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Families of Sullivan County

  • COWAN, Robert. Questions regarding his correct Revolutionary War service. His marker at the Cowan-Delaney Cemetery is incorrect.
  • DELOACH Family – “Appalachian Pioneers” –  updated version of Deloach family genealogy
  • DEPEW, Isaac – Research submitted by Mabry Benson. Family history of Isaac Depew, an early resident of Sullivan County.
  • ERWIN  – Irvin, Irwine, or Erwin who resided in the Fall Creek settlement in Sullivan County. Contributed by Charles T. Erwin (erwinfamily (at)
  • FAIN, Fannie A. –  East Tennessee State University has an archival collection of the papers of Ms. Fain, a Sullivan County resident from 1838-1898.
  • FEATHERS Family –  “Index to the John Feathers Family Who Came From Ireland and Settled in Albemarle County, Virginia.” Written by Omer C. Feathers of Johnson City, Tennessee, March 1954.  File submitted by Paul Gill.
  • GEORGE Family – Descendants of  Charles Noden George (1791-1869) and Celia Smith. Website by Marty Grant.
  • GRUBB Family – This gedcom provides data concerning the two brothers, Jacob Grubb and Abraham Grubb and their descendants. Jacob and Abraham are sons of Christian Grubb of Frederick County, Virginia and Germany. It also has data on Shelley, Stophel and other families of the area with whom the Grubb family married. Contact: Ernie Grubb at
  • HENSLEY Family – The Larkin Hensley (c1767-c1806) family. Website by Marty Grant.
  • LYON(S)- SCALF Families of Sullivan & Carter Counties, Tennessee  – A website containing a large history collection in .pdf file format for the Lyon(s)-Scalf Family. The collection traces the ancestors & descendants of James Andrew “Jim” Lyons (son of William H. “Bill” Lyons & Florance Woods; grandson of Landon C. Lyon & Louisa Glover) and his wife, Mary Liddie Scalf, of Sullivan County, TN (daughter of Isaac Scalf & Nannie Mae Glover; granddaughter of Benjamin Scalf & Lydia Mayfield). The site includes hundreds of old and current family pictures, current family history information, multiple cemetery surveys, list of family surnames and much more. The family history begins in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings for the Lyon family; the mid-1500s for the Scalf family, the 1700s for the Woods family, Glover ancestors to the mid-1700s and the Hicks family to 1214. Contact: Sherry Winebarger Reeter,
  • POORE Family– Jesse Poore was was born in North Carolina in 1769/70 and was settled in Sullivan County, Tennessee by 1807. He left for Claiborne County in the late 1830s, and died in Lonesome Valley about 1857-1860. A DNA study links Jesse Poore to the Power line in Waterford, Ireland.
  • WEAVER Family Tree – Descendants of Revolutionary War patriot Frederick Weaver and founding families of the Weaver Union Church. Also includes Beeler/Bealar, Booher, Davault/Devault, Feathers, Myers and Peters. Contact: Paul Gill (gillsanf (at) or Sharon Steele-Smith (acrabtreegirl (at)
  • Ruth Byrns Family Tree – This is a pictorial family tree with over 1000 names. The most common surnames are:  Mowl/Mowel/Mowell Unfortunately there are several variations of the name Golden, Liford/Lifford, Hubbard, Manis, Early, Ball and numerous other surnames.
  • Tom Buchanan’s Genealogy Page –  Adam, Buchanan, Bean, Brooke, Campbell, Carter, Chalkey, Christman, Cox, Davis, Dickerson, Drinon, Elkins, Erwin, Findley, Flack, Fowler, Galbraith, Gammon, Gilbert, Gladson, Goodman, Green, Hamblen, Hammons, Hays, Holmes, Horton, Lamie, Mooney, Mustin, Parrott, Pearson, Price, Spivey, Watson, Webb, Widden, Wilder, Williams, Yount, and more.

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