Stewart County Settlements and Bonds, 1806-1809

Tennessee State Library & Archives Roll 38, Part 2:  County Court Minutes, Vol. 1808;

WPA Tax Book Vol. 2, 1808-1812, 1936  (TSLA F 433.S7T39)


1-19     1808 tax list

20-21   blank

22        Jesse Denson, Nathaniel Denson, Joseph McCarthy, Joseph Gray Jr., John McCarthy, Martin Wells, sheriff’s bond; 26 Jul 1808

23        William Curl, collector of taxes for 1805, reports 132,081 acres of land, 174 white polls, 128 black polls, 8 stud horses; payments to Samuel A. Smith, Constable Thomas Allmond, William Haggard Jr., David Childress, Elijah Lancaster, Commissioner John Blair, Nathaniel A. McNairy

24        Commissioners Joshua Williams, Thomas French, William Pryor & David Hogan, and Clerk John Allen, certify that the center of the county is near Dover, and that the Seat of Justice for the county should continue to be at the Court House; 26 Jul 1808

25        George Petty, William Haggard, David Childress, tavern bond at his house in Dover; 8 Sep 1806

26        John Kimble, William Crouse, James Tagert, tavern bond at his house near Wells Creek; 8 Sep 1808

27        Dudley Williams, Rachel Rasco, guardian bond for William Rasco, Mary Rasco, John Rasco, minors and orphans; 8 Sep 1808

28        James Haggard, William Haggard, Henry Gibson, ferry bond across Cumberland River at the mouth of Dyers Creek; 10 Dec 1808

29        George Petty, Thomas Clinton, ranger’s bond; 9 Dec 1808

30        Richard Manley, Daniel Lewis, Jonathan May, cotton inspector’s bond; 10 Dec 1808

31        Robert Cooper, David Childress, Joseph Smith, cotton inspector’s bond; 2 Feb 1807

32        Philip Hornberger, Daniel Lewis, Henry Edwards, cotton inspector’s bond; 3 Dec 1806

33        William Cooley, Caleb Williams, William Haggard, trustee’s bond; 9 Dec 1806

34        Robert Cooper takes oath as cotton inspector; 25 Feb 1807

35        Jonathan May, Daniel Lewis, Samuel French, ferry bond across Cumberland River opposite the plantation where they live; 19 Jan 1807

36        will of Thomas Smith:  wife Sarah, 3 sons unnamed; mentions 50 acres with mill seat to be sold; executors are Briant Oneal, James Gatlin; wit:  R. Cooper, Jesse Denson; written 6 Dec 1806

38        John Allen, William Allen, William Pryor, cotton inspector’s bond; 9 Apr 1807

39        John Allen takes oath as cotton inspector; 9 Apr 1807

40        Robert Cooper, Yancey Thornton, John Landers, county court clerk’s bond; 21 Apr 1807

41        William Haggard, James Haggard, Caleb Williams, tavern bond at his house in Dover; 21 Apr 1807

42        Thomas Clinton, Chairman, binds Lydia Campbell, an orphan aged 8, to live with William Pearce until she reaches age 18; 20 Apr 1807

43        William Hornberger, Y. Thornton, Faulkner Elliott, constable bond; 22 Jul 1807

44        William Hornberger, Philip Hornberger, Joseph McCarty, tavern bond at his house on Wells Creek; 22 Jul 1807

45        Elijah Rushing, Philip Hornberger, William Hornberger, constable bond; 20 Oct 1807

46        Thomas Clinton, Chairman of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, appoints Archibald Cook guardian to orphan Nathan Ross (age 11); 19 Oct 1807

48        Philip Hornberger, Frederick Hyer, William Hornberger, administrator’s bond for Lewis Elliott; 20 Oct 1807

49        Aaron Fletcher, William Denson, Simon Fletcher, ______ bond; 20 Jan 1808

50        Edward Williams, Caleb Williams, Elijah Lancaster, constable bond; 20 Jan 1808

51        Jesse Denson, Martin Wells, Joseph McCarty, Nathaniel Denson, William Cooley, Drury Bird, William Lyons, William Curl, sheriff’s bond; 19 Jan 1808

52        Philip Lewis, Thomas Allmond, John Lowery, cotton inspector’s bond; 20 Jan 1808

53        John Scarborough, Nathaniel Denson, George Cathey, standard-keeper’s bond; 20 Jan 1808

54        David Bradford, Daniel Cato, John Reeves, ferry bond across Cumberland River at the mouth of Cross Creek; 20 Jan 1808

55        Joseph Gray, William Cooley, Aaron Fletcher, James Haggard, coroner’s bond; 19 Jan 1808

56        George Petty, Thomas Clinton, Thomas Boyt, tavern bond at his house in Dover; 20 Jan 1808

57        Philip Lewis, Lewis Brock, James Cook, tavern bond at his house on Wells Creek; 20 Jan 1808

58        Stephen Gilbert, Charles B. Wilcox, Daniel Lewis, Briant Oneal, administrator’s bond for Charles Watson; 18 Jan 1808

60        will of James Smith:  granddaughter Jane Smith, granddaughter Sinty Satterfield, daughter Mary Satterfield, son Joseph Smith, granddaughter Nancy Smith; executors are son Joseph Smith, Robert Cooper; test:  Travice Marable; written 20 Aug 1806

61        sale of the estate of Lewis Elliott on 10 Nov 1807; buyers were Benjamin Bradford, William Curl, Faulkner Elliott, Samuel A. Smith, Charles Wilcox, William Lyon, Joel Yarborough, William Haggard, William Hornberger, Peter Kendall, Philip Halls, John Hagler, Ely Elliott, John Atkins, Reuben Elliott, Mann Phillips, Philip Underwood, David Saunders, A. Bradford, Kizzy Turner, William Maberry, Daniel Cato, Thomas Turner

63        James Haggard, Nathan Denson, William Haggard, constable bond; 20 Apr 1808

64        Yancey Thornton, Joseph Gray, Henry Gibson, Ira Atkins, William Davison, Peter Kendall, collector’s bond; 27 Apr 1808

65        Yancey Thornton, John Allen, Henry Gibson, Ira Atkins, William McCarty, Peter Kendall, William Davidson, Samuel Thornton, sheriff’s bond; 26 Apr 1808

66        inventory and sale of the estate of Eli Watson by administrator Stephen Gilbert; July term 1808

69        inventory of the estate of James Smith

70        distribution by James Tagert, Walter Stewart, John Kizer & Henry Edwards of the Negroes of the estate of Gause Brinson:  girl Ginny to Mrs. Brinson, boy Sandy to Gause Brinson, boy Band Lewis to Benjamin Brinson, man Ned to Drury Brinson, man Amos to A. Brinson; Gause Brinson also to have 60 acres of the upper end of the mansion tract totaling 228 acres; 27 Apr 1808

71        sale of the estate of James Smith:  buyers include Richard Lewis, Matthew Manners, Adam McGee, James Warnock, Anderson Andrews, James Rawls, Seth Outlaw, James Scarborough, Travis Moore, Joshua Williams, Hyram Warnock, Thomas Ward, John Smith, John Landers, Drury Bird, John Bird, William Cooley, Robert Cooper, Larry Satterfield, William Outlaw, William Jackson, Harry White, Joseph Smith

73        Frederick Weston, John McCarty, Martin Wells, constable bond; 27 Jul 1808

74        Gause Brinson, Martin Wells, guardian bond for orphan boy Drury Brinson, age 16; 25 Jul 1808

75        Robert Nelson, bond to convey to Robert Cooper Dover town lots #81 & #82, plus a tract of land adjoining the 2 lots and the river; wit:  James D. Davis; written 25 Oct 1806, recorded 1 Feb 1809

76        will of James Ritchie:  heirs are unnamed children and Sarah Williams, who gets his house & lot in Dover, plus his land on Tennessee River; executor is Thomas Clinton; test:  James H. Russell; written 4 Sep 1808, proven Oct. 1808

77        division of Negroes of the estate of Gause Brinson, by commissioners Thomas Clinton & William Curl, to Mrs. Brinson, Gause Brinson, Benjamin Brinson, Drury Brinson, Arrisa Brinson; mentions estate sale that took place on 4 July 1805, and interest due estate from 4 Apr 1806 to 31 Dec 1807

78-79   missing

80        settlement by Thomas Clinton & William Curl with Duncan Stewart, administrator of Gause Brinson; mentions estate sale 4 July 1805; 26 Oct 1808

81        William Haggard, William M. Cooley, William Pryor, tavern bond for Haggard’s house in Dover; 26 Oct 1808

82        will of Elijah Lancaster:  wife Faithey Lancaster, son Aaron Lancaster, son Ephraim Lancaster; executors are Jesse Denson, William Cooley; wit:  Nathaniel Denson, Noah Sinclair; written 9 Sep 1808

83        Peter & Mary Buchanan, Nathaniel Denson, Philip Hornberger, guardian bond for Arrisa Brinson ; 26 Oct 1808

84        William Cooley, William Pryor, Yancey Thornton, county Trustee’s bond; 25 Jan 1809

85        Thomas Clinton, County Court Chairman, apprentices Jeremiah Smith, age 16, to John Williams; 27 Jan 1809

86        David H. Burton, Philip Hornberger, Frederick Weston, constable bond; 27 Jan 1809

87        Thomas Clinton, Philip Hornberger, Yancey Thornton, county register’s bond; 25 Jan 1809

88        John Allen, William Outlaw, William M. Cooley, ferry bond for a ferry across Cumberland River opposite Dover; 25 Jan 1809

89        Hugh F. Bell, Philip Hornberger, Jacob McCarty, ferry bond on the south side of Cumberland River opposite Dover; Bell represents the heirs of Robert Nelson; 25 Jan 1809

90        Joseph Smith, Briant Oneal, Adam McGee, guardian bond for Jenny Smith; 27 Jan 1809

91        Joseph Taylor, James H. Russell, Adam McGee, county ranger’s bond; 26 Jan 1809

92        John Williams, James Haggard, Caleb Williams, guardian bond for Polley Smith, age 17; 27 Jan 1809

93        Feribee Collier, John Tomlinson, William Tomlinson, administrator’s bond for Arthur Collier; 26 Jan 1809

94        Thomas Clinton, County Court Chairman, apprentices Solomon Smith, age 20, to James Gatlin; 27 Jan 1809

96        Bryant Oneal, Nathaniel Denson, guardian bond for Jeremiah Smith; 26 Jan 1809

97        William Outlaw, John Allen, William M. Cooley, administrator’s bond for William Allen; 25 Jan 1809

98        inventory of the estate of William Allen, including 18 Negroes (unnamed), 9 horses, livestock, household furnishings

100-03 missing

104      sale of the estate of William Allen by administrators John Allen & William Outlaw; buyers included Harry Gibson, Larry Satterfield; April term 1809

104      valuation of the Negroes of the estate of William Allen; Negroes were Winney, Claiborne, Esther, Phillis, Violet, Rachel, Lucy, David, Frank, Amy, Brice, Ben, Sam, Bob, Fanny, Arnold, Old Aggy, Old Annica; 13 Feb 1809

104      division of the Negroes of the estate of William Allen to Mrs. Allen, John Allen (for Mrs. Rodgers), Betsey Allen, William Allen, Mrs. Outlaw, John Allen, Sally Allen; returned to April Court 1809

105      inventory of the estate of Arthur Collier by the administrator, returned to April Court 1809

106-09 missing

110      James Tagert, Tapley Maddux, John McCarthy, guardian bond for Drury Brinson; 24 Apr 1809

111      Mary Ritchie, Thomas Clinton, William M. Cooley, Briant Oneal, Joshua Williams Sr., administrator’s bond for James Ritchie; 28 Apr 1809

113      William King, William M. Cooley, William Haggard, tavern bond at King’s house in Dover; 24 Apr 1809

114      Commissioners Thomas Clinton & James Tagert divide the lands of Thomas Smith to his 3 sons Solomon Smith, John Smith & Jeremiah Smith; each son is to receive 116 2/3 acres; 26 Apr 1809

115-55             1809 tax list

156      Abner Pearce, Asa Atkins, Aaron Fletcher, William King, Isaac Brunson, sheriff’s bond; 6 Feb 1810

157-58 missing

159      Robert Nelson (Montgomery Co.), bond for warranty deed to Jesse Denson for town lots #112 & #113 in Dover; 8 Dec 1808

160      Robert Nelson, bond for warranty deed to James Ritchie for town lot #79 in Dover; 27 Jul 1808, proven Feb. 1810 term

160      Robert Nelson, bond for warranty deed to William Outlaw for town lots #95 & #78 in Dover; 27 Jul 1808, proven Feb. 1810 term

161      Robert Nelson, bond for warranty deed to John Scarborough for town lots #73 & #74 in Dover; 9 May 1807, proven Feb. 1810 term

161      Robert Nelson, bond for warranty deed to John Scarborough for town lot #80 in Dover; 7 May 1808, proven Feb. 1810 term

162      Robert Nelson, bond for warranty deed to William Outlaw for 1 acre between the spring and Dover, including the old school house; 17 Mar 1807, proven Feb. 1810 term

163      Robert Nelson, bond for warranty deed to Joseph Taylor for town lot #97 in Dover, adj. where Taylor lives; 27 Jul 1808, proven Feb. 1810 term

163      Robert Nelson, bond for warranty deed to Joseph Taylor for town lot #96 in Dover, where Taylor lives; 27 Jul 1808, proven Feb. 1810 term

165      tax exemptions for 1809

166-206                       1810 tax list

207-08 missing

209      John Allen, James Tagert, William Outlaw, Henry Gibson, sheriff’s bond; 10 May 1810

210-15 missing

216-61             1811 tax list

262      Robert Nelson, warranty deed to Peter Kendall for land whereon Kendall lives at the mouth of North Cross Creek, purchased by Nelson for taxes; 6 Oct 1807, proven Nov. 1810 term

262      Robert Nelson, bond for warranty deed to John Brown for 640 acres purchased at the sale of Wykoff’s land on 5 Dec 1806, to include Clark’s interest in the land; 19 Feb 1807, proven Feb. 1811 term

264      list of taxable property returned to the court for 1811

266      summary of 1811 taxes:  167,025 acres, 367 white polls, 78 town lots, 331 black polls

267      list of exonerations and insolvents for 1811 taxes

269      John Allen, D. McRae, Philip Hornberger, James Tagert, Henry Gibson, Peter Kendall, sheriff’s bond; 5 May 1812

270      Robert Nelson, obligation to Thomas Clinton for 20 acres adj. William Outlaw, including the town of Dover; 22 Oct 1807, proven Feb. term 1810

271-88 County Court appearance docket for 1808-1813