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1860 Robertson County, TN
Mortality Schedule

Page 475

Transcribed by Diane Payne
© March 2008

Surname First Name Age Sex Color Free or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month of death Occupation Cause of Death Num. of days ill
Redding Catherine 70 F       NC Decr   Consumption 40
Morris M. W. 5 M       Tenn Jany   Hepatitis 4
Morris W. B. 3 M       Tenn Decr   Croup 3
  Lavina 1 F B S   Tenn Decr   Imperfect development 1
  James 5/12 M B S   Tenn March   Croup 12
Millikan Lou. 28 F     M Tenn Decr   Consumption 150
Anthony A. 34 F     M Tenn March   Child Bed 1
Freeman Jno. C. 3 M       Tenn Oct   Hives 3
Fentress Jas 21 (?) M     M NC March   Drowned blank
Walker S. 24 F       Tenn Sept   Phthisis 10
Paschall Jas 8/12 M       Tenn Jany   Croup 3
Atkins J. B. 33 F     M NC Aug   Consumption 1825
Winters Isaac 74 M     M Tenn Jany Farmer Dropsy of chest 182
Bailey B. E. 1/12 F       Tenn May   Croup 24
James D. 6/12 M       Tenn May   By Accident blank
Darden J. 59 M     M VA Decr Farmer Dropsy 42
Duerson Jas 1/12 M       Tenn May   Sore throat 9
Whitehead F. 11 F       Tenn April   Sore throat 19
  Thomas 6 M B S   Tenn May   Sore throat 14
  Harry 75 M B S   NC March   Old age 14
  Mary 6/12 F B S   Tenn Feb   Pneumonia 10
  Jim 45 M B S   Tenn Sept   Unknown 40
  John 10/12 M B S   Tenn June   Croup 2
  Nancy 11/12 F B S   Tenn Jany   Inflammation of Brain 4
Goodman C. H. 6/12 M       Tenn Jany   Croup 2
Robertson M. 17 F       Tenn Aug   Consumption 100
Alley E. S. 14 F       Tenn Jany   Scarlatina 5
Powell M. F. 41 F       VA Jany   Consumption 365
Holloway S C. 10 F       Tenn Decr   Scarlatina 5
Lawrence H. 24 F       Tenn Feb   Consumption 182
Saury E. A. 36 F       Tenn Aug   Consumption 60
Soury E. A. 35 F       Tenn Sept   Consumption 90
  John 25 M B S   Tenn Aug   Scrofola 240
  Jim 16 M B S   Tenn May   Lock Jaw 1
  Nancy 2 F B S   Tenn April   Fever 180

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