Denson’s Landing

According to Goodspeed’s History of Tennessee, published in 1886/1887:  Denson was a landing on the Tennessee River, used for shipping of various goods.  There was a post office, store and warehouse here at the time the book was written.

Facts Source
was a post office from 1871 – 1945 Tennessee State Library and Archives website


Photo Description
This is Howell Patterson.  He was the last mail carrier before this post office closed in 1945.

(photo courtesy of Rex Patterson)

This picture was made of students at the Old Denson’s Landing School on the Tennessee River in 1914.Front row: Nettie Roberts, Earlbie Barnett, Macy O’Guin, Ruth Roberts, Ruby Roberts, Robert Haynes, Wilma Beard, Clem Coleman, Margrette Stokes, Dorothy Coleman, Josie Madden, Aris Coleman, Clyde Roberts, Senetha O’Guin, Van Haynes. Back row: Lewis Tate, Fred Shannon, Polly Roberts, Lois O’Guin, Sadie Nix, Adolph Barnett, Edna Branch, Fonzo Roberts, Nathan O’Guin, Eddie D. Beard and teacher, Betsy Nix.

(photo courtesy of Rex and Wilda Patterson)

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