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Arcadia Church Cemetery

Arcadia Church Cemetery is located at the Arcadia United Methodist Church, 3954 Bloomingdale Pike, Kingsport.

Photographed and transcribed 18 Oct 2004 and 6 Nov 2004 by Jan Clark, Betty Jane Hylton, Chester Willis, Robert Shell and Donna Briggs.

Link: Arcadia United Methodist Church Cemetery on FindAGrave

TNGenWeb Cemetery Database 2746088

Indian Springs Quad


Birth date

Death date


Baxter, Helen Marie 7 Dec 1934 19 May 1946
Bellomy, Martha E. Myers 24 Nov 1879 8 Nov 1926 Wife of J. T. Bellomy
Blizard, Millard P. 26 Jun 1912 31 Dec 1947
Blizard, Minnie C. East 25 Jul 1884 5 Apr 1916 Wife of R. H. Blizard
Blizard, Pauline V. 13 Jan 1908 5 Apr 1916 Daughter of R. H. and M. C. Blizard
Blizard, Robert H. 23 Apr 1885 9 Mar 1968
Blizzard, Melvina E. White 25 Oct 1849 16 May 1926 Married Oct. 25, 1881

[Same stone as William B. Blizzard]Blizzard, William B.1 Jun 18533 May 1930Married Oct. 25, 1881

[Same stone as Melvina E. White Blizzard]Bowman, Emma14 Sep 18574 Jul 1918Mother

[Same stone as Joseph Bowman]Bowman, Joseph9 Feb 184511 Jan 1927Father

[Same stone as Emma Bowman]Bright, Thomas F.15 Jan 18713 Dec 1918FatherBurgess, Clifford G.28 Feb 190228 Aug 1942 Cardwell, Thomas E.[One date]1926 Carr, Adelia E.5 Jul 185018 Dec 1926Wife of John Carr; MotherCarr, Bertha Mae19051937 Carr, John A.28 Dec 184924 Nov 1922FatherCarr, Robert F.18751964FatherCarr, V. E.5 Oct 191313 Aug 1914Son of C. J. and R. C. CarrCarr, Willie R.14 Mar 18872 Oct 1918In France Private Co. A 140th MG BN 39th Div. A. E. F.Caywood, Dessie19011981[Funeral home marker]Caywood, Kelly[No date]1969[Funeral home marker]Childress, Christine19 Aug 19441 Dec 1944Dau. of T. H. & Mary ChildressChildress, Mary Ruth27 Aug 19161 Jul 2001[Same stone as Thomas H. Childress]Childress, Thomas H.6 Aug 191813 Mar 1987[Same stone as Mary Ruth Childress]Childress, Wm. H.27 Mar 195611 Sep 1956Son of Thomas H. & Mary R. ChildressClaman, E.16 Aug 183711 Oct 1904 Claman, Sallie F.25 Mar 187221 Oct 1906Wife of E. Clamon, Daughter of J. L. & C. DishnerClark, A. B.11 Apr 182524 Jan 1905FatherClark, Charlie18701946[Same stone as Dovie Clark]Clark, Dovie18701937[Same stone as Charlie Clark]Clark, Lloyd L.29 Sep 190825 Jan 1909 Clayman, Infant son19061906Infant son of Susan ClaymanClayman, John W.17 Jul 184724 Aug 1924 Clayman, Mary L.19 M[?] 185116 Jul 1888Wife of E. Clayman  [Birth month is illegible]Clayman, Sadie[No date][No date] Clayman, Sarah H.18211902Wife of Wm. ClaymanClayman, Susan Hannah24 Sep 18566 May 1903Wife of J. W. ClaymanClayman, William18151906 Cleek, Gertrude S. F.11 Jan 188411 Nov 1884 Cleek, H. J.[No date][No date]Co. F. 8 Tenn. Cav.Cleek, J. H.11 Jan 188224 Aug 1906 Cleek, Mary L.20 Oct 185126 Aug 1884Wife of Henry CleekCole, James M.18741942 Coleman, Frances4 Dec 18115 Dec 1884 Coleman, Sam22 Mar 186511 Jan 1894 Coleman, Sarah24 Oct 183421 Apr 1903Wife of Francis ColemanColeman, W. T.[No date]21 Jan 1908Aged 69 yearsCookenour, H. J.[No date]14 Jul 184817 Y 3 M [illegible]Cookenour, Isaac17 Nov 181918 Jan 1894 Cookenour, Lavina J.29 Apr 18167 Mar 1900Wife of Isaac CookenourCookenour, Mary Ann18431939 Crook, Bessie M.14 May 189520 Nov 1960 Davis, Nancy J.17 Oct 185217 Mar 1888Wife of A. J. DavisDenison, Alice S.18781943 Denison, Goldie18951898 Denison, Infant son[One date]2 Apr 1901Infant son of Wm. & Margaret E. DenisonDenison, Margaret E.18591925 Denison, Samuel E.24 Apr 189217 Apr 1965Tennessee Wagoner US Army  World War IDenison, Walker D.18861904 Denison, William M.18571902 Denison, Willie Mae18981957 Dennison, John E.18801972 Dillard, Nancie C.17 Jun 18708 Feb 1957 Dishner, John W.18 Mar 189614 Apr 1968Husband of Madge Dishner

[Hand-made stone has fallen over]Dishner, Judy18841928 Dishner, Leota M.7 Jun 19089 Jan 1910Daughter of J. D. & M. A. DishnerDishner, Thomas E.10 Dec 19476 Apr 1950 Doren, G. W.11 Feb 184714 Aug 1912 Dorn, Ann Trent[No date]10 Nov 1926Wife of G. W. Dorn, Aged 75 years

[Obvious misspelling of surname]Dunn, Alzada Pope18651941[Dunn Family marker, lists sons Samuel, Joseph, daughters Rebecca and Gertrude]

[Same stone as Edward Dunn]Dunn, Charles L.9 Feb 189813 Feb 1961 Dunn, Edward18641909[Dunn Family marker, lists sons Samuel, Joseph, daughters Rebecca and Gertrude]

[Same stone as Alzada Pope Dunn]Dunn, Hugh H.18891968 Dunn, M. E.16 Feb 186216 Mar 1910Wife of J. H. DunnDunn, Sam’l, Corpl.[No date][No date]Co. B  45 KY.  MTD. INF.Dunn, William Ellis19 Dec 188622 Oct 1925 Dye, Alice Ketron18631920Wife of William M. Dye, D. D.  Died in Overbrook, Kansas.  Burried April 9 their 25th Marriage anniversary.Easley, Margaret18991919 East, Alvin P.18761955[Same stone as Neva C. East]East, Cubie Edith17 Feb 19099 Jan 1990[Same stone as William Clay East]East, Della Mae19151918 East, Hascle19241924 East, Kathy Lou25 Apr 195516 Nov 1957 East, Marjetta5 May 19143 Aug 1915Daughter of Alvin and Neva EastEast, Mary E. Larkey17 Jan 184819 Dec 1933Wife of W. M. EastEast, Neva C.18801969[Same stone as Alvin P. East]East, R. E.7 Dec 187719 Jun 1921 East, Robert W.22 May 185128 Feb 1915 East, Roy N.21 Dec 18895 Dec 1958 East, Valas M.19061935 East, W. M.2 Apr 184629 Aug 1922FatherEast, Walter William9 Jun 188721 Nov 1957Tennessee  PVT  87 Spruce SQ  World War IEast, William Clay22 Jul 19059 Jun 1965[Same stone as Cubie Edith East]Farris, Malinda18071890 Farris, Sallie8 Apr 184018 Feb 1910 Farris, Wyatt W.18081885 Faulk, Mattie B.25 Sep 188622 Feb 1948[Same stone as Ruben G. Faulk]Faulk, Ruben G.13 Nov 188723 Nov 1961[Same stone as Mattie B. Faulk]Fitch, Polly14 Feb 18205 Jan 1897Wife of Henry FitchFord, Andrew Riley18411907 Ford, James D., Sgt[No date][No date]Co. H  2 Tenn. Inf.  Sp. Am. WarFord, Lucy Ann18461883 Ford, Robert N.18801881 Ford, Samuel M.[No date][No date]Co. H  2 Tenn. Inf.  Sp. Am. WarFord, Sarah Henry18381923 Ford, Sarah Jane18431892 Foulk, Andrew Lloyd3 May 192612 May 1928Twins [Same stone as James Boyd Foulk]Foulk, James Boyd 3 May 192612 May 1928Twins [Same stone as Andrew Lloyd Foulk]Foulk, Pansy Louise10 Jul 19417 Sep 1945 Foulk, Salley H.18691911DaughterFoust, Catharine[No date]20 Sep 1830Age 2years and 68 daysFoust, Jackson L.1 Nov 18674 Apr 1924 Foust, Lucy Ann14 Nov 185113 Mar 1932 Fulk, Andrew J.18501923[Same stone as Mary F. Fulk]Fulk, Ernest E.29 Apr 190918 Nov 1916Son of T. M. & C. C. FulkFulk, Mary F.18591950[Same stone as Andrew J. Fulk]Fulk, Mattie F.10 Jan 190710 Aug 1909Daughter of T. M. & and C. C. FulkFulk, Pauline[One date]11 Oct 1916Daughter of J. B. & F. B. FulkFulk, Samuel Andrew[No date]28 Jul 1932Tennessee PVT  11 INF  5 DIVFulk, Susan M.18671952 Fulks, Baby son10 Nov 191021 Nov 1910Baby son of C. R. & M. B. FulksGardner, [Unknown][Illegible][Illegible][Stone has fallen and is illegible]Gardner, Peter[No date]11 Mar 1829 God, P. L.[No date]1888[Hand carved fieldstone]Godsey, James H.18461942 Godsey, Laura L.18881920 Godsey, Mary J.13 Jan 18553 Feb 1899AG 44 DA

[Very hard to decipher]Godsey, Mary Jane18551893MotherGodsey, R. M.[No date]14 Sep 1877 Goodwin, Robert E.7 Nov 189010 Jan 1919 Gott, Joseph W.18771944 Gott, Mary A. Ketron18531935 Gott, Samuel P.28 Sep 184420 Apr 1894 Gott, Sarah C.21 Feb 188018 Sep 1903 Green, James R.11 Sep 183119 Jul 1908 Green, Martha Farris20 Mar 18388 Sep 1898Wife of James R. GreenGreen, Sarah Frances Pate27 Jul 186421 Nov 1929Wife of Hugh F. Green; MotherHarkleroad, Elizabeth15 Sep 18624 Feb 1941Wife of Milburn Harkleroad

[Same stone as Milburn Harkleroad]Harkleroad, M. A.[No date]26 Apr 1887 Harkleroad, Mary Ann23 Jan 18309 Jan 1914 Harkleroad, Milburn6 Jul 18606 Feb 1921[Same stone as Elizabeth Harkleroad]Harkleroad, N. A.[No date]2 Aug 1883 Harkleroad, Ocia Lee23 Feb 18936 Dec 1925 Harkleroad, Sewell B.1 Jan 18971 Sep 1913Son of Milburn and Elizabeth HarkleroadHarris, Winnie A. Holeman14 Apr 184813 Apr 1931Wife of George M. HarrisHart, Effie S.6 Jul 189118 Mar 1893Daughter of R. E. & N. E. HartHart, R. E. (Rev.)12 Apr 18637 Jan 1894 Hawkins, Flora B.25 Oct 187321 Oct 1951 Hensley, Dosia18861935MotherHensley, Haskell (Pete) Dwhite22 Jul 193421 Aug 1977 Hensley, Houston M.11 Feb 190520 Aug 1984[Same stone as Madge E. Hensley]Hensley, Lester19101976 Hensley, Madge E.28 Jun 191111 Sep 1997[Same stone as Houston M. Hensley]Hensley, Thomas T.18651952 Hickam, Catharine Jr.[No date]20 Nov 1831Age 12 years and 20 daysHickam, Catharine, Sr.[No date]1 Aug 1840Aged 62y & 2mHickam, Elmer19191921 Hickam, I. M.26 Sep 184326 Sep 1877FatherHickam, Isaac W.[No date9 Jul 1862Aged 22years, 6m and 22daysHickam, J. D.18621924 Hickam, James[No date]2 Aug 1831Age 19 years, 20 da.Hickam, Johnnie D.18751885SonHickam, Lottie Brickey9 Mar 190022 Oct 1925Wife of Ray HickamHickam, Marinda29 Jul 184524 Aug 1897 Hickam, Mary Larkey18681913 Hickam, Phoebe19 Jan 181530 Jun 1900Wife of Richard Hickam by W. D. McClainHickam, Ray F.6 Jan 189715 Feb 1963 Hickam, Richard10 May 181124 Jan 1877 Hickam, Robert J.28 Aug 19371 Apr 1994[Ground level marker]Hickam, Susan A.16 Nov 184628 Nov 1932MotherHickam, Susan C.3 Oct 187213 Dec 1915 Hickam, William15 Apr 18433 Jan 1881 Hickam, William H.23 Jan 186730 Oct 1946 Hicks, Belle R.12 Jun 18683 May 1869Daugh. Of H. & S. F. HicksHicks, Caroline4 Nov 183420 Feb 1908Wife of W. F. Hicks

[Same stone as Wesley F. Hicks]Hicks, Catharine H.27 Dec 183014 Sep 1849Wife of W. F. HicksHicks, Charles Lyman19 Jul 19229 Sep 2002[Same stone as Iva Jean Hicks]Hicks, D. Fleming12 Feb 185719 Aug 1926 Hicks, David A.15 Jun 184719 Apr 1899FatherHicks, Donald W.3 Feb 19356 Feb 1935 Hicks, Dudley W.18 Apr 18939 Apr 1974 Hicks, Effie B.29 Nov 187424 Mar 1895 Hicks, George M.24 Oct 18801 Feb 1960 Hicks, George W.12 Aug 188625 Jul 1917 Hicks, Georgiana D.16 Mar 191013 Jan 1984[Same stone as John T. Hicks, Sr.]Hicks, Harold Henry15 Jan 193515 Jan 1935Infant son of Henry W. & Ada L. HicksHicks, Haskel J.21 May 19409 May 1964[Ground level marker]Hicks, Henry C.15 Apr 182413 Oct 1889 Hicks, Infant daughter29 Oct 189729 Oct 1897Infant dau. of D. F. & M. L. HicksHicks, Infant Son[One date]8 May 1909 Hicks, Infant son9 May 189512 May 1895Infant son of S. P. & L. E. HicksHicks, Iva Jean23 Jan 1925[No date][Same stone as Charles Lyman Hicks]Hicks, J. Willie24 Dec 189321 Apr 1895Son of D. F. & M. L. HicksHicks, James G., Sr.2 Mar 17905 Apr 1869 Hicks, Jas. G., Jr.18 Mar 182331 Jul 1902 Hicks, Jennie S.18781960[Same stone as Joseph H. Hicks]Hicks, Joe Z.2 Feb 190318 Oct 1969[Ground level marker]Hicks, John H.26 Jul 18566 Aug 1879Son of James G. & Mary J. HicksHicks, John T., Jr.31 Jan 19443 Feb 1944 Hicks, John T., Sr.28 Aug 189920 Apr 1973[Same stone as Georgiana D. Hicks]Hicks, John W., Jr.15 Feb 186418 Sep 1906 Hicks, John Wesley24 Sep 191031 Jul 1911 Hicks, Joseph D., Sr.15 Jan 19312 Dec 1986US Air ForceHicks, Joseph H.18731956[Same stone as Jennie S. Hicks]Hicks, Laura E.2 Oct 18699 May 1937[Same stone as Samuel P. Hicks]Hicks, Lucian4 Nov 188917 Jul 1907 Hicks, M. Rachel18811935[Same stone as Walter D. Hicks]Hicks, Mariah J.18811949[Same stone as Robert H. Hicks]Hicks, Marinda I.17 Mar 18688 Sep 1907MotherHicks, Marshall L.15 May 19087 Jun 1908 Hicks, Mary Evaline11 Apr 187611 Jun 1895 Hicks, Mary H.3 Oct 17859 Jun 1874Wife of Jas. G. Hicks, Sr.Hicks, Mary Holt7 Jul 186322 Sep 1938Wife of D. Fleming HicksHicks, Mary J.14 Feb 182526 Dec 1894Wife of Jas. G. HicksHicks, Nancy J.20 Sep 185314 Sep 1865 Hicks, Robert H.187619–[Same stone as Mariah J. Hicks, No death date inscribed]Hicks, S. Earnest22 Mar 188622 Oct 1891Son of D. F. & M. L. HicksHicks, Samuel P.23 Jan 18598 Sep 1921[Same stone as Laura E. Hicks]Hicks, Sarah E.6 Jun 182718 Nov 1905She was a kind and affectionate wife, A fond mother and a friend to allHicks, Shirley Marie22 Nov 193621 Nov 1999 Hicks, Susan C.8 Nov 18475 Dec 1889Wife of David A. HicksHicks, Thomas H.16 Jan 190419 Oct 1910 Hicks, W. C.[One date]12 Sep 1947Infant son of Lyman and Iva J. HicksHicks, Walter D.18731965[Same stone as M. Rachel Hicks]Hicks, Wesley F.28 Apr 182726 May 1913[Same stone as Caroline Hicks]Hobbs, Gertie Bell4 May 188716 Mar 1911 Hooven, Izola D.19021962Wife of Denver HoovenWelsh, John3 Mar 1824[Date gone][Stone has been repaired and the death date is missing]Huffman, Noah Andrew19201920[Funeral home marker set in concrete]Hutchen, Cane20 Oct 188124 May 1905Age 23 Y an 7 Mo.  Cane said he was going home.Hutchens, Lorangie14 Nov 191118 Oct 1912 Hutchin, Davie J.2 Oct 188715 Nov 1967 Hutchin, John W.20 Jan 187328 Apr 1950 Hutchin, Mack Lynn18881955[Funeral home marker bears the birth date as 1887]Hutchins, David Lynn19401940 Hutchins, George Samuel23 Oct 19087 Sep 1980 Hutchins, George W.187016 Feb 1966 Hutchins, Larry26 Jun 194820 Feb 1950 Jennings, Doneld Eugene30 Oct 194030 Oct 1940 Johnson, Alvin E.2 Apr 187219 May 1873Son of Samuel M. and Salina M. JohnsonJohnson, Alvin E.2 Apr 187219 May 1872Son of Samuel M. and Selina M. JohnsonJohnson, Clarence E.29 Dec 189930 Sep 1904 Johnson, Elizabeth[No date]17 Jul 1840Wife of William Johnson; Aged 40 years; a member of the M. E. ChurchJohnson, Hugh M.18731934Father

[Same stone as Susie A. Johnson]Johnson, James W.24 Oct 18683 Mar 1954 Johnson, Joseph P.[No date]22 Nov 1830Age 18 months and 22 daysJohnson, Margaret A. Harkleroad27 Nov 185415 Jun 1902Wife of J. F. JohnsonJohnson, Susan D.1 Mar 185026 Mar 1909Wife of W. H. JohnsonJohnson, Susie A.18801942Mother

[Same stone as Hugh M. Johnson]Johnson, William P.18701930 Jones, Dolly Ann4 Mar 180417 Feb 1883Wife of William JonesJones, John A.18651942 Kern, James O.18871954[Same stone as Ollie Kern]Kern, Ollie18771959[Same stone as James O. Kern]Kerney, Dora C.8 Mar 187825 Jul 1956MotherKerney, William E.20 Nov 185911 Jan 1931FatherKetron, [Illegible][No date]20 Jul [Illegible]4 yr; [illegible] of K. I. KetronKetron, [Unknown][No date]1925[Ground level marker, broken with only surname and death date found]Ketron, A. E.20 Aug 185813 Jul 1923 Ketron, Annie Elizabeth28 Aug 191116 Oct 1911Dau. of M. L. & B. A. KetronKetron, Audley B.18761972 Ketron, C. H.11 Jan 19442003[Ground level marker, funeral home marker gives date of death]Ketron, Carrie L.19 Oct 18569 Feb 1908[Same stone as Isaac H. Ketron]Ketron, Cora M.11 Dec 187014 Aug 1885Daughter of J. W. & M. J. Ketron

[Stone is broken in half]Ketron, E. H.18581926 Ketron, Elisabeth11 Oct 18448 Oct 1910[Same stone as Reuben J. Ketron]Ketron, Elizabeth11 Jan 181625 Nov 1893[Same stone as John Wesley Ketron]Ketron, Elizabeth Cookenour13 Dec 182331 Aug 1903Mother

[Same stone as Joseph Ketron]Ketron, Emory J.30 Jun 187717 Oct 1959 Ketron, George T.19 Jul 188911 Jun 1925 Ketron, Infant13 Dec 189513 Dec 1895Infant of M. A. & M. S. KetronKetron, Infant daughter[One date]24 Aug 1924Infant daughter of John S. & Mary E. KetronKetron, Infant son[No date]19 Mar 183[?]An infant son of [illegible]  & Mary Ketron; Aged 11 dKetron, Isaac B.[No date]22 Oct 1830Son of H. & S. Ketron; Agd. 10

[Two stones, side by side]Ketron, Isaac H.5 Sep 185330 Dec 1923[Same stone as Carrie L. Ketron]Ketron, J.[Illegible][Illegible][Possible birth 1836 and died in October.  Other information illegible]Ketron, James C.12 May 185719 Aug 1917Married Dec. 9, 1880

[Same stone as Maggie H. Ketron]Ketron, John W.26 May 184313 Jul 1922 Ketron, John Wesley8 May 180728 Mar 1902[Same stone as Elizabeth Ketron]Ketron, Joseph20 Jan 18001 Oct 1877Father

[Same stone as Elizabeth Cookenour Ketron]Ketron, Joseph H. (Prof.) A.M.12 Nov 18371 Nov 1901Co E 61 Tenn MTD INF  Confederate States ArmyKetron, Lucy Hicks18921942MotherKetron, Lummie A. East15 Jun 186425 Dec 1926 Ketron, Maggie H.2 Aug 185730 Oct 1934Married Dec. 9, 1880

[Same stone as James C. Ketron]Ketron, Malcom S.18911934 Ketron, Mamie C.14 Sep 190210 Mar 1988[Ground level marker]Ketron, Mary29 Aug 181710 Dec 1901Wife of Watson KetronKetron, Mary J.22 May 184217 Aug 1904Wife of John W. KetronKetron, Maude Munsey8 Apr 188414 Jul 1910 Ketron, Paul Leonard12 Nov 191224 Mar 1913Son of M. L. & B. A. KetronKetron, Polly Mae Cole7 Oct 192215 Dec 1992[Ground level marker and funeral home marker gives maiden name]Ketron, Rebecka[No date]18 Sep 1877 Ketron, Reuben J.4 Dec 183917 Apr 1905[Same stone as Elisabeth Ketron]Ketron, Samual W.11 Apr 190719 May 1990[Ground level marker]Ketron, Suella29 Jun 190318 Mar 1911Dau. of W. D. & M. E. KetronKetron, Thomas W., Sr.18781943 Ketron, Walker D.30 Jun 186220 Mar 1909 Ketron, Walker D., Jr.6 Oct 19088 Feb 1910Son of W. D. & M. E. KetronKetron, Watson22 Apr 180926 Dec 1896Member of the Methodist Episcopal Church 71yrs 2mos 24dsKetron, William E.20 Mar 18476 Apr 1908 Kurlowich, Alexander W., Rev.2 Oct 19206 Apr 1989 Ladd, Jessie18471885 Ladd, Pitcy Bass15 Mar 184031 Dec 1927 Larkey, A. L. Edgar16 Jan 1872 [?]6 Dec 1886Son of Minerva B. Larkey

[Stone has been broken and repaired]Larkey, Allen H.18401907 Larkey, John5 Apr 178513 Jul 1854 Larkey, John H.18811972Married Mar. 25, 1905

[Same stone as May Dunn Larkey]Larkey, M. Kathern19061922 Larkey, May Dunn18851925Married Mar. 25, 1905

[Same stone as John H. Larkey]Larkey, Minerva B.25 Nov 184416 Mar 1916 Larkey, Nannie J.18751895 Larkey, Sarah Hicks18451888 Marion, Jeremiah18471902In memory of those buried here-sons

[Same stone as Jesse Marion, Rachel Bass Marion, Stephen and William Marion]Marion, Jesse18251895In memory of those buried here-parents

[Same stone as Rachel Bass Marion, William, Stephen and Jeremiah Marion]Marion, Rachel Bass18231887In memory of those buried here-parents

[Same stone as Jesse Marion, William, Stephen and Jeremiah Marion]Marion, Stephen18541882In memory of those buried here-sons

[Same stone as Jesse Marion, Rachel Bass Marion, Jeremiah and William Marion]Marion, William1848?In memory of those buried here-sons

[Same stone as Rachel Bass Marion, Jesse, Stephen, and Jeremiah Marion. Death date is actually listed as “?”]Martin, Clyde P.19 Aug 191228 May 1914 Martin, Edgar D.18851963 Martin, Henry K.18501929 Martin, Mattie D.18841950 Martin, Sarah M.1 Mar 18735 Jul 1896Wife of H. K. MartinMcNutt, William H.11 Aug 19044 Oct 1907Son of W. C. & Angie McNuttMingey, Dr. George12 Aug 18129 Nov 1898Aged 86yrs, 2mos, 27daysMingey, Joseph N.22 Oct 185612 Sep 1939 Mingey, Lucinda26 Jun 18324 Jul 1886Wife of Dr. George MingeyMoody, B. D.6 Jun 18614 Aug 1910 Moody, Hugh R.8 Jun 189112 Jul 1892Son of B. T. & Mary A. MoodyMoody, Marshal L.25 Mar 188919 Jul 1891Son of B. T. & Mary A. MoodyMoody, Salley L.17 Dec 186012 Dec 1929 Morgan, Robert M.17961885 Morton, America F.18811952[Same stone as John W. W. Morton]Morton, George W.18711940 Morton, Infant Daughter[One date]1943Infant daughter of V. W. & Elizabeth MortonMorton, Infant SonsApr 1904Apr 1904Infant sons of J. W. & A. F. MortonMorton, John W. W.18731950[Same stone as America F. Morton]Morton, Lilly13 May 18234 Dec 1845In the 23 year of her ageMorton, Mary Foust18511926[Same stone as William N. Morton]Morton, Rachel J.19 Jun 181931 May 1842 Morton, Samuel G.18761942 Morton, William N.18411897[Same stone as Mary Foust Morton]Mullins, Mary W.[No date]12 Nov 1892Wife of Samuel Mullins

Aged 78yrs, 4mos, & 6 daysMyers, Catherine Elizabeth18821908 Myers, Effie Loraine30 Jul 190213 Jun 1924 Myers, Elsie H.18931918 Myers, Isaac J.7 Jan 1857[No date][Same stone as Sarah E. Myers]Myers, Lona H.19171938 Myers, N. T.9 Dec 187628 Feb 1914 Myers, Paul W.19151939 Myers, Sarah E.6 Apr 185510 Dec 1941[Same stone as Isaac Myers]Myers, Virginia M.18921922 Myers, W. H.17 Aug 184531 Aug 1923 Neel, Martha B.14 Dec 180727 May 1892 Neel, Ruby L.21 Apr 188112 Aug 1900 Neel, Sudie B.23 Oct 187822 Feb 1895 Neeley, Charles S.12 Sep 189526 Sep 1922 Newland, Joseph F.11 Sep 188011 Oct 1882Son of W. M. & E. H. NewlandNorman, Nancy J.1 May 184316 Jul 1891 Norman, Sarah J. Marion9 Oct 18567 Apr 1895Wife of T. J. Norman

[Same stone as Thomas J. Norman]Norman, Thomas J.19 Jan 183723 Apr 1924[Same stone as Sarah J. Marion Norman]Nottingham, Ella R.8 Feb 18692 Jun 1895 Nunley, Lottie S.189419–[Death date not inscribed.  Same stone as Richard S. Nunley]Nunley, Richard S.19011962[Same stone as Lottie S. Nunley]Oliver, Frances4 Jun 184615 Dec 1918Wife of Henry L. OliverOliver, Henry I.13 Mar 184426 Nov 1903 Oliver, Ida Bell26 Jan 18729 Nov 1874Dau. of H. L. & E. OliverPate, Julia A.4 Aug 183312 Jul 1896Wife of Samuel M. Pate; MotherPate, Margaret18 Dec 18647 Mar 1950 Pate, Samuel M.29 Aug 18313 Aug 1888FatherPate, Thomas J.30 May 185517 Sep 1931 Pate, William R.1 Jan 186219 Oct 1892BrotherPatterson, Ellen H.19052003[Same stone as Hugh L. Patterson]Patterson, Hugh Loyd26 May 18994 Nov 1978SEA US NAVY

[Same stone as Ellen H. Patterson]Payne, Ellen18851937 Peavler, Charles M.14 Feb 186517 Jun 1942[Same headstone as Corda M. Peavler]Peavler, Corda M.15 Jun 187627 Oct 1949[Same headstone as Charles M. Peavler]Peavler, James Henry12 Dec 188721 Nov 1900Son of Charles M. & Cordie PeavlerPeavler, Mary J.11 Aug 185610 Apr 1875 Peavler, Sam L. H. J.12 Mar 187728 Apr 1879Son of J. H. & M. C. PeavlerPeavler, Samuel George10 Dec 193221 Feb 1936 Peavler, Susanna18371905 Peavler, Tishie11 Jul 18588 Nov 1916 Peters, Harold E.28 Feb 19483 Mar 1948 Pool, M. C.[No date][No date]A 18 [Aged 18]Pool, S. A.[No date]21 Mar 1894 Poor, Mary Alzader Claman11 Sep 187124 May 1926 R. E. L[No date][No date][Initials only]Ramey, Nannie R.18651894Wife of W. W. RameyRamey, Sue C.17 Sep 185619 Nov 1880Wife of Wm. Floyd Ramey

24yrs, 2mos, 2 daysRamsey, Charles C.9 Apr 18575 Nov 1928 Ramsey, Elizabeth22 Dec 182217 Jan 1893Wife of J. W. RamseyRamsey, Infant son[One date]10 Apr 1915Infant son of J. W. & L. E. RamseyRamsey, J. Walker18861935 Ramsey, John D.18841958[Same stone as Roxie H. Ramsey]Ramsey, John W.19111976[Ground level marker]Ramsey, John W., Jr.19451945[Ground level marker]Ramsey, Martha W. McConnell18 Nov 186021 Oct 1933Wife of Charles C. RamseyRamsey, Roxie H.18871970[Same stone as John D. Ramsey]Richards, Luella11 Dec 190815 Nov 1952 Robinson, Andrew L.2 Nov 184012 Jan 1924[Same stone as Margaret A. Robinson]Robinson, Margaret A.21 Dec 1856[No date][Same stone as Andrew L. Robinson]Robinson, Martha J. Hicks7 Jan 184312 May 19101st wife of A. L. RobinsonRobinson, Omer E.10 Aug 192125 Apr 1924 Robinson, Oscar N.30 Sep 18827 Oct 1896Age 14yr & 7daRoot, Sarah M.29 Sep 187426 Jun 1932 Salley, Martha M.19 Aug 185222 Apr 1933 Salley, William H.3 Sep 184819 Jan 1922 Slaughter, Joan D.20 Jun 195014 Jul 1950 Smith, Helen E.13 Dec 188828 Oct 1892 Smith, Robert21 Jan 186121 Jan 1899 Spahr, Sarah M.10 Sep 185819 Aug 1893Wife of John R. SpahrTaylor, Myrtle A.15 Sep 188616 Dec 1891Dau. of I. F. & S. A. TaylorTaylor, Sarah A.22 Oct 186315 Jul 1890Wife of Isaac F. TaylorThomas, Nancy J. Myers31 Aug 18873 Feb 1930Wife of J. D. Thomas

Erected by her sistersTittsworth, Thomas[No date]3 Mar 185?Aged [?] years, 8mos and ten days

[Stone is crumbling.  An older transcription indicates his age as 90 yrs]Tranbarger, John H.1 Nov 18541 Mar 1880 Unknown[No date][No date]G. I. J. [Initials only]Venice, Margt.[No date]11 Apr 1830Agd 82Wadlow, Mary[No date]11 May 1880Agd. 61 yearsWebb, Matilda[No date]6 Jul 1830Agd. 23 YearsWebb, William[No date]1 Aug 1830Agd. 17 MonthsWelch, LucindaApr 182821 Jun 1916 Whitteker, John M.[No date]19 Apr 1838Aged 2 months, [?]

[Stone nearly illegible]Yoakley, Martha D. 18571927

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  1. Rhonda Cookenour Turner says:

    We now have a confederate marker for Pvt. Andrew Robinson at the Arcadia Methodist Cemetery in Kingsport, TN Please update the file. You can go to this website and see the bulletin and newsletter…
    and Full page photo – Freepages…/RobinsonProgram/ RobinsonProgram.pdf

    Color Guan; . American Legion Hammond Post # 3 Kingsport, TN ` anat # ZÓÖ Gate City, … P0 Box 70382 ~ Knoxville, TN 37938 … Private Andrew L. Robinson.

    There is now a confederate marker. We had the dedication on November 3, 2012. Please update this website….thanks a million…..

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