Revolutionary Soldiers of the Sequatchie Valley

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Sequatchie Valley was the territory of Marion County and Hamilton County, Tennessee. In 1857 by an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, Sequatchie County was formed, taking parts of the County from Marion, Hamilton, and Bledsoe Counties. This list of the Revolutionary Soldiers have been found living in the Sequatchie Valley of Tennessee. When this area was first explored by Daniel Smith and Gilbert Imley(A territory of N.C. and Indian Lands), they made a rough map which shows the Sequatchie River as “Crow Creek,” this map was published in 1792.

The Soldiers listed here are Soldiers of the Sequatchie Valley only, other Revolutionary Soldiers that are not mentioned on my list can be found in other history books or your local library.

Dan Alexander:  Dan Alexander was born February 15, 1764, Macklenburg County, North Carolina, died October 1, 1839, Lewis County, TN. While living in Marion County, TN, he applied for his pension on April 9, 1833. He served under Capt. Peter Burns, Col. Wade Hampton and Gen. Sumpter. Dan Alexander married August 14, 1800, to Sarah ?–?, she was born about 1766, Ceil County, Maryland. There are two known children: (1). Madison; and (2). Levi.

Dan Alexander: Dan Alexander was born about 1753, Macklenburg County, North Carolina. He served as a Private, North Carolina Line and his pension was started in Marion Co., TN, on October 18, 1833. He was the son of William Alexander and Rebecca Brown, Bledsoe County, Tennessee.

Samuel Billingsly: Capt. Samuel Billingsly served in the Revolutionary War but I have not been able to find any pention records for him in Marion or Bledsoe Counties. He is found living in the Sequatchie Valley in 1810. Samuel Billingsly was born about 1745 and died in Bledsoe County, TN, in 1816. He married Mary ?–?, she was born in 1753 and died in 1838. One of their known children was John Billingsly who married on September 13, 1831, Bledsoe County, TN, to Jane Hoodenpyle. She was the daughter of Philip and Jane Ronceville Hoodenpyle. According to Bledsoe County Deeds, the Hoodenpyles lived on Signal Mountain, Marion and Hamilton Counties, TN, known as the “Horseshoe”. This area is now in Sequatchie County, TN.

Thomas Brannon: Enlisted into Captain Anthony Sharp’s Company , Nineth North Carolina Regiment, in the year 1777, he applied and drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, August 25,1818. Thomas Brannon was over 100 years old when he died, March 22, 1818, in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.

Stephen Brown: Was born 1756 in Cumberlain County, Virginia. He drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832, he applied for his Revolutionary Pension in February 1832. Was living in Buckingham County, Virginia, when he enlisted in the Virginia Troops under Captain Redd. Moved to Bledsoe County, Tennessee, about 30 years after the War.

Elisha Burke: Elisha Burke was born in 1755, Virginia or North Carolina. I have found both States used as his birth place. He enlisted in Macklenburg County, North Carolina, under Capt. Moore and Col. Little and was drawing a pension in Marion County, TN, 1818. There is also an application on file dated 1825, Marion Co., TN. There are two known children: (1). Alfred, born about 1809; and (2). Keziah, born about 1812. Elisha Burke married for a second time on May 21, 1835, when he was 80 years old. History books state that she killed and was sent to prison for the murder. Her name is not mentioned.

John Curtis: Drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, he applied November of 1832. He was born about 1760, Sussex County, Virginia and was living in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, when he enlisted in the Virginia Troops. On October 10, 1793, he married Dolly Honeycut, children unknown. John Curtis died August 7, 1844 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.

John Dalton: He was born October 3, 1758, Albemarle County, Virginia. Moved to Bledsoe County, Tennessee about 1817 and in February of 1833, applied for his Pension. John Dalton enlisted 1778, Albemarle County, Virginia, under Captain William Sims, Lieut. William Flint and Ensign William Dowell. He died in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.

Andrew Davis: Served in the South Carolina Troops and North Carolina Troops under Captain Samuel Martin. He was born on December 21, 1750, in Waxhaw Settlement of South Carolina, moved to Iredell County, North Carolina during the Revolutionary War, then to Rutherford County, Tennessee, to Warren County, Tennessee, then to Bledsoe County, Tennessee, where he filed for his pension. Andrew Davis then moved to Benton County, Alabama, where he died.

James Davis: James Davis was born in Fauquir County, Virginia and applied for a pension in 1825, Marion County, TN and then again in Hamilton County, TN on August 28, 1832. He enlisted in Wilkes County, North Carolina and after the war he moved to Tennessee, then on to Jackson County, Alabama, next he moved into Marion County, TN, and Hamilton County, TN. James and Mary Davis were married in 1782 and are buried somewhere in Sequatchie Valley, once Hamilton County and is now Sequatchie County, TN.

Robert Davis: Robert Davis was born in 1750, and died in Marion County, July 8, 1835. He enlisted with the North Carolina Troops in 1781, drawing his pention in Marion County, TN, in 1835. Robert Davis married Lucinda Malone on November 25, 1808, Guilford County, North Carolina.

John Doss: John Doss was born in 1740 and enlisted in the Virginia Troops on March 17, 1777 and was discharched in 1779. He applied for his pension, Marion County, TN, 1818 and again in October, 1826. His known children are: (1). Moses; (2). Aaron; (3). Biddie; (4). Dide; and (5). Hannah.

William Everett: William Everett was born May 24, 1763, Richmond County, Virginia, and died about 1838, Marion County, TN. He drew a pension in Marion County, Tennessee November, 1838.

John Ford, Sr.:Drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832 & 1840. He was born November 13, 1764 in Albemarle County, Virginia, enlisted in Fluvanna County, Virginia, under Captain Thomas’ Company. John Ford married April 12, 1785, Fluvanna County, Virginia, to Elizabeth England, to this union were born 6 children: Jane, born 1786; Sarah, born 1789; John, Jr., born 1796; Nancy, born 1798; Mary, born 1803; and Reuben, born 1806. . The Ford family moved to the Sequatchie Valley around 1817, John Ford, Sr. died in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, August 5, 1844, Bledsoe County, Tennesee and Elizabeth England died in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, September 30, 1845.

 John Hale: He was born about 1754 in Bedford County, Virginia, drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832 & 1840, enlisted under Captain Harry Bluford’s Company, 1776 in Bedford County, Virginia. John Hale moved to the Sequatchie Valley, Bledsoe County, about 1813.

Ennis Hooper: Ennis Hooper was born in 1750 and enlisted in 1777, Gulford County, North Carolina. He drew a pension in Marion County, TN until his death, February 4, 1833.

Francis Hughes: Francis Hughs/Hughes was born in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, 1759, married Rebecca Allen. While living in Burke County, North Carolina he enlisted in the Third North Carolina Regiment in June 1776 and drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1840. He died, January 25, 1841, Bledsoe Co., TN. It is said that he is buried in the Hughs Cemetery, Bledsoe County, TN, but I have not found any proof/documentation of this, if he was buried in this cemetery, the grave is no longer marked. Francis and Rebecca Allen Hughs had seven known children:

(1). Clarissa Hughs, who married John Lovelady; (2). Ingabo Hughs, born September 6, 1775, died June 6, 1859, married on September 8, 1789, William Hixson, born about 1770, and died August 4, 1827; (3). John Hughs, Sr., died on March 15, 1871, married Jane Skiles, born about 1780 and died in 1869; (4).Margaret Hughs; (5). Rebecca Hughs, married February 3, 1796, to Timothy Stringfield, born 1775; (6). Francis Hughs, Jr., died in Bledsoe County, TN; (7). Mary Hughs, married William Colewell (Caldwell?).

Francis Hughs, Sr., born about 1759, married a second time on July 8, 1802, to Elizabeth Long, they had (a). Mary Ann Hughs, born about 1805, she married Alexander Thornton Miller.

James Jones: James Jones was born in 1755 and enlisted in 1776, he drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835.

John Jones: John Jones was born about 1749, Brunswick County, Virginia and enlisted in Burke County, North Carolina, under Capt. Whiteside. He drew a pension in Marion County, TN, 1835. He died November 23, 1839. John Jones married in March 1790 to Mary Jones, she died after 1851, Marion Co., TN. John and Mary Jones had seven known children: (1). Thomas, born September 17, 1790; (2). Milberry, born June 24, 1792; (3). Benjamin, born May 20, 1794; (4). ?–? , born May 28, 1796; (5). Sally, born May 10, 1798; (6). William, born February 12, 1810; and (7). Betsy, born November 25, 1812.

George Kirklin: George Kirklin or Kirkland as sometimes called, is found living in Bledsoe County, on Indian Lands, in a Circular by Col. Return J. Meigs, Indian Agent, dated December 19, 1803. I have not been able to find any pention records in Bledsoe or Marion Counties but did find mention that he had fought in the Revolutionary War. He was born in North Carolina, about 1765, and died in Bledsoe County, TN, May 27, 1833. George Kirklin married about 1790 to Rachel DeLaShumate, she was born about 1765 and died in Bledsoe County, TN. There are eleven known children: (1). Jane, born April 8, 1791; (2). Elisha, born May 27, 1792, died January 17, 1864, married Susan Hixson, born October 19, 1802, died December 17, 1885, they are both buried in the Kirkland Cemetery, Hamilton County, TN.; (3). Kizziah, born June 17, 1794; (4). Sally, born about 1796; (5). Allen, born July 30, 1798, died August 6, 1852, married Louisa Maxwell Anderson, born September 8, 1806. ; (6). Pasiah, born about 1801; (7). Samuel, born December 5, 1804; (8). Louanza, born about 1806; (9). Matilda, born October 22, 1808, married ?–? Shokley.; (10). J. Richard, born about 1810; and (11). John, born March 7, 1812.

John Malaby: Drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832

Robert Martin: Drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835 and had his War Pension moved to Hamilton County, Tennessee. Served as Lieut. Under Col. John Fryer and Gen. Rutherford. Lieut. Robert Martin was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, April 10, 1755, died in Hamilton County, Tennessee, 1844.

Joseph McCormick: Drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835

Andrew McDonough: Was born November 30, 1759, Beaufort County, North Carolina, enlisted 1771 in the North Carolina Troops. Drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832 & 1840.

William Metcalf: Drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835.

James Morgan: Drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1840, he applied for a Pension Transfer to Coffee County, Tennessee, he enlisted in the North Carolina Troops under Captain William Polk. James Morgan married Naomi -?- in 1806, Wayne County, Kentucky, he died October 12, 1851, Tippah County, Mississippi.

John Narramore: Enlisted in place of his father, Edward Narramore, January 1779. Kershaw District, South Carolina. He was born January 22, 1762 Kershaw District, South Carolina and died about 1853, Crossville, Tennessee. Moved to Bledsoe County around 1808 and drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832 & 1840.

Young Paugh: Applied for War Pension December of 1833 and drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835. He enlisted in the Virginia Troops while living in Charlotte County, Virginia. Young Paugh was born January 1, 1754, in Campbell County, Virginia.

Chatten D. Pollard: Applied for War Pension January of 1833, in Franklin County, Virginia he then had it transferred and drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1840. He died in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, October 3, 1843.

Matthew Pryer, Sr.:Matthew Pryer was born March 15, 1759, Granville County, North Carolina and served with the North Carolina Troops. He drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835.

John Rains: Drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832 and his widow, Letitia Rains, drew his War Pension in Marion Co., TN, 1840.

Lovett Reed: In Feb. 1833 he applied for Revolutionary Pension while living in Bledsoe Co., TN. He was born in North Carolina, October 14, 1754. Was married June 1779 to Libby Reed. He moved to Bledsoe Co., TN in 1818. Children; George Reed born March 16, 1781, Unknown name born June 13, 1784, James born 1787, Peggy born 1789, Henry born 1792, Polly born 1795, and Libby born 1795. Lovett Reed died Nov. 1834, Bledsoe Co., TN.

Jeremiah Rogers: Jeremiah Rogers was born about 1765 probably in Culpeper Co, VA. It appears that he was the son of Benjamin (the Immigrant) Rogers who arrived in VA in 1734 from England. Jeremiah, like his brothers, served in the Revolution, but unlike them, he served in a Virginia line regiment. In 1780, he enlisted in a regiment being formed by Col Joseph Crockett to fight the Indians and British. He later served under General George Rogers Clark in what is now Kentucky. By 1830 he was in Marion Co. and in 1832 he applied there for a Revolutionary War pension.

Additional information can be found at our Sequatchie County Family Histories and Biographies Page

William Rogers: William Rogers was born March 1740, Bedford County, Virginia and died about 1835, Hamilton County (now Sequatchie County). He enlisted in Bedford County, Virginia under Capt. John Erwin and Col. Callaway. After the Revolutionary War he moved to the Chapel Hill area now in Sequatchie County, where he applied for a war pension November 27, 1832.

William Rogers: William Rogers was born October 14, 1763 in Halifax Co., VA, (Actuall Revolutionary War Services unknown).

William Rogers: Burial in Hixson Cemetery, Bledsoe Co., TN – Information Unknown

Laton Smith: Laton or Leighton Smith was born in 1754 (some records state he was born in 1756), Kent County, Maryland. He served in the Revolutionary War while he was a resident of Washington County, Virginia. He enlisted in 1775 and served under Capt. William Cocke, Capt. John Lewis, and Capt. James Montgomery, drewing a pension in Bledsoe County, TN, in 1832 and when the County Lines were moved, he drew his pension from Marion County, TN, until his death, December 12, 1840, Marion County, TN, burial is in the Hixson/Roberson Cemetery, Bledsoe County, TN. Leighton Smith married in Marion County, TN, about 1792, to Elizabeth Roberson, born about 1767, Bedford County, Virginia, died September of 1840, Marion County, TN, and is buried in the Hixson/Roberson Cemetery, Bledsoe County, TN. Leighton and Elizabeth Roberson Smith’s known children are: (1). Phoebe, born July 12, 1793, died October 30, 1830, she married October 1810 to Dauswell Rogers, born June 29, 1789, died September 9, 1866; (2). Moses, born 1795, died January 9, 1840, married Sarah ?–?, born 1800; (3). William, born 1797, died January 9, 1840; (4). Martha, born May 3, 1798, died July 15, 1885, married in Bledsoe County, 1814, to Emanuel C. Rogers, born April 8, 1794, died September 18, 1851; (5). Aaron, born October 7, 1800, died April 21, 1890, married first to Mary Rogers, born about 1805, died about 1823, and second to Mary Pauline Brown, born about 1800; (6). Elizabeth, born 1803, married John Stepp, born 1801.

Ransom Smith: Ransom Smith was born April 11, 1761, Hanover County, Virginia, and died August 12, 1855, Marion County, TN, there is a monument in memory of him in Teague Cemetery, Marion County, TN, and family states he was buried on his plantation in Sequatchie County. His grave has not been found yet. He served in the Revolutionary War with the North Carolina Militia, three months under Capt. Howell Lewis, ?–? Barlett Seabry, and Col. Saunders; three months under Capt. Joseph Blackwell, ?–? Henderson, and Col. Malbury A. Frenchman; and three months under Capt. Joseph Blackwell and Col. Joseph Taylor. On October 12, 1832, Ransom Smith was allowed his pension in Marion County, TN. He married on August 26, 1783, in Granville Co., North Carolina, to Elizabeth “Betsy” Moss, born November 1763, Grandville, N.C., died after 1850, Sequatchie Co., TN. Ransom and Elizabeth Moss Smith’s known children are: (1). Sarah, (2). Robert Anderson, born 1784; (3). Thomas, born February 3, 1788, died October 5, 1876, married Catherine ?–?, born June 8, 1785, died August 31, 1857; (4). Benjamin, born November 20, 1791, died September 11, 1866; (5). Elmus Gulielmus, born January 2, 1797, died February 4, 1860, married December 1821, to Rhonda C. Deakins, born January 2, 1806, died January 14, 1853; (6). Reuben, born 1801; (7). Lucretia, born September 5, 1803, died March 3, 1852; (8). Nancy, born about 1804; and (9). Marcellus, born 1808.

Benjamin Standifer: Benjamin Standifer was born May 7, 1764, Maryland. He enlisted in Orange County, South Carolina, 1780, under Capt. Douglas and Col. Dudley. After his discharge he moved to Georgia and then on to Bledsoe County, drawing his pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832 & 1840. While he was living in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, he married on December 29, 1802, Nancy Nichols. She was born about 1780 and died February 28, 1864, in Hamilton County, Tennessee. Benjamin and Nancy N. Standifer had four known children: (1). LeRoy; (2). Joshua; (3). Sarah; and (4). Mildred.

Meshack Stevens: Drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835

Ezekiel Stone: Ezekiel Stone was born November 24,1756, in Fauquier County, Virginia. 1774 – Volunteered in Surry County, North Carolina, and served with the North Carolina Troops until the latter part of 1781. We have been unable to learn anything of his movements until 1784 – In Union District, South Carolina, where he apparently stayed until 1795 – Removed to Sevier County, North Carolina (now Tennessee), where he remained until 1816 – Removed to Bledsoe County, Tenn., where he remained until- 1819 – Removed to Marion County, Tenn., where we have a record of him until 1855, when it is presumed he passed away, being at that time more than 99 years of age. Ezekiel Stone married Jane Woods about 1779. Their children were: Rebecca, b. 1780, m. Beard., Catharine, b. 1783, m. McCord., Hannah, b. 1786, m. Thomas Blair., Mary, b. 1788., William, b. 1791, m. Mary Randall., John, b. 1793, m. Susannah Kelley., Thomas Price, b. 1803, m. Minnie Bell, Richard, m. Anne Kelley.

Additional information can be found at our Sequatchie County Family Histories and Biographies Page

Solomon Stone: Moved to Marion County, Tennessee about 1829, applied for his War Pension in 1832 and then drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835. He was born December 3, 1752, Prince Edward County, Virginia and was living in Surrey County, North Carolina, 1776, when he enlisted with the North Carolina Troops under Capt. Richard Gold and Col. Joseph Williams.

Daniel Sutherland: Enlisted under Capt. Pendleton Isbell while living in Rowan County, North Carolina. He drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832 and had it transferred when he moved with his Son-in law, John Holman, to Madison County, Arkansas.

Charles Thurman: Charles Thurman was born about 1760 in Virginia and served in the Virginia Militia and the Battle of Guilford Court. He was discharged November 7, 1781 at Winchester, Virginia and drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832 & 1840. He married July 29, 1790, Washington County, Virginia to Barbara Bicknell. They had nine known children: (1). Mary Ann; (2). William; (3). John; (4). Frederick; (5). Elizabeth; (6). Henry; (7). Charles, Jr.; (8). Thomas; and (9). Margaret. Charles Thurman died in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, December 6, 1848.

Philip Thurman: Philip Thurman was born November 15, 1757, Anson County, North Carolina, died September 2, 1840, Bledsoe County, TN. In 1775, Cheraw District of South Carolina, he enlisted into service and was discharged November 15, 1782, he is found to be living in the Sequatchie Valley in 1810 and was drawing a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832 & 1840. On July 10, 1783, Anson County, North Carolina, Philip Thurman married Kizziah Penolope Kirkland. She was born about 1766 and died June 1845. Philip and Kizziah K. Thurman are mentioned as being one of the first Hamilton County Families. They had seven known children: (1). Elijah, born April 22, 1784, died March 10, 1842, he married Sarah ?–?; (2). Phoebe, born June 25, 1786, died August 17, 1810, married Asahel Rawlings, born about 1778, died about 1845. They are both buried in the Jackson Chapel Cemetery, Hamilton Co., TN.; (3). Sarah, born about 1788, married Elisha (Elias) Rogers, Bledsoe Co., TN; (4). Susannah, born February 27, 1805, died January 5, 1887, married John Bradford; (5). John who married Elsie Gaut; (6). Ephriam, born January 16, 1791, married in Bledsoe County on May 29, 1817, to Rosannah “Sarah” Rogers, born 1800, died May 29, 1817; (7). Mary, born March 28, 1792, died May 30, 1849, she married George W. Sawyer on March 21, 1809, Bledsoe Co., he was born May 29, 1784, and died October 10, 1854, Hamilton County.

John Thomas: Drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832

Stephen Thompson: Applied for War Pension in 1832 and drew his pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835. He served on the South Carolina line.

Jacob Troxel: Drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835

Luke Vickory: Drew a pension in Marion Co., TN, 1835

George Walker: Served in the North Carolina Malitia, Burke County, North Carolina. He applied and drew a pension in Bledsoe Co., TN, 1832. Children listed for George Walker are William; Ephriam; Sarah; Dicey; Jesse; Charlotte; and Buckner. Marriage records for Davidson County, Tennessee, Vol. 1, page 2, lists a George Walker and Rachel Caffrey were married on August 9, 1790. Not sure if this is the above George Walker.

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Information from the descendants of these families.

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