MILLARD, William (1930)

From The Dayton Herald published Thursday, July 10, 1930:

William Millard Drowns in River Near Decatur

William Millard, who has relatives living near Dayton and who was favorably known to many here, was drowned last Sunday afternoon in the Hiwassee river near Decatur. His Widow and five young children survive him.

Millard was crossing the river at Russell’s Ferry.  He was standing at the edge of the boat, lost his balance and fell into the water, sinking immediately.  Rescuers recovered the body within twenty-five minutes and first aid remedies were administered on the spot and also by physicians at Decatur, but life had become extinct.

Mr. Millard and his family were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Colbaugh, of Decatur, with whom they were spending a vacation period.  The body was take to the family home for interment.

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