On March 11, 1867 The Tennessee Orphan Home was established to care for and educate the children of Confederate soldiers who had been killed while fighting for the cause. The home consisted of one hundred and fifty acres of farm and a house which once belonged to Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk Thomas Mumford. The home operated between 1867 and 1883.

The 1870 U. S. Census of Montgomery County TN, Dist. 12, page 139 enumerated the following residents of the home:
Name:  Relationship Age, race, gender  Remarks
McKensie, H. 36 WM  Manager
Manning, Jas. orphan  14 WM 
Alexander, W.  orphan  12 WM
Hays, L. orphan 13 WM
Allison, S.  orphan  12 WM
Shower, P.  orphan 10 WM
Carter, T.  orphan  12 WM
Cleam, J. orphan  12 WM
Nelson, W.  orphan  9 WM
Watson, John orphan 8 WM
Cleam, Geo. orphan  8 WM
Hurst, Jno  orphan 9 WM
Turner, Jas. orphan 9 WM
Clark, Wm. orphan 10 WM
McClure, T. orphan 8 WM
Chapman, J.  orphan 7 WM  
Robertson, Wm.  orphan 11 WM
Manning, Jno.  orphan 10 WM
Alexander, F. orphan 8 WM
Shover, C. orphan 9 WM
Shover, Jno. orphan 7 WM
Brown, Chas. orphan 7 WM
Hobbs, Jno orphan 6 WM
Hobbs, Ella orphan 6 WF
Shaw, Robt  orphan 8 WM
Roberts, Bettie  orphan 14 WF
Robertson, M. orphan 14 WF
Brown, N. orphan 14 WF
Carter, Mollie  orphan 14 WF
Duff, Sarah  orphan 14 WF
Alexander, M. orphan 13 WF
Barclay, Fannie orphan 14 WF
Brown, Mary  orphan 12 WF
Gormley, Fannie orphan 13 WF
Gormley, Ellen orphan 12 WF
Elam, Sarah orphan 12 WF
Hurst, Sarah orphan 12 WF
Johnson, Lucille  orphan 14 WF
Hurst, Martha  orphan 11 WF
McClure, Lula  orphan 10 WF
Gorham, M. orphan 8 WF
Gorham, D. orphan 7 WF
Carter, Alice  orphan 8 WF
Huce, Mary orphan 6 WF
Clarks, S. orphan 5 WF
Cole, Ruth orphan  8 WF
Cole, Nannie orphan 7 WF
Turner, S. orphan 10 WF
Roberts, L. orphan 12 WF
Tidwell, Sarah orphan 12 WF
Tidwell, Mary orphan 7 WF
Watkins, L. orphan 11 WF
Johnson, M.  orphan 10 WF
Johnson, Nettie orphan 8 WF
Tomlison, S.  orphan 10 WF
Tomlison, M.  orphan 8 WF
Winson, Nettie orphan 8 WF
Winson, Lettie orphan 8 WF
Shaw, Mattie orphan 7 WF
Allison, Emma orphan 8 WF
Humphrey, Emma orphan 7 WF
Jackson, Kate  orphan 9 WF
Jenkins, Mattie  orphan 5 WF
Johnson, Mary  Employee 41 WF
McClure, A. Employee 30 WF
Shover, C. Employee 39 WF
Cole, E. Employee 35 WF
Brown, Jane  Seamstress 40 WF
Tomlison, M. Teacher  26 WF
Carter, Eliza  Teacher 28 WF
Jenkins, Mary Teacher 32 WF
Parsons, J. orphan 8 WF
Chapman, R.  orphan 10 WF