I recently purchased a letter through an auction that I thought you might like to put up on the Montgomery County site of USgenweb.   I do a website about Tennessee Industrial School which became Tennessee Preparatory School in the 50's.   I purchased the letter not knowing what it was thinking it might have something to do with the school.  When I received it I found it was a letter from a TIS student from Clarksville to his mother.  Since I do some genealogy also my first thought was that someone doing research on this family would love to have this letter.   I did a little research on the student and this is what I found.
William Walter Maclaughlin Jr. - b. 11-4-1898 d. 9-4-1967 (He would have been 16 years old when he wrote this letter). 
He was the son of William Walter MacLaughlin and Looney Franklin Bailey MacLaughlin.  This family is listed in the Montgomery County, Tennessee Family History Book 2000 under MacLaughlin-Bailey. 

Transcribed by Rita Morgan from the original.  Any word I was unsure is followed by a question mark in parenthesis. (?)  Transcribed as written to the best I could.



<>Office of
<>Tennessee Industrial School
W.C. Kilvington


                                                                              Nashville, Tenn.  May 30, 1915


<>Mrs. W.W. MacLaughlin
<>1033 Madison St.
Clarksville, Tenn.
Dear Mother,

  Just three days from today and it will be your birthday.  I hope it will be as happy a day for you as my last was for me.  I received the tennis balls and paper you sent and certainly was glad to receive them.  I hope some day to have the honor of graduating from C.H.S.  I am glad Caryil (?) Wilson passed his exams all right.  Mother why haven’t you been to see me it has been nearly 5 mo. since I saw you.  If you can you and daddy come up to see me this week.  I am still studying music and am on a saxophone and I certainly enjoy it.  Mother how is Jess I haven’t heard from her this mo.  I would have liked to have seen little sister today.  I bet she was cute.  We have four teams in our tennis association and we are all pretty well matched and have a lot of good games.  Mother when you come please bring me some socks and supporters as I need them both.  I have finished reading the bible through but I shall start over again soon.

<>     I saw in the paper today where cousin Joshua Brown was going to act in the play of “Sam Davis” which is to be given for the benefit of the old soldiers.  I think it is so funny that he and cousin Anne (?) have’nt been out to see me.  How is everyone at grammies (?).  I haven’t heard a line from any of them.  Dr. Bell didn’t come to see me I suppose he was to busy in town.  I am getting along nicely in my studies and I really enjoy studing for I have such a good teacher.  Tell mamie that I haven’t forgotten her and wold like to hear from her soon.  I will close as this is all the news I know.   Mother I am looking for you the later part of this week and hope I shall not be disappointed.  Kiss little sister Jess and daddy for me and give them all my love and tell daddy his boy is trying his best to make a man he will be proud of.


                                                                            Your devoted son,

                                                                             William W. Maclaughlin Jr.

<> PS.  Mother dear I hope you have a most happy birthday and remember your boy is thinking of you always and trying to do what you would have him to do.

Submitted by  Rita Morgan e-mail:  fayrita@aol.com

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