From Family Findings, Vol. IV, 1972
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1971, 1972
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Family Bible of Hiram Burrow
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Emerson B. Milam Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 1, January 1972, pp. 21-22


The following records were taken from the family Bible of Emerson E. Milam, obtained from Mrs. Emerson Ray Milam, Rt. #2, Beech Bluff, Tenn., 15 Aug. 1970 by Robert N. Milam, 2212 Lynn Rd., N.W., Huntsville Ala. 35810.

E. E. Milan and Dovie Wadley married 25 Dec. 1883
Jessie N. Milan and Luther Bowman married 16 Jan. 1904 (dau. of E. E. Milan)
Emerson Ray Milan and Rachel A. Batchelor married 11 Jan. 1917
Lonnie W. Milan and Glenn Moore married 16 Aug. 1917
Ola J. Shorter and Hugh Phillips married 30 Jan. 1919
Ophelia Ellington and B. E. Milan married 8 Nov. 1925
Mary R. Bowman and James Patrick Turner married 18 Mar. 1940
Mary Rachel and Michael Evans married 20 April 1946
Patricia Anne Turner Evans married Vincent Salvaggi 4 June. 1958
Mary Aileen Evans married Clinton Hester Dean Jr. 18 Nov. 1966

Emerson E. Milan born 15 Jul. 1860
Eudora F. Milan wife of E. E. Milan born 15 Nov. 1868
Dovie Milan first wife of E. E. Milan born 1859
Jessie N. Milan born 11 Oct. 1884 (dau. of Dovie Wadley & B. E. Milan)
Ola J. Shorter 1st dau. of E. F. Shorter born 26 Jun. 1887 (step-dau. of E. E. Milam)
Lonnie W. Milan born 12 Oct. 1890
Emerson Ray Milan born 28 Nov. 1892
Rachel A. Batchelor born 15 Dec. 1896

Lonnie W. Milan died 22 Nov. 1917 at Camp Sevier, Greenville, S.C.
Eudoria F. Milan died 29 May 1923
E. E. Milan died 30 Oct. 1947
Dovie Milam 1st wire of E. E. Milan died 12 Apr. 1888

Note: Eudora Wilson married first E. F. Shorter, later was second wife of Emerson E. Milam.


Grooms Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 1, January 1972, p. 22

Submitted by Mrs. J. M. Chatfield (Kathryn Bone) 2000 Oak, Baytown, Texas. This record is taken from the family Bible of Right Marshall Grooms, which his widow, Eliza Ann Ray, when she came to die, willed to her daughter, Catherine Right Grooms, who on her death requested it be given to her only living brother Zebulon Wason Grooms, who left it to his oldest daughter, Nina Grooms Campbell. The Bible is now owned by descendants of Nina Grooms Campbell.

Bright Grooms was born Dec. 12, 1790
Katy (Winders) Grooms was born January 6, 1791, married August 17, 1813

Children's names:
Nancy N. Grooms was born Sept. 29, 1815
Susannah Grooms was born Dec. 31, 1816
L(ucy) J(ane) Grooms born July 24, 1818
Wylie Grooms born Mar. 4, 1820, died May 2, 1842
Catherine Grooms born Mar. 10, 1821
Sarah (Sallie) Grooms born Feb. 7, 1823
Evalina Grooms born June 9, 1824
Mary (Polly) Ann Grooms born Jan. 5, 1826
Martha A. Grooms born Dec. 19, 1827
Right Marshall Grooms born Apr. 30, 1830
Harriet Grooms born May 24, 1832
Polina Grooms born July 15, 1836

Right Marshall Grooms died Aug. 31, 1862 of wounds received in battle.
Right Marshall Grooms married Eliza Ann Ray, March 18, 1852. She died April 2, 1868

Nathaniel Thadius Grooms born Jan. 28, 1853
Zebulon Wason Grooms born Aug. 30, 1856
Catherine Right Grooms born Mar. 5, 1863


Yancey Bible Records

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 1, January 1972, pp. 22-24

Submitted by Mrs. C. C. James, Rt. #2, Humboldt, Tenn. 38343, who is the owner of this very old Bible. The Bible's Family Records are in several handwritings, some rather difficult to read. Some names were recorded twice but are copied each time. The Bible is very old, fragile, stained, with some holes.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments: Together with the Apocrypha: Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, By the special Command of King James I of England, with Marginal Notes and References, to which are added, An Index; An Alphabetical Table of all the Names in the Old and New Testaments with their significations, and Tables of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Coins, Also Brown's Concordance, Embellished with a Map of Palestine, and Nine Historical Engravings. Charlestown (Massachusetts) Printed by and for Samuel Etheridge; and for J. White & Co., Thomas & Andrew's; West & Greenleaf; E. Larkin; and J. West, Boston. 1803.

Inside the front cover in large writing: ELIZABETH YANCEY. On the page following "The End of the Prophets" is written: THIS BIBLE IS THE PROPERTY OF STERLING YANCEY 1811

Sterling Yancey & Betsey Williams his wife were married the 24th of August 1785
Jas M Yancey & Eliza Slade his 1st wife were married Augt. 2, 1814
Eliza, Jas M wife died August 12, 1815
William her first and only son Nov. 7th 1815 died
Jas H. Yancey and his 2nd wife Ann Smith were married Decr 7th 1817

Sterling Yancey was born Dec0 25th 1762
Betsy Yancey, his wife, was born Augst 12th 1770
Minge Yancey first son was born July 24th 1787
William Wms. Yancey 2nd son was born Feby. 14th 1790
Miscarriage of a 3rd son
Lewis Yancey 4th Son, was born Augst 20th 1793
James Madison Yancey, 5th Son was born the 25th March 1796
George Washington Yancey, 6th Son, was born 4th Sept. 1798
Elizabeth Ridley Yancey first daughter was born 10th Decr 1800
Albert Yancey 7th Son was born 29th Decr 1803
Jackson M. Yancey Son of James(?) Yancey was born 3d of October (born - 1821?)
Elizabeth Williams Yancey daughter of Albert and Susan Yancey was born in (Wake Cty. N.C.) the 19th day of Octr A.D. 1830
William Yancey 1st Son of Jas H. Yancey was born May 1st 1815
James Yancey 1st Son of Ja5 H. Yancey by his 2nd wife (Ann Smith) was born September 18th 1818 at Murfresboro N.C.
Susan Yancey wife of Albert Yancey was born January 31st 1810

Miscellaneous Memoranda
Doctor Albert Yancey died at his residence in Wake County on Sunday the 1st day of July A.D. 1832
Albert Green Yancey was born in Wake County N.C. the 1st day of November 1832
Albert G. Yancey died the 17 of March 1857

Lewis Yancey and Harried J. Casso his wife was married April 2nd 1817
Elizabeth Williams Wood dide the 13th Nov. A.D. 1849
Sarah Yancey was born Sept. 20 1844
William H. Yancey was born June 20th 1846
Mary E. Yancey was born March the 18th 1848
James A. Yancey was born the 18th (? - blurred) of June 1850
Lucy A. R. Yancey was born April 8th 1852
Albert Yancey & Susan S. Simmons? was married 2nd day of Dec. A.D. 1829
Elizabeth Williams Yancey first child of Albert & Susan Yancey was born 19th October A.D. 1830
Albert Green Yancey 2nd Child was born 1st day of November 1832
Minge Yancey and Frances Knott were married _______________
Minge Yancey died ___ day of ________ A.D. 19__ (left blank)
Sterling Yancey son of Minge and Frances was born 12th day of May 1815
A. (Y. or G.) Simmons was born September the 11th 1831
A. G. Yancey & Lissie S. Sappington was married the 10th of August 1834

William Williams Yancey 2nd son died in Fayetteville Dec. 19th 1810
Mrs. Elizabeth Yancey grandmother to William Wms. Yancey died in February 23d.1811
And. Thornton Yancey husband of Elizabeth Yancey and grandfather of Wm. Williams Yancey died August 24th 1811
Sterling Yancey died in Raleigh January 5th 1815
George W. Yancey died in Petersburg February 9th 1820
Lewis Yancey died at Raleigh July 2nd 1821
Jas Madison Yancey died at Murfreesborough North Carolina (torn, may be October) 17th 1825
Eliza R. Yancey dies in Wmsborough March 11, 1825


Bills-Elliott Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 2, April 1972, pp. 58, 65

The family Bible belonging to Alcy Jones Bills and John Calvin Elliott, now in the possession of Mrs. John F. Byrd, 668 National Ave., Gretna, Louisiana 70053, a great granddaughter. In the following records, submitted by Mrs. Byrd, please note that the marriage of John C. Elliott and Alcy J. Bills and the birth dates of their children are recorded in one handwriting. All other notations are in more than one handwriting.

New York:
American Bible Society
Instituted in the Year MDCCCXVI

John C. Elliott was born January the 24 1827
Alcy J. Elliott was born February the 20 1827
Thomas Scot Elliott was born July 13th 1847
Elizabeth D. Elliott was born August 7th 1849
M. A. F. Elliott was born May the 5 1851
Rhody Carrie Elliott was born September 18th 1854
James L. Elliott was born December 4th 1857
William A. Elliott was born March 24 1859
Mary Catharine Elliott was born October 20th 1862
John D. Elliott was born March 8 1864
Susan Elliott was born December 17 1866
Cora Elliott was born October 23 1870

John C. Elliott & A. J. Bills was Married August 6th 1846
Rhoda Caroline Elliott was married February the 6th 1876

James L. Elliott died June the 12th 1858
John C. Elliott departed this life May 25th 1889 in his 63rd year
Thomas S. Elliott departed this life Sept. 1928

Ethel Ball was born February 19, 1878
Fannie Mayfield was borned January 15, 1878
Leta Loretta Elliott was born May 23 1888

Funeral Notice: The friends and acquaintances of Mr. John C. Elliott are informed that the funeral of his wife, ALCY, will take place from his residence, on Bennett Street, this (Wednesday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. Burial at Antioch, near Biardstown. Services by Jas. M. Biard. Paris, Texas, July 15th, 1884. (Alcy J. Bills Elliott was daughter of Dr. Daniel G. Bills, Lewisburg, Tenn.)

OBITUARY: Christian Messenger, Wednesday, July 24, 1889

In Memoriam
John C. Elliott was born in Marshall county, Tenn., Jan. 24th, 1827. Married to Alcy J. Bills, daughter of Dr. A. G. Bills, deceased, of Lewisburg, Tenn., Aug. 6th 1846. On May 25th, 1889, his soul was wafted back to God, who gave it, and all that was mortal of John C. Elliott was deposited by the side of the dust of his noble and true Christian wife, (who died July 16th, 1884,) in the old graveyard at Biardstown, Lamar county, Texas. Most of his life was spent in and around Lewisburg, Tenn., and he never tired of talking of the noble good people and old soldiers of the cross, who with him enlisted early in the ranks of the Reformation. ... For fifteen years he had lived in Lamar Co., Texas, and while he loved the home of his adoption, he always had a yearning for the old home.

He loved the Advocate, was a constant reader of it for many years. He knew its editors personally and loved them devotedly for their fidelity to the cause he loved above all else....

For me to say that John C. Elliott was for almost his entire life time a true Christian, only voices what all who have ever known him know to be true; then what higher tribute can we pay - what more can we say? To my mind no higher honor to morals belongs. We have no conception of anything higher. A Christian! That embraces everything good, grand, high, noble and sublime. John C. Elliott was a true follower of Christ. Oh, could I have it said of me, when I shall have finished my course here on earth, truthfully, as I have said of John C. Elliott, - he was a Christian. What more could I ask? What more could I expect? My nature is so different to his, I am so resentful, so impetuous and my ambitious nature is so hard to control. May God help us all to be resigned to his will and to control our sinful natures is our prayer.

Fraternally, JAMES A. ELLIOTT
Paris, Texas July 16, 1889.


Hart Family Record

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 2, April 1972, p. 59

Contributed to FAMILY FINDINGS by Mrs. O. L. Spencer, Rt. #3, Jackson, Tenn. During the Civil War, the Hart family was living in the Hart's Bridge Community of Madison County, Tennessee. The Union soldiers who occupied this area burned the Hart home, and Elizabeth Hunt Hart, great-grandmother of Mrs. Spencer, saved this Family Record by tearing it from the family Bible when her home was set on fire. This old torn family record is now in the possession of Mrs. Spencer.

Pomfrett Hart was born The 8th of December 1797
Elizabeth P. Hunt wife of the above was born The 21st. of January 1807
Ann Jane Hart was born The 28th of August A.D. 1821
Mary Eliza Hart was born The 7th of February 1823
Susan P. Hart was born The 22nd of March 1825
James Pleasant Hart was born the 27th of May 1827
William Worrell Hart was born the 17th of December 1829
Joseph P. Hart was born the 29th of June A.D. 1832
Elizabeth Rebecca was born the 27th of February 1835
Robert Daniel Hart was born The 6th of July A.D. 1837
Sophia Frances Hart was born the 16th of March A.D. 1840
Thomas Michael Hart was born the 22nd of September 1842
Valera Catharine Hart was born the 13th of November 1845
Nancey Ardena Hart was born the 3rd of July A.D. 1848

Pomfrett Hart and Elizabeth P. Hunt was married the 22nd June 1820
James W. Carter and Ann Jane Hart was Married the 6th July 1836
James P. Hart and Mary H. was Married the 10th June 1851
Lea H. Jobnston/Susan P. Dearmore/family L. P. Hart/ was married the _______________
Hugh Nanney & Elizabeth R. Hart was married the ______________
William W. Hart & Elizabeth H. Johnston was Married the 10th of January 1857
William W. Hart married Sarah Davis


Family Bible of Hiram Burrow

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 2, April 1972, pp. 59-60

Page 1, Parents' Record
FATHER. Hiram Burrow was born January 1808 the 26 day in the year of our Lord and was marred March the 2 day in the year 1828 to Lydia House
MOTHER. Lydia House was born April 26, 1811 in the year of our Lord

Sarah Ann Burrow was born Jan. the 6, 1829
Rebeca Miram Burrow was born Feb. the 20, 1832
Mary Kisiah Burrow was born Sep. 22, 1836
Marget Sophia Burrow was born May the 14, 1842

Page 2, Births
Handsel W. Burrow was born May 15, 1830 Ad
Isham L. Burrow wa~ born Dec. 7, 1833 Ad
John J. Burrow was born June the 15, 1838 Ad
Thomas Jef. Burrow was born Dec. 31, 1839. Ad
Francis Ma. Burrow was born Sep. 30 the 1847. Ad
Grandville Man. Burrow was born Sep. 8, 1849. Ad
Marget S. Burrow was born May 14, 1842 Ad
Penelope E. Burrow was born January the 1844. Ad
Barbara T. Burrow was born March the 25, 1846 Ad
William W. Blanks was born June the 17, 1851 AD
C. C. Burrow was born January the 1, 1834

Page 3, Marriages
John Briant and Rebeca Blanks was Marred Sep. the 5, 1867 by Rev. Silas Jones
N. P. Clopton & B. E. Burrow was Marred Feb. 13, 1868, by Rev. A. E. Coopper
Sarah A. Burrow was Marred to Henry N. Carter Oct. the 23, 1847
Hiram Burrow & Lydia House was joined in wedlock March 2, 1828
Rebcca M. Burrow was mared to James H. Blanks Oct the 10, 1850
H. W. Burrow and F. E. Gill were married Oct 13th 1857
Wm. Blanks & M. K. Burrow was Marred Jan. the 19, 1859
I. L. Burrow & Rebeca Burrow was Marred Mar. 14th 1859
P. E. Burrow was marred to T. Z. Belew Oct. 7, 1860
R. D. Phillips & S. A. Carter was Marred Dec. 18, 1862
H. W. Burrow and Sallie R. Howard was marred April 25, 1871

Page 4, Deaths
Phillip Burrow Departed this life Oct the 4, 1861 in Arkansaw
Marget Burrow Departed this life Oct. 16, 1852
John House Departed this life April 6, 1846
Polly House Departed this life Aug. 25, 1858
Martin Burrow Departed this life Feb. 11, 1847
John Jackson Burrow Departed this life Nov the 1, 1839
Frances Marcan Burrow Departed this life 26 of May 1848
B. T. Burrow Departed this life Decem. the 8, 1860
N. S. Burrow Departed this life Decem 15, 1860
T. J. Burrow Departed this life June the 19, 1862 at Columbus Miss
Fanna E. Burrow Departed this life Aug. 29, 1865
Hiram Burrow Departed this life Sep. the 13, 1873
Lydia Burrow Departed this life May the 31, 1874
J. H. Blanks Departed this life Oct the 19, 1859
H. N. Carter Departed this Life Jan. 8, 1861

Page 5
F. N. Blanks was borned Feb. 16, 1853
L. V. Blanks was borned Apr. 4, 1855
H. A. Blanks was borned Oct. 1, 1858
Otha H. Belew was borned Aug. 3, 1861
Amanda E. Belew was borned Aug. 25, 1863
Lura M. Belew was borned Oct. 18, 1865

The condition of this Bible is poor with f'lyleaf a missing, so no publishing date is available. The Bible is, as of Feb. 10, 1972, in the possession of James Fefferson Blanks of Trezevant, Tennessee. Hiram Burrow (1808-1873) was born in Bedford County Tenn. and moved with his father Phillip Burrow, Jr., to Carroll Co., Tenn., about 1825. Hiram lived near Whitthorne and is buried at the Shiloh Methodist Church. Transcribed by: James Rightman Blanks, 304 Heights Avenue, Tullahoma, Tennessee 37388, February 10, 1972.


Family Record from John Bryant's Book

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 2, April 1972, p. 61

Owned by his daughter, Fannie Bryant Willismaon (Mrs. Nathaniel) in 1933, copied and asubmitted to FAMILY FINDINGS by Mrs. Herbert F. May, then of McKenzie, Tennessee, now of Jackson, Tennessee.

The Holy Bible containing — The Old and New Testaments Translated out of The Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. Steroetype Edition, New York, Printed by D. Fanshaw, For the American Bible Society, 1832

Rhoda Flippin was born Sept. 14, 1829.
Frances Elizabeth Bryant born the 10th of Aug. 1857. Married Nath Williamson.
Amanda Bryant was borne the 19 of February 1833 and died April 15, 1833.
Elvira Matilda Pratt' was borned on the 30th Day of Sept. 1861 and died June 30, 1863.
James J. Bryant died 10th day of June 1882, he was 16 years and 2 days old when he died.
John Bryant was born in the year of our Lord 1809.
Martha Bullington Born February 15th 1830.
Elvira Bryant was Borne the 29 Dey of' Dec. 1833.
Martha Bryrant was born November 8th 1835 Married Martin Belew.
Lueyesa Bryant was born June 25, 1838.
Catherine Bryant was born Sept. 8th 1840 and Died Oct. 17th 1845.
Starnes Bryant was born September 7th 1842.
Hannah Bryant was born March 9th, 1845.
Elijah L. Bryant was borne April 8th 1847.
Math Williamson was born 1850 Jan. 29.
Ozzie Williamson Wren died the 20th of October 1918.
Alton Lee Wren was born Oct. 17 and died Nov. 13, 1918.
Vandalia Jane Belew was borned on the first day Of October 1854.
John Samuel Belew was borned on the first day of December 1851.
Frances Matilda Belew was born on February the 11th 1859.
William Martin Belew was Borned on the 23 of December 1862.
Annie B. Williamson Died April 22, 1925.
On Campbell Died Aug. 22, 1925.

(John Bryant, born 1809, married three times — the name of wife No. 1 unknown. Wife No. 2 was Rhoda Fhippin, daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth (White) Flippin. John Bryant and Rhoda Flippin were married 10 Jan. 1850. Wife No. 3 was Martha Bullington. RJM)


McGee Bible Record

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 2, April 1972, pp. 61-62

Submitted by Owner of the McGee Bible, James A. Cushman, 1120 Wade Dr., Bedford, Texas 76021.

THE FAMILY BIBLE Containing THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, with BRIEF NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS, Designed to give the results of critical investigation, and to assist common readers to understand the meaning of the Holy Spirit in the inspired Word. Including The References and Marginal Readings Of The Polyglot Bible. Published by the American Tract Society, 150 Nassau-Street, New York. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1861, by the American Tract Society, in the Clerk's office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Joseph Lane McGee and Sarah Jane Johnson were married 12th day of March 1868. Humboldt, Tennessee.
Henry Johnson McGee and Mollie Ellen Russell were married 7th day of Feb. 1893. Nashville, Tennessee.
"Lilla" Lucile McGee and James Alfred Cushman 3rd, were married 15 day of August 1918, Augusta, Ga.
Joseph Russell McGee and Elizabeth Burroughs were married 25th day of September, 1920 at Memphis, Tennessee.
Joseph Russell McGee and Nelcine Morgan were married Aug. 3, 1929, Houstoh, Texas

Joe Lane McGee was born 24th day of August 1838, Gibson County, Tennessee.
Sarah Jane Johnson, daughter of Hon. Milton H. Johnson and America Thomas Johnson, was born 14th of June 1845 Gibson County, Tenn.
Henry Johnson McGee was born May the 3rd 1869. Humboldt, Gibson County, Tenn.
Mollie Ellen Russell was born Aug. 6th 1871 Humboldt, Gibson County, Tennessee
"Lilla" Lucile McGee daughter of H. J. and Mollie E. McGee was born the 28th of November 1893, Humboldt, Tennessee
Joseph Russell McGee son of H. J. and Mollie E. McGee was born at Humboldt Tennessee on the 8 th day of July 1895.
James Alfred Cushman 4th, son of J. A and "Lilla" Lucile McGee Cushman was born at St. Joseph's Hospital, Houston, Texas on May 30, 1921.
Virginia Clare Cushman, daughter of J. A. and "Lilla" M. Cushman, was born at St. Joseph's Hospital, Houston, Texas on Jan. 13, 1927.
Joseph R. McGee, Jr., son of Joseph Russell McGee and Nelcine Morgan McGee was born at St. Joseph's Infirmary Jan. 18, 1931, Houston, Texas
Nelcine Ann McGee, daughter of Joseph Russell McGee and Nelcine Morgan McGee was born at St. Joseph's Infirmary, Jan. 3, 1936, Houston, Texas

Joe L. McGee died Wednesday November 4th at 8 oclock P.M. 1885 Humboldt, Tenn.
Sarah Jane McGee died November 15th at 8 oclock P.M. 1892, Humboldt, Tenn.
Henry Johnson McGee died in Memphis Tenn, Saturday May 24th at 10:30 P.M. 1919
Mollie Russell McGee died Wednesday, June 2nd at 4 o'clock A.M. 1920 in St Joseph's Hospital Memphis, Tenn.
Joseph Russell McGee died Jan. 1957 Veterans Hospital, Houston, Texas
James Alfred Cushman 3rd Died Dec. 7, 1961 at home 2208 Robinhood Rd., Houston, Texas

Both Grandparents and Parents buried on McGee lot in Rose Hill Cemetary, Humboldt, Tenn. (signed) Lucile M. Cushman

Also in the Family Records section is written the fol1owing:
America Thomas, Great Grandmother and Hon. M. H. Johnson was my paternal great Grandfather.
My grandparents, all 4, died before I was born. Henry J. McGee's (My Dad) Father when he was 16. His mother died Nov. before his marriage to my Mother, Mollie Russell McGee.
My Russell Grandparents (Thomas Russell and Mary O'Connell) died while my Mother was still a minor, so I know very little of them.
(signed) Lucile McGee Cushman

Pasted on the same page was a calling card: "E. R. Turner, Druggist,
Purdy, Tenn." with a note "This was in Bible when Mother & Dad were married in 1893."

Also pasted was the following obituary:

John J. Gillespie died at the residence of his grandfather, Hon. M. H. Johnson at 4:40 o'clock on Friday afternoon, aged 21 years. The funeral was set for 2 o'clock on Saturday but was not held until the same hour the following day on account of the extremely inclement weather. The Rev. W. G. Hefley conducted the services.

John was well known by everybody as an honorable, upright young man with bright prospects before him. About a year ago the inherited disease, consumption, made itself manifest, and since that time he has been gradually going down. He is now free from the cares and trials of this world and at rest.

On a loose piece of note paper was written the following:
Mrs. Donovan Died Nov 7th, 1898
D. Donovan died Dec 6th 1902


Graves Bible Records

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 4, October 1972, p. 100

Submitted by Mrs. A. B. Landy, 1427 S. Madison, San Angelo, Texas 76901. The Bible from which these records were taken is in the possession of Mr. Albert Raines of Henning, Tennessee.

FRONTISPIECE: The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues, and With the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised with Canne's Marginal Notes and References. To Which are added An Index; An Alphabetical Table (page torn) of all the names in the Old and New Testaments with their (page torn) Tables of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Co. (page torn). Philadelphia: Jesper Harding. 1855.


Wm. H. Graves was bornd July the 31 1815
James Graves was born August the 30 1820
Susan B. Graves was born Oct the 25 1839
Martha J. Graves was born April 21 1841
Thos. H. Graves was born March the 8 1843
Mary M. Graves was born June the 7 184_ (could not read last number-Ed.)
John R. Graves was born March the 8 1842
James M. Graves was born November the 2 1851
George P. Graves was born November the 1 1853
Joseph P. Graves was born May the 8 1858
Infant Born April the 17 1863
Wm. H. Graves was Born August the 14 1855

Wm. H. Graves & Jane Watson was married December the 13 1838

Martha Jane Graves Died May the 28 1860
Joseph P (could not read-Ed.) Graves Died Sept the 4 1863
Wm. H. Graves Died Sept. 10th 1869
Infant Died May the 26 1863
Jane Graves Died May 8, 1905.


Easton Bible Records

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 4, October 1972, pp. 100-101

Also submitted by Mrs. A. B. Landy, address above. The Bible from which these records were taken is in the possession of Judge and Mrs. C. S. Carney of Ripley, Tennessee. Mrs. Carney's mother was Minnie Easton Johnston. The town of Easton, Pennsylvania was named for her family.

FRONTISPIECE: The holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of The Original Tongues; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. New York: American Bible Society, Instituted in the Year MDCCCXVI. 1856.


Wm. Samuel Easton was born July the 19th A.D. 1834
Mrs. Susanah Flanagan was born July the 12th A.D. 1836
Wilson Osker Easton was born Jany the 29th A.D. 1858
Sarah Catherine Easton was born December 2nd 1860
Charles Henry Easton was born July 22nd A.D. 1862
Mary Ida Easton was born October the 30th A.D. 1863
Annie Margaret Easton was born september 22nd A.D. 1866
Minnie Susan Easton was born January 9th A.D. 1869
John M. Easton was born June 28th A.D. 1871
Maria Grace Easton was born October 23rd A.D. 1873
Emma Jane Easton was born February 15th A.D. 1875

Mr. Samuel Easton and Miss Susanah Flanagan were married on the 26th of April 1857
Mr. W. Oscar Easton & Miss Maggie Rale married Nov. 16th 1886 at Green Castle, Pa.

Sarah Catharine Easton died May the 13th 1864 Aged 3 yrs 5 mo and 11 days.
Mary Ida Easton died the tenth day of September A.D. 1864 Aged 10 mo & 11 days
Susan Easton died the seventh day of February A.D. 1877 - Aged 40 years & 6 mon & 25 days
W. Oscar Easton died Dec. 18, 188_ (number marked over - 6?) Aged 28 yrs. 10 mos. 19 da.
Mr. Samuel Easton died June 1st 1899
Charles H. Easton Died 1921
Annie M. Easton Kinny Died Sep. 19 - 1935
John M. Easton Died Jan. 13 - 1944
Minnie Susan Easton Johnston died Mar. 24th, 1952

(The Graves Bible Records and the Easton Bible Records were transcribed from a zerox copy given to your Editor by Mrs. Landy. In some places the records were very hard to read. We sincerely hope they have been copied correctly.)


Records from the Bob Smith Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 4, October 1972, pp. 101-102

Now owned by Mr. Floyd Smith, Mifflin, Tennessee, and copied 28 December 1971 by Mrs. Herbert F. May, Jackson, Tennessee 38301.

FRONTISPIECE: The Devotional and Practical Polyglott Family Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments With Marginal Readings and a Full and Original Selection of References to Parallel and Illustrative Passages, Arranged in a Manner Hitherto Unattempted Together with a Concordance, a Careful Index to the Bible, Also, A Family Record, and Many Valuable Treatises and Useful Tables, Designed to Promote and Facilitate the Devotional Study of the Holy Scriptures. Illustrated with Finely Executed Maps, and Engravings of Steel. National Publishing Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, & Memphis, Tenn. Jones, Jenkins & Co. Chicago, Illa. 1870.


J. F. Smith & E. L. Garett was married January the 28th 1869
J. F. Smith & M. E. Clayton was married December the 18th 1879
A. S. Smith & Josie Johnson was married Feb. 19, 1899
Josie Smith Departed this Life January the 17 1904

(Written on the page with the Marriages was the following:)
Will and Willmer Smith was borend June 16, 1897
Floied and Lould Smith was Borend October 1899 the 18
Will Smith Died Oct. 12, 1947
A. S. Smith Died June 19, 1952

J. F. Smith was Born Janry 4th 1843
E. L. Garrette Consort of J. F. Smith was Born November the 29th 1839
M. E. Clayton Consort of J. F. Smith was Bornd April the 20th 1851
A. S. Smith 1st was borned November the 28th 1869
Mary Ellen Smith 2 Born of J. F. & E. L. Smith was Born Sept 28th 1871
Tessie Smith 3rd Born of J. F. & E. L. Smith was Born March 15th 1873
Flora Smith 4th Born of J. F. & E. L. Smith was born Sept the 27th 1874
Udora May Smith was Borned May the 9th 1881
John Frank Smith son of Bob S. Smith was Born November the 28 1895
Emer S. Smith was Borned Dec the 16th 1882
R. S. Smith Son of Bob & Josie Smith was borned december the 21 1891
Lilly May Smith daughter of bob & Josie Smith was borned August the 5 1893


Mary Ellen Smith Departed this life Sept. the 22nd in the year of our Lord A.D. 1877
E. L. Smith Departed this life April the 9th in the year A.D. 1878
M.E. Smith Departed this life March the 16th in the year A.D. 1886
J. L. Smith Departed this life January the 2nd in the year of our Lord A.D. 1893
Lucy Smith Departed this life August the 15 1896
Josie Smith Consort of A. S. Smith was Born September 1873
Flora Smith Departed this life March the 10th in the year A.D. 1895
Lilly May Smith Departed this life August the 15 in the year of our Lord A.D. 1896
John Frank Smith Departed this life August the 31 in the year of our Lord A.D. 1899
Whiner Smith Departed this life Dec. 16, 1915
Nancy Ann Smith Died October 21, 1935, Age 69 years 3 days
G. W. Smith Died October 26 1935 Age 79 years 10 days
Martha Jane Smith Died November 2 1935 Age 73 years 3 months 1 day
Lizzie Smith Winslow Died feb. 16 1939 Age 56 years 2 months 9 days


Stineman Family Records

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 4, October 1972, pp. 102-103

Submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Coy, Old Medina Road, Jackson, Tennessee 38301, who are the owners of the Bible from which the following records were transcribed.

FRONTISPIECE: Daniel D. Smith Sterotype Edition. The Holy Bible Containing the Old & New Testaments together with the Apocrypha Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translation Diligently Compared & Revised with Canne's Marginal Notes and References. New York, Published and sold by Daniel D. Smith at the Franklin Juvenile Book and Stationery Store, No. 190 Greenwich St. also by the Principle Book Sellers in the United States. 1823.

Rodolph Stineman M. Jan. 11, 1815.

Rodolph Stineman was born Oct. 3, 1793
Mary Stineman was born Dec. 3, 1797
John Stineinan was born Sep. 3, 1817
Mary Stineman was born Aug. 24, 1819
Harriet Stineman was born Jan. 31, 1823
Nancy Stinoman was born Jan. 5, 1825
Phebe Stineman was born Oct. 15, 1828

John Stineman died Jan. 6, 1830
Harriet Stineman died Nov. 20, 1827
Mary Stineman died Feb. 18, 1838
Phebe Stineman (married an Osborn) died May 19, 1882
Nancy Stineman (married an Osborn & a Neff) died Sep. 7, 1894
Cora Ellin Neff died Sep. 16, 1876


Phillips Bible Records

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 4, October 1972, pp. 103-104

Also submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Coy, who are the owners of the Bible from which these records were taken. The Phillips Family resided in Illinois.

FRONTISPIECE: The Peoples Standard Edition of the Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments and the Apocryphal Writings. Translated from the Hebrew and Greek and carefully compared with former translations. Text conformable with the Standard of the American Bible Society. Bradley, Garretson & Co. 66 North 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Branford, Ontario. W. M. Garretson & Co., Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, Ill. Nashville, Tenn. St. Louis, Mo. & San Francisco, Cal. 1879.


J. M. Phillips of North Okaw Township, Coles Co., Ill., and NancyE. Wade of North Okaw, Ill., on Oct. 10th 1872 at the home of Nancy Neff by the Rev. John Turner, minister of Mt. Zion.
Calvin Phillips & Rutha W. Chowning was married July- 6, 1846
James M. Phillips & Nancy E. Wade married Oct. 10, 1872
Frank Tudor & ma Phillips married Mar. 6, 1892
Francis Phillips & Alice Whitley married Dec. 24, 1899
M. Harriet Phillips & Edmund Coy married July 22, 1908 at noon

Arleta Marcella Tudor, Sep. 29, 1913
Ina Phillips was born Octber 14, 1874
Calvin Phillips was born Feb. 10, 1876
Robert Phillips was born Octber 26, 1878
Francis Phillips was born May 12, 1881
Hattie Phillips was born 7 Nov. 1887
Irma Genevieve Tudor, Dec. 30, 1892
Grace Tudor was born Sep. 8, 1894
Bessie Tudor was born Aug. 11, 1896
Herman Phillips was born Nov. 19, 1900
Alice Whitley was born June 10, 1881
Iva Marie Tudor was born July 16, 1902
Marion William Phillips was born Mar. 18, 1903
Mildred Pauline Tudor was born Nov. 18, 1907
Marion Edmund Coy, Apr. 8, 1910
Alice Elizabeth Coy, Mar. 14, 1913
Calvin Phillips, Oct. 20, 1825
Rutha M. Phillips, 1830
James M. Phillips, Feb. 8, 1848
Nancy E. Wade, Mar. 5, 1854
F. Tudor, Mar. 7, 1868
Edmund Coy, May 4, 1887
Aleen Jane Coy, May 22, 1921
Harriet Louise Coy, Apr. 10, 1923, died same day.

Calvin Phillips died Aug. 26, 1881
Rutha M. Phillips died May 26, 1877
Calvin Phillips died Jan. 6, 1877
Robert Phillips died Feb. 10, 1879
Marion William Phillips died Apr. 11, 1904
Alice Elizabeth Coy, Mar. 27, 1916
Arleta Marcella Tudor died May 26, 1917
Haleen Jane Coy died Apr. 6, 1926
James Marion Phillips died Nov. 14, 1928
Nancy Elizabeth Phillips died June 30, 1933
Irma Geneive Tudor-Cole died July 1892
Walter Trotter died June 11, 1969
Hugh Trotter died May 7, 1969

Mary Ann Phillips born Jan. 21, 1856
Mary Ann Phillips died Mar. 14, 1948


Moore Bible Records

From Family Findings, Vol. IV, No. 4, October 1972, pp. 104-105

Submitted by Mrs. James A. Cushman, 1120 Wade, Bedford, Texas 76021. The following records are from an old Bible owned by Mr. Ellwood McKinnie of De Sota, Texas, who is the great grandson of the original owner, Alfred Moore. A newspaper clipping of Mr. Moore’s obituary, found in the Bible, states that Alfred Moore was born in Randolph Co., N. Carolina. In 1822 he moved to McNairy Co., Tennessee, and in 1826 opened a mercantile business. He was elected to the office of Registrar of McNairy County, Tenn. (date not given) The Wilkinson entries in the Bible are on pages hand-sewn into the Bible. The Wilkerson and McKinnie families lived in Bolivar, Hardeman County, Tennessee.

FRONTISPIECE: The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments Translated from the Original Tongues and with the former translations Diligently Compared and Revised with Canne’s Marginal Notes and References. To which are added An Index:

An Alphabetical Table of all the names in the old and new Testaments, with their significations, Table of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Coins etc. Philadelphia: Stereotyped and Published by C. Alexander & Co., Athenian Buildings, Franklin Place and sold by All the Principal Booksellers in the United States. 1834

Alfred Moore & Louisa Beaty was married on the 14th day of December 1837
Hiram Johnson & Fannie Moore was married 2lth November 1860
Foster D. Moore and Mollie Johnson were married on the 29th day of December A.D. 1862
R. P. Wilkinson and Loucilla B. Moore were married on the 11th day of September 1865
Albert D. McKinnie & Ollie R. Moore was married Dec 4th 1872

Births (In Tennessee)
Alfred Moore was born on the 25th day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & four. (later added "Born in North Carolina")
Louisa Beatty was born on 22nd day of May A.D. 1817 (Middle Tennessee)
Elizabeth Jane Moore was born on the 19th February 1839 in year of our Lord
Foster D. Moore was born 9th day of August 1841 in year of our Lord
Mary Frances Moore was born in the year of our Lord 3rd March 1843
Marish Louisa Moore was born in the year of our Lord 23 December 1844
Lucilla Batty Moore was born 31st day of July in the year of our Lord 1846
Robert Taylor Moore was born in the Our Lord the 11th day of April 1848
William Campbell Moore was born the 12th day of February in year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred & fifty
Oily Rebecca Moore was born 15th day of October in the year of our Lord 1851
Anner Viola Moore was born on the 12th September in the year of Lord 1853
Walter Edger Moore was born in the year of our Lord on the 29 day of March 1857
R. P. Wilkinson was born in the year of our Lord the 28 March 1842
Lou B. Wilkinson was born 31st July 1846
Edgar Hodgers Wilkinson was born in the year of our Lord 1866 June 10th
John Moore Wilkinson was born in the year of our Lord on 6th day of Aug. 1868

Alfred Moore departed this life on the 26th day of August at 4! oclock P.M. in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred & Sixty Nine & in his sixty fifth year. Burried in Bolivar Tenn.
Mollie Moore, wife of F. D. Moore departed this life on the 2nd day of April 1866 Foster D. Moore departed this life on the 12th day of Oct. at 6.10 oclock in the year 1912
Elizabeth J. Moore Departed this Life on 6 day of August 1839
Mariah Louisa Moore Departed this life on the 24 of September 1845
Robert Taylor Moore Departed this life on the 28th day of July 1849
William Campbell Moore departed this life on the 18th day of March 1865
Ollie Rebeca McKinnie departed this life Nov. 3rd 1886 in Bolivar, Tenn.
Anner Viola Moore Departed this life on the 20 June 1854 in the year of our Lord

John Moore Wilkinson departed this life July 19th 1870. "Our little dove has flown, Our little lamb wetve given, To God who claimed him as his own, to dwell with him in heaven".

EXERPTS from Newspaper clippings found in the Bible:
Mary L. Tiller (Mrs. A. P.) born Purdy Tenn July 28, 1851. Died Bolivar Tenn. November 18, 1898.
Booker Swann died Grand Junction Tenn. Sept. 1878