Civil War Avalanche

Obion Avalanche
Company H, 9th Inf., United Confederate Veterans
Information below was abstracted from several sources.
Please seek a primary source (such as National Archives) for documentation.

The Avalanche was organized 22 May 1861 at Jackson TN; re-organized 8 May 1862 and consolidated into a field organization with the 6th Tennessee, December 1862. It formed part of Company E, 1st Consolidated TN Infantry, 9 April 1865 and was paroled at Greensboro NC, 1 May 1865. Company H, Obion Avalanche was recruited in the vicinity of Troy.

Captain Buford, wounded and taken prisoner at the Battle of Perryville October 1862, was sent to Camp Chase, Ohio according to one sourse. Another source says Alton IL, and then was sent to City Point, VA as an exchange prisoner 18 March 1863. He returned to service, rose to rank of Colonel and died at Jackson TN.

The Avalanche engaged in battles at Shiloh, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, Perryville, Missionary Ridge, around Atlanta (included the famous “Dead Angle”) and suffered heavy losses at Franklin and Nashville. Four men of the Avalanche were POW’s at the time of surrender, 1st Lt. F. M. McRee, 1st Lt. C. P. Wiley, and privates John Ramsey and Charles White. Only six of the men in the company were slave owners and 10% of the troops came from five families: Bell: 3 (2 killed in battle, the other lamed by battle), Burford: 4, Cunningham: 3 (two who transferred to cavalry because of wounds), McDonald: 3 (all killed in battle), Williams: 3.

The servants of the company were Bill Bell, Blaney, Shed Brice, Bill Buford, Pete Buford, and Pete Wiley. Shed Brice was with Dr. Walter Brice through the war and until his death. Pete Wiley served with Dr. Wiley until February 1862 when he died suddenly at Columbus KY. Bill Bell was at Shiloh and Perryville with Hugh and Dan Bell until they were killed and went on to Murfreesboro with the company. Bill Bell returned to Obion Co to care for their 70 year old father, Major William Bell.


  • John W. Buford, Captain
  • George P. Summers, Captain, app. Major at battle of Murfreesboro, resigned commission, returned home to die after battle of Chickamauga
  • S.T. Swanson, sick at time of battle of Shiloh, failed re-election and released from duty May 1862, last seen at Murfreesboro.
  • S.M. Howard, sick at battle of Shiloh, failed re-election, detached prior to Perryville, and stationed at Rome GA, returned to Troy after War, weak in mind and body, moved to Nashville, bur: Meacham lot of Troy Cemetery
  • Warren McDonald, 3rd Lt, elected Capt in 1862 at Shiloh, killed at Perryville as he and company reached a battery of 12 Napoleon guns.
  • Thomas S. Williams, orderly sergeant.
  • Dr. Walter Brice, assistant surgeon of 9th TN and then chief surgeon of 9th & 27th; Dr’s Green, Fenner and Wind were assistants. One of “Immortal Thirteen.”

Reorganized: Corinth in 1862 with the following officers

  • Warren McDonald, Captain
  • Daniel Bell, 1st Lt., killed at Perryville.
  • William Latimer, 2nd Lt., wounded Perryville, rejoined and served until February 1864, returned home, joined cavalry operating to suppress the raids of Perry’s gang who raided property in Weakley and Obion County. Moved to TX, visited Obion County circa 1915 and returned to his home in TX.
  • “Pink” Buchanan, 3rd Lt.
  • William M. Cunningham, elected Lt aft. Chickamauga, one of “Immortal Thirteen” bur: Obion Co TN
  • H. W. Head, Orderly Sergeant, soon became a lieutenant then captain.
  • The company consolidated with Co. G, Hickory Blues at Murfreesboro; June Hall was placed in command.


  • Jas. Beauchamp
  • Hugh Bell, (photo & bio) killed 2nd day at Shiloh, bur: Confederate Cem, Memphis TN
  • John M. Bell, (photo & bio) d. 1921 Rector Ark.
  • Holland Bittick
  • Jabez Brown, prob. bur. somewhere in Missouri
  • Jas. Buchanan
  • Jas. Buford
  • Spencer Buford
  • Tom Buford, poss. died at Chickamauga
  • Thos. Burnett
  • W. E. Caldwell, transferred to another Obion Co Company
  • S. H. (Henry) Calhoun, son of Squire Calhoun, enrolled April 1861, wounded at Shiloh and Chickamauga keeping him from further service, remained in AL until end of war, returned to Troy and then to Memphis. (I’m still trying to sort out all the S. H., SS & SA Calhoun’s in Obion County
  • G. W. Carmack , b.1833, d.1917 in Troy TN
  • Ed Carroll, s/o Dr. Carrol of Elbridge, d. abt. 1915
  • R. P. Catron
  • John Cavanaugh, prob. died and bur in Obion Co TN
  • Wm. Chanley, lived in Woodland Mills area of Obion Co TN
  • Ira P. Clark, prob bur in Iowa
  • Wm. Corum, died October 1862 at Perryville
  • A. W. Dock Crockett, s/o Archie Crockett, d. Troy TN Sept 1921
  • Rolla P. Crockett, Dock’s older brother, died in Missouri
  • John Cunningham, bro. of Lt. Bill Cunningham, bur: Obion Co TN, Their father Wilson Cunningham was with company until battle of Murfreesboro, but never enrolled.
  • Robt. Cunningham, d. about 1912 in Obion TN
  • Charlie Davis, last known residence, Washington Co, AR.
  • W. H. Tobe Dillard, served until late 1862, survived war, had law office in Nashville
  • John Dooley, head shot off by cannon ball at Chickamauga, distant relative of a Hornbeak man named Darnall
  • R. Dick Edmonds, stricken with disease in training camp at Union City TN, sent to Memphis hospital, died within 5 days.
  • R. Edwards
  • Jim Fields, d. before battle of Shiloh.
  • Wm. Fields, last known residence: Missouri
  • John Foster, d. of measles in training camp at Union City TN
  • Larkin Foster, killed at Perryville
  • John Gallop
  • F. M. Gardner, last known residence: Texas
  • Marion Gardner, family lived Dist. 7, transferred to Div. Ordnance Dept. went to TX and died there
  • John Garrett, cousin of Finis J. Garrett
  • B.T. Garrison, Frank? died at Perryville and is bur. in the Confederate Cemetery
  • Jesse Glover, d. from effects of war about 1870
  • Josh Glover, killed, Battle of Shiloh, Sunday April 6, 1862
  • Noah Glynn ( Gynn ), d. at an early age
  • T. Glynn, brother of Noah, both had hospital detail
  • T. J. Tom Godsey, d. about 1892-97, lived on state line road dividing KY & TN.
  • B. Gowan, disappeared from camp at New Madrid MO, and never heard of in Obion Co TN again.
  • J. Grogan, disappeared same time as B. Gowan .
  • G. Grooms, from Woodland Mills area
  • R. Grooms
  • W. J. Billy Guy, d. in 1890’s in Obion County
  • Wm Hamilton, left Avalanche, joined Cavalry under Gen. John Morgan, taken prisoner in 1863, paroled from prison in 1864
  • Hugh Hamner, killed at Perryville, buried in unknown grave
  • Joe Harper, son of B. K. Harper, lived near Rives Obion Co, TN
  • W. S. S. Sid Harris, d. Santa Ana CA, circa 1912,
  • Ben Hays, lived at Wilsonville, now Hornbeak, killed 31 Dec 1862 Battle of Murfreesboro. Had a cousin, Will Hays also killed at Murfreesboro
  • John W. Head, discharged July 1862 for being underage (16)
  • Tom Henry, killed, Battle of Chickamauga
  • Ben Herold ( Herrald ), Wolverine community, became sick, died within a few days at Chattanooga
  • Fount Holloway, Left at Perryville to care for wounded, paroled in Jan 1863, landed at Vicksburg MS, forwarded to Chattanooga, Killed at battle of Chickamauga, buried with thousands in unmarked grave
  • Polk Holloway, brother of Fount, died late 1890’s in Obion Co TN
  • Robt. Joyner. One of the Immortal Thirteen, bur: Union City beside wife
  • C.L. Keaton (Keating), last known residence, Bloomfield MO, died about 1920
  • Polk Kersey, Killed at Battle of Perryville, KY
  • Geo. King
  • Tony (Pony) King, joined at Columbus Ky, left company about time of battle of Shiloh
  • J.A. Kirkpatrick, was school teacher at Pleasant Hill, last known residence was California
  • T. J. Latimer, One of Immortal Thirteen, died abt 1917 in Union City TN, brother Will was Lt. in Avalanche
  • Bill Lawson
  • Eli Lorance, Became sick in January 1863, sent to a Chattanooga hospital where he died. Buried in the shadow of Lookout Mountain.
  • Sam Lyons, died about 1912 in Obion Co a broken man, I have letter from him to A. H. Calhoun in Memphis enquiring about work.
  • William McCaw, surrendered to Missionary Ridge, moved to Indianapolis IN, was a good soldier.
  • Sim McDonald, killed in the last charge at Chickamauga, bur: unmarked grave
  • Sylvester Vess McDonald, shot and killed on Decatur road when Hood attacked Sherman at battle of Peachtree Creek in Atlanta, bur: Atlanta
  • Rufus McGaugh, to Texas after war, where he soon died
  • Wm. McGraw
  • F. M. McRee
  • Jim McWherter, lived in Palestine area, widower at beginning of war, children cared for by grandmother, Mrs. Lem Kirby. Prob. died Obion Co TN
  • Mallicote, killed at Shiloh, unknown soldier of outfit
  • Bailer (Bailey) Milner, did not reup, remained home after first enrollment was up, had a brother killed in his country’s cause who was a private soldier (does that mean he never officially enlisted?)
  • Warren Moody, died 1920, prob. Obion Co TN
  • J. K. Morris, became ordained minister after the war in North Mississippi, last known residence near Moscow TN, was a widower with two grown daughters who cared for him
  • Bill Myers, arm badly shattered, died about 1900 in Obion Co TN
  • John Nipp, Honorable discharge, joined cavalry under Forrest, prob. d. in Obion Co TN
  • Hop Nix, Honorable discharge Union City June 1861, d. in mid 1890
  • John Nix, died abt. 1899, prob. 12 Civil District Obion Co TN
  • H. E. Henry Oglesby, Elbridge community, step father, Squire Terrell Henry, sometimes known as Henry Terrell, died about 1899, prob. Obion Co TN
  • W. A. Page, Ordnance Dept except during fighting at Atlanta, d. abt. 1900-02, Obion Co TN
  • Robt. Patterson, enlisted April 1861, Carpenter, Killed at Battle of Perryville
  • Jas. M. Payne, moved to Alabama where he died
  • M. E. Prather, enlisted 1861, present every battle in which Cheatham’s Div. was engaged. One of “Immortal Thirteen.” Lived at Woodland Mills until death. Bur: Obion Co TN
  • Wm. Bill Pride, enlisted May 1861, teamster, served until end of war. Never returned to Obion Co., last known residence was Missouri. His brother, Jesse, also a Confederate soldier, died circa 1920. (Norman Price provided the following information May 05, 2000: W.W. Pride not only returned to Obion County after the War he married Minta E. Wyatt there 21 December 1867 and appears on the 1870 census. He later married Emily Jane Frazier, daughter of David L. Frazier and Elizabeth Doggett Frazier. They moved to Taney County, Missouri and appear on the 1880 census there. William W. Pride died on 13 February 1909 and is buried in the Protem Cemetery, Protem, Taney County, Missouri.)
  • Green Pruett (Pruitt), ill from enlistment with lung problems, left before battle of Missionary Ridge for north AL, married and remained there, his lung condition became worse from exposure and lack of food. All contact was lost.
  • John Pruett (Pruitt), enlisted April 1861 with brother Green, served in every campaign Cheatham’s Division was in, including Battle of Nashville. Remained in Franklin after that battle and worked on NC & St. L RR.
  • Henry “Ned” Pryor, after healing from wounds received at Perryville, joined Forrest’s Cav., served until end of war. Died at in Obion Co. TN about 1900
  • John Ramsey, enlisted 1863 at age 17, badly wounded at Nashville and taken prisoner, last known residence was McCurtain OK, 1st wife d. in MO, m.2nd time in old Choctaw Nation
  • C. M. G. Ray, enlisted April 1861, teamster, never ret. to Obion Co, last known residence, Jefferson SC, would have been about 90 in 1922, if still living
  • Dr. E. C. Richardson, with company until Feb. 1862, transferred to Gen. Thompson’s Cav. in southwest Missouri near Belmont (that’s across the river from Clinton, KY) and served until end of war. Died circa 1905-8
  • Frank Robinson
  • Joe Robinson, mail carrier bet. Troy Station (Rives) and Troy bef war, died Jan 1862 at Columbus, KY. Brought back to Troy Station (Rives) and buried by Dr. Wiley in the family burying ground
  • Jas. Rumage, enlisted May 1861 at Union City, about 28 yr old, captured while foraging 3 days bef. battle of Lookout Mountain, sent north to Illinois, returned to Hornbeak area in mid 1865. Died at age 81, Obion Co TN
  • Bob Scearce
  • C. Columbus “Lum” Sinclair, enlisted April 1861, a tailor, went to Middle TN after war, was in Black Rock AR in 1883
  • Harvey Sinclair, enlisted April 1861 at age 35, discharged in July 1862 at Tupelo MS with two others who were over 35
  • Frank B. Taylor, enlisted April 1861, One of “Immortal Thirteen,” Died 1921, Bur: Obion Co TN (poss: Troy Cemetery, elected Sheriff of Obion Co twice)
  • J. Thompson, of Ohio, enlisted 1861, blind in one eye, served through Shiloh, went North immediately afterwards, never heard from again.
  • John Thriff, enlisted April 1861, wounded at Shiloh, with Avalanche at Battle of Murfreesboro. After Bragg retreated to Shelbyville was never seen again.
  • Tom Turner
  • John W. Head
  • Ed. S. Walton, enlisted April 1861, One of the “‘Immortal Thirteen,” d. cr. 1899, bur: Troy Cemetery
  • Josh Walton
  • Jas. H. Whipple, enlisted 1861, Ordnance Dept aft battle of Shiloh, remained in service until war ended, elected County Trustee two times, d. cr.1900
  • Robert Whitaker, enlisted 1861, Killed Battle of Peachtree Creek in Atlanta, very near the spot where Federal General McPherson was killed
  • Charlie White
  • Tip White, enlisted April 1861 at Troy, abt 19 yr old, after battle of Shiloh, transferred to Col. Caldwell’s Reg, 27th TN
  • D. W. “Dave” Wicker, enlisted April 1961, present at Johnston’s surrender in NC, captured and escaped at Shiloh, One of “Immortal Thirteen,” d. cr. 1895-7
  • John Sumpter “Jack” Williams, brother of Tom, enlisted April 1861, captured just before battle of Missionary Ridge, sent north, returned home with others (all returned except Billy McCaw), Moved to Coffeeville, KS, then to Kansas City MO were he died circa 1915
  • Seay Williams, enlisted 1861 Troy, abt 19 yr old, brother of Patrick White also a CSA soldier, Captured in Dec 1862 when company fell back from Lavergne on Nashville pike. Exchanged at City Point VA in 1864 and died about 4 hours later.
  • Tom Williams, enlisted April 1861, Discharged Tupelo July 1862 for being 35 yr old, Died Dallas TX about 1908-10
  • Geo. B. Wilson, enlisted 1861 at Troy, teacher from NJ, in ranks thru battle of Shiloh, assigned to Quartermaster Dept for rest of war, d. about 1899 in Obion Co TN
  • Allen Wright, enlisted at Troy 1861, abt 21 yr old, In battles of Shiloh, Perryville, badly wounded at Murfreesboro, returned to Obion Co in fall of 1864 with 90 day leave because wound had never healed properly. Moved to Missouri and died there about 1900.
  • P.M. Wright, enlisted May 1861, 36 yr old, unmarried, Honorable Discharge after battle of Shiloh because of age, served in Ky in 1862 voluntarily and also battle of Murfreesboro. He m. about 1870 and d. at age 84, leaving widow and seven grown sons
  • Wilford Wright, enlisted May 1961, Union City, discharged 4 wks later, rheumatism


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  1. I’m doing a project that involves reading the 3800 pages of records of the Alton Military Prison. John W. Buford was captured at Perryville on Oct 22, taken to Alton at some point thereafter, was there until 16 March 1863 when he was sent on to Camp Chase. (Selected records of the War Department relating to Confederate prisoners of war, 1861-1865 [microform]. U.S. War Department. Published 1965. NARA publication M598 Roll 13, page 207) (Unfortunately, that transfer date was right at a change of command so no letter regarding the transfer is in the files, but it’s in the prisoner ledgers.) So both sources are right: he was in both prisons.

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