Clint Daniel Birth Certificate

Contributed by:  Sandy Daniel, 28 July 2008
Copyright:  Sandy Daniel 2008
Birth certificate #148524A

Report made by        J. N. Duncan

Enumerator of the               4th       School District of

Perry          County or _________________

ward of the City of ____________________________Tennessee.


Name of Child                 Clint

Date of Birth              Lobelville, Tenn            ( 1909)

(note from Sandy:  on this date of birth line it only said Lobelville, there was no date on the original certificate).

Sex                Boy

Color         White

Place of Birth             Lobelville, Tenn

Name of Father                  C. W. Daniel

Place of His Birth    Commercial Point, Ill

Father’s Occupation           Farmer

Name of Mother                   Kittie Rains

Place of Her Birth     Hurricane Mills, Tenn

Name of Physician                 J. J. Lancaster

Date Recorded                   July 20, 1909

S. F. Polk
County Court Clerk

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