MATTHIAS WILLIAMS - Revolutionary War Soldier
Revolutionary War Pension Application Claim #3580 
OCTOBER 15, 1832,  76 Years of age

1/18/1781 abt. 20 days Private Gen. (Larison?)LaFayette
6/01/1781 abt. 3 mos Private Col. Dalman, 
Capt. Allen
8/15-31/1781 abt. 2 mos Private Capt Hoskins, 
Col. Skipwith

York Town
11/14/1755 - Cumberland County, VA
Cumberland Co., Va, until 11 years after War
Campbell Co., Va, about 11 years.
Anderson Co., TN, about 6 years
Roane Co., TN, in portion that became Morgan Co.---
"where he now resides"

State of Tennessee 
Morgan County 

On this 15th day of October, 1832 this day personally appeared in open court before John M. DAVIS Thomas JACK and Thomas ((S? or L?)) LEA. 
Justice of the court of pleas and quarter session((__?_)) setting under court of record, Mathias WILLIAMS a resident of the County of Morgan and State of Tennessee aged Seventy six 
years of age who being duly sworn according to ((_?_)) doth on his oath make the following decleration in oder to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832. That he was bornd November 14th 1755 in Cumberland County Virginia and lived there the ((18th?)) of 
January 1781 when he was drafted and called into the service of the united States Service under the follow named officers to wit Capt  ((Cudi?/Cude?)) HOSKINS   Major EDMONDS           Col DOLMAN marched to & rendezvoused at Petersburg where he was on or about the 20th said month honorably & verbally discharg by Captain HOSKINS he returned home & was 
again drafted and called into the service of the united States on the 1st day of June 1781 under the following named officer Captain Richard ALLEN -- marched to Carters Ferry on James River and then to Dandridge on pomonkey ((Pamunkey)) River rendivoused and joined the main Army commanded by Brigder General Robert LAWSON who was commanded by Major General LAFAYETTE marched under LAFAYETTE to Bottom Bridge on Hickory nut Church Was there when the Battle was fought by General WAYNE & Genl CAMPBELL against CORNWALLICE at Old James Town. But was not in the Battle then marched to Holasford. Stationed there three weeks then to ((Morgan NILES?)). Stationed there three or four weeks then marched to Rackets landing near Richmond and was there honorably but verbally discharged about the 8 of August 1781 by Captain ALLEN having served about three months. He was again drafted and called into the service of the united States Between the fifteenth & last of August, aforesaid month & year 1781 under the following named officers to [[_?_]] HOSKINS Col SKIPWITH then marched & rendevoused at Swans point on James River opposite to old James Town. Then marched to YORK TOWN by the way of Old Williamsburg was in the seige of York under the officer of Genl Robert LAWSON Brigadr continued in the siege until CORNWALLAUS surrendered and until two days afterwards when he was verry sick & discharged by Inspecter Doctor whos name is not now recollected. He returnd home having served about three months the precise day of discharge not now recollected. This applicant may be mistaken as to dates but well recollects the service by him rendered as set out in the foregoing declaration and cannot be mistaken about the same. He has no ((_?_ ))  Dockumentary evidence whereby he can prove his service nor has he any written record of his age this applicant lived in the State of Virginia in Cumberland County about 11 years after the War was over. Then moved to Campbell County Virginia Lived there about this term years. Then moved to Tenn Anderson County Lived there six years. Then moved Roane County now Morgan County where he now resides he hereby relinquishes every claim that was to ((_?_)) or anuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension Rolls of the agency of any State 

Sworn to & Subscribed in open court this 15th day of October 1832 

Attest John BROWN D.C. 

Mathias X Williams 

State of Tennessee } 
Morgan County } 

     John WILLIAMS resident of the state & County aforesaid hereby certify that I am well acquainted with Mathias WILLIAMS who has subscribed & sworn to the above decleration and that I of my own knowledge know him to have been a soldier of the revolution and that he served in the Army of the united States at the siege of york as stated in his declaration sworn to and ((_?_)) entered in ((_?_)) court this 15th October 1832 

John BROWN D.C. 


We Reubin JOANES & Shaderack STEPHINS in the County of Morgan and State of Tennessee, residing in the same hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Mathias WILLIAMS who has subscribed and sworn to the above decleration that we believe him to be Seventy Six years of age and that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in that opinion 

Sworn to and subscribed 
the day and year aforesaid 

Reuben JONES 
John BROWN D.C. 

And the said court do hereby declare this 
opinion after the investigation of the matter and ... 

State of Tennessee } 
Morgan County } 

     On this 15th day of Aprail 1833 personally appeared in open court before John M. DAVIS Daniel S LAVENDER & John WILLIAMS justice of the Court of pleas and quarter session for said county now setting Mathias WILLIAMS, the person named in the foregoing declaration 
for a pension who after being duly sworn deposeth and say that from old age & consequint loss of memory that he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his service but according to the best of his recollection the captain under whom he musterd give him orders for seven months ((__?_)) he believes according to the best of his recollection that the periods of his services is not less than to Institute him to Six months pay and for such services he claims a pension as a private 
and he further sayes that there is no clergy residing in his neighborhood nor was there any at the time of the making of originial decleration as consequens of which it was out of his power and is still out of his power to get a clergyman to court and he further says that the following persons residing in his neighborhood can testify as to his character for veracity & a soldier of the revolution 

Reubin JONES   John M DAVIS 

Sworn to & subscribed in open court 15th day of 
Aprail 1833 

Thomas S. LEA D. Clerk 

and the said court do hereby declare this opinion that the matters contained in the foregoing amendment are true 
John WILLIAMS Justice of the peace 
DL LAVENDER ((__?_)) 

State of Tennessee } 
Morgan County } 

     I Elijah LAVENDER clerk of the Court of pleas and quartersession for said County do hereby certify that the foregoing amendment to the foregoing ((_?_)) decleration was made and sworn to in open court Given under my hand & seal of office at office this 15th day of Aprail 1833 

Elijah LAVENDER Clerk
By his deputy Thomas L. LEA 

CERTIFICATE OF PENSION issued the 20 day of July 1833 and sent to Levi TREWHITT Morgan C H ((Court House)) 
Arrears to the 4th of March            40.00 
Semi-anl. Allowance ending 4 Sept 10.00
                                           ;         $ 50.00 

Recorded by [[Danl?/David?]] BOYD Clerk, Book E, Vol. 7, p.66 

Transcribed 1/10/99 by Beth Davidson Syler, 3rd great granddaughter of Mathias Williams
Submitted by Beth Davidson Syler and Kathleen Melton Byrd