M= Annette Johnson sis=Frances Harkleroad Trammell SWR

HARLEY, Nannie Frances East 23 Sep 1894 (VA) 19 Apr 1975 (Bristol, VA) (F= George W. East M= Mary Allie Wallden H= 1st Clyde E. Shoecraft 2nd Charley David Harley.) PED

HARLOW, William H. “Bill” age 87 15 Apr 2002. F= Luther Harlow M= Meddie Harmon. W= Georgia Harlow. Son= Jerry Harlow Daus= Sandy Sheffield & Teresa Feathers. Bros= Thurman & Grady Harlow. Preceded in death by brothers Henry, Jim, & Bynam Harlow.

HARR, Charles G. Harr 1907 – 1992 (s/o William Harr-h/o Margaret Alice Dishner) BHB

HARR, Charles Wade Harr 23 April 1936 – 10 Sept 1997 (s/o Charles G. Harr and Margaret Alice Dishner) BHB

HARR, Delores Christine Harr April 1933 – June 1933 BHB

HARR, Erma W. Harr 1907 – 1975 BHB

HARR, Joe W. Harr 1905 – 1975 BHB

HARR, Julie Theresa Harr 1955 BHB

HARR, Margaret A. Harr 1912 – 1989 (d/o James Luther Dishner and Cora Dell Leonard-w/o Charles G. Harr) BHB

HARR, Margaret M. Harr 18 Jan 1908 – 23 Aug 1999(w/o Robert Lee Harr) BHB

HARR, Mary D. Harr 12 Feb 1908 – 5 Jan 1995 (d/o James Luther Dishner and Cora Dell Leonard-w/o William T. Harr) BHB

HARR, Robert Jackson “Bob” age 73 14 Mar 2001. (F= Robert Lee Harr. M= Margaret Minnick. W= Margaret Louise Bowery. Sons= Jack & Steve Harr. Bro= Price Ernest Harr. Sis= Pauline Patton, Lena Vance, & Elizabeth Bowman.)

HARR, Robert Lee Harr 7 Oct 1902 – 25 Oct 1986(s/o Thomas J. Harr and Rebecca Massie) BHB

HARR, William T. 8 Oct 1895 – 8 Aug 1977 Pvt. US ARMY WWI(s/o Thomas J. Harr and Rebecca Massie h/oMary Ella Dishner) BHB

HARRISON, Lucy Jean age 69 – 6 Jun 2000 (H= Nathan L. Harrison Sr. Dau= Kathy Shabeldeen, Debbie Basinger & Melanie Davis. Sons= Bob, Nathan, Jr., Bill, & John Harrison. Sis= Lenna Hodgson & Altalee Lewis.)

HASSINGER, William E. age 96 14 Sep 1905 Forest Co., PA 11 Mar 2002 Bristol, TN F= Luther Hassinger. M= Letisha Houghton W= Margaret Murray. Sis= Mary Jane Hasinger. Son= William E. Hassinger Jr. Bro= Martin Hassinger.

HATCHER, C. M. “Jack” age 81 – 19 Jun 2001. (F= Earl Hatcher M= Hattie Sharpe. W= Sybil Hatcher. Sons= Michale B. & Tony L. Hatcher. Sis= Dorothy Mann & Bonnie Phipps. Bro= Carl B. Hatcher.)

HATCHER, Dorothy J. 17 Feb 1912 5 Mar 1983

HATCHER, James C. 18 Aug 1913 – 31 Jul 1992

HATCHER, Mattie 9 Aug 1868 – 18 Dec 1947 (F= Alfred Blevins M= Mary Bolling H= William E. Hatcher)

HATCHER, William Edgar 9 Jun 1873 27 Apr 1947 (F= William M. Hatcher M= Stacy Sams W= Mattie Blevins.)

HAWK,Ivan Hobart March 30, 1923, – May 23, 1995 F=Erful Riley Hawk; M=Annie M. Greene Hawk w. Mary Bell Walsh Hawk sons: Larry D. Hawk, Phillip D. Hawk, Lynn A. Hawk preceded in death by son: Lyles W. Hawk Brother=Claude Hawk Sisters=BonnieWhittaker, Doris Hawk PH

HAWK,Lyles Wayne Nov. 25, 1959; – Nov. 25, 1959 F=Ivan H. Hawk; M=Mary B. Walsh Hawk brothers: Larry D. Hawk, Phillip D. Hawk, Lynn A. Hawk PH

HAWKINS, Nannie born: August 10, 1911, in Gate City, Scott County, VA, Daughter of Jesse and Flora (Roe) Hawkins. Died: January 6, 1970, in Bristol, Sullivan County, TN. H=Jackson Coose [Cuse] Eaton FMM

HAYES, John KY age 86 – 5 Jan 2001. (F= George Hayes M= Daisy Stephens. W= Anna Laura Nagle. Dau= Carol Anne Edgy. Sons= John R., & George Hayes. Bro= William Hayes.)

HAYES, Mattie Ellen AYES born 11 Aug 1922 and Died July 1990: father Henry Gilmore Ayers; mother Ethel Elizabeth OAKS Ayers: children: Martha Ellen Hayes Ingram, Paul Silven Hayes, Mary Evelyn Hayes Stoots; Henry Gilmore Hayes MHI

HAYES, Paul Born 7 Feb 1922 and Died 1 Oct 1996 father: George Hayes; mother: Daisy Ruth STEPHENS Hayes; children: Martha Ellen Hayes Ingram, Paul Silven Hayes, Mary Evelyn Hayes Stoots; Henry Gilmore Hayes MHI

HAYES, Savannah V. Stallard age 93 30 May 2001 F= Scott Stallard M= Ada Price. Son= James Riley. Preceded in death by a sister Delta Taylor.

HENDERSON, Etta Broce 22 Aug 1888 – 9 Sep 1979 Johnson City, Washington Co. TN (F= John W. Broce M= Nannie Poore H= Thomas J. Henderson)

HENDRICKSON, Mark Douglas age 56 15 Sep 1945 4 Mar 2002. F= John A. Hendrickson. M= Georgia Goodwin. Sis= Toni Smith. Bro= Allen Hendrickson.

HENSLEY, Jimmie Earnest age 55 – 5 Jul 2001. (F= Ernest Scott Hensley. M= Pauline Bright . W= Linda Rainey. Daus= Joyce Grubb, Lisa Hensley, Angie Horne, & Tammy Burkes. Son= Kenneth Brewer. Sis= Donna Sue Hartsook. Uncle= Ross Bright.)

HERRINGTON, Mikeal Hale age 54 22 Apr 2002 F= Winston H. Herrington M= Hazel Susie Shuttle. Sis= Barbara Smith & Angie Dickson.

HESS, Charles Ray Sr. age 83 Bristol, VA – 21 Sep 2001 Clemmons, NC W= Patsy McClellan . Son= Charles Ray “Chip” Hess Jr. Preceded in death by his wife and by a brother Howard L. Hess.

HICKAM, Roy 23 Mar 1912 age 88 – 12 Oct 2001 (W= Mary Elizabeth Lambert. Step-granddau= Debbie Akers, Linda Bowman & Teresa Crost. Step-grandsons= Lewis Jr. & Randall Lee Weeks.)

HICKMAN, Vivian Margaret age 78 Carter Co., TN 30 Apr 2002 Woodstock, GA. F= Fred Gibson. M= Harriet Stout. H= Tom G. Hickman. Son= Freddie Hickman. Dau= Portia Jones. Bros= Charles, Jim, Tom, Gene & Terry Gibson. Sis= Ann Riley, Pat Cross, & Sandy Chambliss. Preceded in death by her husband and a son Marty Hickman, and brothers Herb & Bob Gibson and a sister Margarie Lahr.

HICKS, James W. age 84 27 Feb 2001 F= Thomas Nelson Hicks M= Elizabeth Palmer. W= 1st Virginia Elsea Hicks. 2nd Ruth Hicks. Dau= Jimmie Carol Bowin. Sons= William A., & Bobby R. Hicks. Sis= Mary Toohey, & Cora Funkhouser. B= Kenneth Hicks.

HICKS, Ralph J. Jr. age 74 17 Apr 2000 Knoxville, TN (F= Ralph J. Hicks, Sr. M= Lennis Osborne. Sons = James, Alan & Donald Hicks. Dau. = Sharon Schrock. Sis.= Mary E. Hicks, Betty Cate Clapp, Doris Newsome * Lois VanderVliet. Preceded in death by sisters Beatrice Hunt & Helen Carrico, and brother Robert B. Hicks)

HICKS, Sarah Crumley 8 Apr 1857 19 Apr 1941 (F= William Crumley M= Eliza Steel H= J. E. Hicks)

HICKS, Zackery Nelson Infant – 12 Jun 2000 Johnson City, TN. Parents Anthony & Terra Hicks.

HILL, James Wilbur, Age 88 – 26 Jul 2015 (see obit in the obit section). LDS

HOBBS, Ivy Ray Doyle, TN age 89 – 12 Jul 2000. (H= William L. Hobbs. Dau= BrendaSells. Bro. Reece Hutchings.)

HOBBS, Vernon Barker age 85 – 30 Dec 2000. (W= Eleanor Roberts Hobbs. Daus= Virginia “Cooky” Harpold, Betsy Frazier. Son= Vernon Hobbs)

HODGE, Harold Boyd “Hoppy” 13 Aug 1938 Kingsport, TN age 63 – 9 Nov 2001 Greenville, SC F= Charles W. Hodge Sr. M= Hazel Blevins. Bro= Les Hodge. Preceded in death by his father and a brother Charles W. “Buddy” Hodge Jr.

HODGE, Oma Lee age 85 – 6 Dec 2000. (F= Charlie Helton M= Marry Farris. H= John B. Hodge. Mrs. Hodge was preceded in death by three sisters, Leona Logan, Thelma Brown and Ethel Stevens; and two brothers, Charles Helton and Kyle Helton)

HOGLAND, Evelyn “Evie” – 25 Aug 2000

HOPKINS, Megan Victoria Infant 1 Mar 2002 Johnson City, TN Parents Wes & Denise Hopkins. Sis= Susan Glover Bro= Robbie & Anthony Hopkins. Maternal grandmother= Neva Sturgill.

HOOVER, June Waldrupe age 79 Danville, Ky 25 May 2002. F= Archie Graham Waldrupe. M= Eunice Stephens. H= Emmett M. Hoover. Dau= Janice McGlocklin. Sis= Ruth MacDonald. Preceded in death by her husband and a brother Raymond Waldrupe.

HORD, George Junior Lawndale, NC age 86 16 May 2000.BR TN (W= Mary V. Hord. Dau= Patricia Castle. Sis. = Gazzie Putman & Edna Hord. Bro= Russell.)

HORNE, Mildred Geneva Carrier age 56 – 30 Dec 2000. (F= Hobart W. Carrier. M= Ruby Lunsford Carrier H= Robert H. Horne Dau= Christine Horne Mustard. Sis= Tammy Carrier. Bro= Lawrence Carrier. Preceded in death by her father, and a brother Lonnie Carrier, and a daughter Deidi Renee Horne.)

HOUSER, Bessie E. (1922 Shady Valley, TN) age 78 28 Feb 2000 (H= Boyce A. Houser Sisters = Helen Wallace, Marjorie Parker, Pearl Henderson, Ruby Main, and Gladys Rasnake. Brothers = James “Jim” Eller, Herman, Roy, Herbert, Donald Eller)

HOUSTON, Ellyn Keith age 68 4 May 2001. F= Gay Paul Keith Sr. M= Evelyn Black. H= Lynn D. “Tod” Houston. Daus= Janice Linnell Houston, Maryellyn Houston, & Pamela Burns. Son= Paul Tod Houston. Sis= Paula K. Merritt. Preceded in death by a brother Gay Paul Keith, Jr.

HOWARD, Margaret Torbett – 2 Nov 2000. (H= Thomas Gus Howard. Daus= Jean Berry, Carol Hicks, Linda Harrison, Betty Gravens. Sons= Marvin C., William W., & Phil D. Hagey. Sis= Helen Cooper, & Mary Ann Knox.)

HOWARD, Martha Alice Blair age 85 – 3 Sep 2000 H= James Howard. Sis= Ella Sue Blair.

HOYER, Christine Carnell Richmond, VA age 76 – 30 Sep 2000 Abingdon, VA. (F= Christian Carnell M= Margaret Sutherlin. H= Edward C. Hoyer. Dau= Betty Bruce Hoyer Tickle. Sis= Louise Guthman, & Margaret Olson. Bro= Donald C. Carnell. Preceded in death by a daughter Diane Hoyer Spenceley and a sister Ina C. Flynn.)

HUBBARD, Nancy Jane Goodpasture 27 Mar 1917 Roanoke, VA. – 11 Jul 2001 (Parents F= Frank & Hazelle Goodpasture Sr. H= Archie Henry Hubbard Jr. (m. 11 Mar 1941) Dau= Nancy Hazelle Hubbard. Sons= Archie Henry, & Dr. Frank Pierce Hubbard. Sis= Senah G. Buchanan, Hazelle “Tiny” G. Slack, & Sophie G. Riddle. Bro= Frank Goodpasture Jr.)

HUFF, Margaret E. Huff (1852) age 48 18 Feb 2000 (F= C.H. “Chet” Evans. M= Helen Bartley H= James W. Huff Jr. Dau. = Mrs. Any Crystal Kile Son = .J. Brad Huff Sisters = Mrs. Earl (Helen) Hicks & Mrs. Johnny (Dottie) Haun)

HUGHES, Tracy Lee 18 Nov 1914 – 12 Nov 2001 F= Dave Thomas M=Susie Powers. H= Arthur H. Hughes. Dau= Phyllis A. Leon. Sis= Janie B. Carrier. Bros= Allen & Jack Thomas. Preceded in death by a daughter Eleanor Sue Newman.

HUNDLEY, Tommy H. age 62 27 Mar 2000 (F= Rondall Paul Hundley M= Wanda Roach. W= Barbara Willingham Dau. Terry Henson & Tracy Irvin. Son= Troy Hundley. Sis. = Carolyn Pickens)

HUNSUCKER, James E. 15 Nov 1931 Scott Co., VA. – 3 Aug 2001 Bristol, TN. (Parents R. M. & Verna Hunsucker. W= Fannie Belle Hunsucker. Sons= Michael, James, & Timothy Hunsucker. Sis= Sandra Monger, Linda Lucas, Mary Pearl Millhorn, & Leo Taylor. Preceded in death by a brother Cecil Hunsucker)

HUTCHINS, Delois “Mary” Jane Malone age 59 25 Apr 2001. F= Taylor Malone. M= Carrie Tester. Dau= Teresa Boudreau, Karen Hopkins, Angie Harkleroad, & Becky Hutchins. Son= Brian, & Billy Hutchins. Preceded in death by a brother J. B. Malone and a sister Irene Williams.

HUTCHENS, Nancy Jean age 54 21 May 2002. M= Virginia Owens. Daus= Cynthia Woods & Wanda R. Wyatt. Son= Jeremy Wayne Bailey. Sis= Pat Cross, Belinda Hatcher, Bobbie Littrell, Shirley F. Lane & Marie P. Hartsock.

HUTTON, Juanita Simcox Henegar 1925 10 Feb 2000 (H= 1st Horace Simcox 2nd Earl Hutton. Sons = William Simcox , Terry Simcox, Verlin Simcox Dua.= Alta Hughes, Shirley Frye, Kay Tallman Sis. = Naomi Simcox, Helen Kendrick, ½-brothers, Louis Henegar, Dennis Henegar ½-sister, Lois Smithy stepmother, Elvie Henegar)

INGE, Thelma Elizabeth Arrowood Sullivan Co., TN age 92 24 Mar 2001 Lynchburg, VA. (F= William Jerome Rogers. M= Dorcas Amanda Swiney. H= 1st Andrew B. Arrowood 2nd Curtis T. Inge. Daus= Lawana Smith & Betty Figueroa. Sons= Butch & Buddy Arrowood. Stepdau= Dot Auther. Stepson Billy Inge.)

INGLE, Anthony Henry “Tony” age 83 Damascus, VA. 24 Feb 2002 Bristol, VA. W= Ottolene Graybeal. Son= Tony Ingle.

JOHANSEN, Frances June age 71 4 Apr 2002. F= Carl H. Bedwell. M= Hallie Lambert. H= Virgil Johansen. Sis= Peggy Shepherd Bro= Douglas Bedwell.

JOHNSON, Carrie (wife of Jene Gordon Johnson MGJ

JOHNSON, Effie Kate (Moore) May 10, 1900 (headstone incorrect) – 29 March 1982 Daughter of John Moore and his wife Frances A. Barker Born in Russell County, VA Died in Bristol, TN Married Clarence Cleveland Johnson, 29 October 1888, Washington County, VA, d 06 Nov 1933, Bristol, VA Mother of Thelma Ruth, Fred Woodrow, Mollie Annette, and Dorothy Mae. Stepmother to Evelyn Ruby Johnson and Herman Victor Johnson KQ

JOHNSON, Jene Gordon age 80 – 14 Dec 2000. (W= 1st Carrie Ruth Deckard. 2nd Shirley Stewart. Son= Michael Johnson. Dau= Becky Riffey, Julia Littrell, & Deborah Carrier. Stepsons= Bobby Joe, & Herbie Stewart. Stepdaughter= Doris Ann Buchanan. Sis= Leta Hodges. Preceded in death by his first wife, and a sister Dorthea White, and two brothers, Homer V. & W. J. “Bud” Johnson.) MGJ

JOHNSON, Harold C. “Curley” 4 Nov 1929 age 71 – 9 Jun 2001. F= Herbert F. Johnson Sr. M= Mary Lee Hensley Johnson Jessee. W= Frances Bray. Preceded in death by one brother Herbert F. Johnson, Jr.

JOHNSON, Juanita J. age 81 1 Mar 2002 F= James A. Stigall. M= Nannie F. Johnson. H= Leon R. Johnson. Bros= Jack & Ray Stigall. Preceded in death by her brothers Eugene, Henry & Roy Stigall.

JOHNSON, Ronald Lynn age 57 – 26 Jun 2000 (F= H. L. Johnson, Jr. M= Frances Thelma Poore. W= Carolyn Boyd. Sons= Greg & Mike Johnson Preceded in death by a sister Deborah Gaye J. Leonard.)

JOHNSON, Samantha Iona “Sis” Kentucky age 80 14 Feb 2001. (F= Robert Cowan. M= Maybelle Booher. H= James Millard Johnson. Dau= Jody Talbert. Preceded in death by her husband, & brothers Billy & Robert Cowan, Jr.)

JONES, Bessie Mae 1910 age 90 – – 15 Sep 2000 Pennington Gap, VA. F= A. P. Skidmore M= Ollie Bryant.

JONES, Mary Helen Mahady Dayton, OH age 82 – 19 Jun 2000 (Parents Frank & Blanche Mahady. J= Irby L. Jones. Dau= Sandra Susan Nickell. Dons. Tony Michael and Irby Randall Jones. Sister= Norma McLemore. Bro= Jack Denton.)

JUSTICE, Raymond Kenton age 77 28 Mar 1925 Pikeville, KY. D. 28 Mar 2002 Mountain Home, TN. F= John E. Justice M= Josie Justice. W= Nina Woodard. Dau= Deborah Webb. Bros= Clovis Justice & Franklin Perry.

JUSTICE, Ronald Keith Sr. age 73. B. Woodman, KY – 27 Jan 2002 F= Oscar Justice M= Alta Clevenger. W= Betty Jane Buchanan. Sons= Ronald K., Daniel L., Randall W., & Kenneth D. Justice. Sis= Clemie Jane Justice. Bro= Kenneth “Toddy”, & George “Bo” Justice.

KEELING, Robert Henry age 79 24 Mar 2001 F= Robert Keeling M= Chameline Oaks. W= Ruby Lee Keeling. Bro= Edward C. Keeling. Preceded in death by his wife and a sister Lula Hicks.

KELLY, Verna L. age 83 5 May 2000 (H= James M. Kelly. Dau.= Eleanor Richard.)

KENDRICK, Verlin J. age 78 – 2 Dec 2000. (Parents Joe & Lannie Kendrick. Bro= Lawrence Kendrick. W= Helen H. Kendrick. Daus= Barbara Guinn, & Pam Cole. Son= Phil Kenfrick. Sis= Evelyn Swiney)

KENNEDY, Hudson 4 Jul 1909 Mendota, VA. – 20 Jan 1996 Parents Milton & Della Lousie Kennedy. W= Mildred Louise Hill. Sons= Billy Hudson & Carl David Kennedy. Dau= Nancy Sue Kennedy LDS

KENNEDY, Ruth Childress Teas, VA. 9 May 2000 (H= James H. Kennedy. Sons= Dr. Joseph T. Kennedy, & Kenneth K. Kennedy. Daus= Peggy K. Winchester. Sis.= Madeline Warren Mecier. Preceded in death by dau. Harriet Irene Kennedy & a brother Harry Childress and two Sis= Bradley Wyatt & Arrietta Mahaffey)

KETCHEM, J. A. age 83 28 Apr 2001. F= James Ketchem W= Ula Fleenor Sons= Jerry, Jimmy, Ronald, & Timmy Ketchem. Bros= Clifton, Clyde, & Johnny Stipes. Sis= Patsy Jobe.

KILGORE, Ethel age 76 27 Apr 2000 Preceded in death by dau. Wilma Ann Ferguson.

KING, Anna Laura 1902 Terrell, TX age 98 – 18 Jul 2001. F= John E. Peyton. M= Ada Bass. H= George M. King (died 1963) Daus= Nancy Jane Parks & Laura Ann Warner. Son= George M. King Jr.

KING, Constance “Connie age 99 Blacksburg, SC. 6 Feb 2002 Johnson City, TN F= William L. King. M= Luna Healan King. Nieces= Julia King Smith & Constance King Hoyle. grand-niece, Sally Ann Hoyle of Ann Arbor, Mich.; and two grand-nephews, James T. Hoyle III of Greensboro, NC, and John David Smith of Bristol. Preceded in death by brothers John H., William R., & Lewis E. King. see obit Feb 2002 JDS

KING, Hazel Wright 14 Jan 1914 – 26 Oct 1997

KING, Mildred Broyles age 76 – 2 Aug 2000 Johnson City, TN. (F= W. O. Broyles M= Merite Crumley. H= J. D. King. Daus= Jucy Morrison, Susan Smith, and Jane Wade. Son= Steve King. Sis= Margaret Akers, Leona Wyatt, and Leota Faidley. Bros= W. O. Broyles Jr. Preceded in death by a brother J. W. Broyles, and a granddaughter Carla Kay Morrison)

KING, Toy Allen “Shorty” age 80 3 Mar 2002 Blountville, TN. F= Toy N. King M= Madge Bailey. W= Frances Clark. Daus= Mary King & Madge Calloway. Son= John King Sis= Nancy Anderson & Ruth Cross. Preceded in death by a brother Bill C. King and a sister Laurice King Doane.

KINKEAD, Kelly age 77 – 30 Jun 2001. (F= David Bruce Kinkead. M= Edna Hawkins. W= Evelyn Davis. Son= R. David Kinkead. Dau= Marcia Gavin. Sis= Lorraine Kinkead Crabtree. Preceded in death by his parents, a brother Samuel Edward Kinkead, Jr. and a nephew S. E. Kinkead, Jr.)

KOEHLER, Robert E. (1922) NJ age 78 (W= Cornelia Koehler Son = Robert E. Keohler, Jr.)

KOONTZ, Betty Lou age 70 Bluff City, TN 24 Feb 2002 Bristol, TN Parents William & Cora McKinney. H= Daniel W. Koontz. Dau= Dana Buchanan. Son= Bart Koontz. Preceded in death by sisters Juanita Jones, Isabelle Camper & Willie Mae Perry.

KYLE, George Gilbert Sr. – 21 Sep 2001 Charlotte, NC Partner Dorothy Binic. Son= George Gilbert Kyle, Jr. Dau= Judi august. Sis= Lorraine Fox. Bro= W. T. “Dub” Kyle, Jr.

LAMPKINS Bessie Blanche Shannon 7 May 1892 – 1 Jun 1969 LDS

LANE Paul Daniel Sr. 3 Apr 1964 – 4 Jun 2008 TC

LANGFORD, Perry Nelson Jr. age 54 – 8 Aug 2000.(M= Joyce Bryant Keesee. Stepfather= Avery Keesee. Son= Michael Langford. Dau= Terra Eve Hicks. Halfbrother= Glenn Keesee.)

LAUGHLIN, Jessie E. Scott, Co. age 78 – 24 Aug 2000. Mountain Home, TN. (F= John A. Laughlin. M= Ethel Mullins. W= Esther Smith. Daus= Sandra L. Barnette, & Susan L. Carrier. Son= Christopher Mark Luaghlin. Sis= Hazel Kidd, Nelsie Kidd, Louise Gibson. Etta McMurray, & Lillian Sammons. Bros= Albert, Dale, & Wesley Laughlin. Stepmother Beulah Laughlin. Preceded in death by two brothers, Bill & Fred Laughlin)

LEONARD, Billy Franklin age 61 12 Dec 2002 Sullivan Co., TN 13 Mar 2002 Bristol, TN. F= Bruce C. Leonard. M= Nelia Black. W= Betty K. Wyatt. Son= David F. & Dennis S. Leonard. Sis= Carol Mullins, Juanita Ingle, & Betty Hayden. Preceded in death by two brothers J. D. & Fred Leonard.

LEONARD, Clara R. Vance 21 Feb 1916 Bristol, TN age 85 – 13 Dec 2001 F= Rev. Walter W. Vance M= Dora Royston. H= Hagan E. Leonard Sr. Daus= Nancy Edwards & Judy Deen. Son= Hagan E. Leonard Jr. Sis= Norma Honaker & Mildred Leonard.


LEONARD, Lawrence McClellan “B” 11 Feb 2000 Mountain Home, TN (F= Ernest Lee Leonard M= Bertha. W= Maude Musselwhite)

LEONARD, Margaret Kegley age 79 19 May 2002 J= Lewis Leonard. Daus= Nancy Hemmings, Charlotte Smith, & Betty Weaver. Preceded in death by a daughter Helen Marie Weaver

LEONARD, Mary Moorman age 92 8 May 2002

LEWIS, Mamie M. Neva, TN age 92 – 13 Nov 2001. F= Felix B. Minks. M= Sephonia Reynolds. H= Wiley Frank Lewis.

LIGGETT, Robert W. age 76 – 10 Aug 2001 (W= Ruth Morrow Liggett. Sons= John & James Liggett. Sis= Maxine McNamora & Betty Liggett. Bro= Murril Liggett)

LILLY, Pansy N. McDowell Co., WV age 88 13 May 2000. (F= Fulton M. Stamper M= Nora Shamblin. H= 1st Emory C. Russell 2nd Warren Lilly Dau:= Elizabeth Stacy. Sons= Emory Clyde Russell, John Russell, & Charles “Bob” Rullell. Sis= Cora Williamson, Rosa Winnbarger, & Carrier Wilson. Bros= Gene, Malcolm, Jack, & David Stamper)

LINDAMOOD, Margaret Childress age 84 7 Apr 2000 (F= Charles L. Childress M= Mary Dakin. H= Howard C. Lindamood.)

LOGAN, Pauline Francis 12 Mar 1918 4 Jan 1950 (F= William Isaac Bolling M= Laura Ann Short H= C. A. Logan)

LOGAN, Virginia L. age 88 – 7 Oct 2001. Parents Sabious Marcellis & Ella Leslie. H= Charles A. Logan, Sr. Sons= Charles A. Jr., & William B. Logan. (moved from Unkown Cemeteries) CL

LOGGANS, Lila Gladys Frazier age 93 14 Jul 1908 Giles Co., Bluff City, VA. 10 Mar 2002. F= Isaac Bee Frazier M= Nora Jane Law. H= Lonas W. Loggans Sr. Daus= Lee Mullins, & Joann Pelarski. Son= Lonas Loggans Jr. Sis= Carrie Lester. Preceded in death by her husband and a daughter Lila June Fine.

LONG, Leonard Leon Inman, VA age 73 11 Mar 2001. (F= Fritz Henry Long M= Gertrude Marie Hickman. W= 1st Elizabeth Jeanette Nichols, 2nd Colena Pearl Long. Daus= Linda Sue Perry & Shirley Anne Cox. Bros= Robert W. “Bob”, & Billy Eugene Longs.)

LORE, Able Jackson 6 Jan 1855 – 29 Jul 1944 LJB

LORE, Luther P. 1859 – Date not cut LJB

LORE, Martha Alice b 1853 – 21 Jan 1923 LJB

LORE, Frances E. 1858 – 31 Jan 1938 LJB

LOS, Hazel Virginia age 74 16 Feb 2001. F= Clyde Stevens M= Ethel Richardson. Dau= Diane Los Lewis & Kathy Los Vance. Sons= Larry & Steven Los. Bros= Don Stevens

LOWE, Neal Vestal age 96 Johnson Co., TN 28 Feb 2002 Bristol, TN. Parents Will & Manerva Lowe. W= Dessie Ceciel Lowe. Stepchildren= Martha Francis, Ruby Hayworth, & Oscar Vanover.

LUDLOW, Mary Virginia Epperson . age 76 11 May 2001. (F= James “Pete” Epperson M= Virgie Lee Brummitt. H= James E. Ludlow, Sr. Dau= Donna Whetsel. Son= James E. Ludlow, Jr. Sis= Margaret Barham. Preceded in death by her husband and a brother Lawrence Epperson.)

LUNSFORD, Minnie T. 31 Mar 1894 21 Apr 1983

LUNSFORD, T. C. 6 Oct 1889 – 20 Aug 1970

LUTTRELL, James age 85 6 Apr 2000 Wytheville, VA. (F= Richard Luttrell M= Martha Odel. W= Sharon Bishop. Son= Richard G. “Barney” Luttrell.)

LUTTRELL, Mary Ellen Mays age 92 – 9 Aug 2000. Parents Henry & Maggie Mays. Stepdaughter- Margaret Starkey.

LYDA, Virginia Booher Scott Co., VA. age 77 1 May 2001. F= Ray E. Booher. M= Charmie Necessary. H= Arthur Edward Lyda. Daus= Patsy Leonard & Wanda Roberts. Sons= Ed, Jerry, & Keith Lyda. Bros= Lloyd, Jim, & Haven Booher. Buried Boohers Cem.

LYNCH, Ella R. 31 Mar 1892 – 14 Jul 1959

LYNCH, Eugene 3 Nov 1873 21 Apr 1949

LYON, Frankie H. d. 1999 H: J. Frank Lyon. Children: Alfred Lyon of Kingsport, Gregory Dean Lyon of Raleigh, NC and Kimberly Jean Lyon of Kingsport. GL

LYON, J. Frank   d. 1997  W: Frankie H.  Lyon. Children: Alfred Lyon of Kingsport, Gregory Dean Lyon of Raleigh, NC and Kimberly Jean Lyon of Kingsport. GL

MABRY, Hartley Theodore “H. T. Tupelo, Miss. 16 Mar 2002 Johnson City, TN. F= Roger Cossitt Mabry. M= Marietta Armour. W= Lucille Jackson. Daus= Peggy M. Leslie & Martha M. Davis. Preceded in death by his wife (1998) a daughter Mary M. Modlin and son Hatley A. Mabry & a brother Roger M. Mabry.

MAHAFFEY, Arrietta 21 Mar 1916 – 22 Sep 1992 (F = Childress H= Charles Link Mahaffey)

MAHAFFEY, Charles Link 18 Apr 1910 19 Feb 1978 (F= D. L. Mahaffey. M= Mary E. Peters. W= Arrietta Childress)

MAHAFFEY, Eugene David 5 Apr 1905 – 23 Nov 1984 (F= David L. Mahaffey M= Mary E. Peters W= Mary T. Daus= Joan Meredith, & Mary Pat Mahaffey. Son= Eugene D. Mahaffey, Jr. Sister= Mrs. John W. Combs, Mrs. H. C. Thomas, Sr. and Mrs. Blanche Pyle. Bro= James Earl Mahaffey, Sr. )

MAHAFFEY, Ernest L. 17 Sep 1903 – 23 Feb 1977 (F= David L. Mahaffey M= Mary E. Peters.)

MAHAFFEY, Mary T. 7 Apr 1911 – 1 Mar 1999 (Mary Thelma McCracken H= Eugene David Mahaffey.)

MAHAFFEY, Sarah W. 28 Aug 1899 – 23 May 1973

MALONE, Azella Hamilton age 86 17 Mar 2001 Johnson City, TN. F= Arthur B. Hamilton. M= Nettie Miller. H= G. Ivan Malone. Daus= Judy Price & Ann Tipton. Son= Glenn Malone. Sis= Katherine Blevins, Dorothy Honaker, Mary Nell Stewart & Angaline Cummins. Bros= Floyd M. & Bill Hamilton.

MALONE, G. Ivan age 90 21 Sep 1911 Piney Flats, TN. 11 Mar 2002 Johnson City, TN. F= Arthur W. Malone. M= Lydia Blalock. W= Azella Virginia Hamilton. Daus= Judy Malone & Ann Tipton. Son= Glenn Thomas Malone. Sis= Willie Johnson & Hazel Hudson.

MALONE, Marion Hogsett age 76. D. 9 Aug 2000 Newport, NC. F= Charles Leonard Hogsett. M= Sarah Edwards. H= Hersey Malone. Daus= Deborah M. Etter & Becky M. Gentry.

MANNING, Cleo V. age 84 – 7 Jan 2002 Abingdon, VA. F= W. E. Murray. M= Pearl Stout. H= Bill Manning. Stepmother= Pearl Cox. Sis= Betty Parlier & Mildred Walters.

MARSHALL, Leta Ann 6 Jul 1928 – 17 Jan 1982 F= Thomas J. Crabtree M= Willie Maudine Phelps. H= J. Marshall. TBB

MARTIN, Clarence age 87 – 16 Nov 2001. Parents Ballard & Melissa Martin. W= Geneva Martin. Bros= Roy, Clyde & Gene Martin. Preceded in death by a son William C.”Bill” Martin.

MARTIN, Fannie Belle Williams age 82 19 Mar 1919 Lebanon 6 Mar 2002 Bristol, TN. F= Sma E. Williams. M= Mattie Cowan Thomas. H= Bert W. Martin Sr. Daus= Charlene Shaffer, Faye Stophel Marie Ashburn. Sons= Bert W. Jr., & Phillip D. “Too Tall” Martin. Bros= Graham “Pete”, George A., & Lloyd W. Williams. Preceded in death by her husband and sisters Flossie Ferguson & Iva Rhea, & brothers, Kyle, Walter, James, Swain, & Bernard Williams.

MARTIN, Howard J. age 83 – 16 Jul 2001 Johnson City, TN. W= Kathleen Pickle. Sis= Lucille Meredith & Mary Etta Slonaker. Bro= James Martin.

MARTIN, William C. age 62 Bristol, VA 12 May 2001. F= Clarence Martin M= Geneva Pickle. W= Ann Hobson. Dau= Sherri Snodgrass. Son= Billy Martin. Preceded in death by his maternal grandmother Ida Pickle.

MASON, Freda Daniel – 2007 (H=Joe L. Mason, Jr.) SWR

MASON, Joe L. Jr. (1928) Woodbury, TN age 72 – 31 Jan 2000 (F= Joe L. Mason, Sr. W= Freda Daniel)

McCLELLAN, Margaret Morris age 77 – 14 Jun 2000. (Parents Clarence T. & Bessie Morris. H= John W. “Dub” McClellan. Bro= Vaughn Morris. Sis= Edith Jones. Preceded in death by a sister Evelyn Morris Lewis)

McCOBIN, Frank – 21 Jul 2000 (F= John McCobin M= Mary Kesmit. W= Ruby McCobin. Son= Rev. Timothy McCobin. Dau= Susan Trent. Sis= Eva Statler, Anne Dalberto, Helen Kachmarsky, Elizabeth Caccia, & Jewel Stanley. .Preceded in deathy by brother, Michael, John, & Metro McCobin and a sister Mary Neddoff.)

McCOY, H. E. “Tim” age 80 – 8 Nov 2000 (F= Fred McCoy. M= Lula Hodge. W= Elizabeth Stephenson. Son= Lee McCoy. Sis= Margie, Hicks, Margaret McCoy, & Mabel Hicks. Preceded in death by a son Lynn Edward McCoy.)

McCORMICK, Emanuel P. age 58 – 18 Oct 2000 (W= Rose M. McCormick. Daus= Lise Morrison, Cheryl Blevins, & Meloni McCormick. Sons= Crane Morrison, Randy Blevins, & Randy Hall. Sis= Margie Bowyer, & Eva Gilliam. Bro= Walton McCormick.)

McCROSKEY, Mary Elizabeth Elizabethton, TN age 85 – 18 Aug 2000 (Parents James R. & Irene Nidiffer. H= Glenn McCroskey. Daus= Mary Lou Hightower, & Sally Irene Church. Son= Bobby R. McCroskey. Bro= Fred Nidiffer.)

McREYNOLDS, Brenda Faye age 60 – 23 Oct 2000. F= Virgil McReynolds. M= Ester Trivett. Daus= Cindy Gross, Julie McReynolds.

MEADOWS, Helen Louise Feathers Washington Co., TN age 88 27 Mar 2001. (F= Millard Feathers. M= Flora Shipley. H= Wlater Meadows. Sons= Lawrence & Raymond Meadows. Son= Clyde Meadows. Bro= David “Buck” Feathers.)

MILLARD, George Blountville, TN age 79 – 7 Sep 2000 Abingdon, VA. (F= George A. Millard M= Mary Magadaline Morris. W= Gladys Killen. Daus= Sandra Klebanoff & Cathy Catenzaro. Sons= George E., Scott, & Allan Millard. Sis= Margaret Millard & Helen Covey.)

MILLER, Charles Ricky age 36. – 24 Jul 2000. (M= Willie Mae Miller. Sis= Donna Sage, kathy Crowe, Terri “Cindy” Richards, Sharon Tanner, Vicky McChaney, and Wanda Meredith. Bros= Bobby Allen, William Curtis, and Roger Allen, Mike, and Danny Miller)

MILLER, John Elbert age 70 – 19 Jul 2000 (F= Clyde Henry. M= Myrtle Dell Morrell. W= Naomi Leonard. Daus= Teresa M. Smith & Sheila M. Taylor. Sons= Johnnie Edwin, & Ronald Elbert Miller. Sis= Audrey M. Myers, Mary Virginia M. Harr, Lois M. Arnold & Nancy M. Galloway.)

MILLER, Kenneth Edward “Ed” age 79 – 27 Jan 2002 F= James Collie Miller M= Florence Rogers. W= Mary Vernell Seay. Son= Larry Miller. Sis= Glenna Jo Helbert. Preceded in death by his wife and three brothers Lee, Dewey, & J. C. Miller and sisters Nell Gray, Floatie Blankenbeckler, & Pearl Pickle.

MILLER, Maggie M. age 81 – 20 Jun 2000. H= Johnnie Miller. Sis= Rosa Greer.Stepsons= Junior and Chris Miller.

MILLER, Mary Vernell Seay 73 18 Feb 2000 (F= William Miller M= Mary . H= Kenneth “Ed” Miller Son = Larry Miller)

MILLER, Sylvia B. age 82 26 Aug 1919 Shady Valley, TN 25 Apr 2002. Bristol, TN. F= Martin Tolliver. M= Dora Stansberry. H= Dale G. Miller. Sons= Donald, Bobby W., & Dennis Miller. Dau= Brenda Schlobohohm. Bros= Glenn, Earl, & Raymond Tolliver. Sis= Stella Payne. Preceded in death her sisters Hazel Wright, Ruth Lovell and a brother Calvin Tolliver.

MILLER, Wiley C. age 74 – 30 Dec 2001 Parents Charles & Lillian Miller. W= Helen Miller Daus= Joy Newton & Judy Garland. Bro= Warren Miller.

MITCHELL, C. Douglas – 16 Dec 2001 Parents Ellis & Violet Mitchell. W= Jewell Mitchell.

MITCHELL, George Howard 22 Apr 1922 – 10 Jan 1995 Parents: Minnie Booher Mitchell and Rev. Elbert Mitchell Wife: Mary Elizabeth Mitchell Son: Randy Mitchell Sisters: Vennie Gray and Lena Quesenbery Brothers: Sam, Wilmer and Malcolm Mitchell PB

MITCHELL, Wilmer Thomas age 87 – 11 Nov 2000. (Parents Rev. Elbert & Minnie Mitchell. W= Fannie Jane Mitchell. Brothers: Sam, Malcom and George Mitchell Sisters: Vennie Gray and Lena Quesenbery Dau= Peggy Bowery. Sons= Harold & Kenneth Mitchell.) PB

MIZE, Charles D. 1921 – 1921 F= C. S. Mize.

MONCIER, Robbie age 91 Alamo, TN. H= A. L. Moncier. Daus= Peggy Dowdy, & Janice Hensley. Sis= Jessie White.

MONGLE, Bruce William, MD. Age 84 9 Apr 1989 (Son= Sam A. Mongle. Dau= Mary Bruce Maza. Bros= Rev. Joe Mongle & Rev. Maurice Mongle)

MONTGOMERY, James D., Jr. age 66 – 10 Dec 2000. (F= James D. Montgomery, Sr. M= Pearl Collins. W= Willodean “Wiliie” Robinson. Dau= Mitzi Turner. Son= James D. “Monty” Montgomery Iii. Sis= Anne Vaughan.)

MOORE, Alvin S. 29 Apr 1892 21 Mar 1962

MOORE, Bertha 22 Feb 1901 1 May 1990

MOORE, Charmie Eliza Gertrude Crussell 17 Nov 1902 Blountville, TN. – 2 Jul 1974 F = Robert Henry Cressell (d. 1935) M = Talitha Allie Kendrick (d. 1942) H= John Henry Moore S = Roy Hal Moore, Robert Henry Moore, Albert Wayne Moore, Joseph Moore D = Lillian Gay Moore Countiss Preceded in death by her son, Rubin McDowell Moore LDS

MOORE, John Henry 27 Jul 1900 Blountville, TN – 30 Oct 1990, Bristol, TN W= Eliza Gertrude Crussell. F = George A. Moore (d. 1959) M = Sally F. Johnson Moore S=Rubin McDowell Moore (d. 1961)S = Roy Hal Moore, Robert Henry Moore, Joseph Moore, Albert Wayne Moore D = Lillian Gay Moore Countiss LDS

MOORE, Lois Earline age 69 13 Apr 1930 – 23 Mar 2000 (F= Charlie Moore M= Hattie Cross. Sis.= Mary Helen Bowery & Pauline M. Snodgrass) LDS

MOORE, Helen Louise – 28 Aug 2000 (F= William McNutt M= Elizabeth Tolbert H= Glenn Moore. Sons= Glenn Jr., David, & Steve Moore. Sister= Kathleen Turner.)

MOORE, Rubin McDowell 31 Jul 1923, Blountville, TN – 30 Sep 1961, Abington, VA F=John Henry Moore. M= Eliza Gertrude Crussell W= Daisy Josephine Lampkins. S=Mack Allen Moore D=Alice Y. Moore. LDS

MORRELL, Aldin McDowell “Bill” age 85 – 22 Aug 2000 (F= Elbert J. Morrell. M= Mary Cooper. W= Mabel Phelps. Dau= Jean Baker.)

MORRELL, Dorothy Jane Robinson Russell Co., VA age 70 – 13 Sep 2001 H= Edward E. Morrell. Dau= Shirley Booher. Sons= Randy, Ricky, Jimmy, Jackson and Jason Morrell. Sis= Elanor Nelson, Phyllis Hicks, Polly Robinson, & June Robinson. Bro= Bill Robinson

MORRELL, Ethel 1901 – 1967

MORRELL, Joseph Earl b.29 Feb 1928 – 20 Aug 1962 (F= John Morrell M= Pauline O’Dell W= Annie Morrell)

MORRELL, Thomas M. 1910 – 1978

MORRELL, William Timothy 26 Jun 1953 – 30 Jun 1953 (F= Paul A. Morrell. M= Phyllis Peters)

MORRIS, Charles Ernest age 81 – 2 Jun 2001 (Parents Chester & Fannie Morris. W= Mabel Ruth Morris. Daus= Priscilla Widner & Wilma Smith. Son= Charles Allen Morris. Sis= Mildred Dabbs, Pauline Morris, Ruby McCobin, & Pear Fabinski. Preceded in death by his wife, a daughter Betty Carol Robbins and a sister Mary Osbourne, and six brothers, Worley, Homer, Henry, Haskel, Earl, & Joseph Morris)

MORRIS, Haskel H. age 84 – 29 Sep 200 Jacksonville, FL. (Parents Chester & Fannie Morris. Son= Phillip Morris. Bros= Joseph F. & Charles E. Morris. Sis= Mildred Dabbs, Pauline Morris, Ruby McCobin, & Pearl Fabinski. Stepson Tab Camper and Stepdaughter Betty Cook. Preceded in death by brothers Home, Earl, & Henry Morris and sister Mary Osborne.)

MORRIS, Dona Nerine McCall age 83 11 Apr 2002. F= Delano McCall M= Rose Wilkey. H= Leo Morris. Son= Barry Morris. Dau= Dona Denton. Sis= Nell Witkowski.

MORTON, Emily Brown Silva, NC age 95 – 14 Oct 2001 (H= Wallace G. Morton, Sr. Daus= Pauline Whitton, Phyllis Fredrich, & Ann K. Morton. Sons= Wallace G. Morton, Jr. Sis= Betty Willis)

MORTON, Gladys Jones (1915) age 85 D. 21 Feb 2000 (F= William M. Jones M= Susie Jones. H= Paul W. Morton. Dau. Susan E. Morton. Son= Larry Morton)

MORTON, Opal Sampson 6 Oct 1913 (KY)(F= Sylvester Sansom M= Ona Dale Gooslin H= Jonathan M. Morton) PED

MOSER, Hubert Howard “HH” Lynch Mine, KY. 17 May 2002 Parents John B. & Ella J. Moser. W= Edith P. Moser Daus= Patricia M. Monday, Susan M. Vega, & Tammi M. Woodward. Sons= Gary R. & James Moser. Preceded in death by a son Phillip H. Moser, sisters, Margaret M. Johsno & Patricia C. Peltier and brothers Ernest, Claude C. Chapman & James Moser.

MUNDIS, Jane Ferguson age 87 24 Apr 2000 Gayetteville, GA. (F= Samuel Ferguson M= May Davis. H= Edgar Raymond Mundis. Dau.= Ann Blevins & Shirley Bowman).

MUSICK, M. Louise, 85b. in NC 24 Feb 2000 (F= Lewis Franklin M= Willie Johnston H= S. Jack Musick. Sons = L. Wayne, and Kerry A. Musick. Bro. = Donald Franklin)

MYERS, Jean Wolfe Tulsa, OK age 77 – 19 Oct 2000 (F= Norville Wolfe M= Mabel Roberts. H= Everett Lee Myers. Dau= Barbara Sesney. Son= Jim & Duane Myers. Bro= Robert, Charles, & Don Wolfe.)

MYERS, Robert Sinclair Nova Scotia, Canada age 77 – 2 Sep 2000. (Paretns Harvey & Grace Myers. W= Justine Myers. Daus= Bonnie Jane Cambalik & Bevery Gail David.)

NAB, Dolores Harr age 55 – 9 Jun 2000 (Parents Jim & Billie Harr. Dau= Kristi N. Wininger)

NASH, Thelma Rose Fogleman age 74. B. 3 Feb 1927 – 5 Sep 2001. Parents Ross & Bertha Rose Fogleman. H= Ellis L. Nash. Dau= Darlene Hartsock. Son= Sandy Nash. Sis= Laura Leonard & Nettie Warner. Bro= Gilmer “Jim” Fogleman.

NAVE, James “Ed” age 90 – 28 Dec 2001.

NEAL, Blanche D. Harris age 85 – 16 Dec 2000. F= Rev. George Melvin M= susan Leonard. Dau= Lois Jean Musgrove, Mary jane Morrell, Elizabeth Ann Stevens Hayes, & Lucille Elzora Warden. Sis= Virginia Jackson

NELSON, Etta L. Taylors Valley, VA. age 80 – 3 Oct 2000 Bristol, TN (H= Albert W. Nelson. Son= Donald Nelson. Sis= Georgia Mayo. Bro= Boyd Richardson. Preceded in death by her husband and a sister Willie Jane Lee.)

NEWTON, J. C. age 78 9 Feb 2001. W= Mary Carrier. Son= Bobby Joe Newton. Sis= June Gross & Willa Mae Turner. Bro= Donald Newton.

NICHOLS, Betty Sue 4 Sep 1933 – 10 Oct 1980 F= Thomas J. Crabtree M= Willie M. Phelps. H= Harold E. Nichols. TBB

NORMAN, Vera Pippin age 87 – 20 Jan 2001 Blountville, TN. H= James Charles Norman. Son= Bobby Norman. Sis= Hazel Vicars, & Eva Vicars.

NORTH, Betty White McClure, VA. age 73 – 9 Aug 2000. (F= Garland E. White. M= Inez Dyer. H= Oliver W. North. Daus= Amy Hobbs Cribbs, & Anne N. Jones. Son= John K. North. Stepdaughter= Brenda N. Allegrucci. Sis= Janice White. Bro= Garland E. White.)

NORTON, James Robinson (b. 1932) age 68 27 Feb 2000 (F= Lester Norton Dau. = Mrs. Gerald (Sherry) Murray and Mrs. Doug (Brenda) Sullins. Son =Jim Norton. Bro.= Leon, Larry and Charles Norton. Sis. = Marie Nash & Doris Miller)

NORTON, Myrtle Lee Whitt ag 70 – 28 Nov 2000 F= Bert Brown M= Harriet Lowe. Dau= Mitzi Whitt. Son= Michael Bert Whitt. Bro= Carson Brown.

NOVAK, Margaret Mae Pippin Wallace, VA. age 78 12 Feb 2001 Nashville, TN. H= Rev. William Novak. Daus= Teresa Smith, Lisa Johnson, & Linda Johnson. Stepdau= Pat Wingard.

NULL, Cecil A. War, WV age 74 – 26 Aug 2001. F= Arthur M. Null M= Myrtle Vanover. W= Annett Null. Stepsons= James A. & Phillip S. Ross. Bro= Glen Null. Sis= Vera Gross and Shirley Lyons.

NUNN, Willie B. Sr. age 64 12 Apr 2002. F= George Nunn. M= Neva Rosenbalm. W= Laura E. Nunn. Daus= Neva Dollar, Janet Bowman, & Peggy Sharrett, & Tammy Dowell. Sons= James William, & Willie Ben Nunn Jr.. Sis= Ruby Otey. Bros= Robert, Charlie, & Leslie Wayne Nunn.

NYE, Elmer Brown, 29 Mar 1914 28 Mar 1996 (F= O. B. Nye M= Ada Miller W= 1st Myrtle E. Niddifer 2nd Sarah Beatrice Bolling. 3rd Helen Jett)

NYE, Helen Jett Smalling Hiltons, VA age 80 30 Mar 2001 (F= James W. Jett M= Ocie M. Vermillion H=1st John Smalling 2nd Elmer B. Nye. Step= Marie Guthridge. Bros= James & Charles Jett. Preceded in death by both husbands, a stepson Donaly Nye, two sisters, infant Beritus Jett & Frances Smith and one brother Fred Jett)

NYE, Sarah Beatrice 4 Jun 1913 9 Feb 1985 (F= Elbert Lee Boling M= Mary Catherine Comerford H= Elmer Brown Nye)

NYE, T. Gilbert 1907 – 1987

NYE, Velma C. 1913 – 1995

O’DELL, Clayton Henry, Sr. age 75 Aug 12 1923 – 24 Oct 1998 (W= Helen Elizabeth Burnette Dau= Joyce Bishop Sons= Clayton, Henry O’Dell, Jr. & William E. O’Dell. Sis= Margaret Pennley, Mable, Mary, Bros= Cloyd, Carl and Paul) MOW

O’DELL, F. Raymond 3 Mar 1909 – 9 Oct 1991

O’DELL, Helen Elizabeth Burnette age 77 8 May 2000 (H= Clayton O’Dell Sr. Dau= Joyce Bishop Sons= Clayton, Henry O’Dell, Jr. & William E. O’Dell. Sis= Edna Shuttle & Nancy Burnette. Bros. Herbert Burnette, James Burnette, & Jack Burnette.)

O’DELL, Norman Dungan 12 Aug 1903 – 30 Sep 1980 (F= Samuel L. O’Dell M= Laura White W= Billie Gillespie)

O’DELL, Sophia H. age 85 – 13 Nov 2001 Monroe, NC H= Fred Raymond O’Dell. Dau= Ann Vaughn. Sons= Thomas R., & Timothy F. O’Dell.

O’DELL, Sophia H. 7 Nov 1916 ——-

ODUM, Edra Odessa Carr Birmingham, Al age 89 – 4 Sep 2000 (H= A. B. Odum. Son= Tommy L. Odum. Sis= Ruth Hall. )

OFFIELD, Grace 25 Mar 1889 – 3 Aug 1943 (F= James E. Offield M= Mary Hicks)

OFFIELD, John R. 1885 – 1965

OFFIELD, Robert L. 1882 – 1975

OFFIELD, William Allen 2 Feb 1892 – 3 Jul 1978 (W= Emma

OGLETREE, Delpha “Dell” Lafayette, IN age 79 – 6 Dec 2000 (F= James Chessman M= Cora Ethel Carter. H= Homer E. Ogletree. Daus= Shirley Morley, Paige Ann Skaggs, Jodie Jenkins, & Heather Nicole Ogletree. Son= Paul Ogletree.) )

OLINGER, Lake Blanchard Scott Co., VA 7 Nov 1903 age 97 – 20 Jan 2001. (F= Davied Olinger. M= Martha Shankle. W 1st Nannie Bell Castle and 2nd Ethel Harper. Daus= Lena Barnett, & Cleva Harrison.)

OLSON, Edwin Earl age 71 28 Mar 1930 – 15 Dec 2001 Nebo, NC Parents= Edwin O. “Ole” & Eula “Julia” Olson. W= Shirley Olson. Sons= Ted M., Mark S., & Edwin P. Olson. Bros= William V., Charles, & John G. Olson.

OZORIO, Kate Aldridge Boone, NC age 72 – 2 Oct 200 (F= Charlie B. Aldridge. M= Zettie Frances Taylor. H= Henry Ozorio. Dau= Robin Pamela Mann-Chavez. Sis= Ruth Leonard, Etta Frances & Marie Taylor. Bros= Harry, Ottie, & Dan Aldridge)

PAGE, Elizabeth Jane b.5-13-1908 19 Feb 1986 ( F= Dave Booher M= Mattie Owens)

PARSONS, Dorothy Irene age 86 Altoona, PA 12 May 2001. Niece Snadra Vicars. Stepdau= Lois Shirley.

PATTON, Lillian Maxine 24 Oct 1929 – 2 May 1974 BP

PATTON, Carl P. 3 Dec 1932 – 11 Nov 1995 BP

PAYNE, Mary Loretta Chattanooga, TN age 86 – 15 Nov 2001 Abingdon, VA F= William Henry Clark. M= Julia Nelms. H= Rev. Joseph Franklin Payne. Dau= Ann Mowell. Sons= Howard Larry, & Joseph Franklin Payne, Jr.

PEARMAN, Harold Decatur 6 Jun 1913 – 12 Jun 1985 (F= Herbert Pearman M= Nora Allen W= Mary Elizabeth Booher)

PEARMAN, May Elizabeth 26 Apr 1916 3 Feb 1998 (F= Jesse M. Booher M= Harriet Rebecca Smith H= Harold Decatur Pearman)

PEARMAN, Ralph Herbert Tom’s Creek, VA age 79 9 Feb 2002 F= Herbert Michael Pearman. M= Nora Allen. W= Luella Pearman Sis= Nancy Gaynelle Pearman.

PENDERGRASS, Georgia P. 2 Jan 1928 age 73 – 1 Aug 2001. Parents Bud & Martha Smith. H= Charlie Pendergrass. Daus= Sally Brown, Joanne Pendergrass, Brenda Williams, & Jerry Epperson. Sons= Dan, & Steve Pendergrass. Sis Elsie Eades, Peggy Couch, Betty Cross, Jean Mullins, & Brenda Jones. Bro= Herman Smith.

PENDERGRASS, Marie 1937 – 1999 h= Henry Pendergrass Father = Ben H. Weaver mother Thelma Buskell Brother Ben R. Weaver sister = Cathy Lowe BW

PENDERGRASS, Traci Surface age 34 – 7 Nov 2000 (Parents Ray & Kay Surface. H= Danny Pendergrass. Son= Adam Pendergrass. Dau= Amber P. Moore. Sis= Tara Surface Ellison. Father & mother in law Clayton & Lola Pendergrass.)

PENLEY, James Alfred – 14 Jun 2000 (Parents Robert & Cora Penley. W= Wilene Penley. Son= Keith Penley. Dau= Karen Terral. Sis= Jean Carrier & Edythe Antonelli. Bros= Earl, & David Penley. Preceded in death by two brothers Ed & Vernon Penley, two sisters Bobbie Sams & Virginia Bittle)

PEOPLES, Jacob Hansel – 22 Jun 2000 (F= Jasper Hansel Peoples M= Mary Stuart. W= Marian B. “Carrie” Peoples. Sis= Mary Ann Peoples. Bro= Albert Peoples.)

PERKINS, Thomas Wright 30 Jul 1947 Bristol, VA. age 53 7 Feb 2001 W= Emily Crenshaw. Son= Thomas Wright Perkins, Jr. Dau= Emily Jennings (Jenny) Perkins. Bro= William Perkins.

PERRIGAN, Buster Stuart age 76 – 1 Jan 2001. (Parents Morris & Rose paeeigan. W= Marie Hayes. Dau= Rost Lingerfelt. Stepbro= Tommy Perrigan.)

PERRY, Della Mae Clintwood, Va. – 14 Dec 2000 (H= Orval E. Perry, Sr. Son= Orval Perry. Sis= Betty Branham, & Alice Rose of VA.)

PETERS, Electra Smith 2 Dec 1868 – 27 Jul 1950 (H= Herbert G. Peters Sr.)

PETERS, Harriet May 25 Jul 1877 – 21 Aug 1958 (Nee Broce H= Noah S. Peters. Info given by Nora Fulwider.)

PETERS, Henry James 1903 – 1904 (F= Herbert G. Peters M= Electra Smith

PETERS, Herbert G. Sr. 10 Sep 1859 – 2 Aug 1925 (W= Electra Smith Son= Herbert G. Peters Jr.

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PETERS, Herbert G., Jr. 10 Sep 1895 – 19 Aug 1951 (F= Herbert G. Peters, Sr. M= Electra Smith W= Avilda Carver. Dau. Avilda Peters Moses. Son= Herbert G. Peters III )

PETERS, Infant b. & d. 10 Apr 1930 (F= Herbert Peters, Jr. M= Avilda Carver)

PETERS, Infant b. & d. 10 Jul 1907 (F= Herbert G. Peters M= Electra Smith)

PETERS, Isaac Conrad 2 Jul 1887 – 2 Jan 1975

PETERS, Martin Joseph 16 Oct 1914 – 10 Oct 1982 Richmond IN. (F= Isaac Peters M= Minta Bushong W= Marian Weaver )

PETERS, Marvin Curtis 22 Feb 1931 23 Mar 1934 (F= John A. Peters. M= Dimple Shoun)

PETERS, Minta Bushong 3 Dec 1887 – 3 Sep 1952 (H= Isaac Peters)

PETERS, Myrtle Dimple 26 Oct 1904 – 29 Oct 1931 (F= I. H. Shoun M= Hester Clayman H= John Peters (Fathers Name is I. Hamilton Shoun)

PETERS, Noah Samuel 4 Mar 1873 – 15 Nov 1947 (F= James Allen Peters M= Susan Peters W= Hattie Broce.)

PETERS, William Bernard 31 Oct 1921 25 Feb 1945 (F= Charles B. Peters M= Virginia Carmack W= Doris E. Wright Buried Glenwood 12 Dec 1947. He was killed in WW11 and his body was brought back to TN in 1947. He was first buried in Germany).

PETERS, William Earl age 75 – 23 Sep 2000 W= Anna Sue. Son= David Peters, Sr. Sis= Annie Hagy, Josephine Carrier, Louise Phillips, & Rosa McCroskey. Preceded in deathy by two brothers, Hugh, & Noah Peters.

PHELPS, Willie Maudine 26 Jan 1898 7 Apr 1986 F= Warren Phelps. M= Elizabeth Stickley. H= Thomas James Crabtree. Daus= Dorothy N., Evelyn G., Leta A. Marshall, Emily B., Hazel L., Betty Sue Nichols, Pauline Sylvia Smith, Nancy E., Vivian Winiford Griffin., & Fannie Babbitt Stevens. Sons= Boyd R., Warren S., Frank Macon, & Thomas E. Booher. Sis= Louella., Blyth., & Mary Phelps. Bro= James W., & Scott Phelps. TBB

PHILLIPS, JoAnn Holbrook Dickenson Co., VA age 68 – 6 Oct 2000 (F= John Holberook M= Cordelia May Burke. H= Sanford Phillips. Son= Danny Phillips. Sis= Nona Jones, Bonnie White, Donna Harris, & Edith Phillips. Bro= Bill Holbrook)

PHILLIPS, Lillie Vance age 98 16 Mar 2001. F= John “Jack” Vance. M= Eliza Smith. H= W. Kyle Phillips. Daus= Helen Booher, Evelyn Cos, Barbara Loving, & Delores Harr.

PHILLIPS, Stacy O. age 79, 31 Aug 1920 – 27 Jul 2000 (W= Thelma Ruth Hill. Dau= Mary jane Whitaker. Sons= Lonnie A., Richie G., and Henry Wayne Phillips. Sis= Lillian Dykes and Nancy Luchini. Bro= Fred Phillips.)

PHIPPS, Laura Owens Berbert age 104 23 Feb 2001.

PHIPPS, Ola Myrtle Honaker age 92 18 Jul 1909 17 Mar 2002 F= Henry Russell Honaker. M= Edie Ball. H= Cecil Phipps. Dau= Betty Gilbert. Bros= Wallace & Joe Honaker. Preceded in death by her husband and a daughter Doris Jackson, sister Faris Honaker, & brother Carl, Clyde, & Claude Honaker

PHIPPS, Donald L. Sr. age 89 6 Feb 2001. Son= Don Phipps. Dau= Gretchen Fox Stein.

PHIPPS, Robert Allen “Robbie” age 35 10 Mar 2001. (F= Lawrence Edward Phipps. M=Bonnie Hyatt. Dau= Jennifer Faye Phipps. Stepdau= Amanda Snapp Stepson= Jimmy Snapp Sis= Pam David, & Donna Oliver. Bro= Larry Phipps. Paternal grandmother Ada Phipps.)

PICKEL, Daniel Boone 6 Mar 1900 16 Feb 1970 (F= Calvin Pickel M= Josephine Frost)

PICKEL, Margaret B. Hess age 85 24 May 2001. F= Guss Hess. M= Bessie Richards. Children Dorothy Breeding, Claudia Johnson, Dewey & Jerry Hess and Frank Pickel.

PICKEL, Roy T. 17 Sep 1900 24 Mar 1985

PICKLE, Ida Mae Harless age 102 – 29 Jan 2001. (Parents Andrew & Hester Harless. H= Daniel Pickle. Daus= Helen Barger & Geneva Martin. Son= Tony Pickle. Bro= Walter Harless.)

PICKLE, Pearl B. 8 Jul 1905 26 Apr 1995

PITTS, Homer Carban Greene Co., TN age 70 21 Mar 2001 F= Tom Pitts. M= Nell Vinia Carter. W= Betty Lyons. Stepson= Marty jacobs. Stepdau= Lisa Dickenson. Bro= D. L. Pitts. Sis= Myrtle Lee Julian

POE, William Leapold 3 Nov 1882 27 Feb 1955 (F= Henry Clay Poe M= Parlee Blevins.)

POOL, Mary Lynn age 74 16 Feb 2002 Kingsport, TN. F= James Keller Barnes M= Gladys Bush. Dau= Michelle Gillenwater. Preceded in death by a sister Violet Morrell and a brother Douglas Barnes

POORE, Carol Jo Booth age 63 15 Apr 2000 (H= Allen O. Poore Sons = Blakley Carlton, & Brian Allen Poore)

POORE, Claude Murray 7 Jun 1901 – 30 Dec 1983 (F= James M. Poore M= Mary A. Jones W= Hester Mae Stewart.)

POORE, Grace L. age 77 – 16 Aug 2001 Glen Burnie, MD F= Tom Smith. M= Ila Long. Dau= Nancy Young, & Linda Saia.

POORE, Hester Mae 29 Apr 1901 20 Feb 1979 (F= Robert A. Stewart M= Theodocia Ernest White H= Claude Murray Poore.)

POTTER, Margie Jane Moore age 80 – 22 Nov 2000. (F= James William Moore M= Susie Ann Harr. H= John Martin Potter. Dau= Diana Jackson. Son= Daniel Potter. Bro= Fred Moore. Halfbro= Junior Leonard. )

POTTS, Robert F. age 79 26 Mar 2001. F= Fred L. Potts M= Carmon McGarry. W= Gladys Arnold. Sis= Peggy Taylor Potts. Bros= Arthur H., & Bill E. Potts

POWERS, Beulah Hazel April 4, 1915 – April 8, 2000 (Father – Dave Stout – Mother- Lona Louise Fletcher Stout H= Hiram Powers. Dau= Ruby Lawson Berkley) PS

POWERS, Chessie Virginia Taylor age 95 17 Apr 2002. Parents Lee & Dora Taylor. H= Jospeh Edward Powers. Sons= Charles & Jimmy Powers. Preceded in death by a son Ernest Powers and a sister Ella Frank.

PRIDEMORE, Jessie Ruth age 88 20 Feb 19 30 Mar 2002 H= Alonzo R. Pridemore. Dau= Peggy Murray & Shelly Hilliard. Sons= Kenny E. Hilliard, Edgar A. Hilliard, & Bill Pridemore. Sis= Georgia Keeling & Rosa Moses. Preceded in death by her husband and sons Jimmy, Clarence WR Jr. Hilliard , & Lonnie, James, & Glenn Pridemore and a daughter Mary Sue Nalley.

PRITCHETT, Jewel Horton age 83 31 May 2001. F= Lorenza D. Horton. M= Lilly Rivers. Dau= Annette Macione.

RAINERO, Amy Lynn age 31 – 17 Jun 2001. F= Leno Rainero, Jr. M= Jan Horner. Sis= Whitney Ann Rainero. Bro= Leno Rainero III. Maternal grandparents Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Horner, Jr.

RAINES, Harry “HB” age 79 – 11 Aug 2001 F= John Raines M= Carrie Ford. W= Gladys Mac Raines. Sons= Van, James, & Rick Raines. Dau= Joyce Raines Dingus. Bros= Bill Raines. Sis= Rhoda Vaughan. Preceded in death by his wife, and following brothers and sisters: Imogene, Bruce, Oletia, Juanita, John & Allie Raines.

RASNAKE, Fred Edgar age 66 Clinchfield, VA. 26 Mar 2001 Bristol, TN. (F= John Ezra Rasnake. M= Golda Ball. W= Patsy Greene. Sons= Ronald Eldon, & Edward Lynn Rasnake, and Michael Hodges. Dau= Lisa Nash. Sis= Marilee Trivette. Bros= William E., & Dr. J. Samuel Rasnake. Preceded in death by a son Buddy Hodges.)

RASNICK, Minna F. age 90 14 Feb 2001. H= Otto C. Rasnick. Daus= Edna Lindsey, Jane lowe, Alma Elmore. Son= Ronnie, & David Rasnick. Sis= Margaret Pickel.

RATLIFF, Myrtle Louisa age 79 – 24 Sep 2000. H= Woodrow Ratliff. Dau= Deborah O’Dell & Vivian White.

REPASS, James W. age 86 24 Feb 2002 F= William S. Repass. M= Anna Morrell. W= Mary Elizabeth Repass. Son= David Repass.

REPASS, Mandine Blevins 27 Sep 1896 – 25 Nov 1960 (F= Robert L. Blevins. M= Maude Baird. H= Matio Repass)

REPASS, Mary Elizabeth age 81 27 Apr 2002. F= Elbert Johnson. M= Maude Snyder. H= James W. Repass. Son= David Repass. Bro= E. J. Johnson.

REYNOLDS, Bobbie Sue 5 Mar 1934 16 May 1981 (F=. Gordon Emmett Boling M= Almeda Bolling H= James W. Reynolds.)

REYNOLDS, O’dell Russell Co., VA age 88 1 Mar 2001 Parents Bishop & Virginia Hayes. H= Bascom Reynolds Sr., Dau= June Reynolds. Son= Bascom Reynolds, Jr. Sis= Violet Roark. Bros= Robert Barr & Trinkle Barr.

REYNOLDS, Ruby Anderson – 15 Jun 2000 (F= Frazier Albert Anderson M= Mary Cleopatra Jeffrey. H= Arthur E. “Dick” Reynolds. Dau= Mary Ann Sheppard. Son = Arthur E. “Bud” Reynolds.)

RHEA, Jessie Lee “Lethco” Damascus, VA. age 83 – 28 Jan 2001. (Parents John & Minnie Lethco. H= James William Rhea. Sons= Billy, & Randall Rhea. Daus= Carolyn Morrison, Sandra Freeman, & Betty Arnold. Preceded in death by a daughter Susie Sage, and a son Douglas Lethco.)

RICHARD, Betty Sue, age 70, B= 11 Aug 1927 D=10-6-1997. (M=Grace Elizabeth Neville, F=Hubert L. South. Sons: Ronald L. Eades and Danny Joe Eades. Preceded in Death by F, M and B=Herman L. South) RE

RITCHER, Frances Moore age 79 18 Mar 2002 F= W. Stuart Moore. M= Nellie Hoover. Dau= Jo Russell. Son= Don Richter.

ROBBINS, Ann Elizabeth Camper age 58 20 May 2000 (F= John Floyd Camper. M= Annie Mae Moody. H= David L. Robbins. Dau= Tammy R. Davis. Son= jared D. H. Robbins. Sis= Thelma L. Ray, Carolyn R. Randolph, Evely R. Nelson, and Mary C. VanTassell. Bro= Ronald L. Camper. Preceded in death by brother, Melvin T., Robert F., and Delmer E. Moody.)

ROBERTS, Daniel R. “D. R.” (1926) age 74 7 Mar 2000 (W= Avalle Smith Bro. = Stanley Roberts)

ROBERTS, Sonja Maria Willia – 5 Jul 2001. Parents Albert & Mary Willis. H= Gary Roberts. Dau= Tonya Robert. Sis= Judy Daugherty & Cathy Yates. Bro= Al Willis.

ROBINETTE, Judge R. (1911) age 89 19 Feb 2000 (F= James Morgan Robinette M= Margaret Osborne W= Catherine Lynch Robinette. Dau = Anne R. Craig & Jean R. Green Sons = John W. Robinette, J. Alan Robinette, Joseph R. Robinette, Nolan R. Robinette and Paul A. Robinette).

ROGERS, Paul E. age 55 – 25 Jun 2001 F= George Rogers. M= Eula Price. Sis= Dot Caudill, Wilma Casey, Vicky “Janie” Slayer, Lillian Helton, Faye Potter, & Linda Ruth Butler. Bro= Carl Price, Ray “Pete”, Bobby, Freddy, & Ricky Rogers.

ROMINES, Elizabeth age 82 – 23 Jan 2002 F= Jacob Henninger. M= Ruby Phipps. H= Lewis H. Romines. Son= Wayne Douglas Romines. Sis= Alice Boling.

ROMINES, Lewis age 87 26 Mar 2001. F= Harless Lee Romines. M= Viola Pearl Harris. W= Elizabeth Henninger. Son= Wayne Douglas Romines.

ROSENBALM, Samuel Lilburn 30 Aug 1877 – 17 Jul 1962 (F= John Rosenbalm M= Patsy Blevins W= Cynthia.)

ROSENBAUM, Vera Eileen age 77 – 2 Aug 2000 Farragut, TN. H= John T. Rosenbaum. Sons= Johnny and Gary Rosenbaum.

ROY, Gary Wayne age 54 7 Feb 2001. W= Martha Roy. Dau= Angela Johnson. Bro= Michael Roy. Sis= Joyce Wilfong, Donna Brock, Barbara Anderson.

RUTHERFORD, Charley James 22 Jul 1881 – 6 Jan 1970 (F= Ryburn Rutherford M= Mary Booher W= Myrtle)

RUTHERFORD, Edward John 23 Apr 1887 – 14 Dec 1975 (F= Joseph C. Rutherford M= Jane McClelland. Marriage records for Sullivan Co., TN show that Joseph C. Rutherford married Virginia E. McClelland. Jane may just be a nick name for the mother).

RUTHERFORD, James Harold age 82 – 4 Jun 2001 (F= Ben Rutherford M= Effie Miller. W= Martha E. Rutherford. Bro= Leo, & Hugh Rutherford. Preceded in death by his wife and brothers, Virgil & Woodrow Rutherford and sisters Pauline Wright & Dorothy Lowry.)

RUTHERFORD, Margaret L. 15 Jul 1908 – 16 Dec 1984 (F= Gus Burnett M= Martha Slagle H= Joe Rutherford.)

RUTHERFORD, Martha E. Nelson age 78 – 1 Nov 2000. (F= Robert Nelson. M= Garnett Bailey. H= James H. Rutherford. Sis= Kate Arnold & Janice Baumgardner. Bros= Robert, David, Clay, & Floyd Nelson.)

RUTHERFORD, Mary Kate 24 Oct 1890 – 30 Dec 1974 (F= Samuel W. Morrell M= Mary Florence Booher H= Edward John Rutherford)

RUTHERFORD, Walter Benjamin 3 Jun 1884 – 22 Aug 1972 (F= Ryburn Rutherford M= Mary Ann Booher)

RUTTER, Earl D. 4 Jan 1930 age 71 – 21 Nov 2001. F= Everette S. Rutter. M= Ronnie Minton. Dau= Pamela K. Booher. Sis= Lela Harris & Sarah M. Walters. Bro= William & Ernest Rutter.

RUTTER, Judy Carol age 55 – 20 Jun 2001. (F= Charles Preston Hopkins M= Garnet Wampler. Daus= Sherri Pendergrass & Michelle Pope. Son= Ron Miller. Sis= Barbara nance & Ann Simmons. Bro= Jim Hopkins.)

RYAN, David N. 9 Apr 1910 age 91 – 25 Nov 2001. F= Charlie Ryan. M= Mary Webb. W= 1st Wilma Crowe 2nd Hermie M. Ryan. Son= Fred Ryan. Dau= Lois Musser. Sis= Eugene Phipps & Audrey Bolick. Preceded in death by his first wife and a son Bobby Ryan.

RYAN, Geneva Bertie MUMPOWER (F= Charles David Mumpower M= Lelia Odessa VANCE Mumpower) GMc

RYAN, Kenneth Davis age 74 1 Apr 2000 (F= Robert Ryan M= Sallie. W= Madeline Gill. Dau. = Karen Waldron & Joyce Robbins. Sons = David, & Darrell Ryan. Sis. = Mary Bailey. Bro.= Scott Ryan.)

RYAN, Scott age 77 24 Mar 2001 at Mountain Home, TN. W= Dorothy Ryan. Dau= Barbara Ryan. Son= Jack Ryan. Sis= Mary Bailey.

RYAN, Vernie W. GMc

RYAN, Wilma Kathleen Crowe 28 Jul 1913 – 1 Jan 83 F=John Pierce Crowe M=Laura Ketron Crowe H=David N. Ryan Son=Fred B. Ryan Daughter=Lois Musser Son=Bobby Ryan Twin Sister=Wilsa Crowe Boling Brother=Johnny Crowe Sisters=Evelyn Barr & Elizabeth Brown BTR


SAMPSON, Lola Dear Millsap (1920) age 80 10 Mar 2000 (H= Claude W. Sampson Dau.= Wanda Smith & Karen O’Dell Sons. David W. & Carl E. Sampson)

SAMS, Ada May age 87 Knoxville, TN. 17 May 2002 Johnson City, TN. F= Henry Stephen Ault. M= Mary Kathryn Edwards. H= Hubert Roy Sams. Dau= Vivian Robinson. Son= Dennis A. Sams. Sis= Kathryn Vance.

SAMS, I. H. “Ike” age 80 13 Mar 2002. F= Isam Harrison Sr. M= Charmie Ethel Carmody. W= Maxie Eads. Dau= Judy Fisher. Son= Thomas Harrison. Sis= Mary Carrier. Preceded in death by brother Paul & Claude Sams and a sister Ruby Sams.

SANDERS, Georgia Katherine Smith 18 Jan 1918 – 6 Sep 1987 (F=Errette Murphy Smith, son of Granville T. and Sarah Kate Barr Smith M= Nannie Ethel Bouton, dau of Steven A. Bouton & Martha Harriette Sams H= Marvin Lee Sanders C= Pat, Pam & Mike) marker marker PLSH

SANDERS, Marvin Lee 24 Nov 1915 – 29 Mar 1982 (F=David Scott Sanders, son of Peter Ingle & Sarah Melvina Cattron M=Dora Ellen Worley, Dau of Chris and Susan Worley W=Georgia Katherine Smith) marker PLSH

SANDERS, Merle Virginia Wise Co, VA age 78 – 11 Jun 2001 (H= Herbert E. Sanders. Dau= Robin Ogle. Sis= Mildred Gilley, Nancy Simcox, Lurlie Gross & Lynn Jackson. Preceded in death by a son Les Jan Sanders.)

SAUNDERS, David E. 22 Apr 2002. Parents Thomas & Clara B. Saunders. W= Millie Saunders. Son= David “Buddy” Saunders. Dau= Clara Lytle. Bro= Thomas Saunders.

SHAFFER, Kenneth D. 28 Feb 2000 (F= Oscar Shaffer M= Kate Fleenor W= Lois. Sons = Michael K. and David A. Shaffer. Sis. = Loraine Loudy)

SHANKLE, Clay (Bob) Robinson, Jr. age 76 – 16 Nov 2000. b.21 Oct 1924 Washington County, VA (W= 1st Wilma Louise Frye. 2nd Charlotte V. Luchini.) Dau= Billie Jean Scypher.) S/O Clay Robinson (Ike) Shankle and Virgie Susan Miller. CSS

SHARP, Edmund Madison age 69 – 31 Aug 2000. (W= Madeline Tester. Sons= Danny E., Donald L, Daryl E.”Tater” Sharp. Dau= Deborah L. Sharp. Bros= Garland “Terry”, & Roscoe Lilburn Sharpe.)

SHAVER, Celia b.1879 d.1910 (F= Alfred Blevins M= Josephine Brown H= John F. Shaver)

SHAW, Ned. W. Grayson Co., VA age 72 – 7 Oct 2001 (F= Arthur R. Shaw. M= Nannie Grubb. W= Rebecca Moore. Son= Hugh Shaw. Sis= Joann Beck)

SHEFFIELD, Robert S. age 87 15 Apr 2000 (Parents Brack & Evelyn Sheffield. W= Dorothy A. Sheffield. Sis.= June York)

SHELTON, Emmanuel “Manuel” Clifton Marion, VA. – 10 Jun 2001 Blountville, TN. Parents Thomas Gabe & Ettie Mae Shelton. W= Lily Ann Cornett. Daus= Iris Keller & Christine Worley. Sons= Dwight, & Frank Shelton. Foster son Jonathan Ford. Preceded in death by brothers, Carl Trinkle & Paul Shelton, and sisters Elsie Stine, Mary White, Bertha Jerrell, Emma Link & Callie Lindsey.

SHELTON, Steven Scott 26 Feb 70 – 21 Mar 89 M = Eva Shelton Hunt F = William Monroe Shelton 24 JUL 42 – 21 DEC 01 b = William M Shelton, Jr ES

SHEPPARD, Estelle M. Saltville, TN. 17 May 2002 Blountville, TN. F= Samuel Barrett. M= Birdie Ball. Dau= Elaine Sheppard Campbell. Sis= Geneive Barrett, Viola Walker.

SHERWOOD, William C. age 52 – 28 Jun 2000 Daus= Beth Couch and Kristi Sherwood. Bros= Robert and John Sherwood.

SHINN, Richard “Dick” age 79 – 27 Dec 2001 Richmond, Va. F.= Oscar Shinn M= Ada Byrd. W= Geraldine Coles (d. 1997) Daus= Cindy Moore & Becky Turner. Son= Mike R. Shinn. Sis= Elizabeth Barbe.

SHIPLEY, James Phillip, Jr. 14 Apr 1914 17 Apr 1999 F= James Phillip Shipley, Sr. M= Ada Belle O’Dell. W= Margaret Louise Harkleroad. Sons= Gary Lynn & James Clifton Shipley. Dau= Andrea S. Cumbow. Sis= . Hazel Denton and Lillian Booher.

SHULAR, Margaret Naomi Blowing Rock, NC. age 77 13 May 2000 (F= Bertie K. Jenkins, M= Florence Moody Dau.= Linda Warner. Sis= Irene Baker. Bro= Dean B. Jenkins)

SHUMAKER, Evelyn Combs (1916) age 84 5 Mar 2000 (F= William A. Combs M= Minnie Lee. H= Adrian “Pete” Shumaker. Dau. = Adrienne S. Reed. Son= Richard Shumaker. ½ Sis.= Patsy Combs)

SIBLEY, Anna L. age 79 – 9 Jun 2001. (Parents Andrew M. & Mary E. Teaster. Dau= Patricia Wallen. Sis= Dorothy Johnston. Preceded in death by her husband Kenneth Sibley, one brother Earl D. Teaster, and one sister Margaret E. Teaster.)

SIMERLY, Tina Pierce 3 Aug 1909 Carter Co., TN age 91 – 18 Nov 2000 Adel, GA. (Parents Arthur & Mattie Pierce. H= Virgil P. Simerly. Sons= Jerry M., Calvin F., & Gussie Leon Simerly. Daus= Thelma Sellers, Martha Hoffman, & Juanita Meeks. Preceded in death by her husband & a son Parks Virgil Simerly and a brother Harry Pierce.)

SLAGLE, Barbara Inman, VA. – 12 Jul 2000 (F= William Hobart Anderson. M= Florence Newton. H= Fred Slagle. Dau.= Cathy Morenings, & Ann Upright. Sons= Robert “Allen”, and James “Jim” Slagle. Sis= Jewel Smith, Eula Jean Wast, Ernestine Smythe, and Judy Tickle. Bros=William, C. H., and Don Anerson. Preceded in death by a sister Marjorie Baldwin and three brothers, Elmo, Charles & Richard Anderson.)

SLAGLE, Fred T. age 71 – 18 Oct 2001 (F= Joseph S. Slagle M= Minnie Mae Bridgeman. W= Barbara Slagle. Daus= Cathy Morenings & Elizabeth Ann Upright. Sons= Jim & Allen Slagle. Preceded in death by his wife and brothers Joe & Jim Slagle.)

SLAGLE, James R age 43 d 29 Mar 81 (F = Joseph S. Slagle M = Minnie Mae Bridgeman. W= Carolyn D Slagle Sons = Todd and Scott Slagle) TS

SMALLING, Charles Ronald Sr. 27 Jan 1940 18 Mar 2002 F= Sam Smalling Sr. M= Ennis Wanda Goggle W= Brenda Marlene Blevins. Dau= Terra Smalling. Sons= Dr. Charles Ronald Jr. & Aaron Matthew Smalling. Bro= Sam Smalling Jr.

SMITH, Arthur 1882 – 1971

SMITH, Blanche Inez Eldridge 29 Sep 1921 – 16 Jun 1993 (H=William Haynes Smith) PLSH

SMITH, Carl L. 2 Apr 2002 F= Walter Smith. M= Hattie Williams Smith Hotchkiss. W= Barbara J. Barr. Dau= Nicole Adams. Sis= Della Brown. Bro= Charles Smith. Preceded in death by a sister Billie Jean Eller.

SMITH, Edgar G.   29 Nov 1921, Bristol VA – 19 Dec 1988, Bristol VA. F=John A. Smith, M=Nancy Gertrude Thompson. W=Mary Emma Jean Coffey. Married 25 Jan 1947, Bristol VA. Conductor, Norfolk Southern Railroad. US Army Veteran of World War II and Korea. SS

SMITH, Errette Murphy 27 Mar 1890 – abt Nov 1962 (F= Granville T. Smith, son of Solomon Smith and Eliza Arrants M=Sarah Kate Barr Smith dau of Harvey & Lee Anna Booher Barr W= Nannie Ethel Bouton) PLSH

SMITH, Gaylena age 90 Honaker, VA. – 7 Jan 2001 (Parents Charlie Smith. M= Maggie Combs. Sis= Nola Cooke, Fern Worsham, Ann Slagle. Bros= Kirby, Grady, Brady, Herschell, & Charles Smith. Preceded in death by five brothers Edwin, Roy, Bert, Garnie, & Ewald Smith.)

SMITH, Mary Elizabeth 21 Jun 1902 – 15 Jun 1974 (F= James B. Whittaker M= Catherine Gary H= Homer Smith, Sr. Bro. = Henry C. Whittaker)

SMITH, Mary Emma Jean Coffey  7 Sep 1923, Bristol VA – 17 Dec 2004, Bristol VA. F=Beeler Ester Coffey, M=Sallie Elizabeth Cross, H=Edgar G. Smith. Married 25 Jan 1947, Bristol VA. Worked at Kelly & Green. SS

SMITH, Nancy Doris age 78 – 8 Aug 2000 Parents Samuel & Sally Smith.

SMITH, Pauline Sylvia 31 Mar 1923 – 1995 F= Thomas J. Crabtree M= Willie M. Phelps. H= 1st Paul McDonald 2nd James Scott Smith. Dau= Brenda Kaye McDonald Goode. TBB

SMITH, Robert Lee age 82 9 Mar 2001 Mountain Home, TN. W= Anna Blanch Smith. Son= Guy Smith. Dau= Gloria Smith. Bro= Aubrey Smith.

SMITH, Sarah E. “Betty” 1880 – 1956

SMITH, Walter Crossie “Speedy” age 89 12 Feb 2001. F= Charles Smith M= Nora Cross. W= June Cooper. Son= Walter C. Smith, Jr.

SMITH, William Haynes 21 Jun 1923 – _______ (F=Errette Murphy Smith, son of Granville T. and Sarah Kate Barr Smith M= Nannie Ethel Bouton, dau of Steven A. Bouton & Martha Harriette Sams W=Blanche Inez Eldridge ) PLSH

SMITHSON, Cecil Andrew 2 Jun 1915 – 20 Oct 1969 (F= Arthur N. Smithson M= Anna J. Turner W= Margaret Simerly Bro. = Oscar Lee, Lester, Marion, Fred, & J. C. Smithson.)

SMITHSON, Susan Catherine 28 Apr 1893 – 22 Jun 1969 (F= Elbert W. Stophel M= Rosa Bell Houser H= William D. Smithson.)

SMITHSON, William Daniel 13 Mar 1899 – 26 Sep 1964 (F= Samuel D. Smithson M= Margaret Shipley W= Susan Katherine Stophel)

SNOW, Ethel 1900 – 1987 H = Hale Snow son Hale Snow, Jr. brothers = Carl, Clarence, Joe Buskell sisters = Bessie & Ossie Buskell, Kathryn Booher, Thelma Weaver BW

SORAH, Lillian H. – 29 Jan 2002 H= Thurman Sorah Sisters= Virginia Cole & Edith Holmes. Preceded in death by a son Doug Sorah.

SPICER, Ruby Pippin Littleford age 86 18 Mar 2002. F= Sanford Pippin. M= Mae Worley. H= 1st C. W. Littleford (1986) 2nd Donald B. Spicer. Son= Anthony Charles Littleford. Stepchidlren= E4ric & Michael “Spicer & Sharon Raulerson. Preceded in death by brothers Orville, Teddy, Ed, Harmie, Carl & William Pippin and sisters Lucille Lytz & Margaret Novak.

SPROLES, Frankie Louise “Margaret” Smith 14 Nov 1929 1965 (F Errett Murphy Smith M=Nannie Ethel Smith H=George Charles Sproles C= Katherine Laverne Sproles) PLSH

STEWART, Charles A. age 78 8 May 2000 (W= Ernestine Stewart. Son= Alvin Stewart. Sis= Edith Beard, Helen Burnett, & Ruth Bailey. Bros= J. Carlton & J. Phipps Stewart. Preceded in death by two sisters, Irene Owen & Evelyn Howell, and a brother York Stewart.)

STEWART, Charles Edgar 27 Jun 1879 – 1945 (F= Samuel C. Stewart M= Elizabeth H. “Betty” Bowton. 1st wife Connie Booher, 2nd wife Mary Ellen “Mollie” Boling.  His parents & 1st wife Connie are buried in Missouri.)

STEWART, Fannie Belle 10 Aug 1894 – 11 Aug 1972 (F= William Rial Blevins M= Elizabeth Hatcher H= Samuel Herbert Stewart.)

SMITH, Gaylena age 90 Honaker, VA. – 7 Jan 2001 (Parents Charlie Smith. M= Maggie Combs. Sis= Nola Cooke, Fern Worsham, Ann Slagle. Bros= Kirby, Grady, Brady, Herschell, & Charles Smith. Preceded in death by five brothers Edwin, Roy, Bert, Garnie, & Ewald Smith.)

SNIDER, Oza Anna 16 Sep 1916 Lee Co., VA – 19 Jul 2001 Fairfax, VA. F= James Benton Elkins. M= Lila Marcum. H= Lawson Ralph Snider. Daus= Nancy S. Smagala & Ina S. Josephson.

STEVENS, Fannie Babbitt 4 Jun 1932 17 Apr 1978 F= Thomas J. Crabtree M= Willie M. Phelps H= Thomas Reed Stevens. Children = Thomas Jr., & Michile. TBB

STEWART, Allen Haynes – 11 Jul 2001 (W= Martha Stewart Son= Michael Stewart. Sis= Barbara Lois Zint)

STEWART, Hazel Nell 22 Dec 1914 26 May 1990 (F= Henry J. Poore M= Cora A. Eller H= Henry Lawrence Stewart)

STEWART, Henry Lawrence 22 Jul 1906 (alive) (F= Robert A. Stewart M= Theodosia E. White W= 1st Hazel Nell Poore. 2nd. Trudy Rae Jackson.)

STEWART, Infant b & d 22 Feb 1927 (twin) (F= Charles Edgar Stewart M= Mary Ellen “Mollie” Bolling)

STEWART, Mary Louise “Tootsie” 3 Mar 1925 – 12 Aug 1992 (F= Claude Hunigan M= Cord Gray H= Samuel Herbert Stewart Jr.)

STEWART, Robert A. 29 Jan 1866 – 27 Dec 1922 (F= John Stewart M= Lucinda W= Theodosia E. White.)

STEWART, Samuel Herbert 27 Jan 1896 – 7 Nov 1979 (F= Robert A. Stewart M= Theodosia E. White W= Fannie Belle Blevins)

STEWART, Samuel Herbert Jr. 27 Jan 1896 – 7 Nov 1979 (F= Samuel Herbert Stewart, Sr. M= Fannie Belle Blevins. W= Mary Louise “Tootsie” Hunigan.)

STEWART, Theodosia E. b.6-28-1870 24 Mar 1944 (F= Benjamin White. H= Robert A. Stewart)

STEWART, Walter Edgar b.2-22-1927 16 Apr 1972 (twin) (F= Charles Edgar Stewart M= Mary Ellen “Mollie” Boling. 1st wife Sue Ellen Davenport. 2nd wife Ollie Marie Francis. 3rd wile Bertie D.)

STEWART, Mary Ellen “Mollie” 8 Oct 1888 – 3 Jan 1966 (F= John William Boling M= Nellie Jones H= Charles Edgar Stewart)

STINE, Stella Mae Dingus age 73 – 27 Jun 2000 (Parents Shade F. & Mattie Dingus. Dau= Karen S. Riddle & Lisa C. Sims. Sisters= Beulah Cope, Margot Shuler, Mary McConnel, and Louise Honaker. Bros= John, Jack, and Shade Dingus, Jr. Prededed in death by three bros= Frank, Ted & Joe Dingus and a sister Leafy Brewer)

STIPES, Tammie Jo age 35 9 May 2002. F= Clyde Stipes, Sr. M= Urika Belle Stipes Son= Samuel Aaron Stipes. Bros= Clyde Jr., Donald, Chuck, Mark, William & Bradley Stipes. Sis= Cathy Fleenor, Fay Bloomer, Shirley Culbertson, Barbara Oliver, Beverly Dyble, Teresa Bennett. Halfbro= Jimmy Stipes.

STOOTS, Thomas Ray no dates LJB

STOOTS, Ollie Mae 3 Feb 1900 LJB

STOPHEL, Bettie Jane Wood 1 Jan 1937 Bristol, VA age 64 – 16 Oct 2001 Winston Salem, NC. (F= James Franklin Wood M= Tiny Jane Mann. H= Mack Junior Stophel. Dau= Jeanne Deloris Stophel. Son= Dennis L. Stophel. Bros= James Edward & David Franklin Wood.)

STOPHEL, Oscar William 30 Oct 1900 – 22 Jun 1969 Greenville, Green Co., TN (F= Abram C. Stophel M= Eliza Jane Smithson W= Cora Lee Frye )

STOPHEL, Ossie Faye 27 Sep 1908 29 Apr 1956 (F= Breaks Mattox M= Belle Carrier H= Sam Stophel )

STORY, Angela Hunigan age 26 – 17 Oct 2000 Knoxville, TN. (F= Charles Blaine Hunigan, Jr. M= Patricia Flety. H= David Scott Story. Daus= Sarah Jean & Kaleb Austin Story. Sis= Paula Matzner. Maternal Grandparents Gene Felty & Pat Bibee Flety. Paternal grandparents Charles B. & Hazel Hunigan.)

STOUFFER, Evelyn Newark, OK – 12 Sep 2000 Kingsport, TN. (Parents Lester L. & Bessie R. Spiger. H= Franklin C. Stouffer. Sons= Richard F. & James E. Stouffer. Preceded in death by a brother George Spiger.)

STOUT, Dave – April 13, 1887 – Jan. 18, 1976. (Father – James Stout – Mother – Mary O’Neal) PS

STOUT, Ernest Robert Jan 9, 1922 – Nov. 1, 1984 (Father – Dave Stout – Mother- Lona Louise Fletcher Stout) PS

STOUT, Lona Louise Fletcher Oct 26, 1890 – June 6, 1966. (Father – James Fletcher – Mother – Alice Holden) PS

STOUT, Raymond Benick Dec. 20, 1918 – Jan. 17, 1974 (Father – Dave Stout – Mother- Lona Louise Fletcher Stout) PS

STOUT, Thelma Gertrude Nunn Jan. 12, 1923 Abingdon, VA – June 19, 2001 Bristol, TN (Father – James Nunn – Mother – Ollie Mae Saylor Nunn H= Ernest Robert Stout Sr. Dau= Christine Leonard. Sons= James Mason Nunn & Ernest Robert Stout, Jr. Bro= John Nunn) PS

STROUTH, H. M. “Doc” age 82 – 22 Jan 2001 Mountain Home, TN. (F= John Henry Strouth M= Lucy Weaver. W= Stella B. Strouth. Sons= Howard, Donald, & Ronnie Strouth. Sis= Audnia Watson. Bro Halvie Strouth.)

STROUTH, Halvie Edthridge 26 JUN 24 – 21 JAN 03 d = Eva Shelton Hunt, Judy Frances Ramsey, Joyce Carol Buchanan s = Haskell, Halvie w = Edna Mattie ES

STROUTH, Kate Salyer 26 JUN 21 – 8 MAR 98 ES

STUCHKUNAS, Martha Parker age 58 18 Jan 1943 Bristol, VA – 25 Jul 2001 Wilkes-Barre, PA. (Dau= Jackie Brieling. Bros= Bob & Bill Parker. Preceded in death by a sister Judy Vance.)

SUMMERS, Avilda Carver Peters Alexandria, MO age 94 – 1 Jun 2001 Bristol, VA. (Parents Harry & Emma Carver. H= 1st Herbert G. Peters, Jr. 2nd Jack L. Summers. Dau= Avilda Peters Moses. Son= Herbert G. Peters III Preceded in death by a granddaughter Avilda Gay Peters.)

SWINEY, George Taylor 31 Aug 1936 – 3 Feb 1938 (F= Barker Swiney (*NOTE: should be BAKER SWINEY) M= Sarah Miller GM more information

SWINEY, Mae L. Lyons age 76 – 16 Nov 2000 Johnson City TN. H= L. E. Swiney. Dau= Sonya Lynne Faivre.

SWINEY, Trula Catherine 27 Jun 1894 24 Mar 1983 (F= Peter Jackson Vance. M= Louise Grimes.)

TALLMAN, Helen McMillian age 87 8 Apr 2000 H= Ed Tallman Son= Jack Tallman.

TANKSLEY, James Robert age 45 – 17 Jul 2001. Parents Bob & Betty Tanksley. Sis= Peg Staton.

TANNER, Sharon Lynn age 41 25 Mar 1961 Bristol, TN. 13 Mar 2002 Bristol, VA. F= Charlie Miller. M= Willie Mae Ferguson. H= Jerry Tanner. Son= Kalem Tanner. Daus= Sarah Hudson James. Sis= Wanda Meredith, Donna Sage, Kathy Crowe, Cindy Richards & Vickie McElhaney. Bros= Bobby, William Curtis, Mike, Roger Allen & Danny Miller. Preceded in death by her father & a brother Ricky Miller.

TATE, James 7 Aug 1933 15 Mar 1996 W= Shirley Booher TBB

TAUSCHER, Mary Elizabeth age 81 17 Mar 2002 F= Leo Bottom M= Leona Collins. H= David M. Tauscher Sr. Son= Rancy C. & David M. Tauscher.

TAYLOR, David Udell 1 Mar 1922 age 79 – 15 Nov 2001. F= H. V. Van Taylor M= Mamie Sheets. W= Esther Gaye Show. Son= Allen, & David Taylor Dau= Lois Crusenberry Sis= Blanche Thomas & Carrie Gross. Bro= Harvie Taylor. Preceded in death by brothers, Earnest, Guy, James, & Rhom Taylor.

TAYLOR, Lee Roscoe 11 Oct 1878 29 Mar 1958 (F= Melvin Taylor M= Amanda Sheets W= Elizabeth)

TAYLOR, Robert E. Jackson, MI age 85 – 21 Nov 2001 F= Clarence Taylor. M= Manice Clements W= Mary Irene Taylor. Son= Bob Taylor. Dau= Sandra Larkin. Sis= Lois Williams. Preceded in death by his wife and a brother Ellwyn Taylor.

TERRY, Jimmy Lee age 54 – 14 Jul 2001. W= Debbie Leah Terry. Son= Jimmy Lee Terry, Jr. Dau= Tonya Ranee Taylor. Bros= Leslie Mitchell & Bobby Rosenbalm. Sis= Lois Mitchell.

TETTER, Clark b. & d. 1912

THOMAS, James Frank age 85 2 May 2000 (F= Grover C. Thomas M= Margaret Browning. W= Stella Thomas. Preceded in death by a sister Louise Browning Brown.)

THOMAS, James Howard “Lightening” age 77 – 16 Sep 2000 (Parents William & Mamie Thomas. W= 1st Lillie Mae 2nd Doris Thomas. Sons= James F., Ronnie L., & William J. Thomas. Daus= Brends S. Sampson, Mary J. McMinn & Louise Harris. Stepson Johnny Woodby. Stepdaus= Sharon McMinn, & Robin Rosenbalm. Sis= Peggy Mercella, & Florence Allison.)

THOMAS, Jeffrey Allen age 46, – 7 Sep 2000 Bountville, TN. (Parents Joseph & Mamie Thomas. Sons= Justine Allen, & Jonathan Andrew Thomas. Sis= Barbara J. Honaker & Judith T. Carrier. Preceded in death by a brother David Joseph Thomas.)

THOMAS, Reed H. Jr. 30 May 2000 (F= Reed H. Thomas, Sr. M= Ressie Darr Bryson. W= Laura J. Thomas. Son Reed H. Thomas III. Sis= Robbie Jo Arrants.)

THOMAS, William E. “Tommy” age 73 – 12 Dec 2001. F= Robert D. Thomas. M= Mary Ellen Osborne. W= Hazel Snow. Daus= Charlotte A. Pickel, Shelby Jean Ramsey, Mary Ellen Thomas, & Nellie Chris McKinney. Sons= Tommy & Jody l. Thomas. Sis= Lois White, Helen Cress, & Shirley Hess. Bros= Kenny, Gene, Bobby, Jimmy & Roy Thomas.

TICKLE, John Walter 10 Mar 1911 Johnson City, TN – 18 Oct 2001 Bristol TN. (F= John Crockett Tickle M= Maude Candler. W= 1st Irene Irwin 2nd Mildred Bibee. Daus= Joyce Oakley. Joan Guest. Son= John D. Tickle. Sis= Lee Mynatt. Bro= Dr. Sam Tickle. Stepdau= Linda Lowry. Preceded in death by his wives and sisters Retha Bacon & Mary Katheryn Tickle and three brothers Carl, Sherrill & Fred Tickle and stepmother Nora Witcher.)

TILLER, Vincent S. Dr. Big Stone Gap, VA. age 82 – 4 Dec 2001. F= Thomas R. Tiller Sr. W= Ruby Holladay. Sons= Vincent Jr., & William H. Tiller. Sis= Inez Wright & Blanche Richmond, Bros= Thomas R. Tiller, Jr. & Carroll E. Tiller.

TILLY, Arthur Robert b.8-10-1900 New Foundland, Canada 22 May 1958(W= Lonnie Ernest East) PED

TILLY, James George 6 Jan 1932 – 24 Aug 1986 Bristol, VA (F= Arthur Robert Tilly M= Lonnie Ernest East W= Margaret Ann McQueen) PED

TILLY, Lonnie Ernest 3 Nov 1903 (VA) 28 Apr 1989 Roanoke, VA (F= George William East M= Mary Allie Walden. H= Arthur Robert Tilly) PED

TITTLE, Rosa Lee Wyatt 1 May 1944 age 57 – 1 Nov 2001 Wichita, KS. F= Johnny Brownlow M= Rosalee Duty Miller. H= 1st Walter Glenn Wyatt 2nd Carl D. Tittle, Sr. Son= Steve, Roger, & Marty Wyatt. Sis= Marie Fritts & Margaret Hicks.

TORBETT, Virginia Carr age 89 29 Mar 2002 Parents J. Herbert & Mabel H. Carr. H= Conley C. Torbett Jr. Dau= Connie T. Pendergrass. Sis= Margaret Stout.

TOWNSEND, Jean Louise Barr age 71 23 Apr 2001. Parents David & Molly Barr. H= Rusty Townsend. Sis= Anna Pearl Robbins, & Grankie Thomas Godbey.

TRAVELSTEAD, Jenny Lee age 35 10 Mar 2002. Parents Jim & Jo Travelstead. Sis= Jodie Conley & Julia Hunt. Maternal grandmother Lois A. Wayland.

TRENT, Dorothy Donell age 85 3 Feb 2001. F= George Trent M= Ida Hurd. Preceded in death by a brother Elmer Trent and a cousin Traci Surface Pendergrass.

TRIVETT, Doris Denton age 76 Denton’s Valley 10 May 2001. F= Guy W. Denton M= Ethel Davenport H= Everette G. Trivett. Sons= Mark & Geoffrey Trivette. Sis= Grace & Margaret Denton. Bro= Glen “Johnny” Denton. Preceded in death by a son Jon Eric Trivette, a brother Kyle Denton & two sisters Mary Ruth Taylor & Cornelia “Gil” Denton.

TRIVETT, Jon Eric – 10 Dec 2000. (Parents Everette & Doris Trivette. Bros= Mark & Geoffrey Trivette.)

TURNER, Fred Marshall Gary, WV age 65 – 6 Jun 2001. W= Edna Mae Turner. Dau= Melissa McMackin. Son= Fred Marshall Turner II.

TYREE, Sue E. Rogers Bristol, TN age 84 – 18 Jan 2001 Salem, VA. F= William Jerome Rogers M= Darcus Amanda Swiney. S= Thelma Elizabeth Inge.

UMBARGER, Anna Elizabeth age 88 – 25 Jul 2000 Marion, VA. F= Milton Brown M= Mary Josephine Cole. Sis= Eula Mae Conner. Preceded in death by two brothers, Joseph Willard, & John Milton Umbarger and a sister Virginia Eleanor Vicars.

VAN HUSS, Lula Emerson May age 85 10 May 2002 F= Elbert May M= Frances Sheets. H= Guy Van Huss Sr. Dau= Shirley Van Huss. Sons= Charles, & Guy Van Huss. Bro= Jack may. Sis= Delcie Cregger, Vernie Lowe, & Blanche Hoss. Preceded in death by her husband and a brother James May.  Elbert & Frances May are buried at Chinquapin Grove. LW

VANCE, Alice Louise 13 Jun 1917 – 22 Oct 1974 (F= Clyde Shoecraft M= Nannie Frances East. H= 1st Clarence Richards. 2nd Eldridge J. Vance.) PED

VANCE, Blanch Burks age 84 – 15 Jun 2001. Hixson, TN (Parents Steve & Lula Erin Burks. H= Joe R. Vance. Son= Roman P. Ferrell. Stepdau= Brenda Fayne Vance. Stepsons= Billy Joe & Allen W. Vance. Sis= Dorothy Blackburn. Bro= Clifford Burks)

VANCE, Clyde Ernest 24 Sep 1904 – 2 Jul 1982 (W= Hattie Ruth East) PED

VANCE, Edwin McKinley 16 Mar 1896 – 26 Nov 1951 (F= Jessie L. Vance M= Jane Sells)

VANCE, Eldridge J. 1911 – 1986 PED

VANCE, George Cleveland 29 Apr 1886 – 16 Aug 1959 (F= George W. Vance M= Mary Goff W= Jinnie Harrison.)

VANCE, Hattie Ruth 14 Mar 1901 – 9 Sep 1978 (F= George William East M= Mary Allie Walden H= Clyde Ernest Vance) PED

VANCE, J. C., Jr. 28 Jun 1929 – 24 Sep 74, age 45 Father – John C. Vance, Sr. Mother – Ida Harr Vance Wife – Daphne Marshall Vance Lowry Children – John R. Vance, Amy K. Vance Brothers – George Vance, Raymond Vance, Albert Vance Preceded in death by his father, John C. Vance, Sr. AV

VANCE, Lucinda Ellen 21 Mar 1954 – 29 Jun 1972 (F= Conley C. Vance M= Jackie Vance GM= Mary J. Wolford) AV

VANCE, Martha Ellen 25 Jun 1882 – 17 Jul 1962 (F= John Phipps M= Nutty. H= Samuel J. Vance )

VANCE, Sammie L. “Pops” 21 Sep 1925 Bristol, VA. age 76 – 1 Jan 2002. R. H. Vance. M= Mary McCracken. W= Hazel Pauline Price. Dau= Linda Hicks. Son= Barry Vance. Sis= Goldie Rosenbaum & Ann Bowers.

VANCE, Samuel Jacob 29 Sep 1880 21 Mar 1967 (F= Eldridge Gray Vance M= Martha Goff W= Martha Ellen Phipps.)

VICARS, Benny W. age 49 – 18 Jan 2001 Nashville, TN. F= Crockett Vicars. M= Ruby Vicars. W= Linka K. Vicars. Sis= Sue Peters. Bro= Willis Vicars.

WAGNER, Ida Mae Shady Valley, TN – 24 Sep 2000 parents Obe & Trula Walker. H= Homer William Wagner. Sons= Stanley, & Floyd Wagner.

WALKER, Charles Franklin 22 Sep 1894 – 16 Sep 1974. According to the Baseball Almanac, he is buried Glennwood Cemetery in Bristol. “Frank” Walker played in the major leagues from 1919 thru most of 1925. After the majors, he then managed some smaller teams. Perhaps that is why he was living in Bristol. As a young person, he lived SC, then Martinsville VA. His wife’s name was Tess or Theresa who died in Bristol in Feb. 1980. M

WALKER, Paul C. age 90 – 7 Nov 2001. Parents Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Walker. W= Agnes M. Walker. Son= Robert C. “Butch” Walker. Daus= Carolyn A. Worley, & Janice Silcox. Sis= Evelyn Duncan.

WALLACE, Cleo A. Russell Co., VA age 82 – 3 Jan 2001. (F= George Walter Harrison. M= Mamie Robinson. H= Donald Wallace. Stepdau= Vickie Tranhan. Stepson= Franklin Wallace. Sis= Tiny McCloud. Preceded in death by three sisters, Betty Harrison, Eva Carroll & Sadie Page, and by two brothers, Bill Harrison & Andrew “Dick” Harrison.)

WALLACE, Virginia Louise Armstrong Knox Co., TN age 78 – 24 Jul 2000 (F= Clyde Armstrong. M= Rosa Lee Lane. H= Marvin Wallace. Sons= Stephen M., & Richard L. Wallace. Stepbrother= Jack O. Haggard.)

WALSH, Bessie L. 1900 – 1977

WALSH, Laura Hasner 15 Jun 1865 NC – 4 Jul 1965 (F= Landon Snyder M= Lollie Price H= Albert K. Walsh. Sons = Luther, Charles, Carl, & Clarence Walsh. (Marker reads 15 Jun 1876)

WALSH, Martin L. 1888 – 1966

WALSH, Martin Luther 16 Oct 1888 NC 21 May 1966 BR TN (F= Elbert Walsh M= Laura Snyder W= Bessie Sells. Bro. = Clarence, Charlie & Carl Walsh.)

WALSH, Mary Sells 1869 – 1964

WAMPLER Gary Lynn 3 Feb 1973 Bristol, TN – 16 Jan 1985 Bluff City , TN parents=Howard Gary Lynn and Patricia Eaton Wampler, brother, Scotty Wayne Wampler Grandparents (Henry & Joyce Crowe Eaton) PW

WARD, Infant b. & d. about 1959 (F= William G. Ward M= Mary Allie Tilly) PED

WARREN, Sylvia V. Booher. age 87 11 Feb 2002 Blount Co., TN. Parents Sidney & Lucy Jones

WARRICK, John Waverly Jr. age 66 11 May 2000 (W= Dale Marie Gossett. Dau= Katrina Marie Warrick)

WATKINS, Clarence 18 Apr 1894 – 16 Jul 1913 (F= Robert E. Watkins. M= Mattie Poore. W= Jean Wright).

WEAVER, Elizabeth A.    1890 – 1874      Elizabeth Ann Loppa Nunley, second wife of James Edward Weaver     SH

WEAVER, Jacob Edward   1913-1914          Son of Minnie Rader & James Weaver    SH/SS

WEAVER, James Edward  1880 – 1968        Son of Jacob Emmanuel Weaver & Rutha Ann Arrants     SH

WEAVER, Ira Beatrice 29 Nov 1894 – 16 Jul 1982    (F= William O’Dell Crumley M= Laura Isabelle Greenlee)

WEAVER, Minnie (Cordelia) Rader   1883 – 1918             First wife of James Edward Weaver     SH/SS

WEBB, Jamie Lee age 86 3 Apr 2002 Bluff City, TN. F= Samuel Boling. M= Daisy Alice Webb. H= Clyde Webb. Sons= Jerry & Mike Webb. Sis= Anna Bea Massengill & Theo Embree.

WEBB, Lester Burton Jr. age 81 30 Apr 2002 Piney Flats, TN. F= Lester Burton Webb. M= Myrtle Kate Cross. W= Virginia Clark. Dau= Leslie K. Wisecarver. Sons= Michael Burton, Clark, & John Patrick Webb. Sis= Margaret N. Webb. Preceded in death by brothers William H. & Edward J. Webb.

WEBB, Robert Oscar “Bob” b-3-15-1915 d-2-21-1980 1st W-Ruth E. *Henson, F-James A.Webb M-Emma E. *Warren, sons- Robert Edison “Eddie” & Douglas Wayne “Doug” Webb TMW

WELLS, William David Sr. age 55 15 Apr 1947 Bristol, VA 30 Apr 2002. F= W. H. Wells. M= Gladys Willis. W= Lois Bell Wells. Dau= Misty King. Son= Billy Wells.

WHITAKER, Elizabeth M. age 79, 25 Dec 1920 – 19 Feb 2000 (F= Walter E. Martin M= Una Tate. H= Ralph Whitaker Dau.= Una Amanda Musick & Sandra May Buckles) EMB

WHITAKER, Harry Lee age 72 21 Mar 2000 (F= Charles Whitaker M= Myrtke, W= Norma Ruth Collier. Sons= Roger Phillip and Terry Austin Whitaker. Preceded in death by a son Harry David Whitaker)

WHITAKER, Ralph, 89 29 Oct 1919 – 28 Oct 2009  (f= David Whitaker m= Mary GOODMAN; w= Elizabeth Whitaker; sisters= Lela, Frances, Iva, Addie and Hazel ATWELL; bros= Carl, Merlin, and Powell; daus= Amanda Musick and husband Comer “Jr”, and Sandra BUCKLES and husband E. Marshall BUCKLES; granddaughters= Laura Turner and husband Christopher, and Elizabeth Buckles) EMB

WHITLCOK, Brandon Nathaniel 26 Nov 1975 – 5 Jul 1978 Our Darling Son

WHITLOCK, Frank E. 1900-1970 (F= John Nathaniel Whitlock M= Sarah Catherine Beeler W= Mary Elizabeth Beeler)

WHITLOCK, Mary Elizabeth 1912-1994 (William Bud Beeler M= Susan Duncan H= Frank E. Whitlock)

WHITAKER, Mollie Virginia Burton age 89 – 27 Oct 2000 (F= Edward Burton. M= Margaret Sproles. H= James F. Whitaker Daus= Dorothy Warren, Eva Mumpower & Billie Callahan. Son= Charles “Buck” Whitaker. Bro= Mack E. Burton. Preceded in death by her husband, one son, Jame “Buddy” Whitaker and two grandsons Paul Grant & Jimmy Wayne Warren.)

WIDNER, Ralph Hines age 65 – 3 Jan 2002 F= Smith Joseph Widner. M= Georgia Sauls. W= Remecca Woodward. Sis= Shelia Darlene Jones, Marie Edmondston, Dorothy Bridgeman & Elva Laughlin.

WHITE, Louise R. age 69 18 Feb 2001. (F= George Ricks. M= Grace Ferry. H= Ted. K. White. Sons= Ted K. Jr., & Dean A. White. Dau= Victoria A. Rogers. Bro= George S. Ricks. Sis= Betty Hogland. Preceded in death by a sister Mary Ann Cunningham.)

WHITE, Paul H. age 71 29 Mar 2002 F= Carl White M= Julia Stuart. Sis= Sue Trinkle & Myrtle Johnson. Bro= Chase White.

WILCOX, Lottie Kate Raines Mountain City, TN. age 73 – 11 Nov 2000. (H= J. C. Wilcox. Dau= Judy Raines Johnson. Son= Raymond M. “Mickey” Raines. Bro= Clate Jenkins. Sis= Bessie Lea Moretz, Pearl Shupe, Hazel Webb.)

WILFRED, Kristi – born 9 Dec 83, died 01-17-05  (m=Sharon Wilfred f=Richard Wilfred son=Caleb M.M.Hayden) SW

WILLEN, Raymond C. (1944) age 66 8 Feb 2000 (F= Earnest Willen M= Virgie Leonard W= Clara B. Willen. Bro.= Melvin Willen. Sis. = Margaret Shipley)

WILLIAMS, George John Uniontown, PA age 77 – 24 Jun 2000 (Parents George & Budra Williams. W= Josephine Williams. Dau= Linda A Criswell. Sons= Richard G., Michael J., Robert J. and John G. Williams. Bro= Joseph Williams.)

WILLIAMS, Julis Paul “J. P.” (1923) WV age 77 1 Mar 2000 (W= Evelyn Anne Williams Son. = Stephen Williams, Sr.)

WILLIAMSON, Betty Sue age 56 22 May 2001. Parents Nelson & Mary Lee Peterson Daus= Rosa Lee Ball Hensley, & Tina Stout. Sons= Andy & Joseph Stout and Eugene Anderson. Sis= Rebecca Lewis, & Bonnie Lovelace. Bro= Bill Peterson.

WILLIS, Elbridge Franklin Jr. age 79 – 20 Jul 2000 (F= Elbridge Franklin Willis, Sr. M= Charlie Lipe. W= Virginia “Gracie” O’Dell. Dau= Sarah Saunders. Son Elbridge F. Willies III. Sis= Charlotte Berens.)

WILSON, Gerline H. age 68 14 Jul 1933 – 23 Sep 2001 Parents Paul & Lettie Hearld. H= Bobby H. Wilson. Sons= Art, Mark Wilson. Sis= Vicki Taylor. Sis= Martha Craighead, & Louise Hendrick. Bro= Noah Eugene Herald.

WILSON, Keith Jr. age 30 25 Feb 2001 Johnson City, TN (F= Earl K. Wilson. M= Linda M. Wilson. Stepmother= Peggy Lavinder Wilson. Bro= Ryan P. Wilson. Sis= Amanda M. Wilson. Stepbro= Matthew Lavinder. Stepsis= Annie Lavinder. Grandmother Eula Wilson. Preceded in death by his mother, and grandparents Pearl & Helen Wilson & Bill & Evelyn Miller.)

WILSON, Ray S. age 86 – 12-42-2001 F= Jessie Wilson. M= Alice Hackady W= Margie Greene. Sons= Don & Mike Wilson.

WINDSOR, Paul Ray 8 Jul 1930 – 29 Mar 1977 F= Clarence Acy Windsor (1907-1989) Pearlie Jane Stanley Windsor (1908-1969) Bro. William Acy Windsor (1928-1954)

WINEBARGER, Charles Conley Bristol, TN; Birthdate: 1 Mar 1927; Death 1 Nov 2003; F= Garrett H. Winebarger; M= Julia Ford Winebarger; Wife Susie Lyons Winebarger (living); Dau= Sherry W. Reeter. Entombed in the Glenwood Mausoleum Chapel Marker Obit SWR

WINEBARGER, Garrett Hobart Born January 27, 1898 Watauga Co., NC; Died January 15, 1974 F= Dalton Van Buren Winebarger; M= Lula Miller Winebarger; Brothers – Edd, Walter, Sherman, Clint, Rom & Hubert; Sisters – Hattie, Minnie, Jenny, Effie & Helen; Wife: Julia Verlee Ford Winebarger; Sons – Charles Conley, Robert Lee & Garrett Hobart Winebarger, Jr.; Daughters – Gladys Edna Winebarger McCrary & Grace Reeve Winebarger Snead. Same Marker as Julia SWR

WINEBARGER, Julia Verlee Ford Born January 11, 1900 Ashe Co., NC; Died in 1963 F= Thomas Floyd “T. F.” Ford; M= Amelia Etta McDaniel Ford; Brothers – John Calvin Ford, Trealie Columbus Ford & William Horton Ford; Sister: Emma Malasia Ford; Husband – Garrett Hobart Winebarger; Sons – Charles Conley, Robert Lee & Garrett Hobart Winebarger, Jr.; Daughters – Gladys Edna Winebarger McCrary & Grace Reeve Winebarger Snead. Same Marker as Garrett SWR

WITT, Clarence Homer Sr. 19 Oct 1934 age 66 – 31 Jul 2001. F= George R. Witt. M= Bertha C. McQuarry. W= Reda Ann Witt. Daus= Reda Sue Green. Sons= Clarence Jr., & Don Witt. PWB

WOLFE, Louisa Chew age 63 Baltimore, MD – 24 Sep 2001 Abingdon, VA Parents John & Louise Chew. H= Dr. Wlater Wolfe. Sons= Mike, Nathaniel John, Walter Patrick, Homer George, & Joseph Matthew Wolfe. Daus= Melissa Caudill, Ruth Anne Neitch, Amy Fleenor, Stephanie Talbert, & Mary Tennis.

WOLFE, Lula Ann 18 Jan 1892 – 13 Jul 1969 (F= Robert A. Stewart M= Theadocia Ernest White H= Oscar Charles Wolfe)

WOLFE, Oscar Charles 6 Jul 1888 – 8 Jul 1915 (F= William C. Wolfe M= Virginia S. Flick W= Lula Ann Stewart.)

WOLFE, William C. 16 Mar 1868 – 17 Sep 1890 (W= Virginia S. Flick)

WOLFE, Charles Robert. 10 Dec 1921 5 May 1982 (F= Oscar Charles Wolfe M= Lula Ann Stewart W= Ruth Mabel Vanover.)

WYATT, Cecil D. age 82 – 5 Oct 2000. (F= Trigg Wyatt M= Ella Fleenor. W= Virginia Blevins. Dau= Patsy Booher. Sue Wilson. Bro= Herbert P. Wyatt. Preceded in death by a granddaughter Misty Dawn Wilson.)

WYATT, Nelson Lynn Infant 24 Apr 2002 F= Joseph Nelson Stout. M= Holly Marie Wyatt. Sis= Jayda Wyatt.

WYATT, Virginia E. age 80 18 Sep 1921 6 Mar 2002 F= Edward L. Blevins. M= Mittie Moore. H= Cecil D. Wyatt. Daus= Patsy Booher & Sue Wilson. Bro= Roland D. Blevins. Preceded in death by a granddaughter Misty Dawn Wilson.

WYSOR, Laki Hughes “MiMi” Russell Co., VA age 84 – 21 Oct 2000. (F= Samuel Hughes M= Ida Loretta Evans. H= Henry Stuart Wysor. Son= Dan Wysor. Sisters= Gertrude McGlothlin, Jean Cole, & Virginia Colvard. Preceded in deathy by her husband, and three sisters: Retha Wyatt, Ruth Williams, & Peggy Stelle and four brothers, Sam, Jim, Hoover, & Paul Hughes.)

YEARY, Elizabeth age 85 – 31 Jan 2002 Virginia City, VA. F= Darmus Hughes M= Carrie Sullivan. H= John Clinton Yeary. Dau= Beth Runyon. Sis= Mamie Vernell Trent.

YORK, Katherine “Pat” Parks age 82 – 1 Jan 2001. (Sons= Victor, Lawrence, & Patrick York. Daus= Sidney Hieronymus, & Susanna York.)

YOUNG, Geneva M. 4 Jul 1916 – 29 Oct 2001 Charlotte, NC. Son= Danny L. Young. Bros= Bernard, Willis, & Horace Sammons.


Information submitted by:

AG Amanda Greer

BHB Brandy Harr Bailey

CH Carol Hunt

CS Carolyn C. Slagle

DGB   Gene Bolling

FMM Fannie M. (Hawkins) Monroe

GB Garry Boling

GL  Gregory Lyon

HLB Harry L. Boling

JDS John David Smith

JT Janet Taylor


LDS Larry D. Spence

LJB LBurne

LM Linda Miller

LW  Laura Williams

MB Mona Beverly

MGJ Michael G. Johnson

MHI Martha H. Ingram

NHC Nicole H. Carney

PB Peggy Bowery

PED Patricia East Denney

PF   Paul Flick

PH Peggy Hawk

PLSH Patsy Lee Sanders Hawkins

PS Peggy Stout

PW Pat Wampler

RJL Robert J. Lockery

RLV Ruby Lois Vick

SC Sharon Clapper

SCr Sandy Canter

SCT Susan E. Thompson

SH   Sallie Hurt

SS  Sharon Steele-Smith

SWR Sherry W. Reeter

TBB Tim Booher

TC Teresa Coulter

6 Responses to “Glenwood Cemetery”

  1. Larry Spence says:

    Can you confirm that this person is either buried in Glenwood?

    Lillian Countiss
    BRISTOL, Tenn. – Lillian Gay Moore Countiss, age 80, passed away on Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008, at the Cambridge House.
    She was born in Bristol Virginia, a daughter of the late John and Gertrude Cressell Moore. Lillian was a retired employee of Unisys and member of Meadowview Presbyterian Church.
    She was preceded in death by her husband Claude “John” Countiss; and brothers, Rubin Moore and Robert “Bunch” Moore.
    Survivors include brothers, Roy Hal Moore and wife Juanita, Joseph Moore and Albert Moore and wife Glenna; sister-in-law, Daisy Moore; and several nieces and nephews.
    Funeral services will be held on Sunday, Dec. 14, 2008, at 2 p.m. in the Glenwood Mausoleum Chapel, with Bobby Meadows officiating. The family will receive friends on Saturday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Weaver Funeral Home.
    A very special thanks goes to the staff at Cambridge House and the staff on East Hall and her special caregivers.
    In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to American Cancer Society at 508 Princeton Road, Suite 102 Johnson City, TN 37601-1723. Online condolences may be registered at
    Arrangements have been made with Weaver Funeral Home.

  2. Sabrina Duckett says:

    I have an uncle that was buried down there at your location, which was Tuesday, April 3, 2007-Shelby Hills Cemetery. His Name is Jessie Wayne Duckett. He was born January 18,1945. I was never able to pay my respects and i would appriciate your help to lead me where he was laid to rest. Again my e-mail is Hope to hear from you.
    thank you for your time.

  3. Gregory Lyon says:

    Both of my parents are buried in the cemetery and are not added. J Frank Lyon Died in August of 1997 and Frankie H. Lyon Died in February of 1999. Their children are James Alfred Lyon of Kingsport, Gregory Dean Lyon of Raleigh, NC and Kimberly Jean Lyon of Kingsport.

  4. Ace Crawford says:

    The death certificate for Hunter Henderson Galloway, Sr. reflects his burial at Glenwood Cemetery on 4 Jun 1965. He was born 31 Jul 1888 in Blountville and died 2 Jun 1965 in Butner, Dutchville Township, Granville County, NC.

    If Hunter is in fact interred at Glenwood, his wife, Isabelle Fleming Galloway, probably is also. She preceded him in death, but I don’t have more data on her at this time.

    They lived in Bristol, VA for 20 or more years and had one child, Hunter Henderson Galloway, Jdr.

    Ace Crawford
    Lakeland, FL

  5. William w. Jacobsen says:

    Buried : Kathleen wood Jacobsen (mother) magne a. Jacobsen (father)
    Elizabeth Lee wood,William Martin wood (grandparents)
    Owen gray wood,William wood jr. Gene felty (uncles)
    A.K. Armitage,Myrtle wood Armitage (aunts and uncle)
    Sally Owens award (aunts)
    None of above are listed as buried at Glenwood cemetery,I have plots their for my wife and myself.

  6. Ann Evans says:

    Searching for burial plot of STEVE ANDY buried at Glenwood Cemetery on 30 May 1937. Military headstone delivered 30 Oct 1937. STEVE ANDY was born 29 Aug. 1893 in Greece. STEVE died
    27 May 1937 in Danville, Vermillion, Illinois.

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