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1860 Robertson County, TN
Mortality Schedule

Page 479

Transcribed by Diane Payne
© March 2008

Surname First Name Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month of death Occupation Cause of Death Num. of days ill
  Andrew 3/12 M B S   Tenn March   Unknown Sudden
Hays J. W. 1 M       Tenn June   Teething 2 months
McDonough Danl. 40 M     M Ireland Sept Day Laborer Blow recd in a___(?) 7 days
McDonough blank 1 F       Tenn July   Teething 3 weeks
Granger Jas L. 38 M     M Tenn June Taylor Intemperance 30 days
  Iden 1 F B S   Tenn July   Teething 40 days
Hyde Wellington 1 M       Tenn Aug   Measles 5 days
  Annis 1 F B S   Tenn Jany   Wooping Cough 3 weeks
  Eda 16 F B S   Tenn April Field Hand Consumption 3 months
  Sam 1 M B S   Tenn Jany   Croup 3 days
  Will 70 M B S   VA Dec Field Hand Unknown 2 weeks
  James 5 M B S   Tenn Febry   Dropsy 3 months
  Milly 40 F B S   Tenn March Cook Paralysis 12 months
Mentalo Camellus 18 M       Tenn Aug Farm Hand Disease of the liver 4 months
Dean Rosanna 4 F       Tenn Aug   Croup 5 days
Smith William 10 M       Tenn March   Scrofula unknown
Tomeslin M. E. 1 F       Tenn Oct   Brunt to death 2 days
  Abram 35 M B S   Tenn Sept Farm Hand Paralysis 3 weeks
Pichard Wm. B. 2/12 F B S   Tenn Nov   Inflammation of Brain 2 days
  Jane 2 F B S   Tenn Decr   Croup 3 days
Holland R. M. J. 23 M       Tenn June Farm Hand Consumption 18 months
Holland E. W. 33 F       Tenn Aug   Flux 58 days
Willis J. E. 2 M       Tenn March   Tumor 6 weeks
  Rhoda 33 F B S   Tenn Aug Cook Apoplexy Sudden
  Houston 9 M B S   Tenn Oct   Scrofula unknown
Chowning Sonora 1 F       Tenn Aug   Scarlet Fever 5 days
Chandler Rebecca 22 F     M Tenn Jany   Child Bed fever 3 days
Crabtree Mary 17 F       Tenn Nov   Erysipelas of throat 2 weeks
Crabtree Mary blank F       Tenn March   Typhoid Fever 15 days
White John 52 M     M VA Feby Plasterer Intemperance 12 hours
  Sam 60 M B S   NC April Field Hand Consumption 2 years
Shannon M. J. 6/12 F       Tenn Aug   Wooping Cough 8 days
Winfield Grafton 48 M     M Tenn July Blacksmith Consumption 2 weeks

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