From Family Findings, Vol. X, 1978
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1978
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Albright and Smith Family Record
Campbell Family Bible
Dalglish Family Bible
Family of Richard Fortune
Lankford-Richardson Family Bible Record
The Family Bible of Alexander Littlejohn Mathis
Reese Family Bible


Albright and Smith Family Record

From Family Findings, Vol. X, No. 1, January 1978, p. 26

This data is taken from a family Bible in the possession of J. D. Smith, 1707 Woodhaven, Pascagoula, Ms. 39517. This is submitted by Mrs. John M. Albright, Springhill, La. 71075


John William Smith b 15 Oct 1867 Carroll Co. Tenn. d 1 May 1937 married 20 Jan 1889 to Martha Jane Leach b 22 Sept 1868 Gibson Co. Tn. d 23 Jan 1922

Children of John W. Smith & Martha J. Leech Smith:

1. Vurner Vine b 10 Feb 1890 d 20 Dec 1893
2. Anna Lena b 11 Nov 1891 Gibson Co. Tn. d 17 Sept 1977 Boone Co. Ky. married 30 Oct 1910 to George Irby Albright b 17 Aug 1889 in Tn. & d 6 Mar 1930 Carroll Co. Tn.
3. The Little Baby b 25 July 1893 d 25 July 1893 Carroll Co. Tn.
4. James Dillard Smith b 9 Jul 1894 Carroll Co. Tn. d ____ married 25 Dec 1922 to Mary Lou Argo b 29 March 1902 d ____
5. John B. Smith b 11 July 1896 Weakley.Co. Tn. d 2Sep 1935 Key West, Fla. married 29 May 1925 to Lula Kenner.
6. George Gordon Smith b 21 Oct 1898 Weakley Co. Tn. d 9 Apr 1899 Weakley Co. Tn.
7. Verna May Smith b (unreadable) Weakley Co. Tn. d 5 March 1900 Weakley Co. Tn.
8. Jenie Pauline Smith b 23 June 1903 Weakley Co. Tn. d 21 Feb 1967 Mobile, Ala. married 26 March 1921 to George Albert Boswell b 20 Oct 1891 d ____
9. Bennie Caroline Smith b 14 Dec 1908 Weakley Co. Tenn. d ____ married 22 May 1925 to Forrest Smith.


Campbell Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. X, No. 1, January 1978, pp. 27-28

The CAMPBELL Family Bible is in the possession of Miss Marguerite Boling, 1403 No. 22nd Ave., Humboldt, Tn. 38343. The title page roads as follows:

The Holy Bible containing the old & new Testaments according to Authorized Version; with explanatory notes, practical observations & copious marginal references by Thomas Scott, Rector of Aston Sanford, Bucks. From the latest London Edition, with the Author's last corrections & improvements to which is added a concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the old & new Testaments by the Rev. John Brown of Haddington, Vol II. Stereotype of A. Fell & Brothers, N.Y. New York Collins & Hannay. W. E. Dean, Printer MDCCCXXXII (1832)

Erasmus S. Campbell and Ann Deleipeline Theus was married on the 10th of Nov 1835 by the Revd Alex A. Campbell
William Randolph Theus and Eliza Love Linud (?) was married at Charleston, S.C. by the Revd Bishop Bowin Oct 31st 1806
Erasmus S. Campbell & Eliza Jane Mariner (?) (possibly Warner) was married at Randolph (?) Tn. (?) June 14 1844 by the Revd H. (?) Cummings
Erasmus S. Campbell & Margaret Murrell were married at Jackson, Tenn. May 11 1864 by Revd Amos Jones
Erasmus S. Campbell Jr & Levinia Penn were Married Dec 7 1864
Winchester Penn & Ann Eliza Campbell was married May 14 1868

Erasmus Sydenham Campbell was born on the 15 of October AD 1813
Ann Deleisseline Theus was born on the 19 of March AD 1817
Erasmus Sydenham Campbell son of E. S. & Ann D. Campbell was born Oct 12, 1836 at 7 Oclock AM & Baptised on 26 March 1837 by the Rev A. A. Campbell at Jackson, Tenn.
Alexander Augustus Campbell son of E. S. & Ann D. Campbell was born March 5, Tuesday morning 7 Oclock 1839 Baptised at Jackson by the Bevd A. A. Campbell 28 July 1839
Eliza Lenued? Theus dau of E. S. & Ann D. Campbell was born July 8 1840 about 11 Oclock Baptised by the Revd Alex A. Campbell Feby 1841
Eliza Jane Mariner? was born on the 28 July 1825 at Boston Mass (above 1825 in the last entry, is written in a different ink the date 1820 & Boston, Mass, is marked thru & Portland, Maine is written under in a different ink & handwriting.)
Ann Eliza daughter of B. S. & Eliza Jane Campbell was born at Jackson Tenn 17 June AD 1845 about 6 oclock PM Baptised at Huntingdon Tn August 18, 1845 by the Rev S. McKinney.
Joseph William son of E. S. & Eliza Jane Campbell was born at Huntingdon Tenn Friday morning Feby 5 184(0?) about 7 oclock Baptised by the Rev A. T. Graves
George Francis son of E. S. & Eliza Jane Campbell was born at Huntingdon Tenn March 1849 Baptised by the Revd A. T. Graves Sep 20, 1849
Susan Jane daughter of E. S. & Eliza Jane Campbell was born in Gibson County Tennessee March 12 1851 Baptised by the Revd James Holmes July 27 1851
William Randolph Theus was born in George Town S.C. Dec 22 1780
Eliza Love Lennid (?) was born in Charleston S.C. Sept 25 1790
Cassandra Alethea daughter of E. S. & Eliza Jane Campbell was born in Gibson County Tenn. Jany 7 1855 Baptised Sept by Revd J. E. Bright.
Charles Ella daughter of E. S. & Eliza Jane Campbell was born in Gibson County Tenn July 21st 1859 Baptised May13, 1860 by Revd D. H. Cumnins
Margaret Lindsey daughter of B. S. & Margaret Campbell waa born in Gibson County August 9 1865 Beptised Apr _, 1866
Theus Murrell son of E. S. & Margaret Campbell was born 24 June 1867 Baptised Sep 1867 by Rev Robt McCoy

William Randolph Theus departed this life 29 April 1827 aged 47years 14 months & 5 days
Elize Lenned Theus only daughter of E. S. and Ann D. Campbell departed this life on Wednesday morning the 30 March 1841 about 6 Oclock aged 7 months 29 days
Ann Deleipline, wife of E. S. Campbell departed this life on Monday evening about 8 Oclock February 1842 aged 24 years 10 months 18 days

"My soul in fervent longing waits
(Each time believers cries)
For God to and earthy straits?,
And bear me to the skies"

(This poem is written as found here in the Bible; probably penned by Margaret Murrell Campbell. Margaret Murrell Campbell wrote many poems and kept hundreds of letters written to her by her family members. Many of these letter are in the possession of Miss Marguerite Doling, granddaughter, of Margaret Campbell; copies of these letter cam be found in the Tenn. State Archives, Nashville, Tn.)

Eliza Jane wife of E.; S. Campbell died in Gibson County Tenn May 9, 1863 about 9 Oclock AM Saturday aged 42 years 9 months 11 days
Aleander Augustus Campbell son of E. S. and Ann D. Campbell died Sept 28th 1863 was wounded at the battle of Chitomonga on the 19th; leg amputated on the 20th & died on 28th aged 24 years 6 months 23 days
Joseph William Campbell son of E. S. & Eliza Jane Campbell Died in Gibson County Nov 19 1864 aged 17 years 9 months 16? days
Margaret Lindsay daughter of E. S. and Margaret Campbell Died in Gibson Co. Oct 13, 1868 about 3.20 Oclock PM Aged 3 years 2 months 4 days

Another daughter of E. S. and Margaret Murrell Campbell was not found listed in this Bible. She was Sally May +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Campbell who married L. S. Boling in Gibson Co. Tn. She was born May 17, 1874 died Jan 29, 1956 and is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Humboldt.

Obituary for Mrs. L. S. Boling, Humboldt, Tn. as printed in the local paper during the week following her death.

Mrs. L. S. Doling Dies at Humboldt
Humboldt, Tn. Mrs Sally May Boling 82, died at Oursler Clinic at 10:45 P.M. Sunday. She was the widow of Lemuel S. Boling. The dau. of the late Rev. & Mrs. Campbell. She was born & reared in Humboldt.
            She was a member of the First Presby. Church were funeral services will be held at 10:30 A.M. Tues with the Rev. Harry Jenkins, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in Rose Hill Ceme. with Hunt Funeral Home in charge.
            Mrs. Boling is survived by one dau. Miss Marguerite Boling and one step-daughter Mrs. Zach Campbell, both of Humboldt.


Reese Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. X, No. 2, April 1978, p. 52

This Bible is owned by Mrs. H. A. Tuggle, 1306 Mitchell St., Humboldt, Tn, 38343, It was published by the Southwestern Co. Nashville, Tn. but has no publication date. The Bible appears to be very old.

Thomas Jefferson Reese married Margarette Ann Hall at Gadsden, Tennessee on 23 of Dec 1875.

Myrtle Reese and J. H. Spears married May 1, 1901
Willie Reese and Minnie Madison (no date)
Berths Reese and J. A. McLeary June 17 (no year)
Katie Reese and J. O. Spain Nov 19, 1902
Clarence Reese and Corena Staggs (no date)
Virginia Reese and Tom Staggs (no date)
Myra Reese and J. S. Wilden Jan. (not completed)
Carrie Reese and H. A. Tuggle Jan 31, 1922

T. J. Reese born Jan 1, 1851
Maggie A. Reese born Feb 3, 1856
Annie Myrtle Reese born Jan 12, 1877
William Hall Reese born Mar 31, 1879
Bertha Amorette Reese born Jan 7, 1881
Kate Lorane Reese born Mar 26, 1883
Clarence Dewitt Reese born Apr 22, 1885
Nannie Virginia Reese born Jun 30, 1887
Myra Lou Reese born Nov 6, 1889
Carrie Geneva Reese born Oct 28, 1893
Maud Henrietta Reese born Aug 28, 1897

Maud Henrietta Reese died Oct 7, 1898
Nannie Virginia Staggs died Oct 27, 1906
Annie Myrtle Spears died Dec 27, 1913
Mergaret Hall Reese died June 28, 1922
Thomas Jefferson Reese died July 4, 1930

Family of Richard Fortune

From Family Findings, Vol. X, No. 3, July 1978, pp. 83-85

Shared by Frances Bates Fortune, 47659 West Second St., Oakridge, Oregon 97463.

Born: 26 March 1806 in Virginia
Married: 15 January 1829 to Sabra C. Clark in Hardeman County, Tennessee
He died: 9 August 1868 in Hardeman County, Tennessee and is buried in Old Salem Cemetary in southeastern Hardeman County, Tennessee.
His father: Zachariah Fortune
His mother: Elizabeth Burnett Fortune

Born: 14 January 1811 in Tennessee her mother: Elizabeth, born ca. 1787 in Virginia (died 27 December 1863)
Her father: John S. Clark (died 10 June 1855)




1. Elizabeth T. P. Fortune
2. Martha Ann Fortune
3. Nancy Caroline Fortune
4. Mary Adeline Fortune
5. Jeanette A. Fortune
6. Amanda S. Fortune
7. John T. Fortune
8. Minerva Fortune
9. Emily Fortune
10. Richard M. Fortune
11. William Franklin Fortune
12. Evaline P. Fortune

25 Nov. 1829
9 Aug 1831
7 Jly 1833
17 Mar 1835
26 Mar 1838
15 Mar 1840
29 Api 1842
29 Sep 1844
24 Jly 1847
29 Dec 1849
27 June 1852
12 Jan 1855

18 Jun 1914

14 Jly 1928
13 Sept 1857

(Source for the above record: Bible Record of the Fortune Family, Hatchie Chapter, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Bolivar, Hardeman County, Tenn.)

Bailey Macon and Martha Ann Fortune on 26 November 1846
William McKinney and Elizabeth T. P. Fortune 24 Feb 1848
John S. Cheshier and Nancy Caroline Fortune 19 Nov 1849
Henry Jacobs and Mary Adeline Fortune 12 October 1854
James Bryant and Amanda S. Fortune on 2 September 1858
William Bryant and Minerva Almeda Fortune 7 April 1864
Francis McDaniel and Emily L. Fortune 7 November 1864
John T. Fortune and Nancy A. Galloway 13 September 1866
William R. Jacobs and Jeanette A. Fortune 13 Dec 1855
William Franklin Fortune and Maggie McCommon 1 Feb 1877
William Franklin Fortune and Lillie Crawford Callahan on 26 November 1890
William Franklin Fortune and Sarah Webb on 23 April 1903
William Franklin Fortune and Attie Mercer 12 Jan 1913

was the fourth born son of Zachariah Fortune.

Married: Elizabeth Burnett on 5 Jan 1789 in Amherst County, Va.
Their children:
Elisha Fortune (who became one of the earlier settlers of Fountain Run, Monroe County, Kentucky. He married Elizabeth "Eliza" Loving. Much is written about in early Kentucky pioneer records. She was a direct descendent of Wm. Penn.)
Edmund Fortune is in Anderson County, Kentucky in 1830.
Benjamin Fortune married Mary A. Bullard
John B. Fortune married Saline Hargrove. He was a hotel owner in Brownsville, Haywood County, Tennessee. He died
17 June 1862.
Zachariah Fortune Jr. married Julia Ann Humphrey.
Jinetty Willis S. Fortune married James Penny on 20 April 1831.
Sally Fortune married John Alexander.
Thomas E. Fortune born approximately 1791 in Nelson County, Virginia.
Patty T. Fortune married James Alexander, brother of John.
Richard F. Fortune married to Sabra Clark, resided in Tennessee.

Zachariah left Virginia with all the above listed children and moved to Kentucky in approximately the early 1800's. Detailed information can be found in the "Early Pioneer Families of Kentucky. Elisha founded the town of Fountain
Run, Ky. Some of Zachariah's children stayed in Kentucky. Others left, as Richard did and went south to Tennessee.

1830 Census, Anderson County, Kentucky
Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records by Mrs. H. K. McAdams, The Keystone Printery, Lexington, Ky. 1929
Will Abstracts, Book A, Anderson County, Ky.
DAR Patriot Index

Zachariah Fortune. was in the American Revolution in Capt. James Burton's Co., Regiment of Guards at Albemarle Co.,
Virginia. Enlisted 23 Jan. 1779. Zachariah died 9 Oct 1833 in Anderson County, Kentucky.

ZACHARIAH FORTUNE was the son of THOMAS FORTUNE AND ELIZABETH EUBANK (Elizabeth was the daughter of John and Hannah Eubanks).

1. John Fortune, b. ca. 1763 m. Nancy Henderson
2. Zachariah Fortune b. ca 1766 m. Betsy Barnett
3. Jesse Fortune, b. ca 1768 married Betsy Lavender
4. Eddy Fortune, b. ca 1769 married Becky Ponton
5. Thomas Eubank Fortune m. Cynthia Loving, # 2 Jane McAlexander
6. Elizabeth Fortune m. William Loving of Lovingston, Va.
7. Frankey Fortune m. John Seay on 20 June 1797, Amherst County, Virginia
8. Lucey Fortune m. William Henderson 17 July 1796 in Amherst County.

Sources: Will Book #4, pg. 160, Inventory Bk. #4 page 165, Amherst County, Virginia, probated 15 Oct 1804

NOTE: This is neither my line, nor my husbands, but was put together while searching for my husband's line of Nicholas W. Fortune. I have both Zachariah's and Thomas' will. Going back one other generation, Thomas is the son of John Fortune of Albermarle County, Va. His will dated 13 Sept. 1789. John had 11 children. - FBF)


Dalglish Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. X, No. 3, July 1978, pp. 86-87

Purchased in Utica, N.Y.
Printed in Philadelphia, Pa.
Published by Mathew Carey, No. 122 Market Street, 1806.

Insley Dalglish and Providence Davison
Married December 17, 1761

Benjamin Dalglish and Mary Hunt
Married November 13, 1802

Insley Dalglish
Born October 10, 1734, Died April 13, 1813, Age 79

Providence Davison
Born November 1, 1735, Died September 14, 1809, Age 72

Sarah Dalglish
Born March 22, 1763, Died September 1846, Age 83

Samuel Dalglish
Born May 4, 1765, Died August 23, 1833, Age 72

Rozannah Dalglish
Born April 9, 1767, Died June 15, 1848, Age 80

George Dalglish
Born February 22, 1769, Died January 17, 1841, Age 72

Nathaniel Dalglish
Born January 31, 1771, Died September 15, 1853, Age 82


Benjamin Dalglish
Born April 17, 1773

Peter Dalglish
Born December 19, 1775

Phebe Dalglish
Born August 20, 1803, Died September 17, 1867

Nathaniel Hunt Dalglish
Born October 30, 1804

Isaac Hatch Dalglish
Born November 26, 1807

John Dalglish
Born February 24, 1811, Died May 9, 1847 Age 36

Montgomery Hunt Dalglish
Born September 12, 1813, Died September 20, 1837 Age 24

David Dalglish
Born April 17, 1814, Died January 1873

Bible in possession of Robert Nolen, 231 Morningside Dr., Jackson, Tennessee 38301


Lankford-Richardson Family Bible Record

From Family Findings, Vol. X, No. 4, October 1978, pp. 126-127

(This Bible is owned by Mrs. J. P. Lindsey of Gleason, Tennessee. Information submitted by Elizabeth Greer McMaster (Mrs. Guy W.), Jackson, Tennessee)

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised by his Majesty's special, command. Appointed to be read in churches. The Saalfield Publishing Co., Akron, Ohio.

Husband: W. L. Lankford, B. May 6th, 1837
Wife: Josie Richardson, B. July 18th, 1861
Married: February 15th, 1887, Lewisburg, Tennessee

Children's Names
Ann Eliza Oliver, born Febry 3rd 1842
Sydney Hamilton Lankford, Born, June 18th, 1873
James Washington Lankford, Born, April 22nd 1877
Ann Davis Lankford, Born July 15, 1909
James Neal Lankford, Born Febry 17th 1911
Effie Harriet Lankford, Born June 5th 1912
Blanch Lorene Lankford, Born Aug. 25th 1909
Clark Sydney Lankford, Born Oct. 24th 1910
William Albert Lankford, Born Aug 25th, 1912

W. S. Lankford and Ann Eliza Oliver married Sept. 11, 1872
S. H. Lankford and Erma McCall married Nov. 27th 1907
J. W. Lankford and Warren Neal married Nov. 28th 1906

Ann Eliza Lankford died April 8th 1885
W. S. Lankford died Jany 15th 1913

In a Different Handwriting
W. L. Richardson was bornd October 25, 1867
Elisebeth Richardson died October 30, 1867
Thas Richardson was bornd September 30, 1864
Gillian (?) Richardson bornd January 2, 1893

In a Third Handwriting

Sidney Hamilton Lankford was born June 18, 1873
Erma Draper McCall was born July 3,..t&90
Blanch Lorene Lankford was born Aug. 25, 1909
Sidney Clark Lankford was born Oct. 24, 1910
William Albert Lankford was born Aug. 25, 1912
Mollie Oline Lankford was born Dec. 21, 1913
Smith McCall Lankford was born May 9, 1916
Neely Ray Lankford was born April 10, 1918
Nelle Hamilton Lankford was born April 27, 1926
James Washington Lankford was born April 22, 1877
Effie Warren Neale was born January 26, 1886
Annie Davis Lankford was born July 15, 1909
James Neale Lankford was born Feb. 17, 1911
Effie Harriet Lankford was born June 5, 1912
Mary Ethel Lankford was born April 10, 1920
John Dorris Lankford was born Jan. 28, 1924
William Smith Lankford was born May 6, 1837
Ann Eliza Oliver was born February 3, 1842
Josie Alice Richardson was born July 18, 1861

Ann Eliza Lankford died April 8, 1885
William Smith Lankford died Jan. 15, 1913
J. W. Lanklord died Oct. 24, 1940
Josie Alice Lankford died Nov. 26, 1940
Sidney Hamilton Lankford died June 5, 1952
Erma Draper McCall Lankford died June 9, 1972
Mollie Olive Lankford Comer died Oct. 10, 1974
Carmack Comer, husband off Mollie Lankford Comer, died Nov. 1, 1976 (this in handwriting different from all others)

W. S. Lankford and Miss. A. E. Oliver were married September 11, 1872
W. S. Lankford and Miss J. A. Richardson were married February 16, 1887
J. W. Lankford and Miss E. Warren Neale were married November 18, 1906
S. H. Lankford and Miss Erma D McCall were married November 18, 1907
J. P. Lindsey and Miss B. Lorene Lankford were married August~8, 1929
S. C. Lankford and Miss Bertha Norwood were married July 24, 1932
Carmack Comer and Miss Mollie Olive Lankford were married November 30, 1933
Smith M. Lankford and Miss Bessie Owens were married October 19, 1939
William Albert Lankford and Miss LaRue Whitehead were married December 25, 1942
Neely Ray Lankford and Miss Mildred Steele were married January 4, 1943
Archie Turberville and Miss Nelle H. Lankford were married December 14, 1945
Cleo Thompson and Annie Davis Lankford were married August 24, 1937
Neale Lankford and Mary Faye Edwards were married July 1, 1939
E. L. Sinclair and Harriet Lankford were married Feb. 1, 1940
Edward W. Quarterman and Mary Ethel Lankford were married April 6, 1943
Dorris Lankford and Earline Cannon were married Dec. 4, 1946

The Family Bible of Alexander Littlejohn Mathis

From Family Findings, Vol. X, No. 4, October 1978, p. 138


Born: Sep 9, 1832, Gibson County, Tenn.
Married: Jan 10, 1855 to Martha Jane Rust, Gibson, County, Tenn.
Died: Oct 8, 1884 in Gibson County, Tenn. Buried at Wright's Chapel near Medina, Tennessee
Father: Carlton Mathis, born Aug 7, 1801, Duplin Co., N.C. married Mary (Polly) Shelley in N.C. in 1823, died Nov 9, 1888 in Gibson County, Tenn, and buried in the Mathis Graveyard near Medina, Tenn.
Mother: Mary (Polly) Shelley, born North Carolina in 1802, died Nov 4, 1882, Gibson County, Tenn. and buried in the Mathis Graveyard near Medina, Tennessee.

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised: New York: American Bible Society instituted in the year MDCCCXVI 1873

Fly Leaf: Mr. A. L. Mathis Book
L. E. Mathis, successor, 1879

A. L. Mathis to M. J. Rust, Jan 10th 1855
J. E. York to Jennie Mathis, June 3rd, 1875
T. C. Mathis to Mollie Thompson, Dec 22nd 1881
L. E. Mathis to Susie Wollard, Jan 12th 1888
G. L. Mathis to Eula Phillips, Jan 31st 1889
A. O. Mathis to Minnie Duke, Dec 24th 1889

Carthagena Corora Mathis was borned Nov 24th 1855
Thomas C. Mathis was borned March 19th 1857
Luther Everett Mathis was borned Feb 8th 1860
Edgar Licurgeus Mathis was borned Dec 9th 1866
James W. Mathis was borned July 22nd 1868
Alexander LittleJohn Mathis was borned Sep 9th 1832
Martha Jane Mathis was borned Oct 14th 1833

Alexander LittleJohn Mathis died Oct 8th 1884 at one and a half PM.
Martha Jane Rust Mathis died Dec 19th 1926
Jennie Mathis York died 1889
Thomas C. Mathis died Feb 1940
Luther E. Mathis died Jan 6th 1940
Atlas Oscar Mathis
George L. Mathis
Edgar L. Mathis died Dec 1935

Ssubmitted by: Dr. Bernard Mathis Malloy, 2520 L Street N.W., Washington, D.C. 20037)