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1860 Robertson County, TN
Mortality Schedule

Page 478

Transcribed by Diane Payne
© March 2008

Surname First Name Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month of death Occupation Cause of Death Num. of days ill
  Ted 1 M B S   Tenn Oct   Inflam. Bowels 0
  George 15 M B S   Tenn Jany   Injury 1
  Sarah 1 F B S   Tenn Aug   Flux 13
  Martha 13 F B S   Tenn Aug   Typhoid Fever 45 (?)
  Em 2 F B S   Tenn Sept   Typhoid Fever 5
  Surge 1 F B S   Tenn Sept   Typhoid Fever 6
Black W. or N. (?) 45 F       Tenn May   Dropsy chest 60
Tryier J. M. 25 M       Tenn Sept Carpenter Inflam. Brain 21
Drayhow A. C. 2 F       Tenn April   Inflam. Brain 8
  John 6/12 M B S   Tenn June   Inflam. Brain 7
Johnson C. 54 F     M Tenn April S_____ss (?) Erysipelas 8
  Alie 1 F B S   Tenn Jany   Inflam. Bowels 60
Welch M. H. or M. A. 1 F       Tenn July   Inflam Bowels 21
Green C. H. 26 M       Tenn July R__(?) Collector Typhoid Fever 40
Gernes? L. B. 2 F       Tenn Jany   Scarlatina 30
Butts W. W. 1 M       Tenn Oct   Scarlatina 30
  Bubs? 22 F       Tenn March   Pleurisy 2
  Rhoda ? M       Tenn April   Pneumonia 21
Bartlett R. 1 F       Tenn July   Inflam. Bowels 60

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