World War I Service Abstracts

Many of the following W.W. I Service Abstracts were transcribed by Chuck Allen. Thanks, Chuck! If you have access to abstracts you would like to see posted, please let us know.

Killed in Action, Died of Wounds or Disease

John Q. Allen Judson W. Dennis Wade Hampton Byrd Eugene DavisJesse Green Ford

Surviving Soldiers

Dan Knight Charlie B. Kennada Eugene B. Kennada Murray Kennada

Allen, John Q. -- OS1
316 565 -- -- W
Enl. NG. Dover, Tenn. on
June 25/17
Born: Model, Tenn.
Age: 27 - 6/12 yrs
Co. A 2 Inf Tenn NG (1 Co 1 Tng Bn 55 Dep Brig) July /17 to Oct. 22/17
Co. M 119 Inf to Oct. 10/18
Pvt. 6/25/17
Sgt. Sept 1/17
OS: fr 5/12/18 to Death
on October 10/18
Person notified of Death:
(Brother) Theodore Allen
R #1 Box 15, Model, Tenn

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Dennis, Judson W. -- OS
1 316 870 -- -- W
Tharpe, Tenn.
Enl: NG. at Dover Tenn on 6/30/17
Born: in Tharpe, Tenn.
Age: 24 - 1/2 yrs
Co. A. 2nd Inf Tenn NG (1 Co 1 Tng Bn 55 Dep Brig) to Oct. /17
Co. L, 119th Inf to Death
Pvt. 6/30/17
Corp 9/1/17
Sgt. Sept 12/18
OS: fr 5/12/18
Person notified of Death:
(Father) Thomas R. Dennis

(* Note: this name was actually Thomas M. Dennis and he was Judson's brother, not father-Jan)

Model Route, Dover, Tenn

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Dan Knight -- -- OS
2 873 249 -- -- W
Ind: Dover, Tenn 5/27/18
Born: Model, Tenn
Age: 22 yrs
155 Dep Brig to 8/22/18
Co. A 329th Inf to 9/28/18
Co. G 6th Inf to Discharge
Grade: Corp. July 18/18
OS: fr Aug 1/18 to July 11/19
Honorable Discharge: July 30/ 1919

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Byrd, Wade Hampton
4 258 889 -- W
Stribling, Tenn
Ind; at Stewart Co. Tenn.
on Sept 5/16
Born: Stewart Co. Tenn. on November 20/1891
Org: Co H, 57 Pion Inf to death.
Grade: Private
Died: of Broncho Pneumonia on October 6/18
Person notified of Death: (Mother); Stribling, Tenn

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Davis, Eugene
562 570 -- -- W
Model, Tenn
Enl: RA, at Ft Thomas, Ky.
on July 26/1917
Born: Model, Tenn.
Age 27-11/12 yrs
Org. Co F. 59th Infantry to death
Grade: Private
Died: of Empyema following Pneumonia
on April 15/1918
Person notified of death: (Sister) Susie Lowery, Model Tenn

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Ford, Jesse Green

The following information is shared by Nancy Wallace:

His mother and father were Jesse and Nancy Ford. He had 4 sisters and 2 brothers.

He volunteered in Dover along with my grandpa, Eugene Wallace. (who didnt know my gradma Sallie Ford until he came back from the war) from there they were sent to Greenville, S.C. and over seas from there. They did stay together and my grandpa was in the same area when he was killed.

On the back of the YMCA card it reads: Jessie G. Ford was killed in action ? ? front in Belgium July 30th 1918 was shot by a german sniper some hund yards out in no mans land about 7 a.m. Cpt. W. B. Fizgerald was by his side and brought him to our trench was not one word spoke from him. st. Lt. J. Massie, co L 119th infantry

Inside the Bible it reads: co. L 119th infantry this was kept by a true friend for safe return. Cpt. Wm. Fitzgerald. A. E. F. France. ap074

His sister, Dassie Wallace,(husband Tollie) had written a letter to him, dated the day he was killed and it was returned.

He is buried at Jackson cemetary on Link Rd. His tombstone says he died on August 2nd. The note written indicates it was July 30th 1918.

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Kennada, Charlie B. -- OS
1583 044
Big Rock, Tenn.
Enl: in NG at Hopkinsville, Ky on 5/12/17
Born: Stewart Co. Tenn.
Age : 22 yrs
Organizations: Co D. 3rd Inf Kentucky NG; Co F 115th Am Tn to Disc.
Grade: Private
OS : fr 10/6/18 to 1/6/19
Hon. Disch : Jan 23/19

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Kennada, Eugene B. -- OS
1 583 435
Stewart Co. Tenn
Enl : at Hopkinsville Ky on May 12/17
Born : Stewart Co. Tenn.
Age : 21 - 2/12 yrs
Organizations: Co. D 3 Inf Ky NG to 5/12/17;4th Co 149th Inf to 10/9/17
36th Co MP to 11/25/18
Co E 329th Infantry to disch.
Grades : Pvt 9/1/17
Corp 8/8/18
OS : fr 10/6/18 to 1/31/19
Hon. Disch : feb 15/19

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Kennada, Murray -- OS
3 300 946
Weavers Store, Tenn.
Ind : at Dover, Tenn. on June 28/18
Born : Weavers Store, Tenn. on Apr 17/1896
Organizations : 157 Dep Brig to 7/19/18; Co. M 145 Inf to disch.
Grade : Pvt
OS : fr 10/24/18 to 4/2/19
Hon. Disch. Apr 17/19

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