An Inventory of the Personal Property of Sam’l Thornton, decd.

Montgomery Co. Tenn, Record Book     , pages

One Negro man Bob 55 years old,  1 Negro man Ceasar about 40 years old,  1 Negro man Simon about 30 years old,  one Negro man about 20 years old, one Negro woman Lucy about 34 years old, one Negro woman Jenny 26 years old, one Negro woman Annika about 22 years old, one Negro woman
        About 35 years old, one Negro girl Dinah about eleven years old, one Negro Judy abouat 9 years old, one Negro Leannah about 9 years old, one Negro Charolotte about 5 years old, one Negro boy Adam abouat 9 years old, one Negro Frank about 9 years old, one Negro Jerry abouat 7 years old, one Negro girl Charity 4 years old, one Negro child Rosa 2 years old, one Negro child Tilda about 1 ½ years old, one Negro child Lemm 1 ½ years old, one Negro child Morris 1 ½ years old, one Negro child not named, two stills, tubbs, H. 2 bay horses, old ones, one Sorrel horse old, 1 sorrel horse young, 1 dark gray colt young, 1 dark gray filly young, two sorrel mares, 6 beds & furniture, 6 bedsteads, 2 pair of fire dogs, 3 tables, one candle stand, 1 side bowl, two rifle guns, one waggon & gear, one carry log wheels, one old loom, a parcel of Walnut plank (800 feet say), 8 cows & calves, 4 cows without calves, one large steer, 5 head of young cattle, 10 large hogs, 40 small hogs, 5 head sheep, three large kettles, two large potts,  3 small potts, 2 ovans, three skillets, on book case, one old chest of drawers,  2 barshear plows,  2 shovel plows, 2 hoes & 4 axes, sett of saw mill irons, sett of black smith tools viz vise & bellows, one  cross cut saw, 1 hand saw, one drawing knife.  One _____, two steel traps, one mill saw, sett of grist mill irons, one silver watch, one mans saddle, sundry pieces of old iron, eight common chairs, set of cups & saucers, 4 plates & 3 dishes, & 6, one Grubingh___, 4 hooks for rope works, one small cro bar, one sledge hammer, one sythe & cradle, one pair sheep shears, one _____ ____, one auger & ane po, one grind stone, one pair steel yard, 400 lbs clean cotton, 300 lbs seed cotton, 305 lbs bar iron, one pair of waffle irons, one griddle iron, one log chain, brass of an old compass, ink for saw mill, one candle stick, one Bible, one Dictionary,  one Hymn book & Methodist description,  2 _________,
2 flat irons, one ton kettle, one large bottle, one large jug ---
50 bushels oats, 1000 lbs pork – 500 bushels of corn & 3000 lbs of bacon laid off for ELIZABETH THORNTON (WIDOW)and family one year.

Debts due the Estate of SAMUEL THORNTON
James Brigham’s Note due January 1811    $   20.00
David & Wright Outlaw   Ditto  Novbr 1811    $   49.14
Frederick Weston     Ditto  Janry 1812     $  18.50
Joshua Rainwater    Ditto eight bushels salt  & also
Some book accounts unsettled amounts not known until
Settlements can be made.

 Desperate Debts
Frederick Hyre  one Note due the 1st Janry 1808   $   41.94
Jesse Brown   Ditto      $   37.77
Andrew Little  Note       $   40.00
William Cunningham       $   92.10
Philip Duff    ditto     $    6.25
Moses Fox    “     $    4.25
Charles Hyde   “     $     5.11
John Robertson   “     $    14.63
John Gamble   “     $      4.00

     JOHN ALLEN, admr.
Rendered April term 1813

Submitted by Deanna Oklepek

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