Civil War Immortal Thirteen

In February 1865, the “Immortal Thirteen” walked from Troy to North Carolina to rejoin their command. They had just been furloughed the previous month as part of Cheatham’s Division when Hood’s army arrived in Corinth Mississippi. Dr. Brice, Captain Head and Ed Walton did not stay with the other ten. On a rainy night in Georgia when they sought shelter at a house, they were told someone had smallpox. Dr. Brice identified himself and offered to treat the patient in exchange for a night out of the rain. This took the homeowner aback and he invited the cold and wet trio in and admitted that no one was sick in the house. Nine (9) from the Obion Avalanche were identified as part of the thirteen by Rebel C. Forrester.

Pat Priest Hacker identified the 11th as John Montgomery Bell.

Can anyone supply the names of the other two? If so, please contact me.

  • John Montgomery Bell
  • Dr. Walter Brice
  • William M Cunningham
  • Captain Head
  • Robt. Joyner
  • T. J. Latimer
  • M. E. Prather
  • Frank B. Taylor
  • Ed. D. Walton
  • D. W. “Dave” Wicker
  • Col. John A. Gardner, Weakley Co

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