From Family Findings, Vol. II, 1970
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1970
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Barnett Family Bible Records
Barnett Family Record
Bible Record, Elijah Carroll and Atlanta Ann Groton Duncan Dycus
Dinwiddie-Dillahunty Bible Records
Family Bible Records of Athanasius Thomas
Bible Record of Thomas Franklin and Emma Greenville Dycus Cason
Bible Records of William Charles and Mary Jane Hamilton Cason
Greer Family Bible Records
James Lee Oliver Bible
John T. Frame Bible
Owens Bible
Nailling Family Bible Records
R. H. Burrus Bible
Robert Lee Moore Family Bible
Robinson Family Records
Sharp, Southall-Clayton, Ridley Bible Records
Spanogle Family Bible Records
Thomas-Freeman Family Register
William Auston Bible
Wright Family Bible Records

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Barnett Family Records

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 1, January 1970, pp. 16-17.

BARNETT FAMILY RECORDS compiled and contributed by Barbara M. (Mrs. R. E.) Richardson, 202 Walnut, Jackson, Tenn. 38301 from old business ledger of Barnett & Jones, Humboldt, Tenn. in the possession of Mrs. Dan J. Scott, 2323 Main Street, Humboldt, Tenn. Mrs. Scott is the granddaughter of Robert . McCaul Barnett who seems to have been family historian for the clan of patriarch HughBarnett. Both Mrs. Scott's husband and her father, Augustus Hugh Barnett, served as Mayor of the City of Humboldt, Tennessee.

"First fros 1877 was Oct 5 lite/Nest frost 1877 was 22 of Oct Lite/Killen frost 1877 was 3 of Nov/Grown frose 1877 was verry cold 6 Nov/Snowed 3 Day January Lay on Grown 9 day/Killen frost 16 Oct 1878/First Snow 26 Nov 1878/Chriatmast Day clear all day/Snowed Christ Night/... /It snowed 19 day of Dec the day Will & James Nelson started to measure and it stayed on.the Grown until the 17 day of Jan 1879/The grown froze about 12 inches..."


Hugh Barnett & Nancy McNely was married 23 day of June 1808 Father & Mother of R. M. Barnett

John New N Barnett & Nancy Elvestine was maried Nov 9, 1830
Leroy Mc Barnett & Polly W. Belew was maried Oct 24 - 1833
Mathew H Barnett & Fidelia I Simpson was marid 24 of Oct 1833
James P Barnett & Malinda Simpson was maried 12 of Nov 1835
David P Barnett & Sarah Ann Holt was maried January 4, 1838
Martha Barnett was maried to William A Combes August 3, 1841
Louisa Barnett was to John M Simpson Oct 14 - 1847
Enos H. Barnett &. Lucind Jane Henderson was maried 20 Aug 1846
Robert M Barnett & Ann Eliza Drake was maried the 18 of Oct 1855

Births of Hugh & Nancy Barnett Children
Hugh Barnett was born in year of our Lord March 24 - 1790 Father of R M Barnett
Nancy Barnett was born 4 day of March 1790 Mother of R M Barnett

John Newton Barnett was born March 26 - 1809
Theron Balch Barnett was born Aprile 17 - 1811
Leroy McNealey Barnett was born May 1 day 1813
Mathow Huston Barnett was born July 9 - 1815
James Poter Barnett was born January 22 - 1818
David Price Barnett was born February 12 - 1820
Martha Barnett was born Dec 10 - 1821
Sarah Barnett was born Dec 21 - 1823
Enos Henderson Barnett was born Dec 30 - 1825
Louisa Barnett was born Aprile 30 - 1829
Robert McCaul Barnett was born January 3 - 1832 (in different ink & handwriting has been added here "Died Jan. 4 - 1906. Age 74 years.")

Deaths of Hugh & Nancy Barnett Children
Hugh Barnett Departed this Life the (paper torn-BMR) Sept 1853 age 64 years 4 mo 3 days
Nancy Barnett Departed this Life the 8 day of Sept 1875 age 85 year 6 mo 4 days

John Newton Departed this Life the 12 August 12 - 1875 age 66 years 4 mo 16 days
Theron Balch Barnett Departed Life the 30 Sept 1831 age 20 years 5 mo 13 days
Leror Barnett Dep 2 Oct 1852 age 39 y 5 mo 2 day
Mathew Huston Barnett Departed this Life Dec 1881 age about 66 year 6 mo
James Peter Barnett Departed this Life 22 of August 1886 - age 66 year 7 mo
David P Barnett Departed this Life 22 Feb 1862 age 42 year 10 days
Martha Simpson Departed this Life 13 February 1880 age 58 years 2 mo 3 days J. M. Simpson wife
Sarah Barnett Departed this Life 17 July 1829 age 5 year 6 mo 20 days
Louisa Simpson Departed this Life 11 June 1853 age 21 year 1 mo 24 days J. M. Simpson wife

Other deaths below from another ledger of R. M. Barnett, abstracted by B.M.R.
James Barnett Farther of Hugh Barnett died 4 March 1816 age 42 yrs GrandPa
Jane Barnett Hugh Barnett Ma died 26 Oct 1836 age 70 years 6 mo Grandma RMB
Davic McNealy R M Barnett Grand Pa died 19 July 1836 age 80 years (note by Barbara Richardson — David McNeely served as a soldier in Revolutionary War)
Rebeca McNealy R M Barnett Grand Ma died 19 Sept 1852 age 85 year 6 mo


Bible Records of William Charles and Mary Jane Hamilton Cason

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 1, January 1970, p. 18.

BIBLE RECORDS OF WILLIAM CHARLES AND MARY JANE HAMILTON CASON, submitted by Mrs. W. J. Davis, Rt. #1, Box 292, Anthony, New Mexico 88021. (Mrs. Davis is the grand-daughter of William C. and Mary J. Cason.)

Title Page: Holman's Edition. The HOLY BIBLE, containing the OLD AMD NEW TESTAMENTS, translated out of the ORIGINAL TONGUES, and with the Former Translations diligently compared and revised; with the APOCRYPHA, CONCORDANCE AND PSALMS. The Text conformable to the Oxford and the American Bible Society's Standard Editions. Philadelphia: A. J. HOLMAN & CO. 930 Arch Street, 1872. Pica 4to Marg. Ref.

Born June 16th 1836 William Charles Cason
Mary Jane Hamilton was Born Jan. 28th 1840
James Hamilton Cason was Born May 30th 1861
Laura Alice Cason was Born Decr. 18th 1862
Thomas Franklin Cason was Born Sept. 5th 1864
William NcKnight Cason was Born Aug. 25th 1866
Robert Eleazah Leigh Cason was Born. Oct. 5th 1868
Joseph Charles Cason was Born Dec. 25th 1870
Mary Jane Cason was Born March 1st. 1873
Infant daughter Born August 12th 1875
Sarah Catherine Cason was Born Feb. 7th 1877
Irene Harris Cason was Born July 7th 1881

Wm. Cason Sr Father of Wm. C. Cason was born Sept. 23rd 1804 and died Apr. 22, 1892, Age 87 yrs. 6 mo. 29 da
Mary Cason Sr (Nee McKnight) Mother of Wm. C. Cason was born October 11, 1802 and died Feb. 12th 1885 Age 82 yrs. 4 mo. 1 da

Married by Rev. A. W. Jones Wm. C. Cason to Mary J. Hamilton, June 27, 1860
Thomas Franklin Cason to Miss Hattie Dawson, June 20, 1890, Los Angeles, California
Laura Cason to John Dickinson, Nov. 19, 1891
James Hamilton Cason to Carrie Pettigrew Jan. 21, 1891
William McKnight Cason to Callie Taylor, May 1, 1895
Mary Jane Cason to Coke Wileon Nichols, May 1, 1895
Irene Harris Cason Oct. 4,1905, to Robert N. Phipps
Joseph Charles Cason to Maude Tuck

Robert Eleazah Leigh Cason Died December 7, 1870
Infant Daughter Died day of birth Aug. 12th 1875
Laura Alice Dickinson (Nee Cason) Died July 23 1892 Buried Mt. Olivet, Nashville, Tenn.
Sarah Catherine Cason Died Sept. 21, 1895
Mrs. Tennie Cason (Nee Mary Jane Hamilton) Died Oct. 25th 1905
Wm. Charles Cason, Sr. died January 16, 1926. Age 89 yrs. 7 mos.
Thomas Franklin Cason died May 19, 1926, El Paso, Texas.


Bible Record, Elijah Carroll and Atlanta Ann Groton Duncan Dycus

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 1, January 1970, p. 19.

BIBLE RECORD, ELIJAH CARROLL AND ATLANTA ANN GROTON DUNCAN DYCUS, also contributed by, Mrs. W. J. Davis, Rt. #1, Box 292, Anthony, New Mexico 88021. Elijah C. and Atlanta Ann Groton Duncan Dycus are the maternal grandparents of Mrs. Davis.

E. C. Dycus and A. G. Duncan was married in New Providence Montgomery County Tenn. May the 1st 1849

E. C. Dycus .son of John and Nancy Dycus was born in Hart County Kentucky October the 10th 1820
Atlanta G. Duncan daughter of James and Ann Duncan was born in Accomac City Va August the 22nd 1824
Francesca J. Dycus daughter of E. C. and A. G. Dycus was born in New Providence Montgomery County Tenn Feby 20th 1850
John William Dycus son of E. C. and A. G. Dycus was borned in Marshal1 County Ky. January 8th, 1852
Ella Clarissa Dycus daughter of E. C. and A. G. Dycus was born 14th May, 1854 in Masall (Marshall) County Kentucky
Arm Eliza H. Dycus daughter of E. C. and A. G. Dycus was borne August 15, .1856 in Marshall Co. Ky.
Emmett Carroll Dycus was born on the 6th of November 1858 in Marshall Co Ky
Emma Greenville Dycus daughter of E. C. and A. G. Dycus was borned February the 11th 1861
Mary Atlanta Dycus daughter of E. C. and A. G. Dycus was borned the 28th Feby 1863 in Ky

Family of John and Nancy Agnes Isaac Dycus
John Dycus was born the 18th July 1797
Nancy Dycus his wife was born the 3rd November 1797
Susan Ann Dycus was born 26 March 1817
William Johnston Dycus was born Oct. 20th 1818
Elijah Carroll Dycus was born Oct. 10th 1820
Francis Asbury Dycus was born lst Octb 1822
Sarah Jane Dycus was born 30 October 1824
Harriett Newell Dycus was born April 15, 1826
Eliza Arm Dycus was born 2nd March 1828
John Wesley Dycus was born 16 March 1830
James Neby Dycus was born Feby 10th 1832
Mary Jane Dycus was born 18th March 1834
Jackson VanBuren Dycus was born 3th Feby 1836

John Dycus died on the 1st June 1844 in Marshall Co. Kentucky
Susan Ann Yates, daughter of John and Nancy died on the 16th March 1845
Nancy died 1st May 1876
Eliza Ann Dycus Died 26th day March 1870

(Elijah Carroll Dycus was the 3rd child of John & Nancy Agnes Isaac. John Dycus was born in N.C. and Nancy Agnes Isaac in Ky. Atlanta Ann Groton Duncan was the daughter of James and Ann Groton Duncan, born in Accornac Co., Va. James Duncan was the son of Eli and Mary Conquest Duncan.)


Bible Record of Thomas Franklin and Emma Greenville Dycus Cason

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 1, January 1970, p. 20.


TITLE PAGE OF BIBLE: SELF-PRONOUNCING EDITION in Which All the Proper Names are Divided, Accented, and Marked With the Vowel Sounds, Showing How They Should be Pronounced. HOLY BIBLE Containing THE KING JAMES AND THE REVISED VERSIONS OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, Arranged in Parallell Columns. The Text Conformable to That of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. With a Complete Concordance and the Psalms of David in Metre. Copious Marginal References, Chronological Tables, and Many Important and Valuable Aids to the Study of the Holy Scriptures. Written to Increase the Interest in and to Simplify the Word of God.

Marriage Certificate, Heirloom Memorial

This is to Certify that Thomas Franklin Cason and Emma Greenville Dycus WERE SOLEMNLY UNITED BY ME IN HOLY MATRIMONY at Benton, Ky on the 20th day of September in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety two, Conformably to the Ordinance of God and the Laws of THE LAND


In the Presence of Solon Palmer - M.B.Cooper - John W. Dycus

Atlanta Mary daughter of T. F. and E. G. Cason, October 1st, 1893. Benton, Ky.
Thomas Franklin, son of T. F. and E. G. Cason, June 18, 1900 Woodville, Ky.
Charles Carroll, son of T. F. and E. G. Cason, April 4, 1902 Henning, Tenn.

Thomas Franklin, son of T. F. and E. G. Cason, August 11th, 1900 Woodville, Ky.

Record of Atlanta Mary (Attie May) Cason Davis, Rt. #1, Box 292, Anthony, New Mexico.


Family Bible Records of Athanasius Thomas

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 1, January 1970, pp. 21-22.

FAMILY BIBLE RECORDS OF ATHANASIUS THOMAS contributed by Bruce NcMillan, 245 Prospect, Jackson, Tenn, and in the possession of the contributor. The Title Page reads as follows: The New Illuminated Holy Bible, self-pronouncing with marginal references and concordance, 800 original illustrations, Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated out of the Original Tongues; and With the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. American Bible House, no publication date.

THIS CERTIFIES That ATHA THOMAS of Cotton Grove, Tenn. and L. E. BLACKMON of Spring Creek, Tenn. were joined by me in the BONDS OF HOLY MATRIMONY at Wm. Blackmon's on the 2 day of February in the year of our Lord 1860 in the presence of parents & friends. A. J. See.

Athanasius Thomas December 28, 1833
L. E. Blackmon Nov. 18, 1840
Martha M. Thomas Feb. 2, 1862
John William Thomas March 2, 1866
James Julian Thomas June 20, 1868
Tennessee Jane Thomas November 11, 1870
Robert Athanasius Thomas July 1, 1874
Freddie Thomas July 27, 1877
Pearle Elizabeth Thomas August 21, 1879
Claude Bethel Thomas January 27, 1882
was baptized by J. B. McFerrin Aug. 28, 1883, at Snodgrass Camp Ground

Dr. F. M. Raines & Martha Marina Thomas Oct. 19, 1880
J. J. Thomas & Kate M. Gibbs December 22, 1882
H. C. Johnson & Tennessee J. Thomas November 22, 1883
R. A. Thomas & Eva Debruce Tomlinson December 22, 1902
Claude Bethel Thomas & Irma Bledsoe October 23, 1904
Pearle Elizabeth & Robert L. Crosby were married Oct. 9, 1912 by J. J. Thomas & Henry C. Johnson

John William Thomas July 31, 1872
Freddie Thomas July 28, 187_?
Athanasius Thomas Tues. 2:50 p.m. July 21, 1914
Henry Clay Johnson Tues. Dec. 19, 1916-12 o'noon
James Julian Thomas Tues. A.M. Apr. 6, 1925
Lucinda Elizabeth Blacknon Thomas Mon. Dec. 19, 1927 6 P.M.
Dr. Francis Marion Raines Died March 1st 1930, Sat. night 7:15
Tennessee Jane Thomas died Sept. 18, 1938, Sun. A.M. at 3:26
Eva DeBruce Tomlinson Thomas died Sun. Mch. 16, 1947 about 2:20
Robert Athanasius Thomas died ___________________
Claude Thomas died, 7:20 P.M. October 3, 1958
Pearl Crosby died 8:00 a.m., March 9, 1958
Robert Lee Crosby (went home) Nov. 17, 1954

On a separate piece of paper in the Thomas Bible was the following:

John Peace Thomas son of Athanasius and Gilla Thomas was born April 17th A.D. 1804 in Franklin Co. N.C.
MarinaThomas daughter of Benjamin & Anna Boon was born Feby. 7 A.D. 1812 in Franklin Co. N.C. & died Apriul 15th 1840.
Wm. James son of John P. & Martha Thomas was born March 28th A.D. 1830 in Madison Co. Tenn.
Mary Ann daughter of John P. & Marina Thomas was born October17th A.D. 1831 in Madison Co. Tenn. Died. Oct. 26th A.D. 1861.
Athanasius son of John P. & Marina Thomas was born December 28th A.D. 1833.
Lucius John Son of John P.& Marina Thomas was born Jan. 11th 1836 in Madison Co. Tenn.
Benjamin Franklin Thomas son of J.P. & Marina Thomas was born April 21st A.D. 1838 and Died June 14, 1859.
Milton Winston son John P. & Marina Thomas was born Nov. 11th A.D. 1840, died Aug. 26th 1861.
Martha Tennessee daughter of John P. & Marina Thomas was born April 22nd A.D. 1843, Died Feb. 12 A.D. 1863.
David Robert son of John P. & Marina Thomas was born Nov. 18th A.D. 1845 & died Aug. 17th 1846.


Barnett Family Bible Records

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 1, January 1970, p. 40.


Contributed by the owner of the·Bible, William J. Barnette, 228 Talbot Street, Jackson, Tenn. Mr Barnette is the .son of Rev, John W. Barnotte, Baptist Preacher, who died September 29, 1969 at the age of 90. Following the Bible Records are entries from Bro. Barnett's Diary. Although these are not real old, we thought they would be of interest to the readers.

The front of the Bible was missing, but the title page of the New Testament was as follows:


The first page of the family record recorded the marriage between DAVIS BARNETT and VIRGINIA ANN HAYNES at the home of BRO. BILL DANIELS on the. 12th day of April 1876. In the presence of C. H. HENRY and JOHN HAYNES.





D. A. Barnett
    Married April 12, 1876
V. A. Barnett
R. E. Barnett
John W. Barnett
J. M. Barnett
D. A. Barnett Jr
Elvis Barnett
Lizzie Barnett

Jan. 22, 1853

Mar. 26, 1861
May 8, 1861
Sept. 10, 1879
May 6, 1882
Dec.4, 1884
Jan 1, 1888
Jan. 25, 1891

Perry Co., Tenn.

Wain Co., Tenn.
Perry Co., Tenn.
Perry. Co., Tenn.
Union Co., Ky
Perry Co., Tenn.
Perry Co., Tenn.
Perry Co., Tenn.

June 14, 1923

July 9, 1930
May 14, 1931
Sept. 29, 1969
Nov. 15, 1955
Feb. 1, 1908
Aug. 28, 1964
Nov. 2, 1918

Diary entries:

March 29, 1908 "This 5th Sunday March 29, 1908 we called to the pastorate of Unity Church (Unity Baptist Church, Benton County). Preached on Gal. 6:40 on Saturday afternoon and James 1:22 on Sunday. Got $1.25

"Second trip — preached on John 14:6 got $1.50"
"Third trip — preached on John 13:15 got $8.07 "
"Funeral — Martha A. Jennings B. Dec 3, 1844"

Dec. 1908 "Received $36.09 from Unity Church for whole year.

Jan 24, 1909 "I went to Unity and did not receive anything to pay my expenses home, but 3 persons at the railroad station gave to me. One gave $1. Two gave .50 each. The Lord directed them to do so and I had plenty to pay my railroad fare home"

April 24, 1910 "Will be long remembered as the day it snowed for about an hour in Chester County. Preached on Col. 1:8-12 "

"I once had a heart and it was true. It has left me and gone to you. Treat it well as I have done. For you have two and I have none."
"Sigh not for future joys nor for past days repine. But be thou cheered with this glad thought, this hour is thine."
                                                                 J. W. Barnett March 6, 1906


Nailling Family Bible Records

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 2, April 1970, p. 61.

NAILLING FAMILY BIBLE RECORDS submitted by Mrs. Charles Bruer, 46 Harmony Lane, Jackson, Tenn. The Bible from which these records were taken is owned by Mr. Thomas Jernigan, Union City, Tenn., and was published by Hartford, S. Andrus & Son, publication date 1824.

William A. Nailling married Lucy Ann Evans, daughter of Gen. Robert M. Evans.
William A. Nailling, born 1802, died 18 July 1874.
Lucy Ann Evans died 30 Aug. 1862.
William Lewis Nailling, born 16 July 1824, died 27 Dec. 1851.
John Nelson Nailling, born 11 Sept. 18?6, died 16 Dec. 1861.
Lucy Ann Nailling, born 25 Oct. 1829, died 20 Feb. 1854, married _________ Ralston
Mary James Nailling, born 19 Nov. 1832.
James Nailling, born 19 April 1834.
Edward Phillpott Nailling, born 12 Aug. 1836.
Robert Fletchar Nailling, born 24 Dec. 1838, died 4 Jan. 1929.
Mary Lacy Nailling, born 25 Oct. 1840, married George R. Holman 15 Feb. 1855, died 12 March 1937.
Thomas Nailling, born 10 June 1842.
Joseph Willias Nailling, born 24 March 1844, died 23 Jan. 1925.
Laura Jane Nailling, born 16 Feb. 1850.
Joe Nailling married Tennie Harrison 28 May 1868.


Children of Joe and Tennie:
Chancy, born 21 Aug. 1870
Willie, born 23 June 1872
John B. Hauling, born 29 Dec. 1877
M. T. Nailling, died 19 Aug. 1882

Mrs. Bruer is the great-grandaughter of Robert Fletchar Nailling.


Spanogle Family Bible Records

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 2, April 1970, p. 61.

SPANOGLE FAMILY BIBLE RECORDS: Mrs. Louis Hill, 22 Kemmons Dr., Jackson, Tenn., is the owner of a quite valuable Martin Luther German Bible, Title Page and complete Bible written in German, publication date 1736. There are many most unusual pictures in this old Bible, and the following records are entered therein:

Andrew Spanogle was born 22nd day of December 1790.
Twins-Henry & Elisabeth Spanogle was born 16th day of Nov. 1792.
Catherine Spanogle vas born the 19th day of September 1795.
Mary Spanogle was born the 10th day of September 1797.
John Spanogle was born the 22nd day of September 1799.
Jacob Spanogle was born the 16th day of November 1801.
Nancy Spranogle wa~ born the 25th day of July 1804.
Sarah Spanogle was born the 10th day of August 1806.
Samuel Spanogle was born the 10th. day of January 1809.

Written in the Bible below the above names:
Father of those children — John Spanogle and Anna Ewin were maryed the 5th day of March in the year of our Lord 1788.
Margaret Spanogle wife of Henry W. born in the year of our Lord March 6th 1796.


Greer Family Bible Records

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 2, April 1970, p. 62.

GREER FAMILY BIBLE RECORDS contributed by Mrs. Guy McMaster, Rt. #4, Jackson, Tenn. 38301. The owner of the Bible from which these records were taken is owned by Mrs. Charles Puckett, Paris, Tennessee.

The Title Page of the Bible was missing, but the Title Page of the New Testament was as follows: The NEW TESTAMENT of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, translated out of The Original Greek and with The Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. Philadelphia, William W. Harding. 1870

W. B. Greer and Parolee Cate married Nov. 17, 1870
J. H. Cope and Susie Greer married Nov. 25, 1897
W. H. Greer and Nova Looney Nov. 28, 1897
J. L. Hall and Minnie Greer married Oct. 24, 1897
P. S. Freeman and Florence Greer married Dec. 14, 1902
Lee Martin Greer and Addie Oliver married Dec. 23, 1903
Harry Walker and Flora Greer married Oct. 20, 1904
John B. Greer and May Wescott married May 1905

William Bird Greer born 25 Sept. 1836
Susan Parlee Cate Greer born Jan. 29, 1844
Susan Druscilla Greer born Aug. 6, 1871
William Henry Greer born Sept. 17, 1872
Sara Elizabeth Greer born Jan. 22, 1874
Lee Martin Greer born Sept. 4, 1875
Minnie Carolyn Greer born Jan. 30, 1878
John Bird Greer born Nov. 14, 1880
Flora Alice Greer born Oct. 22, 1882
Mandy Josephine Greer born Aug. 19, 1840, sister of William Bird Greer
Lunar Edmonds Greer born April 2, 1886
George Quit Greer born April 4, 1889
Florence Ella Greer born Oct. 22, 1882

Sara Elizabeth Greer died Nov. 22, 1881
William Bird Greer died 14 Feb. 1897
Minnie Carolyn Greer died Nov. 29, 1904
Lunar Edmonds Greer died 28 May 1906
Florence Ella Greer died 24 Sept. 1910
Mandy Josephine Greer died July 19, 1925
Susan Parlee Greer died Feb. 3, 1926
Lee Martin Greer died Jan. 16, 1938
Susan Druscilla Greer died Jan. 26, 1938
Helen Emerson Greer died Oct. 9, 1956, Wife of John B. Greer
John Bird Greer died Mar. 15, 1957
William Henry Greer died Dec. 31, 1954
May Wescott Greer, Wife of John Bird Greer
Flora Alice Greer died Sept. 22, 1958
J. L. Hall died June 9, 1963
George Quit Greer died Sept. 2, 1964
Addie Oliver Greer died Sept. 10, 1968, Wife of Lee Martin Greer


Thomas-Freeman Family Register

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 2, April 1970, p. 63.

THOMAS-FREEMAN FAMILY REGISTER: This is a beautifully decorated print for wall hanging by Currier and Ives dated 1874. This was prepared by J. V. Thomas 5 September 1880 for his niece Mary E. Freeman. It is owned by Mrs. James N. McMaster, Sr., Bolivar, Tennessee, and the information thereon is contributed by Elizabeth Greer McMaster (Mrs. Guy William).

Samuel Thomas, born Oct. 29, 1795, in Georgia, married Dec. 3, 1818, died Feb. 8th, 1877, in Tennessee.
Nancy Thomas, born Dec. 14, 1798, in Georgia, married Dec. 3, 1818, died Mar. 13th 1880 in Tennessee.
J. V. Thomas, born Aug. 30, 1819 in Tennessee, married Dec. 23, 1845, died Oct. 7, 1903 in Tennessee.
W. C. Thomas, born May 26, 1821, in Tennessee, married Feb. 24, 1848, died Aug. 28, 1873 in Mississippi.
J. M. Thomas, born Aug. 26, 1823, in Tennessee, married Dec. 4, 1845.
Elizabeth S. Thomas, born Mar. 3, 1835, in Tennessee, married Jan. 20, 1853, died July 28, 1863 in Tennessee.
Martha A. Thomas, born June 23, 1827, in Tennessee, married June 10, 1858.
Z. L. Thomas, born Dec. 3, 1832, in Tennessee, died March 17, 1844, in Tennessee.
J. W. Thomas, born June 26, 1830, in Tennessee, married Mar. 28, 1871, died in Medon, Tennessee.
J. A. Thomas, born Jan. 11, 1837, in Tennessee, married Jan. 28, 1869.
Aaron E. Freeman, born Nov. 15, 1829, in North Carolina, married Jan. 20, 1853, died June 19, 1899, in Medon, Tennessee.
Mary E. Freeman, born May 19, 1860, in Tennessee, married Dec. 10 1882, died March 2, 1937, in Medon, Tennessee.
James Albert Freeman, born Mar. 27, 1854, in Medon, Tenn., died Dec. 31, 1861, in Medon, Tennessee.
Virginia A. Freeman, born Aug. 13, 1855, in Medon, Tennessee, died Dec. 31, 1861, in Medon, Tennessee.
Samuel E. Freeman, born Aug. 4, 1857, in Medon, Tennessee, died 1946 in Arkansas.
John A. Freeman, born June 19, 1863, in Medon, Tennessee.


James Lee Oliver Bible

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 2, April 1970, p. 64.

JAMES LEE OLIVER BIBLE, owned by Mrs. Beulah Taylor, Rt. #3, McKenzie, Tennessee. Records contributed by Elizabeth Greer McMaster (Mrs. Guy W.), Rt. #4, Jackson, Tenn.

The Title Page in the front of the Bible is missing, but the Title Pageof the New Testament is as follows: The Now Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, translated out of The Original Greek and with The Former Translation Dilligently Cornpared. Philadelphia, Sterrotyped and Published (Page torn here) Athenian Building, Franklin (Page torn here) and Sold by All the Principal Book Sellers.1834

James L. Oliver and Martha Southall were married 3 day of March 1835
James M. Oliver married T. B. Hayneson 9th May 1866
Thomas J. Oliver married Adelia C. Ridley on the 18 Oct. 1866
Andrew Haynes & wife Sally Oliver were married 1866
Chalie Ridley & Nannie Oliver were married __________
P. H. Oliver & wife Sperrie Randall m. 1st Sept. 1873

Thomas Oliver was born Dec. 2, 1771
James Lee Oliver born Jan. 30, 1805
Martha' Ann Oliver, Sr. born 27 May 1817
Thomas Jefferson Oliver born 8th Feb. 1838
James Madison Oliver was born 3rd June 1840
Judith Ann Eliza. Oliver born 3 day Feb. 1842
Patrick Oliver was born the 7th Nov. 1844
Nancy Oliver was born the 13th Sept. 1847
Sara Price Oliver was born the 10th Oct. 1850
Juliann Oliver was born 24th June 1852
Martha Ann Oliver was born the 15th day Aug. 1858
Ernie Oliver was born 4th Sept. 1867
Beulah Oliver was born Mar. 18, .1868.

James L. Oliver departed May 27, 1869
Martha Arm Oliver, Jr. departed this life Jan. 6, 1923
John P. Oliver departed. this life 27 May 1867
Martha Oliver departed 24 Mar. 18 ___
Julia Oliver departed this life Jan. 23, 1871


Wright Family Bible Records

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 3, July 1970, pp. 96-97.

WRIGHT FAMILY BIBLE RECORDS. Contributed to FAMILY FINDINGS by Mrs. Lee Rush and daughter, Hiss Janice Rush, 590 N. Hays Ave., Jackson, Tenn. 38301.

On the first page of this old Bible was written the following:

G. Wright, Bought at the sale of J. W. H. Hays. Bought from Mrs. Sue Glass Wright by Janice Rush.

The Title Page reads as follows: The Holy Bible; Being The English Version of the Old and New Testaments, Made by Order of King James I, Carefully Revised and Amended, The Meaning of the Sacred Originals Being Given, in Accordance with the Best Translations and the Most Approved Hebrew and Greek Lexicographers: by Several Biblical Scholars. Philadelphia: Published For David Bernard, by J. B. Lippincott, Corner of Fourth and Race Streets. Stereotyped by L. Johnson. 1842.

Griffin Wright & Violet C. Jetton May 7th 1846
M. D. L. Abbott and Emma L. Wright were married Oct. 6 1875 by Dr. Hillsman
A. G. Webb and Mary J. Wright were married Oct-30 1883 by Rev. R. H. Worten

Griffin Wright Nov. 26 1809
Violet C. Wright Apl. 28th 1826
Enua Lea Wright Apl. 13th 1847
John Hays Wright Oct. 3 1848
Mary Julia Wright Feby. 12th 1850
Isaac Gideon Wright Nov. 5 1852
Saml. Gardinor Wright, Augt 1st 1855
Lizzie Hay Abbott Nov. 10, 1876

Rev. Griffin Wright departed this life on the 11th of August 1856 aged 46 years 8 months and 15 days.
Samuel Gardiner Wright departed this life on the 8th of September 1856 aged 1 year 1 month and 7 days.
Emma L. Wright Abbott eldest daughter of Griffin & Violet Wright died 28 of Dec. 1877 aged 30 years 7 months & 13 days.
Lizzie Hay Abbott only daughter of Emma Abbott died Sept. 10 1877.
John H. Wright oldest son of Griffin & Violet Wright died on the morning of the 11 of April 1898.
Violet C. Wright departed this life Simday evening April 24 1898 at 4:30 oclock.

Births of Servants
Dorcas 1812
Milly 1835
Sarah 1841
Alfred July 1847
Randell Dec 15th 1833
Bright Sept. 1840
James May 17 1851
William July 1852

Written on a small piece of paper found in this old Bible was the following:

M. D. L. Abbott professed hope in Christ - August 24th 7 O.C AM. 1878, Baptized into the Hickory Grove Baptist Church by Rev. M. Hillsman Sept. 6th 1878.

A Newspaper clipping in the Bible read as follows:\

Departed this life on the 17th of May, 1851, at the residence of her mother, (Mrs. Martha Borum,) Sister Martha T. Cole, wife of Brother John G. Cole, in the 19th year of her age.

She embraced religion in the 17th year of her age, arid during health, continued to manifest her attachment to that Savior whom she loved, by a faithful attendance at God' s house, and an exemplary walk and conversation. She was a lady of but few words, her conversation was that as directed "yea, yea, nay, nay."

After her marriage, she became the mother of one child, (a daughter,) and was immediately attacked with consumption, which continued to waste away her frame, naturally delicate, until her mortal body was truly like a shadow. But the Lord's name be praised for sustaining grace, which he vouchedsafe unto her, until her latest breath. During her protracted illness, she was patient, and expressed perfect resignation to the will of the Lord. She regretted to leave her husband, and friends, and especially her delicate infant, but expressed herself like the apostle, "for me to die is gain," and her happy spirit felt a strong "desire to depart and be with Christ." And in the triumphs of faith she yielded up her spirit, unto God who gave it. She has left us without a cloud upon her moral sky, to join the saints in light. May the Lord watch over the little one for good and sustain the husband and relatives under this heavy affliction, that they may not sorrow as those who have no hope.

Geo. W. Young.

Lauderdale Co., Tenn. July 21 '51.
The Religious Herald will please copy.



Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 3, July 1970, p. 97.

The following records were found in a PICTORIAL FAMILY BIBLE purchased by Mrs. Lee Rush and Miss Janice Rush. No publication date could be found in the Bible.

J. D. Steele of Corinth, Miss. and Miss Anna Borah of Rienzi, Miss. were married on 19 of Dec. 1883 at Rienzi, Miss. by Rev. R. Young.

Donnell Borah Steele was born Nov. 4, 1884.
John Borah Steele was born Aug. 7, 1890.

Donnell Borah Steele departed this life July 4, 1885.
John B. Steele departed this life Dec. 13th 1891.
John W. Borah died Ap. 7th, 1890.


Sharp, Southall-Clayton, Ridley Bible Records

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 3, July 1970, pp. 98-100.

SHARP, SOUTHALL-CLAYTON, RIDLEY BIBLE RECORDS contributed by Mrs. Guy W. Mckaster,, Jackson, Tenn. 38301. The frontispiece of this Bible, owned by Miss Celene Sharp, 1111 Kirkland, Nashville, Tennessee, reads as follows: "The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments together with the Apocrypha: Translated Out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised The Text Conformable to the Standards of the American Bible Society. - Nashville, Tenn. Published by E. Stevenson and F. A. Owen, Agents For the Methodist Episcopal Church, South - 1856"

W. P. Sharp and Julian Southall were married on the 22d Oct. 1835
Geo. W. Meadors and Judith W. Sharp were married on the 18th April 1860 by Geo. E. Noff.
B. T. Clayton and R. F. Sharp were married on the 7th January 1861 by Joseph Lindsey
S. J. Sharp & B. M. Gaines ? again to C. H. Ridley January 16th 1879 (89?)
Wm. H. Sharp and Ada Celene Ridley were married Mar. 26th 1879 by Rev. A. E. Cooper.
S. P. Pryor and Jessie A. Sharp were married October 19, 1904 Wednesday by J. W. Carlton
Thomas C. Sharp & Sina A. Russell were married Oct. 25, 1922 in Spring Hill Methodist Church
Margaret S. Pryor - Chas. Armstrong married April 21, 1940 Sunday, Flemingsburg, Ky. Pres. Church by her father, S. P. Pryor.

James S. Sharp was born the 6th of July 1836
Mary J. Sharp was born on the 1st of January 1838
Infant Daughter born 8th January 1839
Rebecca F. Sharp was born on June 13th 1840
Judith W. Sharp was born on the 18th February 1842
Sarah J. Sharp was born on the 5th, of August 1845
Amanda P. Sharp was born on the 5th of Dec. 1849
Wm. H. Sharp was born on the 16th of January 1854
Ada C. Sharp born Sept. 11, 1857
Wm. P. Sharp Father - was born 16th March 1804
Julian. Sharp Mother - was born on the 17th June 1809
Julia Amanda Sharp ,born Feb. 13th 1881
Mary Porter sharp born November the 8th.1882
Charlie Ridley Sharp born June 28th 1884
Sallie Pansie Sharp born April 11th 1887
Willie Celene Sharp born the Z6th May 1889
Tom C. Sharp born Dec. 16, 1891
Charles Henry Pryor born Nashville, Tenn. Dec. 9, 1907
Margaret Sharp Pryor born Athens, Ala. Nov. 20, 1912
Thomas Clayton Sharp, Jr. born July 5, 1923
Charles Russell Sharp born Jan. 15, 1927
Charles Darnall Armstrong born Dec. 11, 1911 Flemingsburg, Ky.

James Southall born 18th April 1777
Judith Wilkin(er?)son Southall born 12th May 1780
John Southall born 26th Nov 1799
Mary Southall born 13th Nov. 1801
James Southall born 25th Dec. 1803
Rebecca Southall born 1st Nov. 1805
Payton W. Southall born 19th Jan. 1808
Julian Southall born 17 June 1809
Eliza Southall born 3 Nov. 1811
Mack W. Southall born 23 Dec. 1814
Martha Ann Southall born 27 May 1817
P. H. Southall born 23 Dec. 1819
Nancy Southall born 16 March 1822
Sara J. Southall born 29 Jan. 1824

James S. Sharp died on the 12th of Dec. 1840
Mary J. Sharp died on the 6th of Jan. 1843
Infant Daughter died on 4th March 1839
Amanda P. Sharp died November the 5th 1875
Wm. P. Sharp, our father, died September 14th, 1883
Julian Sharp, our mother, died April 15th 1888
Judith W. Meadors died October 27th 1897
Rebecca F. Clayton, Sept. 24th 1912 Died and buried in Jackson. Tenn.
Sara J. Ridley died June 8, 1925
James Southall died 14th June 1845
Judith Wilkin(er? )son Southall died Feb. 7, 1852
Peyton W. Southall died 5th Sept. 1846
Nancy Southall died 4 Feb. 1847
Mary Porter Sharp died July 29, 1883
Chas. Ridley Sharp died Aug. 4. 1916
Julia Amanda (Jessie) died Dec. 5, 1919
Ada C. Sharp died June 15, 1940
Wm. H. Sharp died Sept 25, 1943
Tom C. Sharp died June 30, 1965
Pansie Sharp died 1968


Dinwiddie-Dillahunty Bible Records

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 3, July 1970, pp. 100-101.

DINWIDDIE-DILLAHUNTY BIBLE RECORDS contributed by Elizabeth Greer (Mrs. Guy) McMaster, Jackson, Tenn. 38301. The Bible is owned by Mrs. Inez Dinwiddie Granade and Mrs. John Rucker, 144 Deaderick Ave., Jackson, Tenn. 38301. The frontispiece is as follows: "H. & E. Phinneys Stereotype Edition The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments: Together with the Apocrypha Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently compared and revised Canne's Marginal notes and references To which are added an index: An Alphabetical Table of all names in the Old and New Testaments with their significations; Table of Scripture Weights, Measures, and coins, &c. -·Cooperstown, N. Y. 1842"

William Carson Dinwiddie and Helen Rebecca Dillahunty were married Feb. 20, 1845
Tabitha H. Dinwiddie and James Lewis Ridley were married on Oct. 30, 1873
Sally Helen Dinwiddie and George Thomas Ridley were married Dec. 6, 1877
James Oliver Dinwiddie and Tennie Brigance Sneed were married Jan. 1, 1878

James Dinwiddie Sr. my grandfather born 1755 - Revolutionary War soldier
Sara Dinwiddie, maiden name Helm, his wife was born Oct. 8, 1755
James Dinwiddie, my father, born Oct. 9, 1789
Polly Montgomery Dinwiddle, maiden name Carson, my mother was born Aug. 5, 1786
William C. Dinwiddie was born 5th Jan. 1824
Helen R. Dinwiddie born Aug. 17, 1830
William Dillahunty, son of John Dillahunty and Rachel his wife, was born April 9, 1793
Luzana Dillahunty, wife of William Dillahunty and daughter of Berry Gree_ [r or n cutoff] and Chariotte, was born Nov. 8, 1792
Edith Gwin, daughter of G. T. Ridley and Sally Helm his wife, was born Aug. 19, 1881
Inez Brigance, daughter of J. O. Dinwiddie and his wife, Tennie, was born June 20, 1883
Mary Luzanne Dinwiddie was born July 6 A.D. 1847 and died Oct. 22, 1849 being on Monday night about 12 o'clock age 2 yrs, 3 months and 16 days
Robert Anderson Dinwiddie was born the 20th February 1849
Luzanne, sister, was born the 7th of Sept. 1850 and departed on the same
Tobitha Helen Dinwiddie was born 16th of Sept. 1851
Sarah Helm Dinwiddie was born 31st of August 1854
James Oliver Dinwiddie was born 18th April 1856
Tennie Brigance Sneed wife of J. O. Dinwiddie was born Nov. 19, 1859
Mary Ethel, daughter of J. L. Ridley and Tabitha his wife, was born Nov. 16, 1880
Infant daughter of J. L. Ridley and Tabitha Helen his wife was born at half after 10 o'clock Wednesday night the 11th of August 1875 and departed this life 7 o'clock Sat. 28th being 17 teen days
Mary Helen, daughter of James Oliver Dinwiddie and Tennie his wife, was born Sat. Dec. 28, 1878
William McCall, son of J. O. Dinwiddie and Tennie his wife, was born Feb. 1, 1881

Mary Luzanne Dinwiddie died the 22 of Oct. 1849 being 2 yrs. 3 months & 16 days old
Helen R., wife of W. C. Dinwiddie died Dec. 31, 1882 age 52 yrs. 4 mo 18 days
W. C. Dinwiddie died May 29, 1886 age 62 yrs. 4 mo. 24 days
R. A. Dinwiddie died April 17, 1913 64 yrs. 1 mo. 27 days
Tabitha Helen Ridley died Jan. 7, 1927. Wife of J. L. Ridley
Sara Helm Ridley, wife of G. T. Ridley died Aug. 17, 1929
James Dinwiddie Sr (Elder) my grandfather departed this life Oct. 14, 1842 87 yrs. 4 mo. 25 days
Sara Dinwiddie maiden name Helm, my grandmother departed this life Jan. 11, 1843 age 87 yrs. 3 ma. 3 days.
James Dinwiddie, Sen. my father, departed this life Sept. 4, 1860 age 77 yrs 10 mo. 26 days
Polly Montgomery, wife of James Dinwiddie, Sen. departed this life Sept. 5th 1878 age 92 yrs., 1 mo.
William Dillahunty departed this life Sept. 4, 1838 age 45 yrs. 4 mo. 25 days
Luzanne (Greer) Dillahunty wife of Wm. Dillahunty departed this life Sept. 28, 1875 age 82 yrs. 10 ma. 20 days


Robinson Family Records

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 3, July 1970, p. 102.

The following Family Records were submitted by Mary Ann (Mrs. L. R.) Mitchell 72 Woodhaven - Jackson, Tennessee 38301. This record, on a loose sheet of ruled paper, was among papers belong to Callie Mae (Mrs. H. R.) Belew - 441 E. Chester - Jackson, Tenn. 38301.


Children of Edward Robinson and wife Ann Robinson of Jackson Co., Tenn.
Judith Robinson was born the 9th.of May 1785
Sallie Robinson was born the 25th Sept. 1786
Mary Robinson was born the 3rd Feb 1788 and died in July 1794
Drucilla Robinson was born the 13th April 1790
Rasha Robinson was born the 25 Jan. 1792
Walter Robinson was born the 23rd of Sept. 1793
Rebecca Robinson was born the 10 October 1795
Cumberland Robinson was born the 10 August 1797
Jonas Robinson was born in Dec. 1800
Edward Robinson was born the 30 May 1803
Josiah Jones Robinson was born in March 1805
John Field Robinson was born the 27 October 1806

Edward Robinson of Jackson Co. Tenn. and a number of his Brothers and Sisters Came from Cumberland Co. Va. (This note in pencil at bottom of page, seeminly the same handwriting as above.)

(The following Robinson Data on reverse side of page containing above data.)
Children of Walter Robinson and wife Rebecca Chisum Robinson
Edward Robinson was born the 23 July 1825
Lucinda Robinson Jordan was born the 6 Aug 1828
John C. Robinson was born the 28 Jan 1831
Elizabeth Robinson Eastham Anderson born 22 Sept. 1832
Ira Robinson was born Jan 1 1835
Sarah Robinson Vernon was born 21 Jan 1837
James Robinson was born 11 Feb. 1839
Andrew Jackson Robinson was born the 7 August 1841
Mary Ellen Robinson was born 2 Dec 1843
Rebecca Lucretia Robinson Mercer was born 10 Mach 1846

P. S. This Edward Robinson of Jackson Co. Tenn. and a number of his Bros. & Sisters Came from Cumberland Co. Va.


William Auston Bible

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, pp. 136-137.

WILLIAM AUSTON BIBLE. By courtesy of his grand-daughter, Mrs. Joe Carter, Wynnburg, Tennessee.

William Auston to Catharine C. Bradford, Sept. 30, 1847
Married William Thomas Auston to Elizabeth S. Nobles, Sept. 17th 1873
William Thomas Auston to Tera Shelton, Dec. 17, 1884.

William Auston was born Jan. 16, 1820
Catharine Bradford was born July 17th 1818
William Thomas Auston was born Feb. 4, 1851
James C. Auston was born Mar. 16, 1854
John H. Auston was born Sept. 2nd of 1855
Elizabeth S. Nobles was born Nov. 19, 1854
William Taylor Auston Oct. 8th 1874
Infant Auston Aug. 23, 1876
Maud Auston Feb. 6 1879
Katie Auston March 19, 1881
Tera Shelton May 29, 1860

Infant Auston dide Oct. 7, 1876
Elizabeth S. Auston dide March 24, 1881
Maud Auston March 19, 1882

Written on loose sheet of paper:

Wynn Shelton and Julia Tiner was married Nov. 7th 1850
J. T. Harper and M. E. Shelton was married Dec. 10th 1868
L. A. Shelton and L. E. Nichols was married Jan. 26th 1887

Wynn Shelton born March the 7, 1808
Julia A. Shelton born February 17, 1830

Children's Ages
Mary E. Shelton born March 16, 1852
James S. Shelton born September 19, 1853
Sarah L. F. Shelton born Fobruax7 12, 1856
Terah J. Shelton born Ma~ 29, 1860
Levi A. Shelton born January 2, 1858
Nancy D. Shelton born October 17, 1861
Eulalia Harper born Sept. 20th 1869
Levi C. Haskins born April 27th 1885

Sleep on rest on no storms disturb thee now
No disappointments chill thy silent breast
For high above yen Stars-paved dome thy soul
has found "beneath the tree of life" sweet rest

Wynn Shelton died July 15, 1871, Age 63 years, 4 mo. 8 days
Mary E. Harper died May 9, 1880, Aged 28 [years] 1mo. and 23 days
Nannie D. Haskins died Feb. 5, 1886, Aged 24 yrs 3 mo 19 days.


R. H. Burrus Bible

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, pp. 137-138


This Bible is in the possession of Mrs. John Autry, Tiptonville, Tennessee, Route #1, who contributes the following records to FAMILY FINDINGS:

R. H. Burrus was borned March 5, 1855
Mary Frances Tolar Burrus was borned June 20, 1861
Lillian Burrus was born Sept. 6, 1884
Mary Burrus was born June 16, 1886
Mattie florence Burrus was born Jan. 9, 1888
Laura Belle Burrus was born Jan. 14, 1890
Hale Burrus was born Sept. 30, 1892
Hale Dial was born 19 of July 1906

Robert Hale Burrus son of Thomas Burrus was married to Mrs. Mary F. Tolar Sharp 21 day of Nov. 1883
Mary Burrus was married to Author Dial Sept. 20, 1905
Lillian Burrus married Jess Barker March 17, 1907
Laura Burrus married John Autry Sept. 11 1908
Mattie Burrus married Ed McBride Apr. 2, 1911
Hale Burrus married Mr. Charley Colton Apr. 30, 1914

R. H. Burrus died March 19, 1893
Mary Frances "Molly" Burrus died Sept. 27, 1951

Tiptonville burned March 19, 1900
Mr. Jas. Hunters house burned March 14, 1904
Annie Nobles and George Wynn married Feb. 4, 1906
Always remember Sept. 4, 1904. Anna, Marehall and Morris Nobles, George Emma and me went to Saint Louis to the Worlds fair We went on a boat up the Miss. River. (Note: The above notation was written by Lillian Burrus.)

Along the edge of one page is written the line:
"Your album is the golden spot in which I write forget me not"
                                         (Signed) Mat


Robert Lee Moore Family Bible

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, pp. 138-139


The Bible of the Robert Lee Moore Family was partially destvoyed. The family record was saved and is in the possession of their youngest son, Robert Reece Moore, who lives in Blytheville, Arkansas, who kindly consented to furnish the following records to FAMILY FINDINGS. R. L. Moore and wife moved to Ridgely, Lake County, Tenn. in 1906 from Martin, Wealcley County, Tenn. Mr. Moore was influential in organizing the town of Ridgely in 1908.

From the Bible record:

Robert Lee Moore and Frances Catherine Hedges were married Dec. 15, 1881, by Rev. J. R. Bell in Henry County, Tenn.
Robert Lee Moore the father was born Aug. 9, 1861
Frances Catherine Moore the mother was born Jan. 7, 1862
L. Oscar Moore was born Oct. 2, 1883
Orren L. Moore born Aug. 11, 1886
Lucian T. Moore born Aug. 1, 1888
S. Lawson Moore born Oct. 27, 1889
John Perry Moore born March 8, 1892
Homer L. Moore born Sept. 18, 1893
H. French Moore born Jan. 30, 1896
Herman P. Moore born Nov. 16, 1898
J. H. Moore born Nov. 14, 1900
Lorene Moore born Nov. 6, 1903
Robert Reech Moore born Sept · 21, 1906

L. O. Moore died June 5, 1902
Lorene Moore died March 30, 1913
R. L. Moore died Aug. 29, 1936
Frances Catherine Moore died Jan. 29, 1938
Lucian Thurman Moore died Apr. 6, 1951
Orren Leslie Moore died June 23, 1956
Jeptha H. Moore died Aug. 9, 1956
Vera Robison Moore died in Nov. 1909 from severe burns
Herman Pierce Moore died Sept. 1956
Homer Moore died Feb. 24, 1957
John Perry Moore died Sept. 11, 1967

O. L. Moore married Carrie Roberson in Lake Co. Dec. 23, 1906
Lawson Moore married Maude Johnson in Lake Co., Dec. 5, 1908
Lucian Moore married Miss Vera Robinson Feb. 2, 1909
Lucian Moore married Miss Mary Foster Jan. 21, 1912
John Perry Moore and Miss Mable Kennedy of Ridgely were married March 26, 1915
Herman P. Moore and Rose Nally of DeQueen, Ark., were married Aug. 18, 1918
Homer L. Moore married Sept. 7, 1919 to Myrtis Moody of Oklahoma
J. H. Moore and Gladys were married Dec. 16, 1923 in Texas
Robert Reece Moore married March 3, 1937, to Mable Crockett of Caruthersville, Mo.


John T. Frame Bible

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, pp. 140-141


This Bible was in the possession of John Frame's only daughter, Mary Frame Kennedy, until her death. The oldest Kennedy daughter, Mable Kennedy Moore, has very generously given the Bible to Abigail Rice Hyde, oldest grand-daughter of Mary Frame Kennedy, and it is still in .her possession. We are most grateful to Mrs. Hyde for contributing these records to FAMILY FINDINGS. The front-piece of the Bible is missing:

Family Record
John T. Frame of. Indiana and T. Emeline Hendrix of North Carolina were married on 30 April 1871

John T. Frame was born Feb. 1848.
T. Emeline Hendrix was born Oct. 9, 1844.
John T. Frame was born Sept. 9, 1872.
Mary Elizabeth Frame was born Dec. 2, 1874.
Thomas L. Frame was born May 7, 1876.
Allas Jane Frame was born Feb. 22, 1878.
James B. W. Frame was born Nov. 16, 1880.
William Mc. Frame was born Apr. 10, 1884.
John A. Kennedy was born May 18, 1896.
Ira Mable Kennedy was born Aug. 21, 1897.
Mary Lois Kennedy was born May 30, 1900.
Finis Hall Kennedy born Aug. 6, 1904.
Gladys E. Kennedy born March 10, 1906.
Helen Louise Kennedy born Aug. 9, 1912.
Walter W. Frame was born Aug. 30, 190_.

The children of John T. Frame and wife Sallie:
John Lafayette Frame born Aug. 2, 1898.
Paul Frame, Nov. 23, 1899.
O. C. Frame, Aug. 8, 1901.
Ruth Bernice Frame, Jan. 22, 1905.
Lala Beth Frame, April 3, 1907.
Alfred Clark Frame, Aug. 7, 1911.
Ralph Conrad Frame, Aug. 7, 1911.
Robert Lilburn Frame, AUg. 6, 1913.

Lavada Frame daughter of James B. Weaver Frame was born Sept. 17, 1905.
J. T. Frame was born in 1907.

John T. Frame, son of John Frame, and T. Emeline Hendrix married April 30, 1871.
John T. Frame (III) and Sarah Green Clark were married April 28, 1895.
Mary E. Frame and Cenus Hardy Kennedy were married May 26, 1895, by Rev. J. A. Sands in Ridgely, Tenn.
Thomas L. Frame and Mary Lunsford were married July 22, 1898.
J. B. W. Frame and Linia Dowdy were married November the last 1902.
William Frame and Myrtle Patmore were married Sept. 18, 1904.
Weaver and Bert Frame married in the year 1916.
William Frame and Lillie McKenney married Oct. 4, 1919.
John Perry Moore and Mable Kennedy were married March 26, 1915.
Wallye P. Rice and Mary Loyce Kennedy were married Oct. 28, 1915.
Gladys Kennedy and Crawford Crouch were married Dec. 22, 1925.

Alias Jane Frame died July 13, 1879.
John T. Frame died Dec. 28, 1884.
John Alfred Kennedy died March 6, 1897.
O. C. Frame died Dec. 25, 1903.
Finis Kennedy died July 21, 1905.
W. W. Frame died Oct. 27, 19__.
J. T. Frame died Sept. 17, 1911.
Mary Katherine Moore died March 13, 1917.
T. Emeline Frame died Aug. 17, 1919.
James B. W. Frame died April 4, 1925.
Mr. C. H. Kennedy died Jan. 27, 1927.
John T. Frame (III) died Aug. 5, 1940.
Mary E. Kennedy died May 19, 1950.
Helen Kennedy Foster, Feb. 27, 1963.
Thomas L. Frame died in the summer of 1958 or 1959.
William McClain Frame died Nov. 1959.
Robert Cenus Moore, Oct. 4, 1968.
John Perry Moore, Sept. 11, 1967.
Nullye P. Rice died April 19, 1965.

Notation in back of Bible: E. Frame came to Tenn. 1887.

(Note: A.R.H. The first John Frame and his brother left their homeland in Ireland. As they were going onto the ship, John Frame picked up a conch shell to bring to America. This shell has been handed down to the first born son in each generation of Frame, named John. It is now in the possession of John Carl, son of John Lafayette and Grace Buchannon Frame.)


Owens Bible

Family Findings, Vol. II, No. 4, October 1970, p. 144


Holy Bible or Old and New Testaments Containing the Authorized and Revised Version in Parallel Column. Family pronouncing edition with pictorial illustrations and aids for readers and students. Central Publishing House, Cincinnati - Nashville -Atlanta. Copyrighted 1889

(Note: AU of the information was apparently written by Richard Owens, using the same pen until the first of Joe Owens, born July 12, 1896. All other data written by another person.)

Richard Owens born Dec. 29, __25
married to Ninmie Tipton born Sept. 27, __57.
married June 22, 82.

Nellie Owens married Henry Tom Haynes April 14, 1910 by Rev. W. D. Pickens.

Alcesta Owens married Philip Campbell.

Jack Floyd Haynes was married to Helen Elizabeth Hunt June 22, 1941. Nell Frances Campbell married Blair Scott of Lexington. Ky.

Richard Owens born March 30, __83 Baptized
Penrhyn Owens born Jan. 27, __85 Baptized
Elenor Owens born Sept.. 20, __87 Batptized.
Robert Owens born Sept. 12, __90 Baptized
Alcesta Owens born Jan. 21, __93 Baptized
Joe Owens born July 12, __96
Owen Haynes born June 10, 1913
Jack Floyd Haynes born July 18, 1918
Nell Frances Cambell born Oct. 1933
Helen Hunt Haynes born Oct. 18, 1946
Jack Floyd Haynes, Jr. born May 27, 1954

Richard Owens died Aug. 26, 1908 Age 83 years
Ninmie Tipton Owens died 1927
Elenor "Nellie" Owens Haynes died Nov. 16, 1964

The above records contributed by Abigail Rice Hyde.