CLACK, William Raleigh “Rollie” (1919)

William Raleigh “Rollie” Clack

Perhaps no man in Rhea county will be missed in more useful ways then the object of this sketch. He was born eighty years ago and had spent his entire life in this county ans was known and was highly respected by all who knew him. He was one of our best ………… and it was said of him that …………. men were like Rollie Clack there would be no use for laws to protect the good or restrain the bad.

He was a consistent member of the Baptist church sixty years, his seat hardly ever being vacant, and his influence was always on the right side of all religious or moral questions. He has been a Mason since 1864 and lived up to all its teachings. He was also a Confederate Veteran.

His funeral services were held at Old Friendship Church Sunday, April 27. The sermon, which was one of the most appropriate tributes the writer has ever listened to, was preached by Rev. Dake. The life of Brother Clack was a blessing to his neighbors, and to his family an inheritance that is more enduring than time and more to be treasured than wealth.

His body was tenderly laid to rest in the beautiful cemetery near Old Friendship Church by sorrowing friends, the service at the grave being conducted by Spring City Lodge A.F.&A.M.

The family have the heartfelt sympathy of his entire acquaintances, who are many, and we all join in saying “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord”.


Whereas: God in his alwise providence, saw fit, on April 25th 1919, to call from our Church to the Church Triumphant our beloved brother, William Raleigh Clack, who was one of the two remaining charter members, whose names now stand upon our church roll, and who assisted liberally with his means and labor in building this church house, dedicated to the worship of Almighty God, and

Whereas, Brother Clack has served this Church as Clerk continuously since its organization in November 1875, to the present time, and has made us a good record, written in a plain, legible hand, covering about 265 pages, which record is self explanatory, and will stand as a living monument to the former actions of this Church, and Whereas, Brother Clack has served this Church as Deacon, for more than forty-three years, has lived an exemplary, christian life, been a faithful member of the Baptist Church for more than half a century, prompt in his attendance at church services, liberal in the support of the Church and all benevolent and charitable purposes; therefore, Be it resolved by the Church at old Friendship, that we pause for a few moments, in our march through time, to express our great appreciation for his long and faithful services to this Church, for his loyalty to God, and also for his moral and christian influence in the community.

Be it further resolved; that to sister (Sabria) Clack, his wife, who has so faithfully assisted him in all his work in the Masters cause, we express our deepest sympathy in her bereavement. May she lean upon the all-tried arm of our Savior, and as her physical strength declines, may her spiritual strength increase, and the light and hope of Heaven grow brighter and stronger, until the dawning of the perfect day. This June the 21st 1919. Respectfully submitted, S.B. Moulton R.E. Snow
W.D. Smith

WILLIE ROLLIE CLACK  Spring City, Tenn., April 29 — William Rollie (Raleigh) Clack, the last of the olde families who were prominent in Rhea county from its earliest history, died at his home three miles east of Roddy, April 25, aged 80 years, of paralysis, and was buried at the Old Friendship church and burying ground in the presence of one of the largest gatherings ever congregated at that place. Mr. Clack was made a Mason in old Washington lodge in 1864 and moved his membership to Rhea Springs lodge in March, 1869. After religious services by the Rev. Dake the Masons of Rhea Springs lodge, F.&A.M., took charge and laid the body in the grave with the solemn and impressive asonic ceremonies.

Mr. Clack had held many positions of trust, as well as official positions in Rhea county and never was there heard an unkind or censorious criticism in any capacity, being well and favorably known not only in Rhea, but in Meigs and Roane counties as well. There were many of his friends at the funeral from these counties.

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