From Family Findings, Vol. III, 1971
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1971
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The Bible of Elizabeth C. Elam
Bransford Family Bible
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Dixon, Crunk Family Records
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Jones Family Bible Records
Kelley Family Bible
Mooring Bible Record
Mrs. Kate Craig Mooring Bible
Records from the Family Bible of Mrs. Ann E. Jones, Mother of "Casey" Jones
T. M. McGee Bible


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Dixon, Crunk Family Records

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 1, January 1971, p. 10


The following Family Data is in an old Bible owned by Mr. John David Myers, 238 Jackson Street, Jackson, Tenn. The Bible shows evidence of having been water-soaked, and there are traces of dirt still clinging to the cover and the pages. On the front page has been written the following: "Went through the flood of 1913". This Bible was published by the American Bible Society of New York in 1867. The location of this family was near Mt. Vernon, Ind., and White County, Illinois.

Johnson Dixon was born on the 1st day of October A.D. 1831
Mary Jane Auger was born on the t2th day of November A. D. 1835
Celia Ann Dixon (daughter of Johnson & Mary Dixon) was born on the 17th day of February A. D. 1855
John Robert Dixon (son of Johnson & Mary Dixon) was born on the 28 (27?) day of February A. D. 1862
Francis C. Dixon (son of Johnson & Mary Dixon) was born on the 31st day of October A.D. 1868
Estella Daughter of J. L. & C. A. Crunk was borned Nov. the 18 (17?) 1874
Abner H. Crunk son of Joseph & Barbra Crunk was borned Nov. the 5th 1882
Abner H. Crunk son of Joseph L. Crunk Barbra Crunk died on the 29th day of February, 1888
C. A. Crunk daughter J. S. - Barbra Crunk borned the 22nd of June, 1881 - Died July the 10th 1881

Johnson Dixon and Mary Jane Auger were married on the 25th day of January A.D. 1854
Joseph L. Crunk and Celia Ann Dixon was married on the 24 (?) th day of April A.D. 1873
Joseph L. Crunk and Barbra Trumpie (?) was married October the 19, 1880
Estella Crunk and Chas. Harvey were married Dec. 23rd, 1903

Francis C. Dixon died on the 24th day of December A.D. 1868
Celia Ann Wife of J. L. Crunk died Oct. 11, A.D., 1875
Johnson Dixon died Oct. 8th A.D. 1877
John R. Dixon cited January the 26, 1881
Massy (?) J. Dixon died Feb. the 12 (?) th 1884
Barbara Crunk died Feb. 17th 1936
J. L. Crunk died Jan. 23, 1913

The above data submitted by Miss Mary Holmes, 231 Jackson St., Jackson, Tenn.


Hill Family Bible Records

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 1, January 1971, pp. 11-12

HILL FAMILY BIBLE RECORDS, contributed by Mrs. Louis Hill, 22 Kemmons Dr., Jackson, Tenn. 38301, also the owner of the Bible from which these records were taken.

TITLE PAGE: The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of The Original Tongues; and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. New York: American Bible Society, Instituted in the Year MDCCCXVL. 1858


Isaac Hill Junior to Elizabeth Ann Bunnell May 17th 1794
Maria Hill to Bola Coe April 23d 1817
Ruth Hill to John Hough August 1828
Benjamin Hill to Julia Stephens December 1828
Leverett Hill to Esther Strong March 25th 1829
Charles Hill to Melinda Lyon July 24th 1830
Austin Hill to Cornelia Rowland September 27th 1832
Sylvester Hill to Clarissa Applebee November 19th 1835
Charlotte Hill to William Hickorson November 19th 1835
Sophia Hill to Asa Wheeler October 19th 1847
Sally Hill to Zenus D. Bradish August 1844

Isaac Hill Junior, November 6th 1772
Elizabeth Ann, Bunnoll, April 12th 1771
Maria Hill, March 20th 1795
Benjnmin Hill, November 7th 1796
Levcrett Hill, March 16th 1798
Charles W. Hill, August 14th 1799
Elizabeth Arm Hill, May 31st 1801
Sophia Hill, March 25 1803
Ruth Emily Hill, March 7th 1805
Charles Hill 2d, March 6th 1807
Austin Hill, December 26th 1808
Sylvester Hill, December 17th 1810
Esther Hill, September 20th 1812
Sally Hill, March 11th 1814
Charlotte Hill, March 12th 1816

Charles W. Hill, September 27th 1801
Esther Hill, September 30th 1816
Elizabeth Ann Hill, August 22d 1828
Elizabeth Ann Hill, 2d, August 30th 1838
Bela Coe, October 5th 1849
Leverett Hill, October 2d 1851
Isaac Hill junior, September 3d 1860
Charles Hill, January 7th 1865
Sally B. Bradish, October 14,1865
Maria Coe, Oct 20, 1866
Clella B. Hill, July 13 1915

Sylvester Hill, December 17th 1810
Clarissa A. Hill< April 17, 1815
Isaac H. Hill, Dec. 5th 1836
Truman O. Hill, July 13th 1838
Elmore D. Hill, Aug. 5th 1843
Ellen G. Hill, Sept. 5th 1848
Homer C. Hill, Apl. 10th 1852
Horace B. Hill, Aprl. 30th 1855
Martin L. Hill, 4th chd., Dec. 9th 1845

Sylvester Hill, November 19th 1878
Isaac H. Hill, Sept. 4th 1849 (
Ellen G. Hill, Sept. 10th 1853
Elmore D. Hill, Sept. 25th 1854
Martin L. Hill, May 7th 1864

S. Bruce Hill to Janie S. Coats, Sept. 1st 1896

Sylvester Bruce Hill, Sept. 3, 1867
Janie Sarah Coats, July 7, 1869
Elsie Hill, June 21st 1897
Thomas Orvin Hill, Dec. 21st 1900
Louis Sylvester Hill, Aug. 31, 1905
Raymond Hartley Hill, May 22, '07

Louis Sylvester Hill & Vera Ruth Biddle married.June 11, 1925
Norma Jean Hill, Born June 9, 1927
Gladys Joan Hill, Born June 26, 1929


Records from the Family Bible of Mrs. Ann E. Jones, Mother of "Casey" Jones

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 1, January 1971, p. 12


Search The Scriptures - from the Personal Bible of Mrs. Ann E. Jones.

Franklin Field Jones and Ann Eliza Nolin were married July the 6th 1858.
Franklin Field Jones were born March 19th 1833.
Ann Eliza Nolin was born Dec. 1st 1833.
Jonathan Luther ("Casey") Jones was born March 14th 1863.
Eugene Jones was born March 21st 1865.
Emma Jane Jones was born Nov. 19th 1867.
Franklin Field Jones, Jr. was born July 3rd 1872.
Philip Nolin Jones was born July 4th 1874.

The Jones Bible can be found in the CASEY JONES MUSEUM, located in Jackson, Tennessee. The above records were copied and submitted for publication by Mrs. Henry M. Ervin.

"Casey" Jones was a spectacular railroad engineer who was killed in a wreck on April 29, 1900. In 1956, the City of Jackson purchased the home in which the Jones family lived at the time of Casey's death, and opened the CASEY JONES MUSEUM.


Jones Family Bible Records

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 1, January 1971, p. 12


The following Jones Family Bible Records were contributed by James T. Newsom of Brownsville, Tennessee who has the Bible in his possession. The frontispiece of the Bible reads as follows: Fine Art Edition/The Self-Pronouncing/S.S. Teachers' Combination BIBLE showing in simple form all changes, additions and omissions made by the revisers in the King James Version enabling Bible readers to see at a glance wherein the two versions differ. This Bible contains the Old and New Testaments translated out of the original tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised containing the Standard Helps to the Study of the Bible conformable to the edition of 1611, commonly known as/the authorized or King James Version/The Light of tfle World/National Baptist Publishing House/ Fulton, Ky. /Large face Bourgeois type.

George W. D. Jones born April 9, 1846
Annie M. B. Howse born Nov. 17, 1843

married Nov. 6, 1872 at D. C. Howse's by Hugh Coffey. Witnesses: S. P. Stott and Ann H. Coffey.

Children of George and Annie Jones:
Littitia G. Jcnes born Jan. 24, 1874
Thomas K. Jones born Apr. 8, 1875
David C. Jones born Feb. 25, 1877
Dora D. Jones born Sept. 15, 1878
Annie A. Jones born Feb. 6, 1881
Flora E. Jones born June 1, 1883
Susie A. Jones born Apr. 2, 1890

Grandchild of George and Annie Jones - Viola L. Jenkins born Aug. 21, 1900

Flora F. Jones died Dec. 11, 1886
Annie A. Jones died Mar. 2, 1891
Suzie A. Jones died May 29, 1896
Thomas K. Jones died May 24, 1898
Dora D. Jones Jenkins died Sept. 6, 1900
Viola Jenkins died Oct. 29, 1900
Geo. W. D. Jones died Oct. 12, 1905
Annie M. B. Jones died Nov. 7, 1930

David C. Jones and Ruth Cobb married November 30, 1902. Infant son of David C. and Ruth Jones born dead Nov. 21, 1906.

David C. Jones died Mar. 20, 1947
Ruth Cobb Jones died Jan. 14, 1949

The entire above Jones family are buried in the Robinson Cemetery in Crockett County, Tennessee near Johnson's Grove.


Kelley Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 2, April 1971, p. 63


The following Bible records were submitted by Mrs. David J. Murphy, 834 A Ave., Coronado, California 92118. The Bible from which these records were taken is now in the possession of Finis Williams, Meridian, Texas. Kinchen Kelley lived in Decatur County, Tennessee, and was the great, great grandfather of Mrs. Murphy.

First Page:
Kinchin Kelley (Father) was borned this 11 day of January in the year of our Lord 1820
Oscar Kelley Wilkins was borned the 4th day of May in the year of our Lord 1879
Nancy Malinda Kelley (Mother) was borned July 27th in the year of our Lord 1827

Second Page:
Estell Elentine Kelley was borned December 23rd A.D. 1846
Roseland Eglintine Kelley was borned August the 2nd A.D. 1848
Norman Lesser Kelley was borned October 27th A.D. 1849
Malvina (Margaret?) & Pertima Kelley was borned April the 2nd A.D. 1854
Mary Jane Kelley was borned the 6th day of January 1858
Daniel Elisha Kelley was borned the 27th day of May 1859
Hetty Susan Kelley was borned January the 7th A.D. 1862

(Note: There is an entry or entries in the Filagree print surrounding this page that cannot be read)

This notation is at the botton of this page: "We came here on (appears to be ) 13th August 1?79" (Middle date not legible but might be 7 making date 1779)

Kinchen Kelley was married to Nancy M. McLarern, February the 15th A.D. 1846
Joel Webster and Tina Kelley was married the 26th day of Sept. 1872
George Wilkins & E. E. Kelley was married on the 29th day of Oct. 1876
J. E. Carter and Mary J. Kelley was married on the 23rd day of Feb. 1882
D. E. Carter and Malla Kelley was married on the 15th of Feb.1883
William A. Russel and Hetty S. Kelley was married on the 3rd day of Sept. 1880
R. (Appears to be Worh, could be Wash) Garrard and Laura V. Kelley was married on the 25th day of December 1878

Roseland Elentine Kelley departed this life on the 12th of August A.D. 1848
Estelle Eglentine Wilkins departed this life on the 17th day of April A.D. 1880
Daniel Elisha Kelley departed this life on the 8th of January A.D. 1886
Kinchen Kelley departed this life on the 6th of Nov. 1888


Mrs. Kate Craig Mooring Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 2, April 1971, pp. 64-65


Hitchoocks New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible or the Whole of the Old and New Testaments arranged according to subjects in twenty-seven books on the basis of Matthew Talbot, as improved with indexes, tables, and other valuable matter by Nathaniel West, D.D. Illustrated with copper plate maps, and engravings. The engravings are from original Drawings by the celebrated artists Thomas Nast and F. B. Carpenter together with Crudens Concordance to the Holy Scriptures Revised by John Eadie, D.D., L.L.D., Prof. of Bible Lit, to the United Prest. Church, Scotland. The Whole designed to facilitate the study and to promote the Better understanding of the Word of God. Revised and Edited by Prof. Roswell D. Hitchcock, D.D., L.L.D., Washburn Professor of Church History in the Union Theological Seminary, New York City. Entered, According to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine.

(Written upon a loose paper):
"For the valuable consideration of Sixty five Dollars to me paid by Pope - the recpt. of which I, Ross Scott do this day acknowledge."

(Envelope with return address):
"H. C. Porter manufacturer of all Grades and Styles of Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Newbern, Tenn.":
Grandmother Caves family
Mary Craig Cave
Capt. Jno. Cave
Polly Cave Kendall
Sallie Cave Ford
Matilda Cave Singleton
            (Gen - Sing - Quincy, Ill.)
Marina Cave Mitchel
Manlins Cave
Jno. Cave
Catherine Cox of Frankfort, Ky. was Grandpa Craigs mother
Lewis Craig his father.

FAMILY RECORD - Miscellaneous
Mary E. Craig was born Oct. 9, 1827
Katie S. G. Craig was born Dec. 7, 1831
William S. Craig was born 12 - 2 - '34
Hattie Ann Craig was born Apr. 27. '37
Lucie M. Craig was born Sept. 11, 1845
Lewis M. Craig was born Apr. 3 - 1849
Lewis M. Craig died Jan. 15, 1874
Hattie Craig Houston died Feb. 11, 1882
Mary Craig Hampton died Feb. 12, 1889
William S. Craig died June 27, 1909
Kate Craig Mooring died March 13, 1919, aged 87
Lucie M. Hitt

Wyatt Mooring was born August 16th 1806 in N.C.
Kate S. G. Craig was born in Boone Co. Ky. December 7th 1831
Katie Dickinson Mooring was born in Lake County Tenn. January 11th 1873, daughter of Wyatt and Kate C. Mooring
Wm. Jordan Houston was born in Lake Co. Tenn. Dec. 7 1880
Lovis Y. Craig was born in Franklin Co. Ky. Apr. 13 1805
Henry Clay Porter was born Nov. 7. 1844

Wyatt Mooring and Kate S. G. Craig were married in Lake Co. Dec. 10th 1871 (written in ink in a different handwriting) Bill's Father & Mother
J. A. Houston and Hattie Ann Craig were married in Lake Co. Dec. 24. 1877
W. S. Craig and Nannie Leek were married in Davidson Co. Tenn. March 1st 1871
Henry Clay Porter and Katie D. Mooring were married Oct. 25, 1899 at Nashville Tenn.
Hattie Craig Hitt & Eldridge Campbell were married Oct. 24. 1900
W. J. Houston and Georgia Fields were married Aug. 15, 1917 (added later in ink was the notation "at Ridgely, Tenn. Lake Co.")

Wyatt Mooring died in Lake Co. May 29, 1874
Kate Craig Mooring died Mar. 13, 1919
L. Y. Craig died in Nashville Sept. 9. 1871 age 65 years
Harriet Cave Craig 1st wife of L. Y. Craig died Aug. 3. 1840 aged 33 years & 11 da
J. A. Houston died March 1881
Mary Emily Craig sec. wife of L. Y. Craig died Sept. 14. 1898 in her 81st year
Henry Clay Porter died Oct. 25 1904
Katie D. Mooring Porter died March 10, 1928 - Memphis. Tenn. at Baptist hospital age 54
William J. Houston died July 15. 1949 at Bogota

The Bible in which the above records can be found is in good condition and is in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Mooring, Tiptonville, Tenn. Submitted to FAMILY FINDINGS by Mrs. Abigail Rice Hyde, Ridgely, Tenn.


Mooring Bible Record

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 2, April 1971, pp. 65-66

MOORING BIBLE RECORD. The following records also submitted by Mrs. Abigail Rice Hyde of Ridgely, Tenn. are taken from the original Wyatt Mooring, Sr., Bible which is in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Mooring of Tiptonville, Tenn. Mr. Mooring is a great grandson of Wyatt Mooring. The Bible has been rebound and looks perfect.

Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised with Canne' s Marginal Notes and References together with The Apocrypha to which are added An Index and an alphabetical table of all the names in the Old and New Testaments, with their Significations also Tables of Scripture Weights, Measures and Coins. Stereotyped by B. & J. Collins, Boston, Published by C. Ewer, T. Bedlington, and J. H. A. Frost. 1828.

Written on a space under a picture:
Oct. 14, 1917, Maggie A. Murray, Fannie & John Mathis, Bob Algee & sons, Snow & Ted, Mona Algee, Emma Jones

Note on edge torn: (Saydee M. Ganske & son Carl, Kate C. Mooring) Visited Aunt Katie Porter Mother at Newbern/ a sweet visit it was to all a reunion

Wyatt Mooring and Martha Mooring his wife was married the 10th day of November in the year of our Lord 1825
Jesse Gray and Caroline his wife was married 28th Oct. A.D. 1847
John Haley and Eliza Jane his wife was married ___ day April A.D. 1850
James S. Coats and Elizabeth his wife was married 11th Novm. 1852
Robert C. Algee & Margarett C. his wife was married 27th Decr. 1855
Wyatt Mooring Jr. & Katie his wife was married in 1867
John W. Mooring & Mollie his wife was married Nov. 1865
Wyatt Mooring Snr & Kate his wife was married 10th Dec. 1871
J. D. Mooring & his wife Mollie were married Nov. 1873

Wyatt Mooring was Born the 16th day of August in the year of our Lord 1805!
Martha Mooring was born the 5th day of February A.D. 1803
Henry Lewis Mooring was born the 13th day of December A.D. 1826
Caroline Mooring was born the 8th day of February A.D. 1828
Eliza Jane Mooring was born the 27th day of November in the year of our Lord 1829
John Wesley Mooring was born the 24th July in the year of our Lord 1831
Elizabeth Mooring was born the 3rd day of August in the year 1833
Margarett Connivan Mooring was born the 20th of February 1835
William Benj. Franklin Mooring was born 14th day August 1837
Wyatt Mooring Junr was born the 2nd day of June A.D. 1840 (Written in ink: "My Dear Old Dad, Saydee M. G.")
James D. McClellan Mooring was born the 15th day of June A.D. 1842 (Notation in ink: "My Dad Forrest N.")
Timothy C. Mooring was born 22nd day of December A.D. 1844
Katie Mooring was born 11th Jany 1873

Cullen Edmundson departed this life ___ of June A.D. 1836 (Timothy Mooring Bible gives date 14 June 1836)
Peggy Edmundson his wife died the 31st of October A.D. 1836
William B. F. Mooring departed this life 5th day of March A.D. 1846
Martha Mooring wife of Wyatt Mooring departed this life Sept. 26th 1870
H. L. Mooring Died 24th December 1873
T. C. Mooring Died 8th March 1874
Wyatt Mooring Senr. died 29th May 1874
Elizabeth Coats daughter of Wyatt and Martha Mooring died 27th Sept. 1876
Caroline Gray daughter of Wyatt & Martha Mooring died Nov. 4th 1887
Wyatt Mooring Jun. departed this life Aug. 27th 1891
Eliza Jane Works daughter of Wyatt and Martha Mooring died in April 1905
Margaret C. Jordan daughter of Wyatt & Martha Mooring died Sept. 9th 1906
James D. Mooring died 11 7 08
John W. Mooring died 1908


Bransford Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 2, April 1971, p. 67

BRANSFORD FAMILY BIBLE. This Old Bible has a hand made cover of' leather. On the back of front page are the names and births of Negroes, 1797-1828. The frontpiece reads: THE NEW TESTAMENT OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST with Arguments Prefixed to the Different Books and moral and theological OBSERVATIONS Illustrating Each Chapter composed by The Reverent Mr. Ostervald, Professor of Divinity, and One of the Ministers of the Church at Newschatel in Switzerland. Translated at the Desire of, and Recommended by, T SOCIETY FOR PROPAGATING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEEGE. (Coat of Arms) EDINBURGH: Printed by Mark and Charles Kerr, His Majesty's Printers, and told by James Gillies, Bookfelier, Glasgow, MDCCXCVII (1797).

William Bransford, was born Jan. 21, in the year 1792
John Bransford, was born September 27, in the Year 1793
Richard, Bransford, was born October the 2nd, in the year 1795
Sarah Bransford was born Feb. the 5th, in the year 1798
Samuel Bransford, was born January 27, in the year 1800
Ann Ridgeway Bransford was born May 30, in the year 1802
Gideon Howel Bransford was born August 9, in the year 1805
Mary Jane ________was born Sept. 9, in 1808
Martha Wilson Bransford was born Aug. 7, 1810
James Wesley Bransford, was born Nov. 12, 1812
Samuel I. W. Bransford, Died Oct. 17, 1826
John Bransford, died Dec. 31, 1830
Sally __________, died Aug. 10, 1833
Martha W. died July 7, 1835

The Bransford Bible containing the above records is owned by Mrs. Wm. B. Keizer of Ridgely, Tenn., submitted by Mrs. Roxie Patterson of Ridgely, Tenn. Anyone desiring any information concerning the Bransford Family should, write Mrs. Keizer since she has a very thorough record of this line.


Bray Bible Data

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 2, April 1971, pp. 67-68

BRAY BIBLE DATA. Submitted by Mary Olivia Holmes, 231 Jackson St., Jackson, Tenn. 38301. Bible & Apocrapha, Published by Jesper Harding, No. 57 5. Third St., Philadelphia, Pa. - 1846.

Samuel Bray was married to Polly Hutson the 26th of February A. D. 1826

Samuel Bray the son of Eli & Mary Bray was born the 6th of April, 1806
Polly Hutson, the Daughter of John & Pofly Hutson was born the 24th of April 1807
Basil Manly Bray the son of Samuel & Polly Bray was born the 7th of March in A.D. 1830
Mary Catherine Bray, the Daughter of Samuel & Pofly Bray was born the 20th of May, A.D. 1833
Jeremiah Randolph Bray the son of Samuel & Polly Bray was born the 12th of November A.D. 1835
John C. Martin Bray the son of Samuel & Folly Bray was born the 30th of September A.D. 1841 (?)
J. A. Bray's Book

John C. Martin Bray, the son of Samuel & Polly Bray Died on the 11th of June, 1848
Polly Bray, the wife of Samuel Bray, Died on the 26th of October, 1858
Jeremiah R. Bray, the son of Samuel & Polly Bray Died on the 10 of March, 1863
Samuel Bray Died on 31st January 1870
Mary C. Bray wife of John R. Bray Died February the 9th 1888
B. M. Bray Died the 14th Oct. 1896
John R. Bray Died Dec. 29th 1905

(These people apparently lived in or near Jackson, Tennessee.)


Howell Bible Record

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 3, July 1971, p. 83

HOWELL BIBLE RECORD. Copied by Vivian P. Harrison in 1924 from Joseph Benjamin Howell's Bible in possession of Mrs. Samuel Perkins (Mary Ann Howell) Daughter. Bible missing at this time.

Benjamin Howell born December 25, 1808
Mary Haney Howell wife, born November 13, 1813
Levi J. Howell born October 13, 1833
James A. Howell born January 13, 1835
David P. Howell born August 13, 1836
Benjamin F. Howell born August 31, 1839
Doctor Riley Howell born April 17, 1842
Nancy C. Howell born September 8, 1845
Mary Ann Howell born September 18, 1848
Jonathon H. Howell born November 21, 1851

Benjamin Howell & Mary Raney married May 10, 1832
Levi J. Howell & Joan Rhea married September 1853
David P. Howell and Martha Sanders married October 8, 1857
Doctor H. Howell and Thurza Cantrell married November 16, 1866
Mary Ann Howell and Samuel Marion Perkins married May 14, 1867

James A. Howell died February 9, 1835
Nancy C. Howell died August 7, 1846
Benjamin F. Howell died October 2, 1864 (killed in Civil War, buried Boone's Hill Lincoln County, Tenn., Wright graveyard.)
Mary Haney Howell died June 7, 1864
Jonathan H. Howell died August 28, 1871
Doctor H. Howell died July 29, 1877 (Buried at Cantrell graveyard, Loweryville, Tenn., Hardin County.)

(This family lived in Hardin County, Tennessee.)

Submitted by Mrs. Vivian P. Harrison, 1572 Overton Park, Apt. #11, Memphis, Tennessee.


Aitken Family

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 3, July 1971, p. 84

AITKEN FAMILY. Copied from the Aitken Bible owned by Everett Perkins, 1887 Lyndle Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Bible printed in Edinburgh, Scotland, by Sir D. Hunter Blair and J. Bruce, printers to the King's most Majesty, 1811. Submitted to FAMILY FINDINGS by Mrs. Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, 51 Park Ave., Nagatuck, CT., 06770.

JOHN HALL AITKEN was a native of Edinburg, Scotland. He came to America in 1817. In 1821 he married Miss MARY FRANCES RUTHERFORD of Russeilville, Alabama.

JOHN HALL AITKEN's death occurred April 1827.

March 1828, Mrs. Aitken with her two children, WILLIAM and MARY, and her father SAMUEL RUTHERFORD, moved to Hardeman County, Tennessee, and settled where the town of Grand Junction now lies, or about two and a half miles south of the railroad crossing.

JOHN HALL AITKEN came to the U. S. from Edinburgh, Scotland, where he was born and educated. He came to the U.S. looking for a new location while here he met NANCY (POLLY) RUTHERFORD of Russellville, Alabama and married her.

Their children:

1. WILLIAM JOHN married NANCY JANE NEVILL, who was born near Raleigh, N.C. and moved to Carroll County, Tenn., then moved to Forrest Hill, Tenn., where she was married, lived, and was buried in the Nevill burying ground by the side of her husband, WILLIAM JOHN AITKEN.

2. MARY LOUISA was a daughter of JOHN HALL AITKEN and NANCY (FOLLY) RUTHERFORD. She married EZEKIEL E. LOW of Saulsbury, Tenn. They had one son, JOHN, who married JOSIE GUY of Columbus, Texas.

The children of WILLIAM JOHN AITKEN and NANCY JANE NEVILL were: NANCY JANE married DANIEL LEVI PERKINS of Forrest Hill, Tenn. Their heirs were:

a. DANIEL TRIGG married TOMMIE HART or HOST of Collierville, Tenn.
(1) D. T. and (2) DOROTHY THELMA

b. JAMES EVERETT PERKINS married JENNIE TAYLOR of Carrolton, Mississippi


* * * * *

JOHN HALL AITKEN came to U. S. from Edinburgh, Scot., Aug. 7, 1814. This date is in a small Bible he brought in a small chest with his Masonic Apron and some gold nuggets. The apron was white satin with black silk fringe, made by hand. Apron was lined with linen. The gold nuggets were made into a pin.

The above WILLIAM JOHN joined the Masonic Lodge at LaGrange, Tenn. in 1848

* * * * *

Mrs. JOHN HALL AITKEN's second husband was Dr. E. S. BURROUGHS. Her first husband died April 18, 1827. EZEKIEL E. LOW of Tippah County, Mississippi, married her daughter, MARY LOIJTSA AITKEN on Sept. 5, 1847 by Mrs. Burrough' s home.


Gaba Family Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 3, July 1971, pp. 85-86


On the back of front cover of this old Bible is written:
"I, Martin F. Gabe read the Bible thrue fore times in my time. My Book and Hart shell never part."
J. F. L. Gaba was Born April the 15th A. D. 1861

On the second page was written:
"Comenced Reding 1 day January second time 1870 May the Lord Bless Us All."

The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated Out of The Original Tongues; and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. New York: American Bible Society, Instituted in the Year MDCCCXVI. 1867.


Martin F. Gabi was born 14th Day of August in the year our Lord 1797.
Sara Hymes was Brn 18th 1818 Sptemer wife of Martin F. Gabi A. D.
Catherine Nineger was Born 3 day of June 1854 the wife of Martin F. Gabi. (Written in pencil over the number 5 in the year 1854 was a number 9.)

1. Anna N. Gabi was Born 4th Day of March A.D. 1821.
2. Elizabeth F. Gabi was Born the 22nd Day of June A.D. 1822.
3. Mary Magdalen Gabi was Born the 21 day of November A.D. 23.
4. Susen F. N. Gabi was Born 25th Day of December A.D.
5. John W. Gabi was Born the 8 Day of January A.D. 1828.
6. Sharlot L. Gabi was Born the 5 August A. D. 1829.
7. Cathren Jane Gabi was Born 23th Day of July A.D. 31.
8. Isaac R. Gabi was Born 7th Day of March A. D. 1833.
9. Eliza Ann Gabel was Born the 26 Day July A. D. 1845.
10. Martin A. Gabi was Born the 17 Day February A.D. 1847.
11. Sara Mluina Gabi was Born the 27 Day of December A.D. 1848.
12. Andrew D. Gabi was Born 29th Day of March A.D. 1850.
13. Madison Frank Gabi was Born 18 Day June A.D. 1852.
14. Priscille L. Gabi was Born 22 day Sptember A.D. 1855.
15. Joseph F. Lafayette Gabi was Born 15 Day Aprile A.D. 1862.

Sara Melvina Gabi deceast this Life the 6th day of March 1849.
Elizabeth Presnell decest this Life the 26 day of Apile.
Anna Bishop daughter of Martin Gabi Decest this life 28 day August 1855.
Madison Frank Gabi decset this life 25 Dec. 1857.
Catherine Gabi Decst her Life wife of Martin F. Gabi A.D. 1843.
Magdalen Gabi Decest the wife of Isaac Gabi decst her Life 1 Day September 1858 her age was 82 11 month 1 day.

(In another handwriting in pencil was written the following:)
M. F. Gaba's Age 77 years 5 mo. 3 days.
Priscilla L.Allen's Age 20 years 5 mo 19 days.
Priscilla L. Allen decast this life March 12th 1876.
J. L. Gaba and Susan Lamon was maried December the 3th 1885.
C. L. Gaba son of P. L. Gaba and Susan his wife born November the 28th 1886.
James Gaba Son of the same born April the 1, 1888.
Susan Gaba the wife of J. L. Gaba Died August the 27th 18__ (page torn).
James Gaba son of J. L. an Susan his wife Died July 6th 1888.
John W. Gaba Deceast this life the 28 day of December 1873.
M. F. Gaba Deceast this life Jan. 17th 1875.
Sarah Gaba Deceast this life April 20th 1885.

(In still another handwriting in ink was written:)
J. L. Gaba died Feb. 1904.
M. S. Gaba died Feb. 1904.
C. L. Gaba & Lillian Pearl Perry was married April 25, 1906.
Joseph Raymond Gaba born Oct. 4, 1908.
Horace Lafayette Gaba born Oct. 13, 1912.
Lillian Pearl Perry Gaba born March 8, 1887.
Dorothy Eveylin Gaba born Jan. 4, 1918.
M. S. Gaba born Jan. the 12, 1871.
J. L. Gaba born April The 15, 1861.
Mrs. Eimna Perry Died March 23, 1922, aged 76.
T. E. Perry Died 19 of Jan. 1924, aged 43.
Uncle Will Emison Died Sept. the 10th 1900.
J. L. Gaba & Susan Lamon was married Dec. the 3rd 1885. Died August 27, 1889.
Charles Layfayett Son of J. L. & Susan His wife born Nov. the 28, 1886.
James Gaba son of same Born April 1, 1888, Died July 6, 1888.
J. L. Gaba & Mary Susan Leggett was maried August the 2, 1891
Sarah An Daughter of J. L. & Susan his wife The Same born May 30, 1892.
William Robert Son of J. L. & Su his wife born May 16, 1894.
Jessey Gray son of same Born August the 30 1897.
Fransis Martin Son of Same Born March 19 1899.
Bessie Pirl Daughter of the Same Born Sept. the 20th 1900.

This Bible is in the possession of Mrs. Horace Gaba, 19 Fieldcrest, Jackson, Tenn. 38301, and the above records were submitted to FAMILY FINDINGS by Mrs. Quinton Powell, 156 Arlington, Jackson, Tenn. 38301.


T. M. McGee Bible

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 4, October 1971, pp. 145-146

(Page in front of Bible) The Holy Bible Containing The Old and New Testaments Translated out of The Original Tongues and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. New York, American Bible Society Instituted in The Year 1857.

(On page in middle of Bible) The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Translated out of The Original Greek and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. New York, American Bible Society Insbituted in The Year MDCCCXVI 1857.

(In the front of the Bible was written the name:) T. M. McGee, written by J. H. McGee 1873

Thomas M. McGee was married to Sallie Moore Aug. 4, 1842

Their Children's Marriages:
John S. Crutchfield was married to Martha V. McGee Jan. 2, 1868
Robert M. Dixon was married to Luvenia T. McGee Feb. 5, 1873
J. H. McGee was married to Mollie A. Ray Oct. 15, 1874
W. T. McGee was married to Lou J. Dixon Dec. 9, 1875
James H. Person was married to Mary Alice McGee Dec. 29, 1874 (The family says this name is now spelled "Pearson".)
Thomas B. McGee was married to Emma Strong Dec. 19, 1877 (or '79, not clear)
Charles Lafayette McGee married Annie Sidney Kelso at Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church Nov. 22, 1882
James A. McGee married to Ellen H. Farmer Dec. 23, 1894
Thomas B. McGee married to Laura Ada Burnett Aug. 1, 1894
J. M. McGee married Luna Knolton Aug. 9, 1899 (The family says this woman's name was Luna Latham. They can't explain the Knolton unless it was her middle name and her last name was left out through error.) (The last two marriages are second marriages for Thomas B. and J. M. McGee.)

Thomas M. McGee was born July 8, 1818
Sallie A. Moore McGee was born Oct. 5, 1829
Trancilvanea McGee Powell Copage (now spelled "Coppedge") sister of Thomas M. McGee was born May 22, 1839 - Died May 5, 1878 was buried at Spring Hill Methodist Church grave yard. Left two sons Newsome Powell and Charlie Copage

Children of Thomas M. McGee & Sallie Moore McGee:
John M. McGee was born Mar. 27, 1844
Martha V. McGee was born Aug. 29, 1846
William T. McGee was born Dec. 17, 1848
Charles L. McGee was born June 18, 1852
Luvenia Tennessee McGee was born Sept. 25, 1853
Thomas B. McGee was born June 22, 1856
Mary Alice McGee was born June 8, 1859
Fannie A. McGee was born Nov. 24, 1862
Robert Lee McGee was born Aug. 29, 1865
Ruth McGee was born June 20, 1868
James A. McGee was barn July 3, 1872
Mollie A. Ray was born May 29, 1849 (1st wife of John M. McGee)

Fannie A. McGee departed this life Nov. 6, 1865
Ruth D. McGee departed this life May 30, 1879
Luvenia T. McGee Dixon departed this life Oct. 8, 1884
Mary Alice McGee Pearson departed this life Feb. 20, 1886
Thomas H. McGee departed this life Mar. 20, 1895 (He was in his 77th year, was buried at Providence Church Yard in Crockett County, Tenn.)
Sallie A. Moore McGee departed this life Sept. 14, 1895 (She was in her 66th year, was buried at Providence Church Yard in Crockett County, Tenn.)
Mollie A. Ray McGee wife of John H. McGee departed this life July 9, 1898
Thomas B. McGee departed this life Dec. 4, 1920 (64 yrs. 5 mo. 12 da.)
Lou J. Dixon McGee, wife of William T. McGee died Sept. 24, 1940 (Saturday 3:15 o'clock P.M. at St. Petersburg, Florida)
William T. McGee died June 16, 1943 (at St. Petersburg, Florida, 94 yrs. 5 mo. 29 da.)
James A. McGee departed this life Dec. 17, 1921 (49 yrs. 5 mo. 14 da.)
Curry Dixon departed this life Dec. 20, 1921 (Son of Robert & Luvenia McGee Dixon)
Charles L. McGee departed this life Feb. 1, 1929 (76 yrs. 7 ma. 13 da., buried at Mt. Pleasant cemetery)
Annie S. Kelso McGee widow of Charles L. McGee died Aug. 23, 1955, buried at Mt. Pleasant Haywood County, Tenn., Diet. #1. She was 94 years, 9 months and 13 days of age.
Martha V. McGee Crutchfield died at Greenfield, Tenn. May 15, 1931
Alice Ray McGee wife of Robert L. McGee died Feb. 13, 1947
Robert L. McGee died March, 1948 at his daughter's, Mrs. Ivie McGee Cummings near Yorkville, Tenn.

This Bible is now in the possession of Miss ha McGee, 627 Hatchie Ave., Brownsville, Tenn. Submitted to FAMILY FINDINGS by Mrs. Charles Stuart, 325 N. Fairground, Jackson, Tenn. 38301.


The Bible of Elizabeth C. Elam

From Family Findings, Vol. III, No. 4, October 1971, pp. 146-147

The following Bible Records are submitted by Mr. William B. Elam, Box 194, Medina, Tenn. 38355. The Bible from which these records were taken belonged to Elizabeth C. Elam until her death Aug. 1, 1902. Her neice Mary E. Elan then had it until her death January 14, 1939, and it presently is in the possession of Mr. William B. Elan.

The Holy Bible Contaning The Old and New Testaments: Translated Out Of The Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. New York, Printed by D. Fanshaw for the American Bible Society (Nonpareil 12 mo) 1843.

James P. Melor was married to Elizabeth C. Elam Sept. 28th 1842
Edwin P. Phillips was married to Elizabeth Hill February 14th 1843
Edwin P. Phillips was married to Elizabeth C. Melor May 25th 1848
David H. Bentley was married to Elizabeth C. Phillips Dec. 28, 1852
John Blane was married to Elizabeth C. Bentley July the 10, 1885

E. P. Phillips was born July 23rd 1811
James P. Melor was born Oct. 19th 1815
Elizabeth C. Elam was born November 20th 1818 (Halifax Co., Va.)
James T. Elam was born November 20th 1820 (Halifax Co., Va.)
Mark S. Elam Jr. was born August 8th 1823 (Halifax Co., Va.)
David Bentley was born May 10, 1817.

James P. Melor departed this life October 14th 1843
E. P. Phillips departed this life January 27, 1852

On the back fly leaf was written the following:
George was born May the 3, 1851
Eclie was born July the 30, 1853
Abaline was born November the 10, 1853
Alis was born October the 8, 1854
Elbey was born March the 19, 1855
Almata was born April the 7, 1856
Harris was born March the 10, 1858
Amos was born October the 6, 1859
Maria was born October the 6, 1859
Jeb Davis was born February the 6, 1862
Malvina was born August the 17, 1871
John was born March the 27, 1868.

(Mr. Elam does not know who the last twelve people were as Elizabeth C. Elam had no children. They are not the names of her brother's children and are not names of her step-children.)