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Childress-Galloway Cemetery

Located on a hill in a field between Childress Ferry Road and Park Ridge Court.  The cemetery is in fair condition.

Photographed and transcribed 22 Dec 2003 by Betty Jane Hylton, Bob Shell and Donna Briggs

Map Location: Indian Springs Quad

GPS Location:  36° 30.47N   082° 28.07W



Birth date

Death date


Arnold, J. H. 15 Jul 1872 27 Mar 1914
Arnold, Martha E. 9 Feb 1838 17 May 1876
Bowery, Mary F. Arnold 5 Oct 1862 25 Jul 1913 Married to G. J. Bowery May 8, 1881
Bullis, Hannah E. 10 May 1842 21 Oct 1928 Wife of Luke Bullis
Childress, Anice 10 Dec 1803 30 May 1880 Wife of Wm. B. Childress
Childress, Eliza A. Proffitt 26 Apr 1850 8 May 1889 Wife of Thomas F. Childress
Childress, Elizabeth 1839 1926 [Same stone as Wm. B. Childress]
Childress, Geo. H. 30 May 1885 1 Mar 1913
Childress, Mary A. 3 Aug 1817 16 Feb 1879
Childress, Sarah E. 3 Aug 1817 1 Nov 1880
Childress, Thomas F. 4 Oct 1841 1 Nov 1892
Childress, William B. 21 Jan 1881 30 May 1907
Childress, Wm. B. 1831 1907 [Same stone as Elizabeth Childress]
Childress, Wm. B. 9 Apr 1803 7 Dec 1872
Coffman, James N. 22 Jun 1869 22 May 1946
Coffman, Mary A. M. 17 Nov 1844 12 Oct 1928 Married Sept. 5, 1865 [Same stone as William H. Coffman]
Coffman, William H. 27 Apr 1846 8 Jul 1942 Married Sept. 5, 1865 [Same stone as Mary A. M. Coffman]
Ford, Ann E. Childress 25 Mar 1841 9 May 1917 Wife of J. W. Ford
J. R. C. 1809 1886 [Initials only, hand carved fieldstone]
M. C. 1785 1832 [Initials only, hand carved fieldstone]
M. C. 1811 1838 [Initials only, hand carved fieldstone]
Moody, Elizabeth 21 Feb 1830 20 Jan 1909 Wife of James C. Moody [Same stone as James C. Moody]
Moody, Isaac 17 Apr 1881 10 Aug 1901 Married to Sallie F. Bullis Mar. 9, 1901
Moody, James C. 1830 1904 PVT Co. B. Tenn  Conscript Confederate States Army  [Same stone as Elizabeth Moody]
Moody, John A. 16 May 1832 23 Feb 1918 Husband of Mary Ann Lady. Married June 16, 1851; PVT Co. B Tenn N & M Corps  Confederate States Army
Moody, Martha E. 7 Apr 1859 18 Feb 1862 Daughter of J. C. & E. Moody
Moody, Mary A. 23 Jan 1820 22 Jul 1898 Married June 16, 1851
Moody, William 1 Dec 1806 5 May 1892
Moody, Willie D. 17 Mar 1896 14 Jun 1897 Son of G. W. & M. E. Moody
Smith, Ben F. 29 Jul 1860 9 Jan 1917
Smith, C. D. E. 3 Jun 1892 30 May 1909
Smith, E. J. 12 Sep 1888 15 Feb 1889
Smith, Eliza Ruth 22 Jan 1862 26 Apr 1945
Smith, J. W. 29 May 1887 29 Feb 1908
Smith, M. E. 10 Mar 1890 7 Dec 1891
Smith, Maggie E. 12 May 1906 27 Jul 1917 Daughter of B. E. & L. R. Smith
Taylor, Lola R. 28 Jan 1889 5 Jun 1910 Daughter of James & Sarah Taylor
W. B. C. 1816 18[?]8 [Initials only, hand carved fieldstone. Date reads–18Λ8]



Additional Information:

Kingsport Times News, 29 Apr 1926:  Mrs. Elizabeth Childress, aged 86 years, passed away at her home on Kingsport route 3 at 3:30 o’clock this morning.  She has been seriously ill for three weeks. Mrs. Childress is survived by three sons, as follows: Dr. R. T. Childress, W. T. Childress and J. W. Childress. Funeral services will be conducted from the home at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.  Interment will take place at Childress cemetery.


Sullivan County, Tennessee Deed Book 73, page 254

Noah Galloway & wife, et al                         We Noah A. Galloway

to                                             and wife Ida Galloway

Johney Moody, et al Trustees                       and Francis Galloway

have this day for the respect

we have for the dead we have this day bargained and gave and conveyed to old Uncle Johney Moody and James Arnold and A. B. Ford as Trustees and there succrs  arferter them for ever that may be put in arfter there a grave yard  The Childress Grave yard on the Galloway farm.  The amount that is now enclosed and under fence and for the use of the public that wants to burry at said Burring Ground but the said A. R. Huddle has the right to say what road that the people is to travel to said Burry Ground and the said A. R. Huddle are whoever ones the Galloway Farm here arfter is to have the wright to join his fence to said Grave yard fence to have and to hold the same to the said Joohn Mood and James Arnold and A. O. Ford and there successors forever we covenant with the said John Mood James Arnold and A. R. Ford trustees that we are lawfully seized and possesst of said land have a good right to convey it and that the same is unencumbered we further covenant and bind ourselves our heirs and representatives to warrant and forever defend the title to the said Graveyard to the within named trustees against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever in witness whereof we have signed our names this the 31st day of May 1902 and that the fence is to be keep in good repare.


N. A. Galloway


Francis  (X)  Galloway


Ida Galloway


State of Tennessee                                       Personally appeared before

County of Sullivan                              me,    C C Smith a Notary

Public for said County and

State the within named bargainors Noah A. Galloway and Francis Gallowy with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that they executed the within instrument for the purposes therein contained and Ida Galloway wife of the said Noah A. Galloway having appeared before me privately and apart from her husband the said Noah A. Galloway acknowledged the execution of the said Deed to have been done by her freely, voluntarily and understandingly, without compulsion or constraint from her husband, and for the purposes therein expressed.

Witness my hand and official seal at office at Indian Springs on the 31st day of May A. D. Nineteen Hundred and 2.

C C. Smith

Notary Public


Rec’d and recorded the foregoing Deed and certificate therto attached on July 9, 1902 at        o’clock P.M.

J. M. Yost, Reg.

By D. E. Yost D. R.

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  1. Debbie Smith says:

    Can you tell me the location of this cemetery? I am a cousin of the Childresses and would like to visit the cemetery. I live in Nashville and am not familiar with the names if the streets listed above.
    Thank you.

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