(Roll numbers indicate microfilm roll at TN State Library & Archives)



Roll 57, Volume O

99††††† inventory of Mrs. D. C. Bibb by B. L. Bibb, administratorís; 1 Dec 1896

118††††† inventory and sale of W. T. Mann by Alex Bagwell; 11 Mar 1897

124†† will of G. A. Ross; siblings Jessie L., Samuel F., Miss C. C, Miss M. A., H. S. Ross; dec'd. sister Lavenia Cherry (wife of Emmit); wit:J. T. Knott, G. W. Wallace; 12 Mar 1897, proven Apr 1897

125††††† inventory and sale of J. M. Hogan by Mantha W. Hogan; 23 Apr 1897

132††††† inventory and sale of J. Taylor Travis by William H. Travis, administratorís; buyers incl. E. T. Bogard, W. H. Travis, Mrs. Mary Travis, Frank Foster; 24 May 1897

159†† Sandy Joiner, T. J. Weaver, S. S. Stamper, notary public bond; 3 Jan 1898

170††††† inventory and sale of Reubin C. Ross by Alex Bagwell, public administratorís; buyers incl. George Ross, C. J. Ross, E. G. Hogan, Thesdis Wallace; Mar1 1898

198†† addl. inventory of William Varner by R. J. Varner; 9 May 1898

249††††† settlement with Mantha Hogan, administrator of J. M. Hogan; 3 Jun 1899

284††††† inventory of Mrs. N. M. Frith by T. J. Frith, administratorís; died 19 Mar 1900, inv. 4 Apr 1900

318††††† settlement with B. L. Bibb, administrator of Mrs. D. C. Bibb; shares to J. W. Bibb, Mrs. Mary Ross, M. V. Gillum, Etna Foster, Eliza Richards, Dora Tucker heirs for Calvin Bibb, B. L. Bibb; 14 Feb 1901

333††††† inventory of Rice Williams by T. J. Brandon; 1 Jun 1901

346††††† settlement with S. D. Frith, administrator of Mrs. N. M. Frith; shares to Maley Clark, Lula Frith, W. E. Frith, J. M. Frith, J. L. Frith, S. T. Frith, S. D. Frith, Rhoda Frith, Sidney Frith; 13 Aug 1901

357††††† inventory of P. N. Ross by G. L. Pace; 24 Feb 1902

360††††† inventory of Sallie Free, dec'd. by son E. M. Free; 3 Mar 1902

361††††† settlement with T. J. Brandon, administrator of Rice Williams; 5 Mar 1902

††††† settlement with E. M. Free, administrator of Sallie Free; 3 Mar 1902

368††††† inventory of E. T. Bogard by T. S. Norden; 12 Aug 1902

399††††† settlement with T. S. Norden, administrator of E. T. Bogard; heirs Ed R. Bogard, Mrs. M. A. Norden; 30 Mar 1904

433††††† settlement with W. H. Ezell, administrator of T. Y. Cherry; 15 May 1906

446††††† settlement with A. M. Morgan, administrator of H. E. Legate; 16 Dec 1907

451††††† settlement with Marie O. Wallace, administrator of R. A. Wallace; 18 Jan 1909

460††††† settlement with J. G. Robertson, administrator of Mrs. M. S. Ross; shares to Bettie McElvoy, Sue Rodgers, Julia Boswell, Daisy Mullican, A. B. Ross, W. B. Ross, J. S. Ross; 22 Feb 1910

473††††† settlement with J. I. Tippit, administrator of Mrs. Nancy Bagwell; 20 Jul 1910

476††††† settlement with I. W. Cherry, administrator of Mrs. Martha Cherry; shares to J. E. Moore, guardian to Fred Moore, H. L. Cherry, W. L. Vaughn, guardian to Leonard Vaughn, Virgie Vaughn, Effie Cherry, I. W. Cherry; 2 Aug 1910

491††††† settlement with J. I. Tippit, public administrator of B. H. Free; heirs:G. D. Free, N. M. Free, Mrs. Susan Glisson, J. H. Free (1/8 share), Drury Varner, Cullom Smith (guardian to Lizzie, Floyd, Lillian and Johnnie Varner, children of James Varner) (1/16 share), Willie Free, Inez Free Tippit, Clay Free, Sadie Free (1/32 share), Goldie Hargrove, Eva Hargrove, Mary Hargrove, Violet Hargrove (1/16 share), Claude Johnson, James Johnson, Effie Johnson, Eva Johnson Edwards (1/32 share); 7 Oct 1910

515††††† settlement with Dover Bank & Trust, guardian to Calvin Legate (turned 21 on 10 Aug 1913); 13 Aug 1913

521††††† settlement with R. B. George, administrator of George Deep; 19 Jan 1914

543††††† settlement with J. F. Wallace, administrator of John R. Wallace; 14 Oct 1916


Roll 58, Book F


37†† Glen Long, administrator of William A. Baskins, dec'd., produced disbursements of estate; each legatee received $713.39