Stewart County Settlements and Bonds, 1804-1807

WPA Project 65-44-1497:  Stewart County Court Minute Docket 1804-1807, compiled in 1936

(Tennessee State Library & Archives book, F 443.S7M57)


(pages 1-129 are 1804-1807 County Court Minutes and Appearance Docket)


131      Samuel A. Smith, Joseph Smith, collector’s bond; 13 Mar 1804

131      Samuel A. Smith, John Shelby, Richard Manly, James Smith, William Pryor, Robert Nelson, County Court Clerk’s bond; 13 Mar 1804

132      William Curl, John Shelby, William Pryor, Joseph Smith, Sheriff’s bond; 13 Mar 1804

132      William Curl, William Pryor, James Moore, Robert Nelson, Duncan Stewart, Sheriff’s bond; 13 Mar 1804

133      George Petty, Robert Nelson, Joseph Smith, Samuel Thornton, Register’s bond; 13 Mar 1804

133      Benjamin Downs, James Smith, John Shelby, Ranger’s bond; 13 Mar 1804

134      James Smith, Robert Nelson, James Moore, Benjamin Downs, Nathaniel Denson, Trustee’s bond; 13 Mar 1804

134      Will of William Massey (Montgomery County):  wife Elizabeth Massey, eldest son John Massey (under age 21), son William Massey, son Thomas Massey, son Henry Massey; mentions money due him from South Carolina; executor are wife Elizabeth Massey, Daniel Peoples, son Henry Massey; test:  Philip Hornberger, Nathaniel Denson; written 6 Oct 1804

135      Richard Martin, Mason Bennett, prenuptial bond between Richard Martin & Nancy Massingill; 20 Mar 1804

136      James Massingill, Caleb Williams, prenuptial bond between James Massingill & Polly Adams; 27 Mar 1804

136      William Johnson (Robertson Co.) to William Haggard, Negro woman Nance (age 30) and child Ned (age 2 ½ years); test:  James Haggard, H. Johnson; 28 Dec 1803

136      Elijah Lancaster, Sterling May, William Pryor, constable bond; 13 Mar 1804

137      James Cook, William Hornberger, prenuptial bond between James Cook & Peggy Hornberger; April 1804

137      Reuben Elliott, William Hornberger, James Cook, prenuptial bond between Reuben Elliott & Tannie Yarborough; 24 Jul 1804

137      will of Joseph Smith:  wife Duren? gets everything; test:  James Smith, Zachariah O’Neal, Arter O’Neal; 1 Sept 1804

138      Mallichiah Lewis, Thomas Allmond, James May, Jesse Rogers, prenuptial bond between Mallichiah Lewis & Sally Martin; 31 Oct 1804

138      William Hornberger, Jesse Rogers, prenuptial bond between William Hornberger & Polly Yarborough; 12 Nov 1804

139      Mason Bennett, William R. Bell, ferry bond across Cumberland River at his house; 11 Sep 1804

139      Mason Bennett, William R. Bell, tavern bond to sell liquor at his house; 11 Sep 1804

140      Thomas Allmond, Walter Stewart, John Graham, constable bond; 10 Dec 1804

140      George Petty, Thomas Smith, John Graham, ferry bond across Cumberland River at his house; 11 Dec 1804

141      George Petty, David Childress, Wiliam Haggard, tavern bond at his house; 11 Dec 1804

141      Charles B. Wilcox, Thomas Smith, Caleb Williams, Coroner’s bond; 11 Dec 1804

142      will of Peter Phillips:  wife Mary Phillips, daughters Elizabeth Phillips, Catherine Phillips, Margaret Phillips get 5 shillings each; sons Peter Phillips &Jacob Phillips to split the estate; executor is son Peter; wit:  James Fentress, Absolam Fentress; written 10 Aug 1804

143      Warren Faulkner, James Smith, John P. Rushing, prenuptial bond between Warren Faulkner & Rachel Brannon; 18 Jan 1804

143      James Craig, Thomas Craig, James Poyner, prenuptial bond between James Craig & Susanna Cottingham; 18 Dec 1804

143      Thomas Childress, Joshua Williams, prenuptial bond between Thomas Childress & Milberry O’Neal; 20 Apr 1805

144      Joel Boyd, Daniel Lewis, prenuptial bond between Joel Boyd & Polly May; 5 Apr 1805

144      David Scarborough, Nimrod Crosswell, prenuptial bond between David Scarborough & Anny Truelone; 5 May 1805

144      James Sanders, William Hornberger, Samuel Yarborough, prenuptial bond between James Sanders & Polly Hornberger; 3 May 1805

144      Court orders Clerk to list lands on which 1804 taxes have been unpaid, so that the Sheriff can advertise those lands for sale; March term 1805

145      William Curl, Sheriff, reports unpaid 1804 taxes on the following tracts, to be exposed to sale:

Amos Bird, by Duff Chadwell, agent:  220 acres on Saline Creek, part of John Harris’ 640-acre grant

Roger B. & Thomas Sappington:  96.75 acres on Hickman Creek, part of B. Shepherd’s 269.5-acre tract, and part of a 121.25-acre tract formerly belonging to James Sills on Saline Creek

John G. Blount, by agent D. Stewart:  1500 acres on Wells Creek, part of 2560 acres granted to F. Margets; also 274 acres at the mouth of Elk Creek, the third creek below Cross Creek

William Cook by agent Thomas Mitchell:  2560 acres on Wells creek

Samuel Crockett:  640 acres on S. side of Cumberland River

George M. Deaderick:  1000 acres on Guices Creek & 1000 acres on Saline Creek

Robert Fenner by agent William Christmas:  640 acres on B? Creek, & 640 acres on Dyers Creek

Edward Hart by agent Lewis Beyace:  640 acres

Samuel Marsh by agent John Overton:  1000 acres on Saline Creek, granted to B. Shepherd

John Overton:  491 acres at the mouth of Elk Creek & 100 acres on South Cross Creek

146                  Phillip Parchment:  359 acres on Barrett’s Creek, part of E. Carns’ grant

William Richards, by agent Bennet Searcy:  1000 acres on south side of Cumberland River, formerly bel. To Armstrong, deceased

Hayden Wells:  400 acres on north side of Cumberland River

Daniel Wheaton:  1097 acres on south fork B. Creek & 460 acres on the east fork

W. P. Anderson:  640 acres on Wells Creek, granted to R. Armstrong, and 274 acres on Lick Creek, adj. McNeese

William R. Bell:  374 acres on Wells Creek, granted to John Boyd

John Reed, by agent William P. Anderson:  365 acres on Wells Creek

John Sample:  640 acres on Callender’s Creek & 640 acres on Elk Creek

James Watt, by agent Joseph Nevil:  640 acres near Bullpasture Creek

Robert Nelson:  1000 acres on Cumberland River, 780 acres 5-6 miles below Dyers Island, 400 acres in 3 tracts on Cumberland River, where George Petty lives, 950 acres below Saline Creek

146      Ephraim Gatlin, Elijah Lancaster, William Curl, prenuptial bond between Ephraim Gatlin & Elizabeth Bruton; 11 Jun 1805

146      Court exonerates William Cooley from payment of county service

147      Mary Brinson, Duncan Stewart, Jacob McCarty, John Graham, administrator’s bond for the estate of Gause Brinson; 10 Jun 1805

148      inventory of the estate of Gause Brinson, including Negro man Amos (23), man Ned (25), woman Jennie (20), boy Sandy (3), boy Rolin (15 months); widow asks that the perishables on hand and the current crop not be sold, so as to keep the family together

149      Court report of 1804 taxes; 113,670 acres @ 12.5 cents, 126 white polls, 73 black polls, 7 stud horses, 1 fine against C. W. Herrinton; services paid to Sheriff and to Aaron Fletcher Jr.; payment to James Elder for running the county line; payment to Henry Small and Robert Cooper to fix the seat of justice; 11 June 1805

150      inventory of the estate of Peter Phillips Sr. returned by executor Peter Phillips Jr.; June term 1805

150      Samuel A. Smith, William Allen, Caleb Wiliams, Sterling May, Thomas Smith, Benjamin Downs, County Court Clerks’ bond; 9 Sep 1805

151      George Cathey, William McGee, prenuptial bond for George Cathey & Eleanor Armstrong; 1 Aug 1805

151      John Potts, John Poke, prenuptial bond for John Potts & Jennie Poke; 13 Sep 1805

151      William Craig, James Poyner, prenuptial bond for William Craig & Jain McCannon; 1 Oct 1805

152      Isaac Williams, Bayliss Williams, John Williams, prenuptial bond for Isaac Williams & Sally Smith; 9 Sep 1805

152      Bryant O’Neal, Zachariah O’Neal, Thomas Smith, prenuptial bond for Bryant O’Neal & Elizabeth McGee; 9 Sep 1805

152      Robert Cooper, Thomas French, Yancey Thornton, Collector’s bond; 11 Jun 1805

153      Samuel A. Smith, William Allen, clerk’s bond as collector of public monies; 9 Sep 1805

153      William Curl, Caleb Williams, William Haggard, Thomas Smith, Sheriff’s bond; 9 Sep 1805

154      sale of the estate of Gause Brinson on 4 Jul 1805, totaling $811.97

155      Lewis Elliott, C. B. Wilcox, William Crouse, ferry bond at Frazier’s old ferry on Cumberland River; 10 Dec 1805

156      Edward Williams, David Hogan, Milton Ward, constable bond; 10 Dec 1805

157      William Curl, Joseph Gray, Thomas Clinton, Caleb Williams, Sheriff’s bond; 11 Mar 1806

158      Robert Cooper, Thomas Clinton, James Tagert, Martin Wells, Thomas Smith, County Court Clerk’s bond; 11 Mar 1806

158      Robert Cooper, Thomas Clinton, James Tagert, clerk’s bond for the collection of public monies; 11 Mar 1806

159      William Curl, Joseph Gray, Caleb Williams, Sheriff’s bond for the collection of taxes; 11 Mar 1806

160      Elijah Lancaster, Thomas Smith, James Smith, administrator’s bond in the estate of Robert Lancaster; 11 Mar 1806

160      inventory of the estate of Robert Lancaster; 11 Mar 1806

161      Ebenezer Pyatt, Wiliam Allen, constable bond; 10 Mar 1806

161      Wiley Wheatly, George Petty, Nathaniel Denson, constable bond; 10 Mar 1806

162      Rachel Rasco, William Allen, Dudley Williams, administrator’s bond in the estate of William Rasco; 19 Jun 1806

164-189                       1806 tax list

192      sale of the estate of Robert Lancaster on 4 Apr 1806 by administrator Elijah Lancaster; buyers were Abigail Lancaster, John Durrett, John Sanders, Reuben Curl, James Cain, Benjamin Edwards, Jeremiah Norrod, John Williams, William Breem, C. B. Wilcox, Isaac Williams, James Scarborough, Simon Fletcher

193      inventory of the estate of Capt. William Rasco by administratrix Rachel Rasco; included 512 acres of land, 7 Negroes & a certificate for 2 tracts of land in Kentucky; 25 Mar 1806, given to June term 1806

194      sale of the estate of William Rasco; buyers included John Jones, George Bruton, Silas Vinson, James Gatlin, Jesse Rasco, William Pryor, Dudley Williams, John Hodge, Rachel Rasco, William Rasco, Theophilus Skinner, Aaron Fletcher, Jesse Faust, Simon Fletcher, Joseph Nevil, Jesse Fort, John Brown, Joseph Gray, William Bogard, Thomas Smith, Saben Smith, Enos Smith, Ezekiel Cox, Samuel Luton, Jordan Champion, Adend Bales, John Acree, James Jeffries, George Wilson

197      continuation of 1807 tax list, Capt. John Allen’s company (see also County Court Minutes 1804-1807, p. 103)

198-208                       partial 1807 tax list

208      Petition by Jesse Rasco, Jesse Fort in right of his wife Freline Fort, Laban Rasco, Dudley Williams in right of his wife Elizabeth, and minors William Rasco, Polly Rasco & John Rasco by their guardian Rachel Rasco, heirs of William Rasco, to divide the estate; William Rasco died 21 May 1806, possessed of 512 acres on the south side of Cumberland River, purchased of John Carr of Robertson County, which was part of a 2500-acre grant to James Tatum

209      Jurors Cornelius Anderson, William Hubbard, James Gatlin, J. B. Neville, John Acree divide the Negroes of the estate of William Rasco:  man Ben to Mrs. Rachel Rasco, man Lisha to Jesse Rasco, boy Willis to Jesse Fort, girl Jude to Dudley Williams, woman Rachel to Laban Rasco, woman Kiza to Polly Rasco, boy Demsey to John Rasco; April term 1807

209      settlement with Elijah Lancaster, administrator of Robert Lancaster; April term 1807

210      inventory of the estate of Thomas Smith, including 50 acres of land, by administrators Bryant O’Neal & James Gatlin; April term 1807

210      sale of the estate of Thomas Smith; buyers included John Andrews, William Merryman, Sarah Smith, Anderson Andrews, John Smith, William Outlaw, Philip Hornberger, William Pryor, Benjamin Childress, David Childress, John Williams, Robert Cooper, Archibald Young; April term 1807

211      Asa Atkins, David Hogan, commissioner’s bond to settle with the Collector and Trustee; 21 Jul 1807

212-242                       Appearance Dockets, September 1804 – October 1807