Sale Bill of David Black to Jesse Sullivant

The following sale bill was found in the old home place of John and Johanna (STETSON) Black at Sparks Hill located in Gallatin Co. IL near the Hardin Co. line. The original document is in the possession of Dora Parrish of Harrisburg, IL. (I have a copy of original) She is Great- granddaughter of John and Johanna. Her grandfather, Sam Black, son of John & Johanna, inherited his parent's property and it is stil l in possession of his descendants. We strongly believe that "David" Black is the father of John, and is the original settler in Illinois country. According to IL Census, John was born in Tennessee. This sale bill gives the proprietor's name as Jesse Sullivant. In searching the IL census records, we could not find Sullivants & Blacks together in same county. But, in the Tennessee census records, we find them both in Montgomery Co. in 1820, and 1830 ! We also found land records for David Black there. He was selling his land in 1831, in Montgomery Co. This would be right after the 1830 Tennessee census, so he was listed there. Probate in Illinois shows he died in 1833, so he did not live in IL long enough to be recorded for any IL census. We do know that John's mother's name was Elizabeth, as John was named in probate to care for her estate. Elizabeth bought a bed in the sale to settle the estate of David. We deduct from all good signs and records that David and Elizabeth are the parents of John Black, my last proven ancestor. by Shirley A. WILLIS Deem

1817 Dr.? David Black to Jesse Sullivant

3rd- 1/2 gallons of Brandy .75
9th- 2 quarts of whiskey .31 1/4
13th- 1 pint of whiskey .18 3/4
4 lb of sugar 1.0
2 lb of coffee 1.0
1 set of cups and saucers 1.0
1/2 pint of whiskey .12 1/2
1 quart of whiskey .31 1/4
16th- 1 Fancy? .37 1/2
3 dishes 1.50
22nd- 4 yards of calico 2.50
1 flat file .62 1/2
[Amount Due] 9.06 1/4
1/2 pint of Brandy Sweaten? .18 3/4
1/2 pint of Leitto? 9@ 1/2 sweaten? .31.1/4
24th- 3 pints of whiskey .50 1/4
25th- 1/2 pint of whiskey .12 1/2

January 3rd- 2 @ of sugar .30
1 quart whiskey .31 1/4
10th- 1 quart and 1/2 pint of Brandy .50
? and 1/2 pint of whiskey .37 1/2
1 pint of whiskey, ?pint leitto? .31 1/4
1 quart and 1 pint of whiskey .50
1/2 pint of leitto @ ? 5oz ? .87 1/2
24th- 1/2 pint of whiskey .12 1/2

14th- 2 @ coffee 4.0
30th- 1/2 pint of Brandy .13 1/2
1 quart of ?illo .37 1/2
One pair of shoes 1.75
4 @ of loaf sugar 2.30
1 handkerchief .25
21st- 1 pint of whiskey 1 pint brandy .37 1/2
29th- 3 files @2/3 2 files @3/9 2@ 1 1/2 .75

4th- 7 yards of chucks @3/9 4.37 1/2
1/2 pint brandy .12 1/2
1 quart and 1 pint whiskey .31 1/4
10th- 1 pint of whiskey .18 3/4

7th- 1/2 pint of whiskey .12 1/2
1/2 pint of whiskey .13
1/2 @ of powder .37 1/2
18 1/2 pint of whiskey .12 1/2
1 quart of cider .12 1/2
1/2 pint of whiskey .12 1/2
[Amount due] $29.50

(2nd page of original)

25th- One pair of shoes 1.50

13th- 2 @ of sugar .50
1 @ of coffee .50
22 1 quart of whiskey .35

10th- 2 @ of sugar 2 @ of coffee 1.0
1/2 @ of peppers .37 1/2
12th- ? Calhouns Lew? this sum 6/? 1.0
14th- 1 pair of shoes 3.0
1 quart of whiskey .25
1@ 5oz of Leuel? @9 .18 3/4
16th- 1 glass of Todelyn?r .25

5th- Quire of paper .25
7 3/2 pints of whiys? .25
29 2 @ of sugar .50
1 quart of whiskey .25

1st- 2 handkerchiefs .75
4 tin cups .25
1 quart whiskey 1 pint .37 1/2
1 @ of lead .12 1/2
2 Bell? Corels? 1.0
12th- 1 @ of nails ? John Walker .25

6th- 1 quart of whiskey .31 1/4
1 quart of Leitto? .31 1/4
9 1/2 pint of whiskey .12 1/2
12 3 gallons of whiskey 3.75
1818 cont. . . .

9th= 1/2 pint of Rum .25
2 @ of Coffee 1.35
2 @ of sugar .50
1 handkerchf 1/2 pint of Rum .50

9th- 1 bottle of wine 1.0
14th- 1 1/2 yds of flannel 1.12 1/2
19th- 1/2 pint of Rum .25
21th- 1 quart and 1 pint of whiskeys .50
1/2 @ of powder 1/2 pint of whiskey .50
2 @ sugar and 1 nutmeg .13 1/2
23rd- 3 quarts of whiskey .93 3/4
26th- 3 1/2 pints of Rum .75
1/2 pint of whiskey .12 1/2
[Amount Due] $53.58

{This receipt was found in John Black's old home place in Illinois. (Obviously David Black paid his debts!) This debt was made in Tennessee before coming to Illinois.} RECEIPT ACCOUNT OF DAVID BLACK $53.58 Received of David Black in full of his account with me up to the first day of January Last. April 8th 1820 Nathan Sullivant for Jesse Sullivant

Submitted by Shirley Deem


To the creditors and beneficiaries of Miss Emma Wilcox, deceased;

Notice is hereby given that on the 20th day of Aug 1923, I will file a report of all claims filed with me as County Court Clerk against the above estate.

Signed: S.W. Kelly,
County Court Clerk, Mont. Co., TN
>From the July 30, 1923 Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

Submitted by U2wood

Entries found in Montgomery County Probate Records

Originating office: Office of the County Clerk
Presently held by Montgomery County Archives

Probate Record Book M (1850-1853)
page 33
Abernathy, R. & M.; Guardian Bond

Probate Record Book N (1853-1856)
page 503
Abernathy, G. T.; Children Guardian Report

Probate Record Book O (1856-1858)
page 458
Abernathy, Rebecca; Guardian Settlement
page 462
Abernathy, Mary; Guardian Settlement

Loose Papers of the Montgomery County Court

Originating office: Office of the County Clerk
Presently held by Montgomery County Archives

Style of case: A. J. Abernathy, in his own right & as administrator of Mrs. Emily B. Abernathy, George S. Abernathy, J. C. Abernathy, Mrs. E. S. Green and husband Wm. Adams VS Hattie Mae Robertson, Louise Robertson, and George Robertson
Original Bill filed Dec 1911- A. J. Abernathy, admr of Mrs. Emily B. Abernathy petitions for division of tract among heirs or sale of tract of land
Box 1, file 1

Title: A. J. Abernathy, dec'd
Inclusive dates: May 1955 - July, 1956
Final settlement of estate by A. R. & W. G. Abernathy, administrators
Box 1, file 2

Title: (Mrs. Emily B. Abernathy, dec'd
Inclusive dates: 1911 - 1912
Accounts against estate
Box 1, file 3

Title: (Mrs. Metta Ray Abernathy, dec'd
Inclusive dates: May 1949 - February 1950
Letters of Administration and administrator's settlement, A. J. Abernathy on estate of deceased wife. Mrs. Metta Ray Abernathy

Title: (Mrs. Rose H. Abernathy, dec'd
Inclusive dates: Nov 1941
Receipt for Inheritance tax;
Box 1, file 5

Submitted by Jill Hastings-Johnson, Montgomery County Archivist

Legal Separation between Matthews & Trotter

Montgomery Co., TN, Deed Book P, Page 279 – 280

Drury Mathis                 }

To    }    Deed                  }    This indenture of 3 parts, made and entered into between

William Trotter, Trustee} Drury Mathis of Montgomery County and State of Tennessee

of the first part, and Elizabeth Mathis, his wife, formerly Elizabeth Trotter of the County and State aforesaid of the second part, and William Trotter, Trustee of the County and State aforesaid of the third part. Whereas some unhappy differences have lately arisen between the said Drury Mathis and Elizabeth Mathis, his wife & they have mutually agreed to live separate and apart from each other. Now this indenture, witnesseth that the said Drury Mathis doth herby for himself, his executors, administrators and any of their covenant, promise and agree to & with the said William Trotter, Trustee. His executors, administrators, and assigns, and doth also agree with the said Elizabeth Mathis, his wife- in name, of form following, that is to say, that it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Elizabeth Mathis, his wife, and that the said Drury Mathis shall and will permit and suffer her the said Elizabeth Mathis, his wife, from time to time & at all times henceforth during his natural life, to live separate and apart from him & to reside and be in such place and places & in such family & families & with such relations, friends, and other persons & to follow and carry on and follow such trade and business as she, the said Elizabeth Mathis, from time to time at her will and pleasure. Not withstanding her custom and as if she were a free sole & unmarried, shall think fit. And that the said Drury Mathis shall not, nor will at any time, or times hereafter sue her, the said Elizabeth Mathis in the Circuit Court, or any other Court, for living separate and apart from him, or compel her to cohabitate with him, or sue, molest, disturb or trouble her from such living separate and apart, or any other person or persons whomsoever, from receiving, or harboring, or  entertaining her, nor shall, nor will without the consent of the said Elizabeth, visit her.  And the said Drury Mathis doth herby relinquish, quit claim, and give up to Elizabeth Mathis, his wife, for her maintenance and support & all her negros which she had when she married, named Grace, and her children called Ann, Anderson, Louisa & John, also 3 head of horses, also 6 head of cattle, 5 head of hogs, & eight head of sheep, also her 2 beds and furniture, her chest and trunk, and all her clothes, and also all her table and kitchen furniture. And the said Drury Mathis doth hereby agree that he will not at any time hereafter claim or demand any of the aforesaid property which she may hereafter  purchase or acquire, or which may be divided or given to her & that shall and may enjoy and absolutely disapprove of the same as if she were a free sole and unmarried. In presence of which agreement the said William Trotter, Trustee and Elizabeth Mathis do hereby agree to accept and take in full satisfaction for her support and maintenance and all alimony whatever during her coverture, and the said William Trotter, Trustee and Elizabeth Mathis do here express again to relinquish, give up & quit claim to all the property, both real and personnel of the said Drury Mathis, now and hereafter. And that the said Drury Mathis doth herby establish, satisfy and confirm this indenture of assignment and settlement made of the said personnel estate of the said Elizabeth Mathis, his wife. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand & seal this 31st of May 1837.

            Test                                                                              Drury Mathis {seal}

A. M. Rodgers                                                                         Elizabeth Mathis {seal}

William Williams                                                                       Wm. Trotter, Trustee {seal}

State of Tennessee    }

Montgomery County}    

Personally appeared before me Sam McFall, clerk of the County Court of Montgomery. A. M. Rodgers and                              Wm. Williams, the two subscribing witnesses to the within contract who beingfirst sworn declare and say they are acquainted with Drury Mathis & Elizabeth Mathis & William Trotter, the Contracting Parties to within indenture, and that they acknowledged the same in their presence to be their acts and deeds for the purposes therein contained, and executed on the day it bear date, witness my hand at office this 5th day of June 1837.

Registered on this 19th of June 1837                                        Sam McFall ck

                                                                                                Henry L. Bailey  Reg. MC

Submitted by  Kevin Matthews  e-mail


Page 235


To all whom it may concern, know ye that I Nancy Wells of Montgomery County in the State of Tennessee Widow of Martin Wells Deceased having this day rec’d of the Administrators of Said Deceased my part of his Estate among which is a certain Negroe Woman called Sarah & her child Peggy;  Now for & in consideration of the Natural love & Affection which I have & do bear toward my sons Henry & Morgan, do hereby give grant & deliver unto my said sons their heirs and assigns the Said Negroe Sarah & her child Peggy with their future increase reserving never the less to myself the use of said Negroe during my Natural life.  Witness my hand & seal this 22nd of March, 1804

Nancy (her    )Wells



Wm B. Ross

James Fentress

Submitted by  Mary Beth Marchant e-mail:

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