Civil War 12th KY Co K

12th Kentucky Cavalry, CSA, Company K
Counties represented: Obion, Weakley and Madison and compiled from several lists. May not be complete.


  • Captains: W.D. Merriweather
  • 1st Lt: L. Donaldson
  • 2nd Lt: W.H.Anderson, S.M Golden, T. Stone
  • 3rd Lt: Charlie Stone Orderly Sgt: Alex Ezell
  • 2nd Sgt: Jim Barrett
  • 3rd Sgt: W.L. Jones
  • 4th Sgt: W. D. Stone
  • 5th Sgt: J.L. Hopper, Merriwether Donaldson
  • 1st Crp: William Jones
  • 2nd Crp: George Dooling
  • 3rd Crp: Barker George
  • 4th Crp: Tom Box, J.M. Hunt


  • A.C. Anderson
  • D. Bagwell, –. Barker, Geo. Baxter, Martin Bettis, Dan Bloys, T Booth, Tom Booth Ed Boyer, L Brown, Owen Buckley, T. Buckley
  • Geo. Campbell, H.C. Cannady, J.W. Cherry, J.D. Cooper, R.B. Cooper, W.H. Craig
  • W.H. DeBerry, J.W. Dickinson, R. Donaldson, A.M. Donnelson
  • B.F Elbury, N. Elkins, H.M. Ezell, W.L. Ezell
  • C Fleetwood, W Fox, Reuben George, B. George(?), J.A. Gray, John Gray, H.C. Griffin
  • David Hamilton, Tom Hamilton, A.M. Harper, R Harper, John Hines, James Hogue
  • W.G. Hogue, Theo Hold
  • J.B. Jenkins, James Jenkins, John Jenkins, W Jones, W.L. Jones
  • W Kendall, (NI) Kennedy
  • Geo.R. Lane, Wm Lane, A.A. Lecoum, G.A. Lence, E.J. Lewis, Lilburn Lewis, Taylor Lewis
  • (NI) McKay, R.E. Merriwether, T.E. Merriwether, J.D. Moody, W.H. Morgan
  • N.H. Nelson, Felix Nobles, C.C. Pace, S.J. Pace, T. Pate, Geo.N. Porter
  • (NI) Read, J.M. Robinson
  • H.A. Shipman, W.H. Smith, Joe Spence, Mark Spence, T.J. Spence, C. Stone, G.B. Stone
  • W. Stone, J.N. Swain
  • (NI) Tarkington
  • Bayless Vaught
  • Henry Walker, B.F. Wright, Frank Wright, Tom Wright


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