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1880 Census, Sullivan County, Tennessee

Special thanks to Ed and Valerie Cox for transcribing the 1880 census.

District 1   starts on page 345A with family #120
District 2   page 336A, starting with family #1
District 3   page 362A, starting with family  #65
District 4   page 429A, starting with family #132
District 5   pages 504B through 515B
District 6   pages 493A through 499B
District 7   page 477A
District 8   page 421A
District 9   page 389A (Piney Flats)
District 10  page 486A
District 11  page 465A – partial page 476A
District 12  page 449A
District 13  page 456A
District 14  page 412A   Note: District 14 and District 18 are confusing…it is listed as 14 but has 18’s information
District 15  page 438A
District 16  page 376A
District 17  page 532B, starting with family #308
District 18  page 403A
District 19  page 357A
District 20  page 397A

Blountville   pages 501A to 504A
Breadston      pages 412A-420A; includes some of the 14th District
Bristol             page 516A; also listed as 17th District
Union               page 371A to 375A; also includes the 16th District

7 Responses to “1880 Census, Sullivan County, Tennessee”

  1. Heather Anderson says:

    I found my great, great, great, grandfather’s grave at Weaver Cemetary in Bristol. His name was Thomas J Campbell and his wife, I believe, is Mary. Birth 1843 and Death 1900. He was a confederate soldier. I am having a very hard time finding information on him. My grandfather has been looking for information on our family for as long as I can remember. Can you point me in a good direction?

  2. Stanford Jenkins says:

    Thanks to everyone that transribes these census. I am looking for more information about Stanford L. Jenkins( 1828-1908 ), my great , great grandfather. I know he owned land and had a foundry in Bluff City Tennessee up to 1881. He is buried at Mountain View Cemetary.

  3. Linda Norris says:

    Thanks so much for all the work. However I couldn’t open several of them.
    I am looking for Margaret Peggy Wells. Thank you!!

  4. jim mcclain says:

    looking for the burial cemetery for joseph McLane

  5. Gloria Mahan says:

    Distrct 6 and 7 are not published when I click on site.

    • Sharon Smith says:

      We’re working on fixing all our census records! We’re on 1850 right now and working our way up. We’ll get them reorganized and re-uploaded as soon as possible. Thanks!

  6. Wayne Wilson says:

    I just found this site again. There used to be a free site to find all the US Census info for every state, but now it seems you have to join an organization to get it. I was on a couple of years and I guess I will have to get on again. You have done an excellent job with this site. I will look again for sure… Thanks, Wayne

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