Rhea County, TN Private Acts: 1822

Compiled by the County Technical Assistance Service

NOTE: The CTAS compilation includes many acts which are not necessarily of interest to the family history researcher. Therefore, this page will list only those acts which involve county boundaries, boundary changes and acts which pertain to individuals.

ACTS OF 1822

Chapter 86, Page 75, was the authority for Daniel Rawlings, the Clerk of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions in Rhea County, to keep the Clerk’s office for the said county at his own home where he now lives adjoining the town of Washington.

Chapter 104, Page 94, named Benjamin C. Stout, James Berry, John Day, Edmund Bean, Carson Caldwell, John Parker, and David S. Williams as Commissioners for the town of Washington in Rhea County with full power to pass all laws to preserve the health, prevent and remove nuisances, provide for the licensing and regulation of auctions, taxing, theatrical productions and other public amusements. Proper warrants for the violation of any of the above may issue from Justices of the Peace.

Chapter 86, Section 2, Page 75, was the authority for John Locke, the Circuit Court Clerk of Rhea County to keep the Clerk’s office for the said county at his own residence which adjoins the town of Washington.

Chapter 139, Page 115, provided that the proceeds arising from the rental of school lands in Rhea County shall be appropriated to support of Tennessee Academy in the said county for a term of ten years beginning on next January 1. These lands shall be under the direction and control of the Trustees of the Academy.

Chapter 155, Page 126, stated that all that part of Rhea County which lies on the south of the Tennessee River shall be and compose a separate battalion of militia which shall be known as the Third Battalion and commanded by the second Major of the Regiment.

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