Guardianship Bonds

January Term 1845–James Robinson appointed guardian to Samuel Robinson, minor orphan & heir of John Robinson, deceased

January Term 1845–John Hollimon appointed guardian to Sarah E. Nichols and James H. Nichols, minor orphans & heirs of William Nichols, deceased

March Term 1845–Jonathan Whiteside appointed guardian to James B. Harper, Mary E. Harper, Margaret A. Harper, and John M. Harper, orphans & heirs of Thomas M. Harper

April Term 1845–Ishmael Hamilton appointed guardian to James Franklin Hamilton, minor orphan & heir of Martha Hamilton formerly Martha Tanner.

May Term 1845–Woodward Howell appointed guardian to Luemma Tyson, James E. Tyson, Virginia A. Tyson, minor orphans

May Term 1845–Daniel St. John appointed guardian to Robert B. Wilson, S ? P. H. Wilson, William M. Wilson, Ruth B. Wilson, Mary M. Wilson, Margaret R. Wilson, Samuel D. Wilson, Sarah C. Wilson, minor orphans and heirs of William M. Wilson, deceased

October Term 1845–Rachel Shelby appointed guardian to S. L. Shelby & W. Shelby, minors

November Term 1845–Wilfort (Wilford) Farris appointed guardian to Benjamin Basham & Alpha M. Basham, minor orphans & heirs of Samuel Basham, deceased

November Term 1845–Sidney A. McCollum appointed guardian to Martha A. E. McCollum, minor orphan & heir of James S. McCollum, deceased

November Term 1845–Daniel St. John appointed guardian to William L. Purcell, minor orphan & heir of Able Purcell, deceased

November Term 1845–Jarrett Bell appointed guardian to Amanda Bell, & James K. P. Bell, minor orphans & heirs of David Bell, deceased

November Term 1845—John B. Hogue appointed guardian to John A. Hogue, minor orphan & heir to John B. Hogue

March Term 1846 William Taylor appointed guardian to George Taylor, minor orphan & heir of Fredrick Taylor, deceased

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