Z – Goodspeed, 1887

Archibald M. Zitterouer is a native of Barber County, Ala., born July 26, 1839, son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Barkley) Zitterouer, and of German-English descent. Nathaniel Zitterouer was born in Effingham County, Ga., in 1796, and died in Alabama in 1882. His wife was born in Tennessee, and died in Alabama in 1856. Archibald M. is the ninth of ten children, and in early days received a common school education. In 1862 he enlisted in White’s Alabama Cavalry, and served until the close of the war. He was paroled at Gainesville, Miss., and was wounded in 1863 while loading a flat-boat. After the war he began farming in Alabama, and has followed that occupation to the present time. In December, 1868, he came to Obion County, Tenn., and settled about five miles from Kenton. He soon became salesman for the firm of Wilson & Flowers. He is a Democrat, and was elected justice of the peace in August, 1882. Since 1863 he has been a member of the Masonic fraternity, and is also a member of the Missionary Baptist Church. January 7, 1867, he married Lucy A. E. Turner, who was born June 11, 1838. Mrs. Zitterouer died October 14, 1882.

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