From Family Findings, Vol. VII, 1975
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1975
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Bible of David Charles Howse
Edward Dewitt Harris Bible
Exum-Passmore Bible
John Elijah Cloar Bible with M. L. Glover Family Notes
Martin Van Buren Exum Bible
Peeler-Malugeon Family Bible


William Gladney McMaster Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. VII, No. 2, April 1975, p. 27-28

This Bible is now in the possession of Misses Ann and Marguerite Van Hook, 335 N. Fairground St., Jackson, Tennessee. Copied by Elizabeth Greer McMaster (Mrs. Guy).

Printed on the frontispiece is:

On the back of the frontispiece is this:


Sara Gladney McMaster born 1800
William Gladney McMaster born Feb. 28, 1838 (son of Robert and Sara Gladney MeMaster)
Frances Kisiah Toone McMaster born Jan. 14, 1843
Beulah McMaster was born Nov. 22, 1874
Young Toone McMaster was born Dec. 17, 1875
Annie Pybus McMaster, May 21, 1877
William Turner McMaster Jan. 2, 1881
Vera Pearl McMaster Sept. 25, 1887

Wilbur Wade McMaster Aug. 29, 1905
Joe Murry MeMaster Feb. 26, 1907
Children of W. T. and Birdie McMaster

Annie Delesline Van Hook born July 16, 1904
Marguerite Van Hook was born Mar. 7, 1906
Daughters of N. H. and Annie Van Hook

Richard Wade McMaster, son of Wilbur Wade McMaster and Pauline McMaster born June 30, 1933

David Gerald McMaster born Dec. 7, 1934
James Turner McMaster born Aug. 10, 1936
Sons of Wilbur and Pauline McMaster

Alvin Casey Holloman born Mar. 19, 1898
Annie Lee Holloman born Aug. 26, 1899
Cecil Talmadge Holloman born Feb. 29, 1901
William Toone Holloman born Dec. 1, 1902
James Douglass Holloman born Nov. 7, 1907
Lucy Meg Holloman born Oct. 20, 1909
Sons and daus. of Dave and beulah McMaster Holloman

Lynch Guy Holloman b. Juxie 22 1926
Cecil Earl Holloman b. Feb. 14, 1933
Sons of Cecil Talmadge Holloman and wife, Lucille Graves

Sallie Sue Holloman, dau. of James Douglass Holloman and wife, Mary Brown

George Malone Astor, son of Lucy Inez Holloman and husband George Astor

Judy Marie Holloman b. Jan. 30, 1944, dau. of Casey and Montez Stone Holloman

Billy McMaster
Nancy McMaster
Son and dau. of Murray McMaster and his wife, Elizabeth Surber


William Gladney McMaster to Frances Kesiah Toone by Rev. Joseph Pope, Jan. 27, 1874
James Lofton Holloman to Beulah McMaster by Rev, W. C. Baker (?) November 11, 1896
Nathan Henry Van Hook to Annie Pybus McMaster by Rev. Dodd, Dec. 25, 1902
William Turner McMaster to Birdie Mydette by Rev. Norman (Norment ?) Nov. 24, 1904
Wilbur Wade McMaster to Frances Pauline Markham of Fish Springs, East Tennessee Oct. 31, 1931
Joe Murry McMaster to Kathryn Elizabeth Surber by Dr. Samuel Stanworth, Mar. 15, 1933


Young Toone McMaster died Sept. 21, 1890
W. G. McMaster died Aug. 8, 1920
F. K. McMaster died Jan. 13, 1921
Richard wade McMaster died at 5 yin. age in 1938 in automobile accident
Beulah McMaster Holloman died Oct. 17, 1955
James Douglass Holloman died Dec. 26, 1958
Birdie Mydette McMaster wife of W. T. McMaster died Oct. 16, 1962
Sallie Sue Holloman daughter of J. D. Holloman, June 29, 1966
Annie McMaster Van Hook died Nov. 7, 1966
William Turner McMaster died June 21, 1967
Montez (Stone) Holloman died July 4, 1967
Alvin Casey Holloman died March 6, 1969
Vera Pearl McMaster died Nov. 23, 1970


W. G. McMaster was a soldier of the Civil War 1860-65 Company C 4th Calvary


The Martin Van Buren Exum Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. VII, No. 3, July 1975, p. 5

This Bible is owned by Mrs. Lillian Baker, Rt. 1, Jackson, Tn. The front cover, title page and the first 40 paces of the Bible are missing.


Martin Van Buren Exum to Sarah Moore, December 7, 1875
James M. Exum to A. (Ann) Jones 1861
J. F. Ezum to Nannie Cheatham 1863

Robert Exum born 25 May 1788 (marked over)
Eliza Exum was born July 7, 1808
John F. Exum was born January 20, 1825
(G.) W. T. Exum was born March 27, 1827
J. M. Exum was born July 6, 1829
M. E. Exum was born December 27, 1831
Jo Exum was born January 12, 1834
Louisa Exum was born January 5, 1836
Sam Exum was born February 28, 1838
Mart. V. B. Exum was born December 25, 1839
Robert Exum, Jr. was born February 5, 1842
William Exum was born March 1, 1844
Ann R. Exum was born September 5, 1847

(in a different handwriting:)
Eliza Exum grandaughter of Robert Exum and dau. of M & C. Exum was born October 9, 1876
______ Exum g. d. of Robert Exum was born July 23, 1880

Maj. Robert Exum
Rebecar Ann Exum, died the 25 of January 1852

Joseph Exuna, died a prisoner of war at Rock Island, Ill. Dec. 23, 1863 (and was buried on the Island).

Eliza Exum, wife of Robert Exum died Au8ust 17, 1877

G. W. T. Exum died January 1899 (buried at Brown's Church)

J. F. Exum died 1889
J. M. Exum died May 3, 1899

Louisa Exum died January 18 1908
M. V. B. Exum died December 24, 1918


The Exum-Passmore Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. VII, No. 3, July 1975, p. 6

This Bible is owned by Mrs. W. O. Herndon, 337 Fairmont Ave., Jackson, Tn. 38301.


Charly Thomas Exum and Catherine Passmore were married January 18, 1899

James Lou Exum and Estelle Pasamore were married the 1st of December 1901

John F. Exum b. January 20 1825 (father of C. T. & J. L.)
Nannie Exum b. April 4, 1840
Robert Exum b. 14th day of September 1864
Tommie b. November 17, 1865
Martha Eliza Exum b. September 16, 1868
Charlie O. Thomas Exum b. January 3, 1870
Mary Lewis Exum b. September 10 1871
John Lenard Exum b. May 12, 1874
Jimmie Lou Exum b. December 17, 1877

J. F. Exum Bible 1861, given to C. T. Exum

Fannie Cheatham was born in Maury Co. at Lewisburg and moved to _________

Louisa Exum in 1902 she was 80 or 82 when she died and was buried at Pleasant Plains (Madison Co., Tn.) November 1, 1924.

Jere Exum, son of Catherine & C. T. Exum b. December 12, 1899 died November 3, 1959

Searcy Exum b. April 21, 1902
Sarah Exum b. October 13, 1905
Elizabeth & Lillian, twins, born December 9, 1908
Charles J. Exum, b. December 6, 1912
Kathryn Exum b. October 16, 1915
Clara Bell Exum b. January 7, 1920

Martha Eliza Exum died December 14, 1871
Tommie Exum d. May 22, 1866
John F. Exum d. July 27, 1889, age 64 years
Nancy P., wife of John F. Exum d. March 2, 1899, age 59 years
Lula Exum, wife of John Leanard Exum d. February 1st, 1899
John Leonard Exum d. August 9, 1902
Charlie T. Exum died August 7 1961
Mrs. C. T. Exum d. July 1, 1911.7
Jere Exum d. November 3, 1959
Charles J. Exum d. June 29, 1968


The Edward Dewitt Harris Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. VII, No. 3, July 1975, p. 7


This Bible is owned by J. E. Harris, 137 Ridgemont, Jackson, Tn. 38301.

The Holy Bible, containing the Old & New Testaments, translated out of the Original Tongues and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised together with Marginal References, The Southwestern Co., publishers and booksellers, Nashville, Term. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1892, in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.


Holy Matrimony
E. D. (Edward Dewitt) Harris and Mattie Lou (Martha Louise) Moore, January 24, 1875

Sophia Harris and Delbert
Roland Harris and 1) Evelyn Haley 2) Imogene Laswell
Abbie Lou Harris and Frank Blakemore
Will Harris and Cornelia Stewart
Kate Harris and Ira Porter
Bertie Harris and Jack Ragan 2)Charlie Crisp, 1953
Eunice Harris and Charles Fitzsimmons 1918
Thomas Harris and Faye Avery

Sophia Harris b. October 30, 1875
Dan Harris born August 24, 1879
Dorsey Harris b. November 24, 1882
Roland Harris b. July 9, 1884
Abbie Lou Harris b. October 7, 1886
Will Harris b. February 5, 1888
Mary Harris b. May 20, 1890
Kate Harris b. October 7, 1891
Bertie Harris b. March 2, 1893
Jim Ed Harris b. September 12, 1894
Eunice Harris b. February 1 1897
Ettie Sue Harris b. August 8, 1898
Thomas Harris b. February 6, 1900

E. D. Harris b. April 1, 1853
Mattie Lou Harris b. January 29, 1857

Mary Harris died September 7, 1903
Ettie Sue d. July 11, 1900
Dan Harris d. 1882
Dorsey O. Harris d. September 19, 1934
E. D. Harris, February 6, 1935
Thomas I. Harris d. January 25, 1936
Mattie L. Harris d. June 8, 1937
R. N. Harris d. July 28, 1939
W. A. Harris d. December 14, 1956


The John Elijah Cloar Bible with M. L. Glover Family Notes

From Family Findings, Vol. VII, No. 3, July 1975, pp. 18-20

This Bible is the property off Mrs. Charlie Cloar, Union City, Tn.

The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments translated out of The Original Tongues and with the former Translations diligently compared and revised. New York. American Bible Society. Instituted in the year MDCCCXVI. 1867


Marriages (Glover)
"Matt" Marshall m. John E. Cloar Sept. 13, 1865
(Martha Francis) (John Elijah) (parents)

Forest L. Cloar m. Minner Buchanan Sept. 4, 1889
Charley E. Hudson m. Anna Cloar Jan. 27, 1895
N. B. Glover m. Biddie Cloar Dec. 29, 1895
J. P. Cloar m. Ella Owens Sept. 15, 1898
Milton Downing m. Ethel Cloar May 20, 1903
Charlie Cleor m. Bessie Campbell Nov. 3, 1904


Martha Francis Glover was born Oct. 9 1842
John Elijah Cloar was born Nov. 23, 1844

Forest Laffayett Cloar was born Dec. 5, 1867
Mary Amanda Anner Cloar was born Jan. 3, 1870
Matilda Obediance and John Powell Cloar was born Sept. 13, 1872
Lara Lucinday Cloar was born April 19, 1875
Charley Green Cloar was born May 13, 1878
Martha Ethel Cloar was born Feb. 18, 1880 in Obion Co., Tn.
Murley Cloar was born July 5, 1883
Inez Cloar was born April 18, 1886 in Obion Co., Tenn.
Mixie Cloar was born April 17, 1892

Irma Hudson was born March 28, 1896
John Henderson Hudson was born July 31, 1897
Vera Glover was born June 7, 1898
Ruth Cloar was born July 31, 1899
Susie Glover was born Aug. 28, 1899
Ire____ Glover was born July 18, 1901
M. L. Glover was born May 9, 1818
Obedience Glover was born Oct. 7, 1820

Robert E. Cloar was b. Aug 19, 1906 (children of Charley Clear)
Evelyn Cloar was born Sept. 22, 1910

John Roswell Downing was born Mar. 6, 1904, Obion Co., Tn.
Hazel Cloar was born May 17, 1903
Charles C. Hudson was born Sept. 25, 1904


Laure Lucinda Cloar departed this life Sept. 28, 1876
Matilda Cloar departed this life Dec. 27, 1865
John Clear departed this life May 12, 1872
M. L. Glover depRrted this life Jan. 12, 1880
Obedience Glover departed this life Mar. 21, 1897
F. L. Cloar departed this life in 1943 at the age of 76
Mrs. J. E. Cloar died March 9, 1915
J. E. Cloar died July 1921
Charlie G. Cloar died Nov. 30, 1955, age 77 years

F. L. Clear born Obion Co., Tenn. Dec. 5, 1867 died 1943, son of John "Lige" Elijah Cloar and Martha F. Cleor. Lifetime member Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Crystal. Wife, Jennie Mosier, daughter, Mrs. W. L. Muse of Troy. Five sisters, Mrs. Anna Hudson, Union City, Mrs. N. B. Glover, Paris Tennessee, Mrs. Ethel Robards, Baton Rouse, La., Mrs. Del Knight, Troy, Mrs. Henry Jackson, Baton Rouse. Two brothers Powel Cloar, Union City, Charles Cloar, Dixie.

William Elmer Cloar, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cloar died Dec. 25, 1903, age 14 yrs. 6 mos. 11 days.

MatIlda C:oar departed this life Dec. 29, 1865
John Clear departed this life May 12, 1872
M. F. Glover departed this life Jan. 12, 1880
Forest L. Cloar and Minner Buchanan was married Sept. 4, 1889
________ Cloar was borned Apr. the 17th day 1892
Ir~ Hudson was born March 28, 1896

The Ages of M. L. Glover And Family
M. L. Glover was borned May 9, 1818
Obedience Allen was borned Oct0 7, 1820

Mary Jane Glover was borned Oct. 5, 1839
Bolin Green Glover was borned Dec. 22, 1840
Martha Francis Glover was borned Oct. 9, 1842
Olive Lucinday Glover was borned Aug. 10, 1844
Jesse Layfayett Glover was borned Nov. 4, 1846
John James Glover was borned Dec. 14, 1848
Nancy Ann Rebecka Glover was borned Nov. 17, 1849
Persila Obedience Glover was borned Feb. 17, 1852
Charles Mathew Glover borned July 24, 1854

Morey Jane Glover departed this life 22 Feb. 1844
John James Glover departed this life Dec. 18, 1848
Saniuel Buchanan Glover departed this life Sept. 8, 1860
Prissila Obedience Glover departed this life Sept. 16, 1861
Louisa Joanor Glover departed this life Oct. 8, 1861

Samuel Buchanen Glover was borned Nov. 19, 1856
Louisa Joanner Glover was borned January 5th day 1859
Avyriller Tennessee Glover was borned July 6, 1861


Peeler-Malugeon Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. VII, No. 4, October 1975, pp. 9-10

THE PEELER-MALUGEON FAMILY BIBLE is owned by Jerry L. Hinson, 213 So. 17th Avenue, Humboldt, Tn.

The Holy Bible contains the Old and New Testaments Translated out of the Original Tongues, with the former translations diligently compared and revised, with Canne's Marginal Notes and Refeerences, to which are added an Index; an Alphabetical Table of all the names in the old and new testaments, with their significations table of scripture weights, measures, and coins, etc. Philadelphia; Jesper Harding, No 57 S. Third St. 1851

S. A. J. Peeler was born January the 17th 1818
Hanah A. Peeler was born 1817
William T. Peeler was Born November the 13th 1839
Jesse S. A. Peeler Born November the 16th 1841
Elizabeth L. Peeler Born December the 28th 1843
Parthana B. Peeler Born Mar the 3rd 1846
Susan Ann Peeler Born October the (torn) 1848
(torn) G.? H.? Peeler April the 3th (torn)
Georg. W. Peeler Born January the 13th 1854
Tevina Rogers was born in the year 1775
Pleasent P. Peeler
Mary T. C. Peeler Born September the 10, 1860
Wm. H. Peeler Born May the 7th 1861
Dotia A.    ?    Born 5 of Octtober (torn)
Nancy C.?    ?    Born 2nd of    ?    1869?
Wm. A. Gillmore Born the 5 day of November 1865
Sutan (or Nutan) F. Gillmore Born the 23 day of April 1867 (or 64)
Martha A. L A Gillmore Born October 26 Day 1870
Parthenie L. L. E. Gillinore Born May the 14 day 1873
Robert W. Malugeon Born May the 23th day 1873
Doica A. Malugeon Born the 5th of October 1867
Nancy C. M. N. Malugeon Born the 6th day of November 1869
Susan C. Malugen born the 4th day of October 1871
Robert W. Malugeon Born May the 23 day of 1873
Cora B. Malugeon 26 day of Dec 1876?

Jesse S. A. Peeler  ied the 22nd March 1846
Tevina Rogerv Died the 22 day of february 1856
Hannah A. Peelers Infant died the 9 of September 1869?
Wm. H. Peeler Died the 27 of July 1868
Susan C. Malugin Died the 12 of october 1871

S. A. J. Peeler and Hanah A. Moten was Maried September 6th-1836
John W. Smith and Mary L. C. Peeler was Married January (or February) 24 day 1878
Wm. T.? Peeler and Mary A Lovett was Maried July 8th 1860


Written on a very old tablet page found in the PEELER-MALUGEON Bible and written in an old fashioned hand is the following:

Dotie A. Malugen Born th 5 day of October 1867
Nancy C. M. M. Malugen Bornd the 2th of November 1869
Susan C. Malugen Born the 4 day of Oct. 1871
Robert W. Malugeon Bornd th 23 day of May 1873
Core B. Malugeon Bornd th 26 day of Dec. 1875
Henry E. Malugen Bornd th 31 of Jenuary 1878
T. (or S.) D. Malugen. Bornd th April 1880
D. H. Elkins Bornd _______ th 9 l8~U

Jim Died August th 13 1901
Jamies Malngen Died Augest the 13 1901
Luther Brown Born the 7 of Nov. 1910


The Bible of David Charles Howse

From Family Findings, Vol. VII, No. 4, October 1975, pp. 26-28

On the back side of the leather front of this old Bible was written:

This Book was purchased in Memphis, Tenn. on the 18th of Jany 1866 for $28 & presented to my family as a family Relic to be preserved in the family in Remembrance of me.

D. C. HOWSE                  


The frontispiece of the Bible reads as follows:

The Comprehensive Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, according to The Authorized Version, with The various readings and marginal notes usually printed therewith A General Introduction, Containg Disquisitions on the genuineness, authenticity and inspiration of the Holy Scriptures; various divisions and marks of distinction in the sacred writings; ancient versions; coins, weights, and measures; various sects among the Jews: Introductions and concluding Remarks to each book: the Parallel Passages contained in Canne's Bible; Dr. Adam Clarke's Commentary, 7 vols; Rev. J. Brown's self-interpreting Bible, 2 vols; Dr. Blayney's Bible, Bishop Wilson's Bible, Edited by Crutwell; Rev. T. Scott's Commentary, 6 vols.; and the English version of Bagster's Polyglott Bible, Systematically arranged: Philological and Explanatory Notes: A Table of Contents arranged in Historical order: An analysis and Compendium of the Holy Scriptures; A Chronological Index, Interspersed with synchronisms of the most important spochs and events in profane History An index of the subjects contained in the Old and New Testaments and an index to the notes, introductions, and concluding remarks. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. 715 and 717 Marker Street 1865.

Between the Old and New Testament sections of the Bible was a photograph album containing pictures of all the Howe family. The following marriages, births and deaths were written in the family record section:


David C. Howse & Lucy A. E. Stuart was married May 8th 1839
D. C. Howse & Lettitia F. T. Haslewood (his second wife) were married Dec 22, 1852
Flora A. Howe & S. M. Jones were married Nov. 13, 1860
Lewis C. Howse and Mattie E. Hazelwood was married Nov. 14, 1866
Susan A. Howe & Thos. J. Nowsome married Nov. 14th 1866
John S. Howse and Susannah Nicholson married Jany 16th 1868
Flora A. Jones & George R. Nicholson married Jany 30th 1868
Benjamin Franklin Howse & Florence Thornton was married July 18th 1876
Elena G. Howse & J. H. Nicholson was married March 1876
D. C. Howse Jr. and Mozzela Hamilton was married Dec. 23th 1879
Joshua H. Howse & Emma J. Doyle was married Dec. 8th 1880
James W. Howse and Jennie B. Griffin was married Jan. 6th 1887
Fannie Howse & J. T. Wood was married May 16th 1888
Marry M. Howe & Thomas Hull was married Nov. 16th 1892
Joshua H. Howse and Willie Belle Hazelwood was married Apr. 8th 1896

David Charles Howse was born April 21st 1817
Lucy Ann Elizabeth Stuart was born August 29th 1818
Flora Albina Howse was born Oct. 21st 1840
William Laurence Howse was born May 23rd 1842
Ann Mariah Bates Howse was born Nov. 17, 1843
Lewis Crawley Howse was born August 6th 1845
John Stuart Howse was born January 9th 1847
Susan Agnes Howse was born Sept. 23rd 1848
Frederick Brown Howse was born Jan. 14th 1850
Infant Daughter born Jany 1852 & died the same day
The above is my first children

Lettitia Frances Tate Hazeiwood my second wife was born Sept 6th 1830
Benjamin Franklin Howse was born Oct 15th 1853
David Charles Howse Jr. was born August 2nd 1855
Joshua Hazelwood Howse was born Oct 2nd 1856
Elena Gaspara Howse was born Nov. 26th 1858
Nancy Catharine Howse was born June 17th 1860
Infant son born dead 19th June 1864
James Walter Howse was born August 14 1865
Mary Margaret Howse was born 16th Feby 1868
Clara Edner Howse was born August 13th 1870
This Record was penned in my own hand writing up to this date Jany 28 1866 D. C. HOWSE

Lettetia Frances Tate Howse was born 4th of December 1872
Emma Doyle Howse was born October 12th 1860 in Haywood County Tennessee

Births (second page)
Silas M. Jones was born Septem the 8th 1838
Silas Mercer Jones son of the above was born Nov 7th 1861
Lucy Malissa Howse daughter of L. C. Howse born 8th Jan 1868

Children of Joshua Hazelwood Howse and Emma Jane Doyle
Burdon Baxter Howse was born January 19, 1882
Arthur Ethelma Howse was born March 29, 1886
Tennie Tate Howse was born November 19, 1890

J. H. Howse by 2 wife Willie Bell Hazelwood
William Emmett Howse born Aug. 26, 1898
David Lindon Howse born Nov. 3, 1901

Lucy A. E. Howse died Feby 3rd 1852
Frederick B. Howse son of the above died August 18th 1851
Wm. L. Howse died Jany 15th 1862
S. M. Jones died June 24th 1861
Nannie C. Howse died March 5th 1879 age 18 years 8 months 18 days
Flora A. Nicholson died June 23rd 1882
Emily J. Howse died May 10, 1892
David Charles Howse, Sr. died May 27th 1896 age 79 years 1 month 6 days
Benjamin Franklin Howse died Dec 6th 1899 age 46 years 1 month 21 days
Florence Howse died June 4th 1900 age 41 years 11 months
Elana Gaspara Nicholson died Oct. 19th 1900 age 41 years 11 months & 7 days
Lettitia Frances Tate Howse died March 31st 1902
Clara Edna Howse died March 16th 1904 age 33 years 7 months & 3 days
Dollie Bell Howse died Feb. 8, 1925
J. S. Howse died ________________
L. C. Howse died Sept 19, 1929
Ann Bette Jones died Nov. 7, 1930
J. H. Howse died Feb. 28, 1931
Mary Margaret Hull died ________________
James W. Howse died February 20, 1940


The above record was copied September 10th 1975 by Mrs. Oneida Nicholson Gideon, the: great grand-daughter of David Charles Howse, from the original Bible in the possession of William Emmett Howse (grand-son of David Charles Howse), Rt. #2, Brownsville, Tennessee 38012.