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Chapman Cemetery

The Chapman-Moore Cemetery (or Sells Cemetery) is located 1/2 mile east of Bristol Caverns between mail boxes #1380 & #1393, Bristol Caverns Highway. There are many unmarked graves and 35 with fieldstone or other markers too worn to read. It is listed on the TVA map as “Chapman.”

Part is fenced separately & a neighbor referred to is as the Moore Cemetery as though it were a separate cemetery. All on list named Arnold, Grubb, Moore & Williams are in this separate section. FHM means “Funeral Home Marker.”

The Chapman Cemetery and the Arnold Cemetery adjoin.

Photographed and transcribed on 6 Sep 2004 by Donna Briggs and Bob Shell. Additional information submitted by Jeff Barr.

Map Location: Holston Valley Quad

GPS Location:  36°33.11N  082°06.71W   Elevation: 1381 ft.

Note from Jeff Barr (JB): “This land was originally owned by Isaac Sells (later deeded to his son John C. Sells) of whom I am a descendant. In an old deed, this same cemetery is referred to as the Sells Family cemetery. At first I thought that there was another cemetery on the land, but I’m fairly certain that these are one in the same. A relative of mine mentioned that there was a Chapman family living nearby. However, I would like to find out why the name was changed from Sells to Chapman-Moore. If you have further information or can clarify this ‘mystery,’ we would like to hear from you.”



Birth date

Death date


[Unknown] 1806 1885 [Stone is broken and name missing]
[Unknown] 1921 Date missing [Funeral home marker, information missing]
B. [?] [Only one date] 1912 [Hand carved fieldstone, bearing initials “B” and the date 1912, only]
Arnold, Betty 23 Jun 1939 26 Jun 1939
Arnold, Clifton 1912 1965 W: Ethel Moore
Arnold, Clifton E. “Chris” 24 Oct 1958 24 Mar 1992
Arnold, Ethel M. 2 Feb 1912 Apr 1995 F= Dennis Moore; M= Nellie Moore; H= Clifton Arnold. JB
Barr, Cora Bell 16 Apr 1900 16 Nov 1926
Barr, Earl H. 29 Jul 1910 8 Aug 1926 F= Henry Benjamin Barr; M= Mary Ellen Sells Barr. New stone erected by JB.
Barr, Martin V. 21 May 1836 13 Jun 1918 Company I, 61st Regiment, Tenn. Mounted Infantry, CSA. Married 14 Sept 1865. W= Sarah Frances (Fannie) Gibson; F= Henry Barr; M= Hannah Stoffle. New stone erected by JB
Barr, Mary Ellen “Mollie” Sells 15 Jul 1877 13 Oct 1918 Married 12 Jan 1898. Wife of Henry B. Barr. F= John C. Sells; M= Sarah Adeline Nelson Sells. (New stone erected by JB)
Barr, Nora Francis 1903 1965 [Same stone as William Henry Barr] Funeral home marker
Barr, Sarah Frances “Fannie” Gibson 12 May 1839 4 Jul 1918 Married 14 Sept 1865; wife of Martin V. Barr. New stone erected by JB.
Barr, (William) Henry 1899 1991 [Same stone as Nora Francis Barr] (William Henry Barr. W1= Cora W2= Nora, with whom he shares a headstone. F= Henry Benjamin Barr; M= Mary Ellen Sells Barr JB)
Bentley, Able Harrison 21 Aug 1894 8 Dec 1914
Booher, Lee Lester 1936 1988 F= Lester Booher; M= Maggie Booher. JB
Booher, Lester Wife: Maggie
Booher, Maggie 1906 1969 Husband: Lester. F= Dennis Moore; M= Nellie Moore JB
Booher, Ralph 1938 1996 F= Lester Booher; M= Maggie Booher. JB
Campbell, Ollie 24 Mar 1893 15 Sep 1933 Mother
Cooper, Mary 1845 1930
Davis (Davidson), Melvina 5 May 1838 2 Feb 1917 Aged 77 years. This is Melvina Feathers Weaver Davidson, d/o John Feathers & Sarah Weaver. Married (1) David Weaver; (2) Charles Hilton Davidson, who is also supposed to be buried at Chapman.
Eads, Amanda 1871 1932 Funeral home marker
Eads, Amanda C. Stone No date 31 May 1932 Aged about 70 years[There are two stones; one she shares with William H. Eads.]
Eads, W.H. 1848 1935 Funeral home marker
Eads, W. (William) H. No date 3 Jul 1935 Aged about 89 years
Graham, Maggie Sells Jan 1885 23 Dec 1954 H= Jack Graham; F= John C. Sells; M= Sarah Adeline Nelson Sells. New stone erected by JB)
Grubb, Mamie 10 Nov 1903 13 Jun 1989 F= Dennis Moore; M= Nellie Moore JB
Jones, Earl D. 1922 1923
Jones, Isobel 1895 1937
Jones, Mary Virginia Dec 1933 May 1935
Jones, Rachel 1878 1919 Mother
Miller, James J. C. 9 Mar 1887 10 Nov 1918
Moore, Alex T. 21 Feb 1895 28 May 1942 F= Dennis Moore; M= Nellie Moore  JB
Moore, Carrie 1924 1988
Moore, Dennis 1866 1946 W= Nellie B. Moore JB
Moore, Dennis Jr. Weaver Funeral Home marker
Moore, Mack 22 Apr 1907 15 Nov 1988 F= Dennis Moore; M =Nellie Moore JB
Moore, Nellie B. 1883 1945 H= Dennis Moore JB
Moore, Nellie Madaline
Payne, Dorothy F. 2 May 1916 20 Oct 1921 Daughter of J. & M. Payne
Pippin, Geneva Richardson 14 Jul 1879 24 Mar 1925 Wife of W. I. Pippin
Pippin, Hugh J. 24 Jan 1827 21 Mar 1911
Pippin, Willis I. 31 Oct 1851 7 Apr 1927
Plummer, Debby E. 6 Mar 1855 5 Dec 1914
R. [No date] [No date] [Hand carved fieldstone.  Only legible letter is an “R”.]
Roark, Jasper W. 3 Jan 1873 11 Apr 1930 Married Mar. 1, 1899[Same stone as Sarah Emma Roark]
Roark, Sarah Emma 6 Apr 1876 27 Feb 1961 Married Mar. 1, 1899[Same stone as Jasper W. Roark]
Rosenbalm, Andy 1882 1924 Father
Rosenbalm, Eugene 3 Jul 1921 7 Jul 1921
Rosenbaum, Annie No date 1 Mar 1923 Aged 56 years
W. R. [Only one date] 1922 [Hand carved fieldstone, bearing initials and the date of 1922, only]
W. R. [No date] [No date] [Hand carved fieldstone, bearing the initials “W. R.” only]
Williams, Jewel 1920 1961 F= Dennis Moore; M= Nellie Moore. JB
Wilson, H. H. 23 Jun 1890 23 Jan 1916

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  1. Joyce Miller says:

    I am a descendant of Solomon Sells and Margaret Ashbaugh. Do you know if Isaac Sells is a descendant of Solomon Sells?

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