Stewart County Bonds and Settlements, Book A(1812-1814)

(TN Archives Roll 52)


(pages 1-106 missing)

107††††††††† estate settlement of ???; notes on Lewis Cormack, Thomas Wallis, George McDaniel, Richard Meigs, John Jones, Jacob Rushing, Bat? Murphy, Abram Tarlborough, Jacob Johnson, J. H. Alard, Peter Buchannon, John Chambers, et al.

108††††††††† constable bond by John Hornberger; securities:Philip Hornberger, Lewis Williams, David McMillan; 6 May 1812

109††††††††† estate sale of Samuel Curtis by Thomas Tomlinson, Hannah Tomlinson, administrators; May term 1812

111††††††††† constable bond by Richard Cooley, William H. Cooley, James H. Russell, James Tagert; May term 1812

112††††††††† will of Richard Smith:wife Hannah, dau. Elizabeth Seal?; wit:C. B. Wilcox, James Lee; written 30 Apr 11, prob. May term 1812

113††††††††† constable bond by C. B. Wilcox, Caleb Williams, Bryant Oneal; 8 May 1812

114††††††††† coronerís bond by Henry Gibson, Duncan McRae, John Allen, Philip Hornberger, David Bradford; 5 May 1812

115††††††††† tavern bond by Philip Hornberger, Duncan McRae, John Hornberger, Lewis Williams; 5 May 1812

116††††††††† inventory of the estate of Samuel Curtis by Hannah Tomlinson, Thomas Tomlinson; May term 1812

116††††††††† administratorís bond by Henry Pugh, William M. Cooley, John Allen, Philip Hornberger, William King, administrators of John Johnson; 6 May 1812

118††††††††† sheriffís bond by John Allen, Duncan McRae, Henry Gibson, James Lain, David Bradford, William Cherry; 5 May 1812

119††††††††† constable bond by Thomas Lain, James Lain, James Patterson; 5 May 1812

120††††††††† will of Jacob McCarty:wife Catharine, son John, dau. Sarah, dau. Hannah, dau. Agness, son Jacob (not yet 21), dau. Mary; mentions land on Guiceís Creek where William McAlister and James Tagert live; executors are wife Catharine, sons John, Joseph & Jacob, James Tagert; wit:Henry Edwards, William Bailey, John Parchment, Benjamin Kelly, John Arrington; written 5 Dec 1811, prob. Aug. term 1812

121††††††††† setttlement with James Tagert, John Kizer, John Lightfoot, administrators of Arthur Collier; mentions Collierís land in South Carolina, 8 children and widow unnamed; Aug. term 1812

122††††††††† constable bond by Frederick Weston, Atherington Rochelle, Philip Hornberger; 4 Aug 1812

123††††††††† Faulkner Elliott Sr., Faulkner Elliott Jr., Lewis Elliott ferry bond on Cumb. River; 4 Aug 1812

124††††††††† guardian bond by William Pryor, James Pryor, Jesse Denson, for Edith Trammell, Isabella Trammell, Jarret Trammell, James Trammell & Jacob Hollingsworth Trammell, orphans of Sampson Trammell; 8 Aug 1812

126††††††††† constable bond by Alsey Bradford, Crawford Bradford, David Bradford; 4 Aug 1812

127††††††††† inventory and sale of estate of Alexander Alderson by Simon Alderson; sale 17 Mar 1812, recorded Aug term 1812

127††††††††† administratorís bondby Hannah Smith, James Lee, Samuel Yarbrough, administrators of Richard Smith; 3 Aug 1812

129††††††††† Cumberland River ferry bond by Burwell Lashlee, Joseph B. Nevell, Dudley Williams; 3 Aug 1812

129††††††††† William Randle, Thomas McGee, Thomas Randle, George W. Atkins, constable bond; 3 Jun 1812

130††††††††† indenture bond by George Martin Sr. for William Collier, orphan aged 5; 3 Aug 1812†††††††††††

131††††††††† account current of John Johnson by administrator Henry Pugh; Nov term 1812

132††††††††† registerís bond by Yancey Thornton, John Allen, James H. Russell; 3 Nov 1812

132††††††††† tavern bond by Yancey Thornton, John Allen, James H. Russell; 3 Nov 1812

133††††††††† constable bond by Elijah Lowry, Martin Wells, Philip Hornberger; 3 Nov 1812

134††††††††† tavern bond by William Outlaw, David Bradford, Tapley Maddux; 2 Nov 1812

135††††††††† Ozburn Randle, John Graham, John Atkins, ferry bond; 2 Nov 1812

136††††††††† inventory of the estate of Jacob McCarty by James Tagert and James McCarty; mentions land on Cumberland River, Duck River, Marrowbone Creek (Davidson County), Barretís Creek; Nov. term 1812

137††††††††† court orders Henry Pugh, Duncan McRae, James Haggard to settle with the administratorís of Elias Watson; Aug. term 1812

137††††††††† estate settlement with Charles B. Wilcox and Stephen Gilbert, administrators of Elias Watson, by Henry Pugh, Duncan McRae and James Haggard; 7 Aug 1812

138††††††††† will of William H. Borun:wife Nancy, children Moses, Charles, Joseph, Stephen, James, William; executor is Charles Borun; wit:Charles Polk, Jesse Turpin; written 28 Nov 1811, prob. Sept. term 1812

139††††††††† account current of the estate of Matthew McNatt by Nathan Ross and R. Walker; 22 Jan 1813

140††††††††† division of Negroes belonging to the estate of Mackey McNatt, by administrators Nathan Ross, Joseph B. Nevill, R. Walker; legatees:Dinah McNatt, David McNatt, Benjamin McNatt, John Hodges, Enoch McNatt, George Brandon, John Hubbard, Solomon McNatt, Ezekiel Cox; 23 Jan 1813

140††††††††† account current of the estate of Rice Reddick by Nathan Ross, administrator, since 15 Dec 1810

143††††††††† guardian bond by Tapley Maddux, William L. Allen, Henry Pugh, for Sally Watson, Elizabeth Watson, Nancy Watson, Charles Watson, orphan children of Elias Watson; 1 Feb 1813

144††††††††† commissionerís bond by James H. Russell, Duncan McRae, John Allen; Russell is to work with Henry Gibson and Asa Atkins; 2 Feb 1813

145††††††††† inventory of the estate of Matthew Studdard by Mary Studdard; Feb. term 1813

146††††††††† Nathan Skinner, John Acree, Nathan Ross, ferry bond on Cumb. River between Alderson's & McNatt's; 1 Feb 1813

146††††††††† Tapley Maddux, Henry Pugh, William Cherry trustee bond; 2 Feb 1813

148††††††††† Thomas Berry (Washington Co., VA) to nephew William Berry, 100 acres of land on Tennessee River, part of a 640-acre grant to John Hope (Davidson Co., TN); wit:John Anderson, David Berry; written 7 May 1803

148††††††††† William Berry (Washington Co., VA) assigns aforementioned bond to James Reed of the same county; 24 Feb 1809

149††††††††† James Reed (Washington Co., VA) assigns aforementioned bond to George Berry; wit:William Whiteside, John Berry, Jacob Shilling; 4 Dec 1813

150††††††††† William Outlaw trust deed to Reuben Elliott and William Elliott for land on which John Williams and Samuel Morrow live;2 Aug 1814

151††††††††† William Outlaw trust deed to William Yarborough for two tracts of land on Cane Creek; test:Josiah Askew; 27 Jun 1813

153††††††††† William Outlaw trust deed to Joseph Smith for land on Long Creek; test:R. Cooper, William Ezell, Allen Pruitt; written 4 Oct 1813, recorded May term 1815

155††††††††† sheriff bond by James Mallory, Thomas Buckingham, James Miller, John L. Hagler; 4 May 1818

156††††††††† guardian bond by Nathan Ross, John Allen, Benjamin McNatt for Polly Reddick, John Reddick, William Reddick, Fanny Reddick, Nancy Reddick; Feb. term 1813

157††††††††† ferry bond by Robert Cooper, Duncan McRae, Thomas Buckingham; 1 Feb 1813

158††††††††† administrators bond by Mary Studdard, Thomas H. Oneal, Philip Hornberger, administrators of Mathew Studdard; 1 Feb 1813

160††††††††† widowís provisions for Sarah Lindsey, widow of George Lindsey, by John Lightfoot, George Berry, James Miller; 24 Jul 1813

161††††††††† estate sale of George Lyndsey

162††††††††† John Milam, Elam Milam, Adam Milam and Uriah Tomlinson, children and heirs of James Milam (deceased) agree their illegitimate sister Lucy Pegrim to be a full heir; wit:William Dowdy, James Y. Dowdy; 14 Feb 1817

163††††††††† administratorís bond by John Lee, Benjamin Edwards, John Davidson, administrators of Paul Howell; 4 Feb 1813

165††††††††† administratorís bond by Sarah Lindsey, James Miller, William Randle, administrators of George Lindsey; 4 May 1813

167††††††††† Cumberland River ferry bond by John L. Hagler, Benjamin Kelly, John Milam; 3 May 1813

168††††††††† constable bond by Joel Yarbrough, James Ross, John Allen; 3 May 1813

169††††††††† inventory of the estate of Matthew Studdard; 1 Feb 1813

170††††††††† constable bond by Lewis Brewer, George Cathey, William Brewer; 4 May 1813

171††††††††† constable bond by Robert Lowry, Elijah Rushing, Thomas Gray; 4 May 1813

172††††††††† constable bond by William Polk, William L. Allen, John Boyd; 3 May 1813

173††††††††† coronerís bond by Nathan Peeples, James Mallory, Duncan McRae; 6 May 1813

174††††††††† ferry bond by Isaac Brunson, John Acree, Nathan Skinner, for a ferry on Cumberland River near the mouth of Saline Creek; 3 May 1813

175††††††††† settlement with Stephen Gilbert, former guardian for the heirs of Elias Watson; 29 Apr 1813

176††††††††† settlement of William Ross by Alexander Walker, Lewis Elliott, Thomas French; 24 Apr 1813

177††††††††† inventory of the estate of Paul Howell by John Lee, administrator; 4 Apr 1813

177††††††††† inventory of the estate of George Lindsey by Sally Lindsey, administratrix; Aug. term 1813

178††††††††† settlement of William Rascoe by admr. Dudley Williams, Rachel Rascoe; legatees:Jesse, Latun, William Rasco, Jessee Fort, Dudley Williams, Asher Davis, John Rasco; May term, 1813

179††††††††† William Ezell, John Scarborough, James A. Russell, constable bond; 3 Aug 1813

180††††††††† sheriffís bond by Thomas Buckingham, Isaac Lanier, Ephraim B. Davidson, William Curl, Asa Lanier; 3 Aug 1813

182††††††††† indenture bond by James Bowers for Sarah Watson and Nancy Watson, orphan daughters of Elias Watson; 3 Aug 1813

183††††††††† constable bond by James Randle, William Randle, Benjamin Edwards; test:D. McRae; 2 Nov 1813

184††††††††† will of William Hubbard:wife Sally, dau. Nancy, son William, son (?) Pleasant Hubbard; executors are Thomas French, Dudley Williams, wife Sally; wit:Henry Pugh, Johnathan May, Jesse Gilbert; written 5 Aug 1813, prob. Nov. term 1813

186††††††††† constable bond by James Mallory, William M. Cooley, Nathan Peeples; 8 Feb 1814

187††††††††† estate sale of Mathew Studdard by Thomas Oneal, agent for Mary Studdard; 10 Feb 1814

188††††††††† tavern bond by William Outlaw, David Bradford, Philip Hornberger; 7 Feb 1814

188††††††††† tavern bond by Philip Hornberger, Abner Pearce, William McGee; 7 Feb 1814

189††††††††† Samuel Ross, John Cooper, Alexander Walker, constable bond; 8 Feb 1814

190††††††††† estate sale of William Hubbard by Thomas French and Dudley Williams; 5 Jan 1814

191††††††††† Robert Cooper, William Pearce and Abner Pearce, executors of Joseph Gray Sr., emancipate his slaves Chick, Simon and Dinah (wife of Simon), as directed by Grayís will; Feb 1814

192††††††††† executorís bond by Robert Cooper, Abner Pearce, William Pearce, William M. Cooley, Joel Cooley, John Oliver, executors of Joseph Gray; 7 Feb 1814

193††††††††† will of Joseph Gray Sr.:son Joseph Jr. (born to him by Mary Plunket, now Mary Wilson) gets land in Washington Co., KY on the Rolling Fork of the Salt River, and gets part of land shared with Peter R. Booker (originally granted to Joseph Gray Sr. and his brother James Gray); other children John Gray and Elizabeth Smith; executors are Robert Cooper, William Pearce, Abner Pearce; wit:William M. Cooley, Anny Cooley, Jonathan Cooley; written 10 Apr 1812

194††††††††† codicil to the will of Joseph Gray Sr.:acknowledges gift of Negro man Gib to Joseph John Gray, son of Joseph Gray Jr.; test:Eldridge Green, D. McRae, James Scarborough; 10 Jul 1813

194††††††††† administratorís bond by Isaac Lanier, Tapley Maddux, Abel Rushing, administrators of Philip Rushing; 7 Feb 1814

195††††††††† will of John Parker;wife Suca, sons Nathan, David, Patterson?, Stephen; daus. Patience Matheny, Nancy Taylor, Charity Griffin, Suca Griffin, Polly Travis?, Phebe, Kesiah, Spicy; wit:William Curl, Ezekiah Rorie; written 2 Dec 1812, prob. Feb term 1814

197††††††††† petition by Robert Cooper, William Pearce and Abner Pearce to emancipate the slaves of Joseph Gray Sr.; Feb. term 1814

198††††††††† inventory of the estate of Smith Rumbley

200††††††††† settlement of the estate of Thomas Clinton by Elizabeth Clinton, administratrix; Aug. term 1814

202††††††††† inventory and sale of Duncan McRae by Elizabeth McRae, administratrix; sale held 1 Jul 1814, rec. 1 Aug 1814

204††††††††† indenture bond by Richard Faucet, William Lyons, William Dunbar, Tapley Maddux for Lucy Davidson and Sally Turner; 7 Feb 1814

205††††††††† indenture bond by Alsey Bradford for Rufus Cato, age 15; 2 Aug 1814

205††††††††† sale of the estate of Thomas Clinton by Elizabeth Clinton, administratrix;

206††††††††† administratorís bond by William Haggard Sr., Thomas Gray, Willis Whitford for Noel Haggard; 1 Aug 1814

207††††††††† administratorís bond by Nancy Rodgers, John Allen, William M. Cooley, administrators of Judiath Allen; Aug. term 1814

209††††††††† guardian bond by Johnathan May, Thomas Ross, Benjamin Edwards for Anna May and Jane May; Aug. term 1814

210††††††††† Henry Atkins, George Atkins, bastardy bond for Lucinda Wilbourn and child;3 Aug 1814

211††††††††† administratorís bond by John Gatson, Charles Purvis (?), Benjamin Bradford, administrators of Walter Brown; Aug. 1814

212††††††††† administratorís bond by Willis Whitford, William Green, Stephen Gardner, administrators of James Cane; 1 Aug 1814

213††††††††† administratorís bond by John Cane, Simon Fletcher, Martin Wells, administrators of Jesse Cane; 1 Aug 1814

214††††††††† administratorís bond by Nathan Boon, Nathan Skinner, Abel Olive, Silas Vinson, administrators of David Thorn; 1 Aug 1814

215††††††††† sheriffís bond by Thomas Buckingham, William M. Cooley, James Miller, John Chambers, Elijah Rushing, William James; 3 May 1815

216††††††††† sheriffís bond by James Mallory, Thomas Gray, William King, William Bailey; 5 Aug 1817

217††††††††† sheriffís bond by James Mallory, Thomas Gray, William Bailey; 5 Aug 1817

218††††††††† Thomas Weatherford trust deed to Charles Pistole for land on Dicks Fork of North Cross Creek; wit:John L. Ford, Cainan Pistole, Benjamin Spencer; 10 Feb 1814

220††††††††† sale of the estate of Jesse Wofford by John Wofford, administrator; Aug. term 1814

220††††††††† inventory and sale of the estate of Thomas Barfoot by Nathan Boon, administrator; sale 5 Jun 1814

221††††††††† inventory and sale of the estate of Shaderick Bird by Bryant Bird and Nancy Bird, administrators;

222††††††††† widowís provisions for widow and family of Shaderick Bird by commissioners William Pryor and Thomas Brigham; 18 Jun 1814

222††††††††† will of Judiath Allen:grandchildren Patsy Smart Rogers and Thomas Jefferson Rogers, dau. Nancy, dau. Milly, dau. Sally; executor is dau. Nancy; wit:Nancy Blanton, Emilia Allen, Lucy Blanton; written 4 Jun 1813

224††††††††† administratorís bond by John McMillen, James Tagert, John Chambers, administrators of Daniel McMillan; 1 Aug 1814

225††††††††† administratorís bond by Thomas Gray, Peter Kindle, Alsey Bradford, administrators of Edwin Stephens; 1 Aug 1814

227††††††††† indenture bond by Burwell Cato for Jordan Russell, mulatto boy aged 5 last December; 4 May 1814

228††††††††† account current in the estate of John Johnson by Henry Pugh, administrator; 4 May 1814

230††††††††† court orders James Patterson, Nathan Ross and Thomas French to settle with the administrator of the estate of John Johnson; May term 1814

230††††††††† will of Smith Rumbley:wife Sarah, sons Leven, William, Thomas, dau. Polly James; executors are Sarah Rumbley, William Rumbley, Emanuel James; wit:Nathan Peeples, William D. Jamison; written 22 Apr 1814

231††††††††† inventory and sale of the estate of Philip Rushing by Isaac Lanier, administrator; sale 19 Feb 1814; purchasers included widow Jemima Rushing, James Rushing, Abel Rushing, William Rushing, William Leggett, Isaac Lanier, Abraham Rushing

234††††††††† registerís bond by John Bailey, John Scarborough, Philip Hornberger, William Lasser; 3 May 1814

235††††††††† administratorís bond by Elizabeth McRae, James H. Russell, William M. Cooley, Henry Gibson, administrators of Duncan McRae; 2 May 1814

236††††††††† administratorís bond by William M. Cooley, John Allen, James H. Russell, Philip Hornberger, administrators of Joel Cooley; 3 May 1814

236††††††††† administratorís bond by Sarah Ross, Robert Cooper, Henry Gibson, administrators of William N. Ross; 2 May 1814

237††††††††† administratorís bond by Amelia Thornton, Ephraim B. Davidson, Thomas Buckingham, James Mallory, Robert Cooper, James H. Russell, administrators of Yancy Thornton; 5 May 1814

239††††††††† administratorís bond by James H. Russell, William M. Cooley, John Allen, administrators of John Perkins; 3 May 1814

240††††††††† administratorís bond by John Wofford, John Gardner, George Boyd, administrators of Jesse Wofford; 2 May 1814

242††††††††† administratorís bond by Nancy Bird, Bryant Bird, Charles Polk, James McCullough, administrators of Shaderick Bird; 2 May 1814

243††††††††† administratorís bond by Henry Cato, David Bradford, John Allen, administrators of Daniel Cato; 3 May 1814

245††††††††† administratorís bond by Nathan Boon, Isham Sills, Nathan Skinner, administrators of Thomas Barfoot; 2 May 1814

246††††††††† administratorís bond by Christopher Beaton, Philip Hornberger, Elijah Rushing, administrators of ???? Beaton; 3 May 1814