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1860 Robertson County, TN
Mortality Schedule

Page 481

Transcribed by Diane Payne
© March 2008

Surname First Name Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month of death Occupation Cause of Death Num. of days ill
  Martha 25 F B S   Tenn May House Servant Worms 1 day
  Harry 9/12 M M S   Tenn May   Bowel Disease 1 month
  Victoria 8/12 F M S   Tenn June   Bowel Disease 1 month
Glidewell Mary M. 19 F       Tenn Jany   Typhoid Fever 13 days
  Debby 60 B F S   NC Feby Field Hand Congestive Chills 3 days
Brooks D. E. 59 M     M VA Feby Farmer Erysipelas 8 days
Brooks Jane 59 F     W Tenn Feby   Erysipelas 11 days
  Ede 14 F B S   Tenn March House Servant Erysipelas 12 days
Young G. L. 32 M     M Tenn June Farmer Typhoid Fever 5 (?) days
  Lucy 80 F B S   NC July House Servant Old age 1 month
George Elizabeth 27 F       Tenn Feby   Consumption 5 months
Bernard J. T. 10 M       Tenn Oct   Typhoid Fever 20 days
White Jas. A. 23 M       Tenn Jany Laborer Typhoid Fever 5 days
  Darcas 53 F M S   Tenn March House Servant Congestive Chills 5 days
Williams Aisley 72 F       NC March   Inflammation of Bowels 4 days
  Henry 31 M M S   Tenn March Field Hand Constipation 6 days
  Lucy 87 F B S   NC March Field Hand Erysipelas 2 days
Forester W. C. 45 M     M Tenn March Laborer Unknown 3 weeks
Covington Wm. 4 M       Tenn Oct   Burned 12 hours
Cole F. E. 16 M       Tenn Aug   Unknown 7 days
  Solomon 34 M B S   Ala March Field Hand Unknown 3 days
Dyer Sarah A. 3 F       Tenn Jany   Diarrehea 7 days
Sawyers Mary Jane 6/12 F       Tenn July   Unknown 1 day
  Hardy 2/12 M B S   Tenn Jany   Smothered sudden
Covington W. 3 M       Tenn Oct   Burned 8 hours
  Ben 50 M B S   Tenn Apr Field Hand Unknown 12 months
  William 5/12 M B S   Tenn Sept   Remittent Fever 10 days
  Amy 1/12 F M S   Tenn Dec   Smothered sudden
Bell David 73 M     M NC May Farmer Dropsy 3 weeks
Mays Austin A. 21 M       Tenn Aug Farm Laborer Consumption 2 weeks
Warren R. A. 35 F     M Tenn Aug   Dropsy 2 months
Adams M. A. E. 23 F       Tenn April   Epilepsy 8 days
Stanley Hannah 76 F     W VA April   Paralysis 30 days
Grubb Mary V. 2 F       Tenn June   Flux 9 days

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